7-Dating Tips to Impress The Man You Love

If you’re struggling to build chemistry on dates and want to know the best way to impress a man, then look no further. Our article shares 7 great tips on how to seduce a man you’re dating and how to make a great first impression on dates.

Dating tips

When it comes to dating, men can be a bit of a mystery. You may find yourself going on several dates with a guy and yet never really knowing what he’s thinking. Even with the best online dating sites, if you don’t know how to impress a man (we mean seriously make him take notice), you may not get that far. Our relationship expert shares their sure-fire tips to woo a man and make him want you from the very first date!

1.      Make Eye Contact

Eye contact has an amazing effect on the human being’s capacity to bond. Studies show that even strangers can develop an emotional connection just from looking into each other’s eyes for a short period of time. You may not think about this but, when you go on a date, you might feel nervous and fail to look your date in the eye. This sends an unconscious signal that you’re not interested in.

If you want to know how to impress a man quickly, try to make eye contact while you’re spending time together. It will show him that you’re engaged in the conversation and that you’re confident. Plus, eye contact can be super sexy!

2.      Smile

When dating, you should never underestimate the power of a smile. Smiles can communicate all sorts of emotions to your partner. You can smile to show interest and enjoyment or to be seductive and flirty. Even if you’re aiming for a sultry, glamorous look, a flash of a gorgeous smile here and there will drive your man crazy!

3.      Be Open and Genuine

Body language is a powerful thing and can help bring you and your date closer. Try to maintain open body language – lean towards your date, don’t cross your arms – to show you are having fun. Flirtatious body language, like a brief touch, can show that you are open to being more than friends and can impress a man who is attracted to you.

If you seem open, your date is also more likely to perceive you as genuine. Even when you want to impress a man on the first date, you want to show him something of the real you. Men can sense a phony, so try to be genuine with your personality.

4.      Take the Lead

If you’re wondering how to impress a successful man, try taking the lead for a change. Women often believe that powerful men want to be in control. However, a man in a successful career will often want someone who is independent like him. Show him this by taking charge of planning the date or by offering to pay.

5.      Listen to Him

Most men don’t just want to talk to you on dates, but they do want a conversation partner who listens to what they have to say. Show an interest in your partner by leaning in when they talk and asking questions. Men feel flattered by this sort of attention and will enjoy opening up to you.

6.      Cook for Him

Wondering how to impress a man at home? Make your man feel loved and pampered by making his favorite meal. Cooking dinner to impress a man is a great date idea and a great way to bond over a shared love of food or a favorite recipe. You don’t have to be a whizz in the kitchen. Keep it simple and intimate, and he will appreciate the effort!

woman cooking

7.      Show Him You Want Him

Say you’ve been on a few dates with someone, and you’re now wondering how to impress a man you like. Maybe you want to move things to the next stage physically or rekindle the passion in an existing relationship. Classic seduction techniques, like inviting him over and meeting him at the door in some sexy lingerie, are a great way to go. Men are sexually aroused by visual stimuli, so making that extra effort with your looks will really turn them on.


It can be intimidating when you want to impress a man on a first date. However, these 7 tips can add romance to even the frostiest relationship. Remember to look them up next time you want to woo a man.

How did you win your man’s heart? Have you tried any of these techniques to build some heat in your relationships? What’s your funniest first date experience? Share your stories in the comments!

Author’s Bio:

Sherry Kimball is a consultant and has been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, wellness, and sport. When not absorbed in the latest gripping articles, Sherry loves cooking, doing sports, and otherwise spends far much time at the computer.


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