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The word feminism is supposed to be synonymous to gender equality. The movement that started in 1960’s to bring in equal voting rights for women in the west has gone further to demean men in all aspects. The gender equality movement has turned into a gender hatred movement. That is why, now everyone wonder if feminism is about equality then why it starts with ‘Fem’. This blog busts the biggest myths of feminism.


  1. aww looks like some woman-hating incel is butthurt how the women of this country are starting to treat men the way they have treated us for centuries lol


  2. Look at some hypocrite feminists standing on the man made world and spreading misandry. Still ,men do all the hard and important works, give most taxes.women empowerment = one sided law, extortion through marriage i.e alimony, child support, fase rape , DV, 498a, alcohol, cigarette, sleeping around , cheating. Feminism based on lies, hypocrisy, rona-dhona and nautanki. Feminism is Cancer.


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