Funny – How These ‘Useless Husbands’ Exposed Themselves

Recently Asian Paints have started a highly misandric ad campaign called “Husbands are Useless.” (#HusbandAreUseless).  Their ad shows that all Indian husbands are useless and hence regarding home decor solutions people need to login to their solution and take their expert help.

When men from different strata of society protested against the misandric ad campaign on social media the company said the following –

Husbands are Useless 2

So the company says that Indian husbands are useless in terms of deciding home decor solution.

Now let’s see images of some of the #UselessHusbands –

The Useless Husband

Asian Paints - Husbands are Useless 5

Asian Paints - Husbands are Useless 6

The ‘Useless Husbands’ in Asian Paints Board of Directors

If I didn’t tell you so far all of these #UselessHusbands consist 100% of the Board of Directors of Asian Paints. And there is NO woman director on the board of Asian Paints.

So this is a company whose board consists of all #UselessHusbands (remember company claims that husbands are useless in terms of deciding home decor) who can’t decide about their own home decor wants to give us advice on our home decor.

Thanks, Asian Paints for this shocking revelation to us. We surely don’t want to know our home decor solution from a company that is run by only #UselessHusbands. Thanks for creating an ad campaign exposing your true self.

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  1. I condemn this ad as an extremely misogynistic one.

    This ad comes across as a feeble attempt to woo the ‘female’ audience to it’s company, gone wrong. Home decoration is no longer an exclusive functional domain of woman and asking wives alone to consider and be interested in home decoration just reaffirms the existing stereotypes about women in our society.

    This ad is no different from several other attempts made throughout history to pushback & restrict the woman to the conventional roles of care, nurture & home-making. This ad is an insult to our modern Indian women.

    Please Asian paints, for a change, let men take up the burden of household work too. 🙂

    – An angry feminist


    • Dear Ms. Reshmi:
      Where to begin with your post?
      “I condemn this ad as an extremely misogynistic one.”
      The ad and campaign is misandrist. It is about hating men.
      Thus, not mysoginist. No woman was harmed in the making of this ad 👌👏
      Although, it will ruin some woman’s relationship with her husband.
      But that’s okay, because Asian Paints will make money. 💵 💰 💷 💶

      “a feeble attempt to woo the ‘female’ audience to it’s company, gone wrong. ”
      A feeble attempt it is not, Reshmi. It is tactic of choice, to denigrate men.
      For some psycho-bio reasons, it seems that women, like to see men put down.
      This is what ‘angry feminists’ call ’empowerment. Just how is a society and country
      empowered by weakening mutual respect, and how that spells progress, god and the devil know,
      Or maybe both are scratching their heads. 😛 😈

      “Home decoration is no longer an exclusive functional domain of woman and asking wives alone to consider and be interested in home decoration just reaffirms the existing stereotypes about women in our society.”
      You know Reshmi, the real stereotype is that women are instinctively blessed with a superior aesthetic sense than are men. Who are lumbering, boorish, walking boulders, shaped like ATM machines, and cannot even buy themselves the right quality and colour of socks to go with their trousers. So, to let them manage the homedecor, would be so wrong!
      The reality is that it is mens aesthetic choices which have brought about civilisation’s components of both arts and sciences. Women and men and children, young and old live by leave of male enterprise and creativity and efforts. Predominantly and overwhelmingly.
      Earning an income alone, is not the criteria of independence, my dear angry feminist behan (sister).
      Recognizing that a respectful relationship is born from interdependence, not some fake liberation agenda of ‘Abala Nari Virodhi Morcha’. Please spare us the homilies.

      “This ad is no different from several other attempts made throughout history to pushback & restrict the woman to the conventional roles of care, nurture & home-making. This ad is an insult to our modern Indian women.”
      What? What? What? What?
      No! No! No! No! No! A thousand N-A-H-I-N by Sholay’s Basanti a.k.a Hema Malini.
      Every woman who works out of home, robs another man and another woman who wishes to have a family and Apna Ghar (home) and Aangan, (courtyard), (painted with Asian Paints😱 or Dulux😜), the opportunity to afford a life together. The lie spread by Angry Feminist Andolanists, that all women must, can, should, need and have to work, is insulting of women. It is destructive of gender roles and balanced living. It is limiting a women into an economic machinery, rather than a social strength. The lies propagated by them is not liberating, it is inhibiting. But like moth to fire, women are easier to manipulate, because of their three psycho-bio drives:
      – Financial security. “I must find a man who makes money.” (Greed caused by need)
      – Biological ‘inevitability’. “I want to be a mother. Have a raja babu / bitiya rani”
      – Postmodernist inconsequentialism. “I’m a modern woman, says the media. So I want all the benefits. I deserve to have it all. With no accountability.”
      This trishul of biological needs and denial and confusion, leads to the angry feminist’s vicious cycle. And therefore you make the nonsensical statements you make.

      “Please Asian paints, for a change, let men take up the burden of household work too.”
      If it wasn’t for men, there would be no change. What do women “invent”?
      (Note: There are always notable exceptions.
      Eg. Sanjeev Kapoor is a cook, and Kiran Bedi was a cop. Oh scratch that, she was a cop out!)
      Next time, you do anything, look into why it exists and who made it possible. The figure, no matter how distant or obscure, will be a man. And being the angry feminist, you are, don’t say it all happened because women give birth. You can’t procreate by yourself. Even with technology, because that is the prime example of male ingenuity and application. The stamina for which most women lack. Despite advanced degrees and ratat vidya / rote learning.

      Civilisation is a double edged sword. All men learn this and know it is a life threatening balancing act. It is the Angry Feminist Andolanists who are the deniers, living in a dream castle.
      Thank your lucky stars, men still choose to get married.

      – An Enlightened Mahapurush (Male)


    • @bluntbitterhorrible

      Thanks, it’s nice to know that you are one of those rare men in our society who are willing to independently take up the burden of household chores without having any unreasonable expectations from women.

      Let that be an example for other male commenters out her. Hey all, do take notice.


  2. So the add is sexist…

    But this:

    “And there is NO woman director in the board of Asian Paints.”

    Apparently is perfectly fine and something totally normal, right?


    • Having no woman in the board of directors is NOT perfectly fine because the company itself thinks that all husbands/men are USELESS!

      The purpose of this article is to show how these companies USE WOMEN (and degrade men) to promote their product and make money. Does that look perfectly fine and normal to you? Can you imagine any company showing ad that calls all women USELESS and wants men to buy its product?

      The questions is not about having no woman in the BoD, but its about calling men USELESS (which is wrong).


      • Let’s be clear, I don’t support an add which says that men/husbands are useless, in fact I’m all for men having more active role and sharing the household work/parenting, but this add is a minor thing compared to the bigger issue which is gender inequality.


  3. ” It is destructive of gender roles and balanced living.”

    So balanced living is only when half of the population doesn’t have to right to participate in the public sphere of life or decision making. Nice to know.

    “I must find a man who makes money.” (Greed caused by need)”

    So first you want to limit women’s ability to earn a living and make them dependant on men, then you call them greedy when they look for a man with money. What are women supposed to do, just die for your convinience?

    “If it wasn’t for men, there would be no change. What do women “invent”?”

    So first you limit women’s opportunities to do anything other than being a domestic slave and then you use this as an argument to justify why women can’t be anything else. Amazing, just bloody amazing line of reasoning from a man who is afraid to lose his priviledge, because deep down you know that you really are only mediocre at best and who thinks the only way for him to be a man is to enslave half of the population and to deny them basic human rights.


  4. Dear Diana / Princess of Whales:
    The man is a slave … outside the home.
    The woman is a slave … Inside the home.
    Both are slaves … of the society and community.
    But of course, you are free to be at sea. 😜
    Because, you believe in your consumerist addled empowerment,
    that ‘freedom’ is a truth. It’s not, in its populist sense.
    Which is why your worldview is limited by ‘independence’,
    instead of your aspirations being contained by interdependence.
    Keep coasting and careening!
    – The Blizzard of Blog


    • No, not quite. What about the women who don’t marry or who are widows, divorced etc? They are destined to poverty just for being female and for not having a man (I.e. an owner). Men have options, women don’t. Women are made dependant on men and not the other way around.

      If you think men are slaves you should advocate for equality, but you don’t, because it’s quite clear that the system benefits you.


      • Women deliver the cage called life. Men make that cage liveable.
        Reality has many grains to it … read about it.

        Learn more about it … and check in your feminist complaint privileges.

        Oh! Wait a minute … women has a choice when to howl, fowl, scowl or owl.
        Men don’t … 😁 Please get back to ‘work’.
        See Gavin Eckhardt’s March 2, 2014 2:00 am post below, on how to be productive.

        Divorce? Women initiate 70% of them. Why? Man = bad!
        Widowhood? Women live five year longer on average. Why? NCW / NOW 😝
        Singlehood? Cinderella wants Prince Charming … only if he is rich. Why not marry down?
        It is raining dogs on your equality parade. Seems more like a desperate exodus.


      • I would say … Life is hard for all.
        Ain’t no point wanting blue eyes and gold tresses,
        when The Lord made you a svelte brunette.
        Work with what you’ve got. It all ends. Very fast.

        Life is really an unchosen misery.
        Go Buddhist or go to church more often, if you don’t like it.

        Work is drudgery.
        Men are chided when they kick back.

        Women have a birthright to be lifelong slackers and whippers.
        That should make them whipper-snapping-slackers.

        Men wonder why they work … for sex, of course.
        Women say they want to work … for sex appeal., ostensibly
        Hmmm … also shoes, bags, cosmetics and restaurant bills.

        Men who work think they have power. No. Work has power over men.
        Women say they want power.
        No, they only need to step out into the garden, every now and then.
        It can get terribly gloomy in the living room.

        Humanity … trapped and wrapped in itself. So full of itself.
        And then … there is the woman …
        entrapped in the trap and trappings of life,
        but imagining herself above it all.
        She is the illusion that lives by her own illusions,
        and expects her man to make it real.

        – Extracted from the fictive memoir,
        HAVING NONE OF IT. My grab at power.
        By President Frank Underwood
        (CEO of Placards & Canards LLC.)


        • Because every woman on this planet is of a rich family and is pampered, right? And because of that women don’t deserve equality and should just go on with the status quo.

          Also men working for sex…, I wonder if you people ever stop to think a little before you come up with those things, if that’s the case why marry then? I’m sure a paid sex is cheaper anyways. Also I didn’t know that for men to take care of their own offspring (not their wife) some sexual transaction has to take place.

          This and many other statements make men look worse than any sexist add.


      • So are men getting any thing free from any one? If woman wants be rich, woman should struggle her self. Is any one stopped woman from working? Is any one stopped woman from taking her property from her parents? Stop hanging and hating men.



    Accept the fact: BIOLOGY IS DESTINY.
    Get married before you hit 22.

    Have first child by 24. (Your fertility is beginning to dip.)
    Have second child by 26. (Your fertility continues to drop.)
    Don’t cheat on him. Don’t let him stray.
    Maintain yourself and home.
    Life is routines. You at home. Him at work.

    If he cheats, sue his arse. Law will stitch it up for you.
    First child will be 22, when you are 46.
    Second child will be 22, when you are 48.
    Enjoy the next 25 years with your spouse.
    Life is play at home and outside, for both you and him.

    If you’ve set the right rhythm and example,
    as have the parents of your children’s spouses,
    they will make you grandparents by the time you’re 50!
    You will have no time to be bored, or fell unfulfilled.
    The world will be stabler, and your relationships will have,
    that thing you yearn for, MEANING.

    And so, you’ll realize that neither you, nor your husband,
    was, is, or ever will be, useless.

    Anything else, like Asian Paints campaign, feminism,
    gender politics, etc. is the path to a lonely and dreary existence.

    Life is short. Start it early.
    Oh! Don’t forget to smile.


    • तथास्तु ! साधु ! ज्ञान शिरोमणि शतक: !
      सहस्र पुत्र प्राप्ति भव !


  6. @Diana,

    How many women do you know who are divorced, unmarried or widow and dies due to poverty? And how can you say women don’t have options? They definitely have! They work, they earn and they live freely, too. Who in world is making women dependent on men? Nobody! Whether women marry or not, whether they earn or not, its their choice! Nobody is making them dependent. And if they think they are dependent, its their choice, too 😉

    And BTW, let me remind you that this article is about the stupid ‘useless husbands’ campaign of a stupid company :p So, stay on topic 😉 If you want to talk about any random misandric topic then go to some stupid feminist forums and show your outburst. This blog is about problems of men, bias against them and unfair laws. If you don’t care about these issues, don’t come/comment here.


    • This is the second big misandrist mistake made by Asian Paints.
      The first was removing the mascot Gattu, a cute grinning paintboy,
      a masterpiece of Indian branding by R.K.Laxman.
      Guess if it were a little girl called Gitika, there would be howls of protests,
      by a Gitika Bachao Andolan / Morcha / Samiti / Sanghatan / Sansthan / Society …
      And Asian Paints sales would be impacted for all the shades of pink.
      Just saying … why not bring Gattu back? Why this hatred of boys and men?


  7. Lol! True.
    I was trying to illustrate the feminist auto-response at work.
    BTW, to extend the framework:
    1. Is there a law preventing female painters in India? *sarcasm*
    2. Is there a move by the NCW, requiring a quota for female wall painters? *sarcasm*
    3. Has there been a US ‘Think-Tank’ sponsored, Indian NGO’s study into the gross under-representation of ‘Gitikas’ in the work-force? *sarcasm*
    4. What are the factors which lead to ‘Gattus’ stoping ‘Gitikas’ from ‘self-expression’? *sarcasm*
    5. What VOC (volatile organic compounds) are triggering ‘Gitikas’ aversion to a good paint-job? *sarcasm*
    6. How can successful examples of ‘Gitikas’ be published, to attract more ‘Gitikas’ to the club? *sarcasm*
    7. Why can’t ‘Gattus’ be more like ‘Gitikas’? *sarcasm*
    8. Sure ‘Gitikas’ can do it all. But ‘Gattus’ should help them reach those high ‘hard-to-access’ corners, for a smooth finishing line. *sarcasm*

    GATTU = Asian Paints retired mascot. A young painterboy.
    GITIKA = A fictional female version of Gattu. / Gattu’s spare rib.
    Please see my preceding post for historical context.


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