The Causal Affair

‘The Causal Affair‘ is a series of special and unique activities undertaken by various NGOs in favour of men and boys. Different activists from all over the globe tell us about these unique initiatives.

Articles published under this series are –


  1. Selfie in Prison with SIF-Hyderabad
  2. Counseling male victims – an art in itself
  3. Nagpur Conference of men’s rights groups
  4. SIF presence in Airtel Hyderabad marathon
  5. Running for a cause
  6. Men’s Rights in India – from its leaders
  7. Top 12 Lessons for Indian MRM From Politics

RTI Special

  1. RTI on dowry harassment case police procedures       l   Complete RTI – Page 1, Page 2
  2. RTI on Kolkata police circular on Dowry cases             l   RTI Reply – Cover Letter, Reply Pg1
  3. RTI Reveals Police procedure lapses in adultery case l  Police circular