If you are passionate about men’s rights and if you want to write for men’s rights then we give you an opportunity to further the cause of men’s rights and show your talent on this website.

Here on TMF we research on various gender topics from men’s perspective and present them to the world even at the expense of sounding politically incorrect. The following skills are needed for being an author for TMF –

Gender and Sex – Male (No Confusion)

Sexual Orientation – Straight (you can’t hate women, we hate feminists)

Language for writing – English only (knowing other international languages will be a plus). Only a portion of the article can have other languages in it with suitable English translation.

Reading Skill – Avid reader. Should be interested in reading any topic under the sun and beyond.

Writing Skill – Should be able to produce one (1) high quality content for men’s rights every week.

*Please note we are a free website and we don’t earn any money and hence this position is for purely voluntary work.

Please fill up this form if you are interested to join hands and take the cause of men’s rights forward. –

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Note – Posts once published on TMF can’t be removed in future for any reason. You can not republish the post on any platform within two (2) weeks of publishing the same on TMF.