Feminists fooled by “Selfie Against Dowry” campaign

Aaahhhh…We know feminists are actually Buffoons..


MRAs are once again all smiles and rejoicing with the new feminist campaign called “Selfie Against Dowry” getting much needed attention and focus. If the news articles are to be believed, then this movement is supposed to have started by a Haryana village. Recently, Union Minister for Women and Child Development also praised this campaign on ministry’s Facebook page –

Maneka Gadhi on Selfie Against Dowry

Our secret sources confirmed that some MRAs have already started partying with such feminist propaganda and they are secretly laughing at feminists.

We have secretly posed our emissaries in MRA dens to find out why they were rejoicing over the success of a feminist campaign and came to know that this campaign was created by some Haryana men in fear of increasing menace of false dowry industry in the state.

NCRB Data that has come in the hands of Humaar team revealed that there has been a consistent rise in…

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More Indian women want to get raped as rapists run for cover


Analysts have come out with really intriguing stats to show that more and more Indian women are getting fond of being raped while the rapists are running for cover.

It is found by comparing the census data of the years 2001 and 2011 that the percentage of men who are refusing to rape (read marry) is increasing in India.



Of the overall male population in India it is found that there was a 2% increase in men who were refusing to rape whereas the females who wanted to get raped seemed to have increased to almost 50% in 2011 from that of 42% in 2001.

Some international groups have done study that had shown 75% Indian wives are raped by their husbands and 90% suffer domestic violence. Since feminists also claim most of the women don’t even raise their voice, we understand that their statistics included almost all Indian men…

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Barkha Dutt fired from NDTV over celebrity row

In a shocking turn of events Barkha Dutt was fired from NDTV over one of her comments on Twitter to Deepika Bhardwaj. Barkha in her tweet revealed the fact that she and her channel call participants in their show for publicity. This exposed why the channel had been calling more feminists in their shows (to give them more publicity) and to make them famous rather than discussing any real issue.

Barkha Tweet

An NDTV spokesperson said that they were forced to take this decision following a series of complaints from real life celebrities who had historically spent long hours and huge money to keep their celebrity hood intact. In a statement famous celebrity and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized NDTV’s act of giving free publicity to people by calling them to their shows and making them celebrities. He gave an example of himself that he had to take seven weeks of sabbatical recently to learn how to keep his celebrity status intact and learn the basics of the game. His view, “how can someone become a celebrity without talking about women empowerment”?

NDTV had to take this stand after Deepika Bhardwaj lashed out to Barkha on social media and in her blog and returned the honorium paid to her by NDTV, saying she didn’t come to the show for publicity. That blog and tweet with that blog link went viral on social media and got more retweets than any other tweet from any media house showing that she had in fact become a celebrity after the show.

At the time writing this article Deepika’s tweet has got 388 retweets and 149 favourites .

Deepika on Marital Rape

All other media and celebrity tweets with the hash tag #MaritalRape were left behind by this tweet. The nearest match was these tweets from CNN IBN a rival channel of NDTV –

Media Tweet

None of the tweets from NDTV or Barkha were featured in the top tweets of #MaritalRape. Barkha who was crowned one of the best Twitter 140 feeds by Time magazine was left behind by Deepika. This one show not only created huge popularity for Deepika and men’s rights but also had given NDTV’s own rival CNN IBN a chance to gain popularity on social media.

Many others who participated in different other shows on NDTV have also complained to NDTV management that even though they had projected the popular feminist thoughts they never made such a big impact as Deepika did. Even CNN IBN tweet with a gory image of a rape didn’t get more than 22 retweets when any average tweet from Deepika on #MaritalRape has scored more than that. So CNN IBN had to praise their own article to come closer to the publicity of that of Deepika’s.

Some women rights activists were also visibly upset after the debacle of #MaritalRape debate on NDTV that exposed how Barkha wanted to dominate over others to force her viewpoint and conclude the way she wanted. The men who supported another criminal provision for #MaritalRape on the NDTV show, later lashed out to Barkha for making them rapists and domestic abusers. Barkha in her show claimed that 75% Indian housewives were raped in their lifetime and 90% Indian women were abused in their homes. This had created jitters in all male feminists who were so far supporting femnists agenda, because these statstics showed all of them as rapists or domestic abusers.

With conditions of anonymity, one such male feminist told reporters that MRAs or anti-feminists don’t even form any percentage in Indian population. So when feminists claim that 75% Indian housewives were raped by their husbands or 90% of them are abused, they have essentially pointed fingers to the men who ever supported feminism and their agenda. “I didn’t know international criminals are masquarading as feminists today, and they are behind the Marital Rape hysteria in India”, he said.

Other Feminists too had complained to NDTV management against Barkha and held her responsible for this debacle of rape hysteria in India. They complained that rather than making it sound practical Barkha pointed fingers at men who were supporting feminism so far and that made many of those feminists support Deepika instead.

Some feminist leaders were also of opinion that Barkha should have called any other male MRA instead of Deepika. In case she had any difficulty in handling that man, she could always file sexual harassment and get away with a definite win. A woman like Deepika talking about men’s rights will anytime become more popular and thus Barkha actually worked against their feminist cause.

It is also heard in global grapevine that UN Secretary General was not happy on Barkha’s handling the show and revealing the fact that they were creating celebrities through their shows. It is heard that this had actually revealed how feminists and women NGOs become unnecessarily popular through NDTV.

We approached Barkha for her comments but she declined commenting. Now MRAs are eyeing at Barkha filing sexual harassment complaint against NDTV senior management.

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**This article is written as a spoof for a recent controversy on Marital Rape (sarcasm intended)

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Empowered Indian women have successfully thrown out terrorists from their country

Empowered Indian women have been successful in throwing out all terrorists from the country. After a recent feminazi rage in a moving bus where two empowered girls have mercilessly beat up two army aspirants and trashed them to claim bravery award has made it possible. In recent times India has witnessed a surge in such incidents and many women have come out openly with their self made videos of beating men in public. Ironically public in all places were reported to be mute spectators. This happened in Kolkata, Meerut and Bangalore earlier and in all cases the Indian society was non reactive. However, after recent incident of bus rage a mob in Bangalore has beaten an innocent man almost to death.

Women n Terrorists

It is learnt that after such incidents coming to light and whole India coming to the streets even terrorists have become extremely scared of empowered Indian women and they have either left the country or have been grounded. Recent arrest of one dreaded terrorist from Bangalore revealed that terrorists have now turned only to social networks and online activism as they don’t have courage to go out for their activities. Women’s groups have claimed that many terrorists have lost their job and had taken alternative career option in India’s IT industry and that is what is exposed by the recent arrest of a techie from Bangalore. Many of the terrorists who were afraid of losing their job and hence left the country and took asylum in neighbouring countries. India’s neighbouring countries from where news of heinous terrorist activities are coming to the media, demanded that Indian women empowerment is responsible for sudden surge in terrorist activities in those countries.

Taking pride of India’s women empowerment, prominent politician and women rights activist Mrs. Darinda Barat has claimed that it is their party’s win as they have always been projecting the need of women empowerment in India. Now it is the women who are bringing in new independence to India, she claimed.

All India Devilish Women Association (AIDWA) spokesperson has also been appreciative about the recent bus rage and said that taking cues from the bus incident and following arrest of dreaded criminals prove that it is the women who can bring an end to terrorism. Thus this bravery needs to be awarded with Bharat Ratna and nothing less. She claimed that a problem of terrorism that no one could solve so far is solved by two innocent young sisters by one act of bravery. She claimed that even dreaded international terrorists are now confined either to social networking sites such as Twitter or to their underground hideouts and do not have courage to go out in public places in fear of getting beaten up by the girls.

We have come to know that the sisters who have shattered the dream of many men to have a peaceful life, are also planning to file cases against MRAs who were behind the shocking video that has shown eyewitnesses account of the boys being innocent.

Prominent women rights activists have supported the move and claimed that Indian MRAs have paid money to eyewitnesses in order to provoke public rage against women rights in the country. This is a deep rooted conspiracy against women rights movement in India and it shows that MRAs are against the prosperity of the nation. They have shown the example of male terrorism being washed out of the country thanks to the female Indian bravehearts.

Indian MRAs however out-rightly rejected the claim that they had paid money to anyone to give evidence. Ace Men’s Rights Activists Mr. Birup Sarkar has claimed that unlike feminist organizations, his organization never accepts money from any victim and they have no finds for their own movement leave alone paying up for false witnesses. He demanded that the girls who had beaten up men in public need to be tried for street terrorism and punished as their video evidence explicitly shows that they were beating up the boys and not vice versa.

When we contacted women rights activists with this perspective, activist Mrs Sylvia Agnes said that this incident shows that MRAs are misogynists and they can’t appreciate any women doing anything good for men.

We could not understand how the two sisters who had beaten up the boys had actually done good for them and hence we asked the same to her. She explained that the sisters in fact had taught men the need to learn self defense and hence she termed them as true MRAs.

When we told her that the sisters were in fact planning to file case against the MRAs and hence probably could not be termed as MRAs themselves, she said, “See, I already showed you that MRAs are misogynists and they can not see any woman doing anything good for men.  So these bravehearts are right in filing case against MRA hypocrites who can not even see the positive side of this bus rage. I will rather say she is the true MRA and I demand that the govt introduce best MRA award in her name.”

Hearing this claim MRA Mrs. Khyati Tiwari burst out in laughter.  She claimed that these bravery awards are one more way to swindle public funds. She claimed that if feminists really believe that the two  sisters have made the terrorists flee India, then they should be sent to the borders to fight against our enemies.

Many other MRAs have supported Khyati. They said that if the sisters are sent to our borders then it will be good for us in many ways. Our enemies will die of shame after seeing them at the border. Some claimed that common Indian men will at least be able to travel by buses without the fear of being beaten up.

MRAs also termed terrorist attacks in the schools of neighbouring countries as highly shameful and requested the terrorists to stop killing innocent children.

We jointly condemn the terrorist attack in any part of the world and we demand that empowered Indian women like the two sisters who beat up army aspirants and proved their bravery are immediately sent to fight terrorism.


It was a social experiment, says Rohtak Sisters

Rohtak SistersIn a shocking revelation Rohtak sisters now claimed that they were doing a social experiment  to show how men in Indian society have become vulnerable. In an exclusive interview with us, the girls claimed that were trying to do this experiment at a national level for sometime and they have already shot some videos earlier but they could not understand how to continue the experiment further and hence their earlier attempts were not successful. They also clarified how they have beaten up a few other men earlier in parks and shot those videos.

With this explanation from the Rohtak girls the explanation of new videos surfacing everyday has become clear.

The sisters claimed that as a part of their graduation research program they decided to take up the men’s cause and show how Indian men could be exploited on simple complaints from a woman and how idiotic Indian media can behave in those situations. They also wanted to experiment the reaction of Indian govt. who just fell short of awarding Bharat Ratna to Nirbhaya (Dec 2012 victim).

The sisters claimed that they knew that Indian govt. could give away Bharat Ratna to any woman if the woman could play the victim card well. One of them claimed that even though their drama was well written and well rehearsed they were really disheartened to see govt giving them only 31,000 as compensation. They claimed that filing false rape case on someone is much better and better money making business. They claimed that sexual harassment is still not lucrative in that sense.

Hearing this, NCW chairperson has said that “the bravehearts’ efforts are really commendable.” She added, “this shows how Indian women care for men and how do they respect men. We feel that Rs. 31,000 as compensation is very less for such bravehearts and we are recommending the govt to give them Bharat Ratna Award instead.”

Men’s Rights Activists however continued demanding greater punishment for the girls. They are claiming that these girls have cheated the entire nation, misused the laws, taken laws into their hands, misbehaved with senior citizens and wasted national resources and hence they need to be dealt with strongly and punished heavily. They have also demanded that Indian Army should recruit the men in question as they have shown real bravery in saving an old woman. Some men’s rights activists even asked the men who praised these sisters’ behaviour without trying to understand both sides of the story should marry these girls and see how this empowerment feels like in their own life. Let them be proud of their wives”, they said.

Mainstream Indian media that has so far believed and projected one side of the story (as they always do) have reacted to this news as well. Non Developmental TV and International Budhhu Network has shown the new bravery of the girls and demanded castration of the men and other male members of their family and supported NCW claim of rewarding these girls with Bharat Ratna for their bravery.

We have contacted the officers who have refused job for the three accused with the new developments and when the officers came to know about this, they refused to take the accused in their job, saying, ”those men were cowards and they were beaten up by two women. We can’t recruit such cowards to save our nation as even some Abala Pakistani Naris can attack and capture India.”

Men’s Rights Activists who have become a headache for everyone nowadays have strongly condemned the action of refusing these men job by saying that – “this shows that we now need to recruit women like Rohtak Girls and let them fight it out with other Pakistani Soldiers.” They claimed, the moment India’s enemies see these girls they will die out of shame and India will always win in all battles.

Famous Congress leader RaGa who were silent for so many days could not stop commenting on this occasion either. In an interview he claimed that it was their women empowerment policies that could create brave hearts like #RohtakGirls and people have done a big mistake by refusing them the power. He has again said the BJP govt. has failed to recognize the true nature of these bravehearts and they should have given them Bharat Ratna for their behaviour.

Women Rights Activist turned self styled celebrity Sanjana Kumari welcomed the proposal of awarding Bharat Ratna and said even she wanted the same to be given out to these girls as she wanted to see how this looks.

West Bengal CM however once again created a new controversy while she wanted to comment on this incident. She said this is a conspiracy of Maoists against her govt that the incident has happened in Haryana and not in West Bengal. She claimed that women in West Bengal are also empowered to behave like this and if this happens in West Bengal in future, her govt. will offer more compensation to the victims only because they are women.

Currently our reporting team is confused about which Indian state has empowered their women the most, as we are getting more claims from other states that they would have offered more compensation to the women victims. We need to wait for sometime to see real welfare of the state and to see how much tax payers’ money each state can swindle in the name of women empowerment.

Reporting live from Jhumritalaiya



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Feminist way of IPL celebration

Recently with the IPL session starting, men has started doing crazy things not to miss any single ball of the matches. Reasonably enough their wives has gone crazy with their loneliness. See what happened to those wives –

So Indian feminists raised the question – Why should men have all the fun? They have also started teaching these wives ways to enjoy IPL and not to miss any single ball. Let’s see what these feminists say –

Cricket 1

IPL Ki Baat Hai!  IPL Ki Baat Hai!!

Pati jab ghar se bahar rahete hai!

Mauja lene ka yehi toh time hai!!

Chup chap baith ke faida toh nehi hai!

IPL ki raat hai! Yeh raat jawan hai!!

Child watching IPL

Bachhen jab school se wapas aa jaye!

Khilane ke time pe hi match dekhiye!!

Bachche bhi chupchap khana toh kha lega!

Aur aap ko ek ball bhi miss nehi hoga!!

Meeting 1 Meeting 2

Pati toh apni office mein mast hai!

Meetings ke beech mein hi IPL dekhte hai!!

Presentation toh sirf ek bahana hai!

Starsports unke toh minimized raheta hai!!


Boss bhi unko toh kuch na bol paye!
Khud khud hi aa aa ke IPL ka khabar chahe!!

Aap ka mast hai, ghar ka aap boss hai!

IPL ka mauja le, (kiyun ki) IPL ki baat hai!!

IPL Debate

IPL ki baat hai! IPL ki baat hai!!

Agar aapke bachche bahot chhote ho!

Ek ball bhi aap miss nahi karo!!

Bachche jab roye, usse dudh pilana pade!

Feeding bottle se aapni kaam karein!!

TV set se aapni aankh na hataye!

Kahin ek ball bhi miss na ho jaye!!

Yeh mazedaar ek exciting game hai!

Usse bhi interesting toh iske players hai!!


Cheerleaders ka toh baat hi kuch aur hai!

Cheerleaders ka toh baat hi kuch aur hai!

Iss nashili raaton ki yehi toh sharab hai!!

Yehi hamari narimukti ki nishani hai!

Sab ko humne sex mein duboya hai!!

Aapne liye toh cricketers hi hot hai!!

IPL hot hai! IPL hot hai!!


IPL Hot hai! IPL hot hai!!

Agar ghar mein mehemaan aa jaye!

Agar ghar mein koi mehemaan aa jaye!

Chai ke pan ko TV pe hi raakh de!

IPL hot hai, TV bhi hot hai!!

Inka heat se bani chai bhi hot hai!

Microwave toh bekaar ki waste hai!

TV mein IPL sab se hot hai!!

Pot on TV

IPL Hot hai! IPL hot hai!!

Naari mukti ke iss andolan mein!

IPL ke saath saath aap bhi khara rahe!!


#PowerOf49 hum majboot karenge!

#PowerOf49 hum majboot karenge!!

“Ghar ka kaam hai violence” yeh nara lagayenge!

Saare responsibilities se hum azad karenge!

IPL ke saath saath narimukti layenge!!

Kitchen mein mat jao, aur khana pakao!

Kitchen mein mat jao, aur khana pakao!

Bachchon ko khilane se IPL miss na karo!!

IPL Highlight

In sab mein bhi agar kuch miss ho jaye!

Starsports website hai tumhare liye!!

Aapne mobile ya Tab se login raho!

IPL ke maza raat mein bhi lete raho!!

Couple sleeping

Apni pati jab neend mein bibhor ho!

Tab se match ka highlight dekh lo!!

Pati jab pillow ko cheerleader samajhte ho!

Apne Virat ko aankhon se lipat lo!!

Tumhari raat jawan ho! Saari raat jawan ho!!


Yeh raat jawan hai, IPL ki saath hai!

Yeh raat hot hai, IPL ki saath hai!

IPL ki baat hai, IPL ki raat hai!!

Balo hum sabko bulawoa aya hai……


** Images from internet

Now discount for delivery of girl child

–          Aaah, aaah, oh mom, oh god…..aaah ..aahaaa

The whole maternity clinic was awake at midnight to pray for Sudha as she is delivering her first baby there.

–          It’s a boy, shouted the doctor

Everybody screamed in joy. The father called up home to deliver the good news at the earliest and then the doctors announced again–

–          Hold on, Mr. Gupta, we have a surprise for you.

Surprise! Everyone was eager to know. The father was anxious as he didn’t like surprises at this odd hour.

Discount Voucher2


we have a surprise for you!

–          Yes, she is carrying a second child.

–          OMG!! Screamed the mother out of joy. Second child!!

–          Yes, but I am not sure why the USG did not detect her earlier.

–          Oh that is your standard, we are not surprised said the new father, as the mother continued to cry in pain.

–          I am overjoyed today, this brother and sister duo will keep us busy for next few years. Father hugged his wify in love.

–          Tell me how much discount you are going to give us? The woman reeling under labor pain shouted at the doctor.

–          Discount? The doctor was shocked to the core. The maternity package coupon given out by the fertility clinic was for delivery of one child, not for two.

–          Yes, discount. Bulk discount. The wife said while she continued to scream of pain.

–          But mam, the coupon was for one child. Now two babies are born so we need to charge the same for the second baby.

–          WTH!! You don’t need to operate again right, how can you take full charge for the birth of the second child. You need to do it for free. Wife didn’t stop bargaining even in labor pain.

–          Free :O !! The doctor and the hospital staff were shocked.

–          Yes, for my lovely daughter Adwitiya who is just born second but will not be second to anyone hence she is Adwitya. The mother was quick enough to think of a name.

–          It was your mistake that you couldn’t detect her through USG and forced me to bear more pain. This is all the more reason you give me a full discount. The father was listening to his wife’s bargaining power in amazement while he commented.

Doctors had no option but to agree that it was their fault that they could not detect the second child and hence will have to bear the additional expenses of the birth of the second child.

Discount Voucher4Nurse Fathima was looking at the whole episode with bigger eyes. After the delivery was done she went to another fellow nurse Rukma and narrated the episode.

–          Hey Rukma, do you know how lucky is Mrs. Gupta?

–          Why what happened?

–          Oh, she just got a great discount on her second child birth.

–          How?

–          We didn’t detect that she was carrying two children and she bargained during operation to get a 50% off on second child birth.

–          OMG!! Is that true? Didn’t the delivery coupon given by the insurance company included such exigencies?

–          NO. That is what surprising, but in this way we will go out of business right. If everyone have such surprises then we need to offer huge discounts for every delivery.

–          Hmm..let me think about it.

Rukma, was senior to Fathima and hence thought it was her responsibility to discuss the issue with the manager labour room. So she went to Mrs. Anjana Kumari for further discussion. She was a feminist leader and recently taken up the responsibility under women empowerment scheme bypassing Dr. Sushant Jain, who is at least 5 years senior to her.

Discount Voucher6

You know she wanted discount for delivery!!

Rukma – Maam!! There is a great problem here. If this continues then soon we will be out of our business.

Kumari – Why what happened?

–          Mrs. Gupta just delivered twins.

–          Oh that is good news. What’s wrong?

–          Maam but their coupon only entitled them for one child birth. Not the second. It is due to the inefficiency of our USG team we are at a loss.

–          Loss!!! Hmm..what is the second child born as?

–          She is a girl maam. The first one is a boy.

–          That’s excellent! Announce that we are happy to give 100% discount on her birth.

–          100% discount? But mam..how can we?

–          Listen baby. It is very good for the clinic’s popularity. We will show to the people that we are empowering women by giving discount on every birth of girl children. Isn’t that cool?

–          Hmm…ok yes, it is very good business proposition. We will be famous instantly and people won’t mind this blunder of our USG team.

–          Yes. And that is the way Powerof49 campaign is successful today, we will also be successful without people catching us for our fault.

–          Yipeee, we have got a good deal too. We will soon announce it on national media and become famous.

Discount Voucher8

Let’s try for a twin tonight!!

At night, Mrs. Kumari goes to her house and saw her husband coming out of the bathroom after evening shower. She tells her husband –

–          You know what happened today?

–          What happened?

–          One woman gave birth to twins and we were forced to give her 100% discount on the second child birth as we did not detect the two children in USG earlier.

–          That is so foolish. Are your USG department women all from quota?

–          Yes, they are but that has helped us in one way.

–          Helped!!!?? How??

–          The second child is a girl child. So now we can show that we have given this discount for a girl child. This will be a social message against the female feticide and in favour of women empowerment. I am strengthening my PowerOf49 movement.

–          Only until people understand that you fooled them.

–          What fooling? Is it false that we are giving 100% discount? Is it false that the second child is a girl? You men are always jealous of our intelligence.

–          Hmm..intelligence, trying to cover up a blunder and promoting falsehood is your intelligence?

–          Yes, listen I have a plan for ourselves too.

–          What??

–          Let’s try for a twin daughter. I will get that delivery done completely free and may be govt. will pay us money for two girls. That will be great saving for us and also some cashback from the feminists.

The couple spent a romantic night that night and is now waiting for their USG team to make another pleasant blunder.

Sometimes you may get unbelievably good bargain, discounts and cashback in life. If you still don’t believe – visit http://www.gopaisa.com/.

Happy shopping.




Funny – How these ‘Useless Husbands’ exposed themselves

Recently Asian Paints have started a highly misandric ad campaign called “Husbands are Useless.” (#HusbandAreUseless).  Their ad shows that all Indian husbands are useless and hence regarding home decor solutions people need to login to their solution and take their expert help.

When men from different strata of society protested against the misandric ad campaign on social media the company said the following –

Husbands are Useless 2

So the company says that Indian husbands are useless in terms of deciding home decor solution.

Now let’s see images of some of the #UselessHusbands –

The Useless Husband

Asian Paints - Husbands are Useless 5

Asian Paints - Husbands are Useless 6

The ‘Useless Husbands’ in Asian Paints Board of Directors

If I didn’t tell you so far all of these #UselessHusbands consist 100% of the Board of Directors of Asian Paints. And there is NO woman director in the board of Asian Paints.

So this is a company whose board consists of all #UselessHusbands (remember company claims that husbands are useless in terms of deciding home decor) who can’t decide about their own home decor wants to give us advice on our home decor.

Thanks Asian Paints for this shocking revelation to us. We surely don’t want to know our home decor solution from a company that is run by only #UselessHusbands. Thanks for creating an ad campaign exposing your true self.

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All you need to know why Sunanda Pushkar Death is not a Dowry Death

– Feminist Indians

After the death of socialite Sunanda Pushkar a sizeable chunk of the society is demanding registering of IPC 498a, 304B and 306 against her minister husband. We tried to take the viewpoint from some hardcore extreme feminists who were behind creation of gender biased laws in India and some political leaders who boasted bringing in laws empowering women.

One of them Mrs. Sanjana Tumhari who appears in various national debates has directly rejected the plea saying – If media is saying that Sunanda has committed suicide that must be true. She was an empowered lady. She knew exactly what she was doing and as an independent empowered woman that she was, we need to respect her action. She has single – handedly identified ISI hand in probable kidnapping of one of the most handsome ministers in India. Our investigative agencies should learn from her.

Another left wing feminist leader Mrs. Darinda Barat has also rubbished the claim that this suicide need to be termed as Dowry Death. She clarified that she has sacrificed her life for her country in battling foreign invasion of a different form. This incident shows that how poorly our security agencies like RAW are performing as they have failed to identify this invasion at the earliest. She has demanded immediate restructuring in RAW based on this.

She has also cited that even the Pakistani women journalist (who Sunanda accused of having an affair with her minister husband) was angry after being called an ISI agent, which means even Pakistanis get insulted if they are called ISI agents. This proves the sorry state of affairs in ISI too, so that no one wanted to be named an ISI agent.

Commenting on the incident, chairperson of the National Commission Mrs. Samata Verma has opined that she has actually protected the nation from wasting a lot of time on social networking sites reading gossips about her personal life and vendetta. People will get more time to think about real issues in the country rather than concentrating on celebrity gossips. This will save invaluable manpower of the country.

Projecting her as national role model for empowered women, Minister Mr. Bipul Tibrewal who has brought the latest property division bill in parliament has demanded that she has shown how an empowered woman can save a nation and demanded that this day be observed as National Empowered Women Day throughout the country with full respect and honour.

Mr. Tibrewal has also added that Mrs. Pushkar case proves that even if share in husband’s ancestral property is given to the wife, Indian women will dedicate their lives for their husband rather than taking away their property. The minister has huge ancestral property that Sunanda could have claimed if she had gone for divorce. But she has given her life to save her husband. This shows that the law of giving the husband’s property to wife in a patriarchal society like ours is highly justified.

The chairperson of Worldwide Oppressed Women (WOW) and a prominent opposition leader Mrs Chatterjee has commented that “Sunanda’s husband is a minister himself and can never impose any kind of cruelty to her defined by Indian laws. He doesn’t need dowry and hence the Dowry Death demand is vague. He has several ways of earning money and does not need money from a woman to survive. All these laws are only for common men who always need money to survive.”

Commenting on this incident, Mr Birup Sarkar who has been fighting against these biased laws for years has said, in any normal circumstances the man would have been dragged to jail even from his deathbed and all his relatives would have been behind the bars for abetting suicide. Some trigger happy feminists and media would have termed this as ‘Bride Burning’ instead.  There would have been demands of new laws in the country, new candle light marches and new FB pages demanding Justice for Pushkar. However, everyone is silent now. This is the greatest tragedy in India where the common men are always treated differently under the same law. He says since the death is within seven years of marriage it must be recorded and treated as dowry death.

As we did not understand how this suicide with no burns could have been termed as Bride Burning, we went to another rights activist who is famous for giving his weird opinion in all matters – Mr. P S Khan. He has clarified that always the filed cases under section IPC 304B (Dowry Death) data is presented as Bride Burning in India to give it more importance. He showed the RTI he had filed with NCRB to know the Bride Burning data for last five years after he was extremely moved by media propaganda of “one bride burnt every one hour in India”. He came to know that there is NO such record maintained by NCRB in India.

This matter is now referred to the cabinet to conclude why this is not a dowry death but should be treated as an exception. Some say that this may be referred to the president as an exception. Some like Mr. Khan have opined (again a weird one) that soon India will witness another BIG rape, or calamity or foreign invasion or some carnage or some other event that can shake the entire nation to forget this case.

We are not able to form any opinion on this matter but feel that it is better for ordinary men like us to believe what we are made to believe by our leaders just to avoid another disaster. So we think it is not a dowry death but suicide of an empowered woman who has saved this nation in many ways as elaborated by our thought leaders. (Spoof)

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Adventure into future

At times me and my friend go out on an utopian journey in future take up  interviews with men’s rights and women’s rights activists of India. Very recently we have gone to 2030 to meet some of these prominent activists. Here’s how the memory had been –

In our last bulletin we have showed how feminists have tried to achieve women empowerment for decades. To understand this better, we met veteran men’s rights activist Mr. Rajesh Kankaria who has been undergoing treatment in ICU for his lifelong drinking habits. He is now in a life saving treatment with Whiskey and Beer throughout the day instead of saline. Doctors have said that his blood is already replaced by alcohol and hence need this life support now.

When we asked him the question how he sees feminism in India, he replied in his half conscious state – “Feminism is…….one peg…misandry….every hour….then ….whiskey…is ..feminism….”

As we could not understand what he wanted to mean, and none of his followers could make out we have approached women activist and SC lawyer Mrs. Sylvia Agnes for her insight. She said – “See the patriarchal bias in our society. Because we have deep rooted patriarchy, today a man is getting whiskey even in his deathbed. We do not even get water during surgery. We strongly demand ‘Drinks Security Bill’ to be passed immediately. Women can’t live on food security alone to survive, the need drinks too and you know getting safe drinking water today is so much problem.”

Water purification companies have however declined that getting safe water is any problem. One such company ‘Pour-it‘ chairman has said we can purify any water. We have been running Rs 10 crore challeneg for sometime now. You prove that water purified by our device is not safe to drink, we will pay Rs 10 crore.

When famous liquor baron Mr. Sujoy Baliya heard about the demand for ‘drinks security’ he said – “govt. plan of providing hard drinks for 5 MU a bottle, is only political gimmick. Even if we pee today, that is costlier. That is the reason after my airline business was shut, I could not depend on my liquor business for long.”

(We wonder if Mrs. Bula Dixit wanted the countrymen to pee and drink, when she has said that 40MU (monetary unit) per day is enough for an individual to survive).

Mr. Baliya continued – “I had to open a sex toys industry to survive. Today, we are number one sex toy manufacturer in the world and already beaten China in 2026. Demand for our toys is very high in south Asia.” (MRAs however, say this is due to feminists breaking the families in Asia by showing false women oppression stories).

It is pertinent to add that Mr. Baliya has created a great sensation in India in last 10 years due to his success with the ‘magic toys’. He is very particular about quality of his product and he does testing of each new toy himself with his models. All his models are very satisfied and high performing individuals today. Bunney Leone, Bindu Sapre and Govind Soman are to name a few. ‘The Baliya Magic Toys’ has already earned name and fame in the world and in 2025 they were awarded ISO 50000 design certification.

However, South India’s famous actor Gajnikant’s fans have refuted the Baliya Magic theory. They say it was all foretold by their hero Gajni. After his death in 2023, his disciples have opened his temples in many places around the world. The chairperson of the biggest Gajni trust, Anna Herokant has said their Gurudev had this premonition in 2022 that this industry would grow and given some magic mantras that Mr. Baliya is using. All his magic mantras can be found on www.Gajnithehero.god/magicmantra  website. But whatever Herokantji says, we can’t ignore the contribution of Mr. Baliya to boost India’s falling economy, especially when in 2013 IT industry has seen doomsday in India, then this was much needed boost required for Indian economy.

Vikhari Das 2

Mr. Vikhari Das the new recruit of MRA community (MRA = Mard Raha Adhikarbihin) however has said that earlier we used to happy families. My parents were very happy in themselves and so were we, however today all these industries are fuelling more break ups as people do not need any partner to live with. So people are more lonely today, they don’t have anyone to provide mental support for them, and as a result they commit more suicide.

Maitreyee Chaterjee 2

However, women groups are all in favour of Mr. Baliya. Mrs. Maitreyee Chatterjee, chairperson of Worldwide Oppressed Women (WOW) has commented that – ‘Mr Baliya is doing a great social service. Today, our women who were oppressed for ages due to patriarchal system of marriage are coming out of marriages on their own. They don’t feel the need of men in their life at all. Also these magic toys are the reasons we could limit the number of rapes to merely 30 lakhs a year. Men using these toys are not raping women any more. We demand govt. subsidy for these toys” she added.

Ghata Gupta 2

Organization of Oppressed Parents’ Syndicate (OOPS) chairperson Mrs. Ghata Gupta however did not agree with Maitreyee. She said if women have become so independent then why maintenance is considered as a right for them? Why is adultery not a crime for women? She looked visibly upset with Maitreyee’s comment. For information to all readers, Maitreyee is the estranged daughter in law of Ghata and was caught in adultery. She is now getting maintenance for herself and her illicit baby from her husband Husmukh Gupta who is in jail now for false digital rape complaint by her.

Bindiya Sarkar2

However, FEMA Leader Mrs. Bindiya Sarkar has supported Maitreyee and commented on fanous networking site chatter.com – “Mr. Baliya for ‘B/Ratna’ for his contribution towards reducing rapes in India.”

Hasmukh GUpta2

Mr. Husmukh Gupta however was all against this. When our team went to central jail to meet him, this erstwhile scientist has commented “today we scientists can expect jail term on false allegation, but see how one womanizer’s name is recommended by feminists for the award of highest standard. That is what tells us that if we go against feminism we will be ruined. In that sense the MRA community has been doing a great yet thankless job for decades”.

So we have seen how even in 2030, we have not achieved any gender equality. With men’s rights groups claiming male feticide, male victims of domestic violence, legal terrorism, rape etc, women groups are still not happy with absence of ‘Drinks Security’. It is only in coming days we will know what concrete steps our govt. takes to ensure that women are empowered, and how it strikes a balance between men and women in the country.

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