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The word feminism is supposed to be synonymous to gender equality. The movement that started in 1960’s to bring in equal voting rights for women in the west has gone further to demean men in all aspects. The gender equality movement has turned into a gender hatred movement. That is why, now everyone wonder if feminism is about equality then why it starts with ‘Fem’. This blog busts the biggest myths of feminism.

Kill Putin

Campaign Analysis

Feminists, who are supposed to be equal rights activists has created campaigns like “Kill Putin”. That says all about this movement. Enter


Feminism in India

Indian feminists are no different from the western feminism today and this blog is tirelessly working towards expose Indian Feminists as well. Enter

Gender equality

Gender Bias

In order to empower women all over the world a gender bias is created. Misandry is spread in every possible way to downgrade men’s contribution to the society. Enter

Global Feminism

Global Feminism

Globally feminism is driven by UN and other global bodies with the help of celebrities like Emma Watson. Global feminism brings the evils of gender discrimination against men to Indian society as well. This website explains the evils in detail. Enter

The Daily Noose

Legal Terrorism

Page image courtesy – Outlook Legal Terrorism is a term first used by Indian MRAs to describe the legal harassment unleashed on Indian men. Later Honorable Indian Supreme Court has also used this term. Enter

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