These men call for marriage boycott – here’s why

As Hindus worldwide celebrate Durga Puja or Dussera, a festival to celebrate the win of good over evil, some men think the age old connotation of Durga maa has changed. Durga maa as worshipped by Hindus is a lady with 10 hands and armed with deadly weapon in each is represented differently in modern day lives. This picture going viral nowadays shows a modern woman in the form of all deadly weapons in the form of laws –


The banner shows a woman armed with all deadly laws that are enough to kill a man. These men raises a question that if Hindu women were traditionally worshipped in the form of Durga or Kali (two main goddesses of Shakti or power) then why is the notion that Indian women are not empowered. These men say modern empowered women are free to break their families any time as they are heavily compensated for that. This is why marriage is a loser’s choice.

In this survey divorced men were asked if they wanted to marry a second time and 45% respondent said ‘no’ to second marriage compared to 32% who wanted to get married again –


Also in reply to another question in the survey, more than 50% of respondents said that bachelor life is best –


While commenting why men should not marry, Chetan said –


“Once upon a time, a man got involved with 3 girls at the same time and all 3 became good friends. All were sexy and hot. Owing to his old-fashioned rich Mom, He had to chose one to marry so as to get inheritance. So he conducted a test. He gave 5000 Rs to each of his girlfriend telling them they could decide on how to spend the money and but they’d have report back to him at the end of week. First girl, promptly purchased a dress she had always wanted and came back to him and told him “Jaanu, I bought this dress to look the most beautiful only for uuuuuu”. Second one, booked up a trip to weekend getaway at an exotic hill-station and told him “Chiku, I want to spend time with my shonaaa”. Third one, a CA, bought Nifty Options Intraday and and doubled money 3 times in a week. She came back and returned him 10000 and kept 5000 for herself.
Man was shocked… Could not figure out what to do.
After long pondering over this, he decided to marry
the girl that had largest (.) (.)


While some ad makers may get some important ideas to show that “men will be men” while choosing their life partner, women’s physical beauty is still the single most criteria for many men in India. What Chetan wanted to say was men’s criteria is still very basic one and they do not judge women by other qualities and get into trap.

CSK Sanu from Mumbai said while supporting marriage boycott– “Marriage had become an extortion tool due to Blind laws. If men get a fraud partner then life gets spoiled.”

MK Anand who works in UK as an IT professional, said – “Marriage is not the only thing in life.” He suggested that Indian men should rather discover themselves.

Jagadish from Bhopal, reiterated Anand’s points. He advised men to rather discover themselves and said – “life without women is heaven, experience it”.

In another survey on Intimate Partner Violence on Men, it was found that an overwhelming 48% men had suffered Physical Violence from their wives. More than 50% men had complained about sexual violence and also of verbal abuse. This is quite a contrary to the popular belief that only women are subjected to sexual violence.This findings also confirms why men are going against the concept of marriage.

Hussein Ali of Mumbai said – “an empowered woman has robbed me of some precious years from my life that no one can return.” For him, men need to pay a huge price for marriage and hence it is not worth.

Vijay from Kanpur said that educated Indian women know flaws in Indian laws well and they cause more damage. Men face more domestic violence than women in India.

Some people not only wanted to avoid marriage but they were ready to adopt a baby and live happily.

Sordid tales of torture and abuse comes aplenty from these men. Sonu said, that his love marriage became bitter despite his best actions to bring her back. Rather he was threatened many times of false criminal cases.

Abhishek Kaushik felt that laws needed to be equal for individuals and Indian family laws put ever man in danger. In his opinion that is a good reason for men to boycott marriage.

Chendu Reddy from Hyderabad narrated his story of getting extorted by his wife and her family and said, we need to fight against these laws so that these disgraceful women are punished. He believed law misuse is the major reason for men’s suicide.

Janak Merchant said – “There are all kinds of violence taking place on Indian men all over India. Worst is emotional and then comes financial. In the end it all boils down to wife wanting lots of hard earned money of her husband.”

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Some of them say women have no responsibility in family, so why marry? Marriage is a complete loss for men as they need to take all responsibility. Their complaint is married men have no choice even in their homes. They need to abide by whatever their wives say and their silent sacrifice is not even noticed by anyone. Pampering the wife is another need that one has to constantly follow. Else hell breaks lose. Many men are sick of this provider role but can’t break traditions. A recent hype around marital rape created by the movie Pink leaves men red faced. With ‘No means No’ becoming popular, these men believe men do not get sex when they need and now they run the risk of being termed a rapist. In addition, sexual crimes and adultery by women is on rise.

Bhaveen Sheth, who is a HR professional is so much moved by marriage boycott that he had dedicated an entire blog to single men.

Arvind believed that marriage considers a man as a mere ATM machine. In fact there are many who reflects his thought.


2016 Mumbai marathon saw a man dressed as ATM machine

While the reason for marriage boycott may be many for different men and boys and even if their number is increasing, they are still very insignificant compared to the critical mass needed to change the society.

In a July, 2016 study we found that Indian men outnumber women while seeking alliance. This cuts across all marital status. This study found out the numbers of profiles that existed on different popular Indian matrimonial sites.




Even though many argued that most of male profiles may be fake but there is no guarantee that women profiles are not.

To understand the eagerness of the two genders in getting married, we have created two different profiles of two different genders without photos. To make them similar we have made the male profile more educated and earning little more than the female profile, and everything else was same. We noticed that the male profile received two interests in one day while the female profile had received 14 interests in one day.

Even though a comparison between the census 2001 and 2011 data showed that percentage of married women grew in India but that does not prove that Indian men are any less desperate to get married. Question is, when there are so many biased laws against men, when a man’s 50% hard earned property can be at stake simply for marriage, why are Indian men still so much interested in marriage? Looks like the men raising a demand for marriage boycott still have a long way to go in terms of sensitizing Indian men about this.


Do you know?

October is the month of creating awareness about domestic violence against men and boys

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Candid with Anil Kumar –a global synergy can take MRM to next level


Anil @ ICMI, London, 2016

Partha – Hi Anil, Congratulations for representing India at International Men’s Conference (ICMI, 2016) for the second year in a row and thanks for agreeing to share your experience at International Men’s Conference (ICMI, 2016) with my readers.

Anil – Thanks Partha. Well, I have worked closely with American Men’s activists since 2009. It is logical that all Men’s Rights organizations and experts across world to join hands together in dealing with serious issues that impact ordinary men across the world.

ParthaHow do you think International Men’s Rights Movement has evolved over the last few years?

Anil – Significant changes occurred during 2006-2009 in International men’s movement. One of the major changes was that the men’s movement took a more centrist position rather than aligning itself with the conservatives, the right wing or the religious groups. This gave the activists to work on issues without any constraints.

In these years, a lot of changes happened due to increasing usage of social media and Youtube. This accelerated progress of the movement. In countries like US or UK, there are a number of men’s issues organizations, which are impacting Govt. policy and making a difference in ground level work. When the law “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) was supposed to be reauthorized in US congress couple of years ago, it led to a deadlock situation due to activism of men’s organizations, who demanded more accountability and checks and balances.

However, this is just the beginning and a lot of work needs to be done in next couple decades. The false rape allegations are a serious problems across the western world and also India.


Activists @ICMI, London 2016

ParthaHow do you think this year’s conference was different from last one?

Anil – This year’s Conference on Men’s Issues went to a new level compared to the conference at Detroit in 2014. Firstly, experts from more than 20 countries attended this conference and the age of speakers ranged from 20 years to 76 years. We learned from our experiences in last conference. There were certain advantages of it being held in Europe, which made it easier for many people from different European countries to attend.

Of course, I must appreciate Mike Buchanan and his team at Justice for Men and Boys, a political party of UK, for bringing in all their experience in organizing such a big event.

ParthaWhat were your key takeaways from this international conference?

Anil – Imagine, sitting with experts from Scandinavian countries in evening parties discussing about issues of mutual interest. Every year, our media talks about how these countries are ranked high in global gender parity index, without telling us if they are really creating equality between both genders or they are just competing to put men down.

British MP Philip Davies speech at ICMI, London 2016

The key takeaways are our future partnerships with various organizations and experts across the world.

ParthaWhat do you think International MRM needs to learn (if any) from Indian MRM?

Anil – Men’s activists in other countries can benefit from Indian men’s movement by learning about how we create men’s support groups and how we run our organizations and campaigns.

ParthaWhat do you think Indian MRM needs to learn from MRM in other countries?

Anil – Indian men’s activists are relatively younger in age compared to activists in other countries. So, there is a gap at an intellectual level. In West, large number of high quality books on men’s issues are getting published. In fact, there was a book signing session on 2nd day of the conference. The activists in west bring almost 2 generations of experience with them. So, the activists in India need to learn more about men’s issues across the world.

ParthaWhat are those areas where Indian MRAs need to be sensitized fast and how?

Anil – I think, Indian activists understand the core issues very well. It’s good that they are focusing on a few core areas. What they need is a collective vision of future, which can inspire them. There is a greater need of discussion and collaboration for long term strategic needs.

ParthaHow do you think Indian MRM can integrate with the global movements and how can we become a sizeable global force?

Anil – With social media, Indian activists are already integrated with the global movements. As we are an English speaking country with huge population in social media, we can easily become a global force and guys in India can make enormous difference to the movement across the world. It just needs a bit of patience and willingness to team up with activists in other countries.

ParthaWhat are the key areas for improvements for Indian MRM?

Anil – There is saying, – “if you are not growing, then you are shrinking.” The same applies to Men’s Rights activism in India. Guys in India must look into future and ask themselves – what do we want to see in next 5 years and 10 years in our organizations and in our activities. They have to realize that discrimination of men will not end and it may actually get worse in next decade or so. Wishing a couple of laws to become gender neutral is a very short sighted view of future.

Once teams and men’s organizations start focusing on long term organizational goals, they will automatically see the gaps that need to be bridged. There is a lot of expertise among Indian men’s activists and experts. If this knowledge is readily imparted to new activists, it will make a huge difference.

ParthaHow collaboration with men’s organizations in other countries can help the men’s movement in India?

Anil – We have to understand that India goes through a lot of international pressure about the way it handles women’s issues. As it’s a big country with a huge population, it tends to be more in bad news. Feminists and other vested interests have seized this opportunity to unleash war against men. This international negative propaganda can be effectively stopped when we work closely with men’s activists in other countries.

Most people in West do not know that it is legal in India for a woman to perpetrate family violence against her husband and her partner or it’s legal for a woman to sexually assault or stalk a man in India. We need to educate people in West and we need to influence the politicians and law makers in Western countries about the human rights violation of men in India due to draconian laws, without any checks and balances.

ParthaThanks Anil for your time. Last but not the least, is there any way, people can access the talks by the speakers at the conference.

Anil – All the talks will be uploaded to Youtube in a month’s time. I think, a couple of talks are already uploaded.



[Anil Kumar is a techie, life coach and an expert on men’s issues. He has testified several times in front of Indian parliamentary committees regarding laws related to marriage and domestic violence. He has also been invited by law commissions for his suggestions on some of these laws. Recently, he represented India in International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) and in this candid interview he discussed about the conference and spoke about future of global Men’s Rights Movement.]

“I was attending my mother in ICU, when police came to arrest us at midnight” – IITian narrates his story

Deeptanshu Shukla“My mother was in ICU and I was attending her at hospital when police came to arrest us at midnight for a crime that I did not commit.” Deeptanshu Shukla, an IITian who was a topper in his school had never imagined the hard realities of life until he got married.

On 17th November, 2012 police had arrived in his house and woken up his septuagenarian grandparents with questions like “where are the criminals? Where have you hidden them” etc.

In his TEDx talk Deeptanshu had discussed his situation when he had to face a false 498a case and undergo extreme misery. An IITian who would want to contribute more to Indian economy by his professional contributions was made to fight his false case for more than 2 years to disprove the same. With example from Russel’s teapot analogy he showed that how impossible it is to disprove something that didn’t happen.

India’s criminal justice system has shifted the burden of proving innocence to the accused in certain cases. That means when someone is innocent and had not committed any crime, he still needs to prove that he had not committed the crime. This had created a legal system which is pro litigation and not pro justice. So one can file any frivolous complaint on someone else when one wants to take revenge and then the falsely accused person needs to prove the negative which is almost impossible.

That transpires to is a stockpile of criminal cases in India. This was evident when Chief Justice of India had to cry in front of The Prime Minister Mr. Modi for more judges. But will more judges or more courts solve this problem?

Deeptanshu has also raised a point that without trying to stop the inflow of cases into the judiciary; we have tried to encourage inflow of cases. Instead, if false testimony and false cases are punished that would lead to reduction in cases and will uphold justice.

Let’s see his complete speech at TEDx JNTUK –

What inspires us is the commitment of his group Save Indian Family who have provided a support system for many men in Madhya Pradesh. The comment section of this Youtube video says it all –


We wish all the best to Superheroes like Deeptanshu who had been fighting tirelessly to uphold justice.


Trolling – FIR filed against abusive woman

Comments, criticism and protests are not new to us. We have always encouraged all kinds of criticism against my blog and articles and allowed all feminist comments. Because we knew when it comes to logic, feminists lack them so much that they wouldn’t win any argument. When it comes to trolling and online abuses no one other than MRAs know how Indian women can be extremely abusive.

Maneka Gandhi showed that men are responsible for all online abuses and wanted to pass a law against men. On this blog we have experienced many abusive women and still allowed their comments. In fact, we found that when it comes to online abuses, women are more violent compared to men.

The woman who comments on this blog using the user name Veedu started commenting on this blog from August 2015 on the following article –

Marriage Law Amendment – A death warrant for India

From the very beginning she was very aggressive but we have allowed her comments –


Her comments became extremely abusive on this article –

This is why dowry should be legal in Indian marriages

Her abuse grew so much that we had to warn her once –


In turn, she openly threatened to bring down this blog –


She did not stop there, she continued her abuses to several of The Male Factor readers and we had to delete many of her comments as we wanted her to voluntarily stop her abuses.

But recently she has crossed all her limits –


So, this time instead of deleting her comments and ignoring her threats we had to file criminal complaint against the person using the ID.

This is to remind all our feminist readers again that criticism is welcome on this blog and comments are not moderated. However, you need to be ready for all consequences of your comments as well.


One call to this number can change your life completely

Partha (36) [name changed] was contemplating committing suicide when he found out that the person who he loved more than his own life, his little kid was not his biological child. He was completely shattered when he came to know that his wife who otherwise seemed to be a normal housewife was indulged in prostitution and gave birth to the child outside the matrimonial bond.

Chandra (35) [named changed] was raped in his childhood by one of his female relatives and didn’t know what was to be done. He was again cheated in his adulthood when his wife filed false criminal cases against him to extort money.

A woman lawyer [name withdrawn] from Kolkata, WB was happily married until her only brother Dr. Subhodeep was forced to commit suicide by administering upon himself a lethal injection. Her parents were also threatened of false cases and the elderly couple was completely devastated after suicide of their son. There were chances of her father dying of heart attack due to the shock.

While they could have come from different regions of India and from different social background they were related in one way. All of them were either males or their family members. All of them were undergoing extreme forms of cruelty in their life when one call to a number had made all the difference.

Partha today no longer thinks of committing suicide, he is a happily single man. Chandra is known as a warrior. Even though Subhodeep’s sister remembers him at times in isolation but she had made her parents come out of the shock of her brother’s death. The family is more determined to fight back and live well now.

There is a national helpline to help such people in distress. Men and women who are suffering badly in legal matters or who are feeling like committing suicide. What is amazing is this helpline for men is not run by any government agencies or aided by Indian government in any manner. 80+ volunteers of Save Indian Family run this helpline for no monetary benefits to themselves and for purely social work purpose.

A sneak peek into the volunteer profiles tell us that these volunteers’ are engaged in different professions but their passion is social work and helping people in distress. And this helpline popularly known as SIF-One, is dedicated for Indian men and their family members.

Recently, India’s only national hotline for men had crossed 800+ days of its existence and a press release of Save Indian Family otherwise known as SIF shows that calls come from all parts of India –

Sif One Caller Distribution

SIF-One data shows that while Delhi and Rajasthan received maximum calls in these 800 days, MP and Chhattisgarh were a close second. It is interesting to note that while Bengal and Orissa gets maximum number of dowry cases every year calls received by SIF-One from these two states are at rock bottom.

Best awareness about this SIF-One helpline is seen from Karnataka where activists seemed to have created huge awareness about men’s helpline. It is seen that when Karnataka had only 3025 cases under dowry in 2014 and is much below in terms of number of cases filed in a year, the helpline had received 9750 number of calls from Karnataka. Karnataka is closely followed by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh where a total of 2006 cases were filed in 2014 but the SIF-One volunteers had received 4163 calls from those states.

Ritwik B Kumar who manages India’s only national helpline for men says, “The awareness of a state can’t be concluded like this. If there are TV debates that shows our helpline number our call volume increases.” He also explained that internet penetration and use may be another reason of low call volume in different states. He said – “we don’t have any awareness campaign for Indians living abroad but SIF-One still received about 5% calls from global Indians.”

Ritwik also explained that most of the volunteers for SIF-One are working full time in corporate houses with high responsibilities. This leads to dropped calls and missed calls many a times as unlike all women helplines this is not a call center where the call receivers are paid for their work.

The SIF press release says that the SIF-One helpline receives calls from male victims of rape, sexual violence, domestic violence and male victims of other forms of abuse in the hands of women. It is interesting to note that 54% calls received by this helpline is from unique callers. That means every day about 45 new callers call up this men’s helpline.

Also once a call is received the SIF volunteer gives his personal number for further assistance and work on a mentor-mentee relationship and keeps the overall call numbers lower.

This helpline while giving guidance in legal and psychological matters to men, do not recommend lawyers or legal professionals. This hotline does not promote any lawyer or law firms.

Surely SIF-One volunteers are doing an amazing work in giving support to men and their families at a time when in India men do not have any laws to safeguard their life and no welfare program is run for such male victims. The psychological help provided by SIF-One volunteers also help preventing suicide of male victims as was seen in 2014. The suicide of married Indian males has come down to 59000 from 64000 in 2013. However, it will be a matter of observation if the suicide numbers continue to decrease when 2015 NCRB data is released.

It is amazing to note that even though this helpline is managed by full time corporate professionals who are not paid for this social work and continue to do the work out of passion. Unlike the women’s helpline that works for money and where the employees are not even paid properly for their work in-spite of the fact that more than 90 thousand crore is allocated for women empowerment in our budget. This shows that women empowerment and various schemes towards the same are only shams to swindle tax payers’ money.

Helpline for men

“Minister: Play the victim card” – Indian man challenges women’s minister

After a man wrote an open letter (published by us earlier) to Maneka Gandhi, The Union Minister for Women and Child Development in India, she wanted to know his suggestions on Twitter.

Maneka Gandhi Open Letter

In his mail he challenged the constitutional validity of the existence of the ministry as he said that when the basic premise of Indian Constitution is about creating equality, there can’t exist a ministry specifically to create benefits for women depriving men and create inequality. The “Special Provisions” mentioned in Indian Constitution can’t be construed as “All Benefits given only to women” as he challenges the ministry’s concept of considering women as oppressed gender.

He said that the minister can also claim as a victim tomorrow with he being the oppressor. Here’s the mail –


The Minister
Ministry of Women and Child Development
Union of India,

It is unfortunate for me that I am writing this mail to a ministry on the request of the minister herself when the ministry has lost constitutional validity of its existence.

Indian Constitution that talks about giving the government right to create “special provisions” for women never gave the right to the government to give ALL benefits only to women. The very existence of this ministry today proves it is set up to deny all rights for men and should cease to exist any longer. This if because the basic tenets of constitution is about equality and NOT about creating bias. So existence of a ministry only for women while the same is non existent for men, shows the violation of our Constitution itself. This cannot be considered as a special provision for women in any manner.

You might have already read my articles on why The National Policy For Women is outrageous, shameful and should be withdrawn without a second thought, because the benefits you plan to give to women simply for their gender is not special provision but violating rights of men like me directly.

The policy clearly shows tyrannical nature of the ministry that promises to snatch all rights of men to live peacefully and with dignity. You have shown plans not only to take away reproductive rights of men by proposing focus on Male sterilisation but want to snatch right to have a dignified life from differently able men as well. You are openly talking about creating bias against boys so that they find it difficult to be competitive in education or in developing skills for getting jobs. If that was not all, you have plans to manipulate govt data and monitor media as well. I can say this, because I read the intentions behind the innocently worded policy.

I am sure you and people from your ministry have read all the articles I have written against this policy before asking me to send this mail with my concerns. Hence, I am not elaborating it in any further.

Do I expect anything from you? What can anyone expect from a ministry which doesn’t have any constitutional validity of existence? What can I expect from you when in-spite of being a minister you are oppressed and I am the oppressor only because of our genders? What can a normal male citizen with no political backing expect when he knows even a minister can play the victim card tomorrow because of her gender. Because if you didn’t consider any of the above as true then you wouldn’t have created outline for denying all rights for men like me and given all benefits to women like you.

So I will not be surprised if tomorrow this mail is projected by Indian media to show how oppressed women in India are that even a minister received this mail when she asked for a citizen’s concerns.

We surely do not want a ministry like yours that is set to take us backwards.This ministry has lost all its legitimate rights of existence as the open hatred created by your actions are clearly visible now.

Not sure how much you could understand. I don’t expect too much either. Had to write this mail only because you wanted me to. Now you can play the victim card. Since I am born as a male, I will always be the oppressor and women like Rohtak Sisters will get bravery award from women’s commission. After you fill media with feminists, and consider everything said against women as online violence, they may be considered as god as well… Because no one will dare to say criminals need punishment, not award.

No, we normal citizens have stopped expecting anything from this government and the politicians for ever oppressed women. You better know that not many people like it anyways and the ever growing victimhood of women is under question now. Even by monitoring media you can’t contain that.

The oppressor Indian male who does not have any rights…


Enough is enough, we want complete closure of Women’s ministry

WCD Ministry

A tsunami of comments from Indians disgusted by Women and Child Development Ministry’s male hating regressive policies showed that Maneka Gandhi’s ministry should cease to exist anymore.

Her recent interaction with FB users’ exposed most dangerous and regressive National Policy for Women drafted by her ministry. For the first time Indians have seen how a ministry funded the taxpayers of India can spread hatred based on gender.

In a reply to a question asked by Amit Deshpande on what her ministry was planning to do to arrest drop out rate of boys, she said – ‘Not Under Me’.

Amit Deshpande

Clearly a minister entrusted with the responsibility of boys’ welfare clearly showed how much hatred she had for boys. Even as a minister for boys she completely shunned her responsibility to look into their welfare, when for girls’ education her ministry is coming out with new policy measures almost every other day. Even in National Policy for Women she had made special provisions for girls but when reminded about boys she had shunned her responsibilities.

Her double standard came to light when in another reply she said that her ministry would work with the health ministry to prioritize critical care from certain diseases for women patients –

Akshay Banerji

This clearly showed the hateful attitude of the ministry to our boys and that her ministry was not interested to ensure welfare of boys even for education by collaborating with the education ministry when for matured women they are ready to collaborate with other ministry. To the concerned citizens this is nothing but criminal attitude to destroy our boys and future of our country. Clearly the conspiracy by the ministry is to make all boys unsuitable for education system by making girls more competent. Unfortunately even little kids are not spared by this hatred by her and this is a reason good enough to shut down the ministry that creates such policy.

FB users were shocked when she stated “All the violence is male generated”

All violence male generated

This distasteful attitude from a minister came out when she was asked about ‘Gender Sensitization’ in schools. Her answer clearly showed that her ministry’s attitude to consider all young boys as perpetrators of crimes and thus raises serious questions about the need of such a ministry that hates country’s children. This also raised serious questions about much believed theory of mothers being kind to the children when as a minister she had shown destructive attitude towards our boys.

To another question on ever increasing male suicide by a concerned citizen Deeptangshu Shukla –

Deeptangshu Shukla

She had not only ignored ever increasing male suicide in India but also told lies in open forum that the number of suicides in females will be double or triple the number of male suicides.

NCRB Suicide Stat

Clearly she had completely trashed NCRB suicide data that shows for all age groups male suicide in India had always been more. When marital status is taken into consideration then it is seen more than double married men commit suicide in India–

Suicide by Marital Status

As a minister, she is not worthy of anybody’s trust for falsifying data and claiming others as liars.

In this reply, she had also told another lie in this context that “Marital Rape” law has already been there in India and has never been used, whereas we know how she had been changing her version on marital rape in recent past.

When she tried to trash NCRB data, concerns were high as the new National Policy for Women drafted by her also talks about streamlining data received through various sources like NCRB, NFHS etc. Tensions were high as many feared that in future this ministry will try to manipulate all data in such a way that all data is fudged so that catching ministry lies become impossible.

If the above misinformation about men by her was not enough, she continued to show her hatred towards women as well. While she was advising women to write to her for specific cases of abuse by their daughters-in-law, she had termed a mother as ‘liar’ while the minister was the one telling lies as exposed by FB users –

Neelam Nath1

Clearly Maneka Gandhi had been a disgrace to the nation. She had not only showed extreme male hating attitude but also demeaned a mother who wanted justice. Neelam Nath on many occasions complained that her educated daughters had shown extreme cruelty to her and sought justice and the ministry had always given false promises to her. When the ministry double standard was exposed by Neelam she was branded a liar.

This clearly exposed that the ministry’s intention is not to see women empowerment but to empower only criminals and create false hopes.

To a proposal of Men’s Ministry she commented that what would that ministry do, that men don’t have today –

Dev Sonar

This clearly showed her autocratic nature and her hidden hatred against men to subjugate all their rights. If National Policy for Women or benefits announced therein for women are closely studied it can be understood what kind of bias she is trying to create. The comment from Dev Sonar clearly highlighted how laws drafted by her ministry was biased and how judiciary under the guidance of her ministry is creating male hatred and punishing Indian males. Her comment came as a cruel anecdote for all who had slight faith in her ministry.

This becomes more concerning for India as the ministry also have plans to sensitize police, judiciary, lawyers and law schools that only gives us idea about how the ministry is trying to deny justice for men and boys. If false cases by women is any indicator of our broken judicial system we still remember how the Chief Justice of India had to cry in public for more judges. The heavy burden on judiciary is mostly attributed to this ministry that created so many gender biased provisions that the judicial system is collapsed today. Maneka Gandhi and her ministry is solely responsible for this.

When Hardik Mehta spoke about privileges Indian women get she told a bunch of lies and sketchy stories of how women are violated. All her lies were busted by FB users with relevant news and media Stories. Even though she said “there is enough cake for all, but women are seated at the table

Hardik Mehta

Clearly this reply came from a disgraceful mind that not only hated men to the core but also had several negative male stereotypes in mind. It is indeed shameful that India has her as a minister that creates lies based on fictitious stories. Even if her story of millions (no time frame given) was being killed in the women’s womb she had considered only men (not mothers) as the culprits, She said many girls are not sent to school when Gender Parity Index (an index to show gross enrollment in primary education) is 1 (meaning complete gender parity at primary level) as per census 2011 and so on. Question is how a ministry that create only male hatred still exist in India?

On one hand the ministry creates single women by giving them more benefits on divorce and then talks about giving them further benefits for being single women. All these at the expense of taxpayers’ money.-

Hussein Ali

Clearly this ministry is the sole reason why number of single women is on the rise. In one hand this ministry is creating more biased legislation to snatch away property from husbands, she is also talking about giving more benefits to single women thus creating a ground to destabilize our economy. While men being forced to pay more taxes, women are given tax benefits or property rights in whatever men owns.  Thus her ministry is creating an opportunist economy where only criminals are won.

Added to this, in her recently drafted national policy she plans to give more land to women and giving them discounts in registration tax. Clearly, all this effort is to suppress men’s rights and their needs. So, when another user asked her opinion about men’s ministry, she said “Another Joke”.

Maninder singh Rupiyal

Clearly men and their welfare is considered as joke by her. This is the true face of a minister who was also voted to power by men. Surely men in her constituency and their welfare is joke for her. She does not consider men as humans.

When asked about prevention of male suicide in another interaction she said there are many laws to protect any human from any abuse –

Prabha Naveen

However, this ministry did not keep this in mind while bringing a new law to curb Domestic Violence (only) against Women.  Those laws were not found enough by her ministry clearly shows the innate intention of the ministry to continue violation of basic human rights in India.

The double standard of the minister is exposed again when she contradicted her own previous comment and said Indian marriage system is not breaking down

Sandeep Chowdhury

Whereas in a reply to Hussein Ali (shown earlier) she herself told number of single women is increasing. This kind of double standard by a minister is dangerous because it clearly shows how the ministry is trying to eye wash Indians to get support for their tyrannical policies.

Clearly men could see the bias nature and hatred of the ministry.

Wasif Ali

Her reply that one does not have to take anything from men to give it to women and “there is enough to go around” sounded so frivolous that when in National Policy for Women deprives men to give all benefits to women.

Clearly this ministry’s only agenda is to create extreme hatred against Indian men and women both. The ministry is only full of hypocrites who give false hopes to women whereas in reality this ministry is trying to destroy every common Indian citizen by its lies and false information. No amount of this hypocrisy can actually create a welfare state.

Having such ministry that works against the welfare of the nation is a great danger lying ahead of us. A ministry that create hatred against little boys and differently able males in India; a ministry that talks about selective male sterilization to ensure women’s reproductive rights; a ministry that wants to take away access to nutritious food from men; a ministry that talks about monitoring media and males while implementing its biased policies and laws; a ministry that openly advocates brain washing little kids and injecting male hatred in the name of gender-sensitization in schools is a ministry that clearly exists to curb our human rights and is no more needed. Such tyrannical ministry is a danger to the nation and it must cease to exist any longer.



An open letter to Maneka Gandhi from a disgusted Indian man on National Policy for Women, 2016


Maneka GandhiIt is not very happy moment for me as a man in India and I don’t feel like adding ‘Respected’, ‘Hon’ble’ before your name. But as a union minister probably I needed to add that. But after reading the latest draft National Policy for Women I am not able to add any of these as I clearly see your and your ministry’s hatred towards Indian males well reflected in the above policy. And yes I do not find anything to empower women rather than it being a comprehensive policy to destroy men as I shall explain in this letter.

The draft policy says it is your ministry’s vision to empowerment of women and I only wish the ministry knew what empowerment really meant. I shall try to capture my thoughts pointwise here –

  1. The policy mentions that ‘Women Empowerment’ “is a process that will make women realize their full potential in terms of access to opportunities, resources and freedom of choices both at home and outside. “ – So this could have been restricted to inform women about the existing opportunities available to them rather than using the government created opportunities only for women and depriving men of the same. Remember, Indian males had voted you to power as well and they wanted equal access to such opportunities rather than being deprived of such opportunities and making them available only to women. In this process of giving women the resources and freedom of choices all this policy does is to take away these rights from men as shall be elaborated later.
  2. In the context of women advancement the policy states that “advancement is accompanied by women’s ability to influence the direction of social change”. You have also mentioned about Indian constitution and other global treaties. But remember our constitution only talks about equality to genders and not giving all benefits only to women and depriving men of the same. If women were restricted to some public places before independence was a bias against them this government is creating more bias against men and boys by restricting their access to opportunities, resources and by not giving them choices. All because they don’t have any ministry to talk about their issues. It is also a shame that your ministry is handling welfare for Indian boys and you are very well showing step mother like attitude to them.
  3. In clause 1.4 of the policy mentions that this policy was needed because after implementation NEPW, 2001 there are technological advancements in the world that had impacted women more than men. What made the ministry think so? When your ministry on several occasions created several kinds of reservations for women in different educations institutes of excellence including IITs and IIMs or given them grace marks to enter those institutes you have created bias against men. Today most of the social media users are women and in no way they are deprived of. Rather by denying legitimate entry to educational centers of excellence to many deserving boys, your ministry has shown hatred towards them.
  4. The 12 points stated in the introduction of the policy to clarify the need of this new policy seems not only vague but intended towards complete destruction of the society and telling pure lies about women empowerment and gender equality and gender equity. The twelve point objectives (Clause 4 of the policy) stated the holistic view of how a govt. can create deep rooted bias in all spheres of life of a gender. You felt the need of affordable and quality healthcare only for women, you felt the need to incentivize affordable and quality education only for girls when our census report shows that all India Female to Male Graduate ratio is 955 when the gender ratio shown in the same 2011 Census is 943. The policy also talks about transforming discriminatory social attitude towards women by involving men, while in reality we have criminals Rohtak Sisters getting bravery award from state women’s commission. So is your ministry trying to portray such women as bravehearts, goddesses by using men? Is your ministry trying to prove that women are saints and they need to be always projected like one no matter what happens?
  5. The objectives stated in the beginning also talks about developing gender sensitive legal – judicial system. When in India we see false cases in all sections pertaining to crimes against women is heaping in our courts, when we see women are misusing every law so much and no courts  can even punish them, when we see our chief justice crying in public to get more judges to clear off pending cases (which is because of unprecedented rise in false complaints in women related crimes), when your policies have crippled the judiciary and denied justice to everyone how as a minister of the union government you can justify this complete destruction of our society?
  6. I understand your focus in women’s healthcare giving preference to pregnant and lactating mothers. They probably needed to be treated with care as our future generation is with them but how will you describe shifting family planning focus to male sterilization from female sterilization other than making men losing their reproductive rights. What authority does the constitution of India give you to do so? If our constitution has given the government any right create “special provisions” for women that can never mean that it has given right to “take away” same rights from men. Ministry complete hatred against Indian men are clear in this policy. Similarly the policy talks about giving priority attention to women suffering from Cancer, Cardio-Vascular Diseases and HIV/AIDs with suitable policies shows that this govt. does not care about same issues in men. Even if this mention is only about prioritizing these ailments over other ailments women suffer from, but with intervention of govt. policies in these areas will only make sure differential treatments against men.
  7. The policy’s agenda to create special geriatric care for women aged 60 or above because they constitute 8.4% of population. What a shrewd way to avoid the fact that women in India are actually not endangered as the ministry and the government is otherwise promoting in all platforms but they are living longer. So when women in India are living longer this government is again creating more bias among senior citizens by giving women special medical care. When the government knows that men are being killed systematically until 60 years of age, no matter how many of them are left post 60 years the govt. does not bother about them. This shows the hatred this government has towards 51% of population in the country. Eventually all of them will have to face this discrimination.
  8. If the above discriminatory policies were not enough, you have made even right to live difficult for men in unreached areas. The policy in clause 5.1.XVIII states that uninterrupted supply of food grains will be made available to women and children in unreached areas during national emergencies under National Food Security Act, 2013. Problem is the government still do not recognize the fact that poor families in unreached areas are anyways deprived of quality/nutrient food. If men cannot survive the disaster, how will they help women and children to survive, or your govt. is saying men living alone and those who are unmarried do not have any right to get quality food grains. By giving control to such food grain banks to women SHGs you are also opening us these banks to be exploited by private groups that will deny access to men completely. Is it why men in India had voted for you to deprive them of their basic right to live?
  9. If the above areas to deny men their right to live was not enough then your ministry had also drafted a policy to rob our little boys of their right to have quality education, skills and jobs. Whatever the section 5.II of the policy states is full of how our boys will be deprived of their Right to Education and how they will be made incapable by creating a deep rooted institutional injustice in India. When you talk about giving special pre-primary training only to girls so that they become more competitive in primary schools thus creating unfair competition for boys. This is done at a time when our Census data shows that the Gender Parity Index (GPI) which is the ratio between Gender Enrolment Ratio (Female:Male) in class I – V is actually 1.00. This indicates that today we have equal participation of female students in primary education but your ministry is creating unnecessary bias against male students who are supposed to be taken care of by your ministry. When you make our girls more competitive at primary schools level our boys will find it more difficult to sustain that competition and unnecessary bias created in the system and will eventually drop out. The same is true when you talk about skill development or sexual harassment complaints in schools. When such harassment can happen to both genders and culprits may be both the genders you are completely ignoring the rights of boys thus proving your ministry’s incapability to handle such issues.
  10. Your policies mentioned in 5.II.V and 5.II.VII and 5.II.IX are also significantly biased against our boys. Mention of recruitment of more female teachers and then talking about teaching gender roles to our little kids is outrageous. Because that will create a feministic role models and a skewed idea about gender roles. The provision of encouraging females to join technical/scientific courses through financial assistance, coaching and quota system only tells me that govt. is again trying to destroy our educational excellence in these areas. Quota in centers of excellence like IITs and IITMs will only create unnecessary debate of incompetent women getting the opportunities depriving deserving male candidates. This is nothing but showing your hatred to the boys unfortunately who are supposed to be taken care of by your ministry. Same goes for other benefits created for girl students including govt. collaboration with international universities. So this policy of yours clearly and openly states that this government is bent on taking away all educational rights from Indian males and unless they are super intelligent they can’t sustain in the race of life. This is NOT creating women empowerment but unfortunately this is wasting govt. resources in wrong areas and looting Indians of everything. I am ashamed to see you as a minister now.
  11. The policy’s finding that because women do not engage in economy and they are mostly employed in unorganized sector with less paid jobs and thus a comprehensive plan to engage them in mainstream economy is not well thought out. Giving them priority in all govt. land redistribution, purchase and lease schemes and giving them tax benefits for any such acquisition is not women empowerment but women appeasement. While this takes into account the land and real estates owned by women this does not take into account the gold and jewelry they own. They also own house and real estate property. As this analysis from different reports show that Indian women own more property than men. Indian women own USD 58.5 BN worth of property whereas Indian men own only USD 40.8 BN worth of property. This clearly shows that your ministry’s objective in this national policy is solely to deprive men in all possible ways which is nothing but shows profound male hatred. Giving tax rebates, excise duty exemptions to women will only increase the tax burden on men. So while men pay taxes to your government they will be deprived of all their rights by such institutional measures. Also while your ministry is increasing factors to increase women acquired properties you have not yet made it illegal for women to demand rights in their husband’s property where they don’t have any contribution. This is a double jeopardy created by you that only shows how much hatred you have for men and how this govt. is creating injustice for our future generation.
  12. In this policy when you spoke about creation of equal pay environment for women you have also spoken about giving them financial benefits and quota to increase their numbers in positions of CXOs, Civil services or as judges and also creating part time work, flexi working and other benefits. This will not only create bias against deserving male candidates but also ensure that men get paid less for doing more hard work. The unemployment and under employment of Indian males will increase and only incompetent govt. sponsored and funded women will acquire positions leading to disaster in every possible areas. While the intelligent men will be shunned by the system, the incompetent women will run the govt. and judiciary. This is clear signal of demise of Indian society in the long run.
  13. If the above cruelty against Indian men was not enough, this policy also talks about creating discrimination against differently able males by ensuring that all provision of The Persons with Disabilities ACT, 1995 will be pro women. This is not very difficult for men like me to understand what your plan is to create some biased benefits for women in future citing Article 15(3) of constitution. So in future your hateful policies may be as cruel as giving less disabled women more benefits, financial help or reservation than more disabled males. We have understood your hypocrisy by now and can understand how much hatred you are trying to generate through this policy. Even differently able men are not spared from your cruel intentions. Really, what else we men can expect from such an incompetent administrator who is ready to create more such incompetence in different fields.
  14. What the policy states under enabling environment Clause 5.VI is pure tyranny and not anything else. Employing/encouraging more women in media and ensuring ‘gender – sensitive’ language in media is the biggest dictatorship I have ever seen. Even though you have used it in polished language let me tell you that we understand that this policy basically wants to feminize the media and create more heroes like Rohtak Sister, Jasleen Kaur or Nisha Sharma. We have seen enough of women group’s hypocrisy of making women criminals as gods and such attempts of feminizing media is only aimed at that.
  15. If crippling media was not enough and if the CJI crying openly for more judges didn’t send enough panic alarms to the government, let me tell you that your plan to cripple judiciary more in the name of “Gender Sensitivity” training to police, judges, lawyers and law schools only gives a signal to a man like me that now justice to men will be completely denied and government is openly forcing men to commit more crimes. And yes even though many women may not like this way to empowerment by giving them all benefits depriving men and boys they will not speak up against these creation of social parasites. What your policies are aimed at creating is making the line between capable women and incapable women very thin. So even really capable women will lose value because of these policies and no one will know who was really pampered by the government and who is not. Result will be a disaster as all women will be seen as parasites and there will be no credit given to women who will sweat it out without any reservation. Because the social bias thus created for them will always eliminate some more deserving boys to create the rosy future for less deserving women.

Hope the above details was enough for you to understand (if you can without any assistance) why Indian men like me do not endorse such tyrannical policy. Empowerment and equal rights do not mean you will deprive other sections of the population. We are really ashamed to have a dictatorship and open abuse of constitution under your ministry. If this stunt was to show importance of your ministry in India, let me tell you that it will create anarchy in India in future and history will never forgive you for that.


Lessons learnt from Delhi cop’s “drunk” video ordeal

The viral video of a Delhi cop (Mr. Salim) in Delhi metro “allegedly” in a drunken condition is proved to be otherwise now. He suffered a stroke on that day and was having a blackout. So he was having trouble locating the gate and keeping his balance in the train and he fell down (details here).

This case did not have the police officer arrested but suspended. Social media users have shared it too and slammed drunk cop causing irreparable damage for Mr. Salim’s family. Even Delhi Police have suspended him without proper investigation. Would that have happened to drunk women officers as well?

In this case we see that a man crying from within for help received flak instead. Delhi police suspending him was another unfortunate incident as police department should have carried proper investigation on the drunken cop matter, rather than acting on emotions. It is also not surprising why the news of his reinstatement in the police force was not even published in mainstream media, that is normal in India nowadays. We don’t see our media to be sensitive enough for cries of men.

I can see a small yet significant male characteristics of trying to be strong and not seeking help from others making the situation worse for Mr. Salim.

I shall explain this with an incident that happened in a BMTC Volvo bus in Bangalore on 28th March. On that day I was traveling from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore to my home by the bus KIA6. This bus started from airport at 9:30 AM and due to heavy traffic it was moving slowly. Only at times it picked up speed. This bus was reasonably crowded and there were some passengers standing as well.

At one point in time when it just picked up some speed the driver had to apply brakes all of a sudden leading to us falling to the front. A woman who was in the middle seat of the last row (nothing to hold) fell down from her seat and immediately started shouting for help and crying. So within seconds all our attention was towards her.

There was a guy standing beside me (where the lady fell down) in the rare portion of the bus and due to this sudden brakes he flung to the front and fell on heaped luggage in the middle of the bus. But even then all attention was on the lady passenger who no doubt was badly hurt. Within seconds, the guy stood up and came back to the woman to help her while no one asked him if he was hurt. So when the whole attention was on the lady I asked the man if he needed any help or was hurt. I was sure he might be hurt too as he flung to a farther distance. He shyly and hesitantly replied that he didn’t need any help.

This male behavior of being a protector and not seeking help even when required is leading to many issues men face today. A 2011 survey on Indian masculinity (called IMAGES) reveals that only 11% men would seek help in distress (when sad, disappointed and frustrated) compared to 93% women.

In the Delhi ‘drunk’ cop’s case too he needed help. Instead he tried to overcome his pain (that everyone else around him was unaware of) all by himself without seeking help even when under a serious medical condition. The internal misandry in us almost always prohibits us from seeing a man crying from within. Coupled with this we almost take our men and women in uniform as granted to save our lives without us civilians being responsible for them at all. In Mr. Salim’s case the civilians on board the train thought a policeman wouldn’t need any help.

It is said, that even a child knows how to attract attention towards him when needed (and sometimes even when not needed, too). The protector role of men prohibits them from crying when needed. Any drunk woman would have got more sympathy before being criticized. They feel seeking help is a sign of weakness but unless men seek help in time how can anyone help them?

Delhi police has surely made a blunder by suspending Mr. Salim without doing any investigation in this alleged ‘drunk’ cop case. If Mr. Salim had a medical condition but was a dedicated police officer, how could Delhi police ever suspend him -even for one day?

Our politicians and AAPtards have shown their standard in this ‘drunk’ cop case. Our media too has shown their standard by declaring him a drunk police officer without asking his side once. All of these point to only thing – huge misandry in our society. The non recognition of men’s cries. There is another lesson that Indian men need to learn from this, is they need to seek help when needed. Otherwise, we as a society will never be open to the pain and suffering of men easily.


MRAs celebrate as Times Now punished for misandric reporting in Jasleen Kaur case


MRAs celebrate as Indian media house Times Now is punished by News Broadcasting Standard Authority with a fine of INR 50,000 and an apology for broadcasting a highly misandric news on Jasleen Kaur incident in New Delhi last year.

It is pertinent to mention here that last year on 23rd August, Jasleen Kaur claimed on her FB wall that she was harassed by Sarabjeet Singh in a busy Delhi crossing and no one came to help her in distress. This was followed by some of her friends taking the matter on Twitter and shaming the man for alleged harassment. This post went viral in no time and next day all Indian media was discussing about the incident and shaming Sarabjeet Singh for his alleged misbahaviour that media houses has confirmed by their own justice system and pronounced him guilty.


We were happy to expose Jasleen Kaur lies before anyone else –

Jasleen Kaur was not harassed, she is telling lies


The Male Factor was first website to take a note of this biased media reporting and exposed the Jasleen Kaur lies following the sequence of events and her comments on social media. Mainstream Indian media was still busy shaming Sarabjeet Singh for a crime that he had not committed. Times Now and NDTV was at the forefront with them running debates on the incident and calling him “Lout”, “Pervert” etc.

The sequence of events as exposed by The Male Factor was completely in contradiction to what Indian media claimed. Mainstream media continued bashing Sarabjeet without noticing the suspicious behavior of Jasleen and her friends and a possible clout of AAP activists trying to gain political mileage out of ‘supposed’ broken law and order situation in Delhi.


Are you a male victim of false complaint?

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Eventually her lies were completely exposed to the world when eyewitnesses came forward in support of Sarabjeet and the media persons questioning Sarabjeet and forcing him to confess the crime became viral too. Many demanded that the channels like Times Now be shut down.

MRAs were always at the forefront in this battle with Sarabajeet and supported him vehemently as the lies were exposed by The Male Factor. Many leading Indian MRAs participated in various national and regional debates and clarified that giving too much of importance to someone’s update on social media was dangerous to country’s justice system.

Thankfully after almost seven months (quick enough compared to slow judicial process in India) Times Now is punished for their extremely biased and highly misandric reporting.


In its order News Broadcasting Standard Authority (NBSA) not only fined Times Now of Rs. 50,000 but also ordered them to broadcast a clear apology on their channel in a prime time slot as given below –

“We regret that while reporting the incident of Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, who is accused of eve teasing by Ms. Jasleen Kaur, on 24.08.2015, we had failed to comply with the Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standardsof NBA requiring broadcasters to maintain neutrality, impartiality, accuracy and fairness and also failed to follow the specific guidelines of NBSA relating to reportage of matters under investigation”.

We from The Male Factor congratulate everyone who were party to expose this biased media report and spoke in favour of the innocent man. Even though we regret that a lot of other media houses including NDTV is not yet punished in similar way for broadcasting same biased news on this matter or for broadcasting India’s Daughter. We hope that this is only beginning of a great success story for Indian Men’s Rights and hope we will continue to be a part of their success.