“Expert Fallacy” – How Feminists fool you

Expert Fallacy is a human psychological phenomenon that is described as believing people only based on what they are wearing or posing as.

To understand Expert Fallacy better please check out this National Geographic video on the same –

Expert Fallacy, Nat Geo experiment on Expert Fallacy

Expert Fallacy – An experiment by National Geographic (click to open)

In the online world Expert Fallacy come to the point on how one person projects oneself or how one is projected by others.

Feminists very often use this psychological characteristics of human brain to fool us.

A recent example is from an AIIMS study of feticide where it was found that more female human fetus under 20 weeks of gestation period were killed (abortion – which is legal) in South Delhi area between 1996-2012. But when the fetus age was more than 20 weeks, it was found that more male fetus were killed.

Based on this, Dr. Chittaranjan Behera who published this study on behalf of AIIMS, raised false alarm in this Times of India report that gender selective abortion (gender of a fetus can be determined after 12 weeks) was one of the reasons for killing female fetus.

Dr. Tulsi Patel who was mentioned in the article as “Expert” also reiterated this point and blamed patriarchal Indian mindset behind this.

A point to be noted here is that abortion before 20 weeks of gestation period is legal in India and can’t be considered as a crime under feticide at all. If AIIMS report did point to any crime that was killing of male children above 20 weeks. Surprisingly, all experts and media was silent about that and completely suppressed the fact that the real danger was “feminism” that demand abortion to be a right to the mothers under feminist propaganda of “My Body, My Choice”.

Hence we see how Indian media create complete biased and one sided public opinion about crime against women using “Expert Fallacy”.

The general people also fall for this trap easily. They tend to believe what experts say without applying their own brain. This conversation will make that clear –

Expert Fallacy Effect

To my comment above Sagina Pradhan replied –

Expert Fallsy effect, sex determination, Feticide

So, the crime of “female feticide” which means murder (as projected by the article and as she believed initially) became the crime of “gender determination” which is more innocent in nature.

So this clearly shows that how our so called experts are “used” to create a false perception in the society. Sometimes these experts are “created” by paid media to promote certain thoughts they want to promote, as shown in the Nat Geo video. Clearly, many times we see these self-styled experts creating false public opinion in debates and other bigger national forums and promoting biased thoughts. Since, common people do not question experts easily, any self-proclaimed or media created expert can change/form public opinion to a great extent.

So we understand how “expert fallacy” is used to suppress real facts and promote some media intended popular thoughts.


‘No’ means ‘No’

No responsibilityHi, call me Roy. That’s not my real name though. But the story I am going to tell you is real. I am a middle aged man divorce a few years ago and never wanted to get married ever. The reason was simple. I found women had become very different. With feminism and more equality they had become like men and lost their charm to me.

Even though I hated feminism, I believed in both ‘No means No and ‘Yes means Yes theories. First one is feminist promoted reason of rape sensitizing men that when a woman says no to a man’s advancement in an intimate physical relation, the man should stop there. I know and understand the difficulty of men to follow this. So I am sensitized to the ‘Yes means Yes’ definition of anti-feminists that says once consent is given in any manner a woman can not withhold the consent. Feminists play around with men in this area where they want to term any physical relation as rape based on their convenience.

However, I do believe men can play around with this and play with female minds being completely within the perspective of feminists’ own ‘No means No’ theory.

In my college days I was in love with a muslim girl who was very intelligent and smart. Being a Hindu boy myself I could never directly tell her my emotions but we were getting closer and I was trying to figure out how to pour my heart out to her. That was the time when she got into one of the most prestigious institution where I could not. As it always happen, she started ignoring my advances and a heartbroken me decided to move on and get married to an ordinary girl.

Ever since my divorce, I had decided to live alone forever when after almost 12 years my old flame found me out in social media and after repeated attempts to contact me, finally succeeded in getting in touch. I was elated to see her back in my lonely life and felt god had that alternative plan for me. She was not married until then and I felt she loved me too. In no time, we came very close and regained confidence in each other. I expressed my feelings for her after 12 years we met last.

She was a different person by then. A degree from one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, a high ranking global career and huge bank balance made her a top notch successful professional in life. But I did not care about her new identity. To me, she was still the same old Muslim girl who I loved.

We decided to go on a vacation together to celebrate our being together again after 12 years of life. Naturally, the two lonely hearts didn’t take much time to come very close.

We had boarded a bus from our city to go to a nearby hill station. Our romance started in the bus. I was not able to control my emotions. I felt after years of loneliness I have got the love of my life. None of us bothered about our social status. We were only lovebirds.

We booked one room in a hotel and stayed together. When she agreed to that proposal of mine I was sure she wanted to unleash herself too. But when in the hotel room after showing compassion for a sufficiently long time when I wanted to have sex, she refused. She still had the inhibition in her and even though she loved me she didn’t want to have sex. I was a fish out of water then. Not able to control myself and she was refusing to let herself loose.

I knew you MRAs would have termed it as my sexual harassment but I decided to stick to feminist definition of ‘No means No’ and wanted to play on.

Through my researches about women psychology and sexual desires, I knew very well that way to unlock their desires was through their mind and not through the organ between the legs. I knew that if my woman didn’t agree fully and came forward to unleash her wildest desires, I had no business forcing me onto her. That would have deprived both of a heavenly ecstasy that we were looking for. I was not sure why she retracted at the last moment and made me feel terrible. But I decided to respect her feelings and stop right there. Now guys will understand how difficult it was for me but I consoled myself that it was the way to experience the heaven.

I told her with full compassion and without complaining that I was ready to wait for her to become easy with me and to come forward on her own to take our relation to the next level. I also clarified to her that it was her wish to experience a heavenly orgasm that only two passionate lovers could gift each other. I explained that unless both our body and mind were in complete sync we wouldn’t have experienced the uncompromising thrill in our heavenly relation.

It was a mind game for her, I took that on. I knew women play these games with us a lot of time. We guys find them fickle minded because they change their behavior so much to become unsolved puzzles to us. So in that intimate moment I played a game with her mind too. Showed her something great that she was missing out by denying my advances. I was feeling like crying as I loved her so much yet she was still having unnecessary inhibitions.

Very soon she came very close to me, started kissing me all over. I knew the mind game was over. Rest of game would depend on my performance in the time to come. We had an amazing sex that night. Literally we found our lost love in each other and then caressed each other for a long time unless our body and mind became completely calm and were in a heightened state of unforeseen ecstasy filled with pleasure. She went into an untimely slumber in my arms and even though I was almost dead with hunger I fondled her and went into slumber as well.

Today, when I see feminists debating over ‘No means No trying to teach how guys should behave in marital relations, I wonder if our youth could be sensitized with partner behavior and gender specific characteristics in sexual matters. Without such in depth sensitization to our youth their marital life can’t experience the heavenly bliss and they will always end up blaming each other for everything.

Now feminists want to bring marital rape out of this concept. Even though you guys have a lot of valid points to counter feminist arguments of marital rape, I feel that if our youth could be sensitized little more about the sexual behavior and differences between two genders, they could actually experience the bliss rather than making sex a routine and mundane activity in couples that ultimately does not make anyone happy.

[As shared by an anonymous reader


This study confirms that glorification of same sex relations will turn your child into one

I have always been doubtful about two things –

  1. Why gay and lesbian relations are promoted so widely by the state? And
  2. Why it is always that feminists promote these relations?

After US supreme court upheld gay marriage, I was surprised by the social frenzy created. Especially people changing their Facebook profile image to transparent rainbow colors showing their support for gays. However, for a person like me who supported the decision but didn’t felt like changing my profile pic would represent myself as a gay, rather than showing my support.

My thought that this over glorification of gay and lesbian relations will turn us into a society of the same was vehemently opposed by everyone. So I started doing a research on “whether it is possible to change someone’s sexual orientation from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’ by manipulating social and environmental factors”.

Before we delve into this topic we need to understand the following concepts as used in this article –

State – A state is the global entity of a group of powerful people who want to capture the entire wealth of the world. (Understand the concepts of New World Order to understand this). It is not the nations bound by international borders.

Sexual orientation identity – Sexual orientation of a person is one’s physical attraction towards genders. e.g. Straight, gay, bisexual etc.

Gender orientation identity – How one identifies oneself in terms of gender. I.e. male, female, trans etc.

Researchers have found that sexual orientation and gender identity are not rigid and constant throughout one’s lifetime but these are rather fluid. This video clarifies the point –

So we understand that we are “mostly male” or “mostly female” rather than living in a binary gender system of “male”, “female” etc.

But still the main question remains unanswered – “whether we can change one’s sexual orientation from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’ by manipulating his social and environmental factors? The answer is shockingly ‘YES’.

A quick read of this article will tell you that our sexual orientation identity depends on psychological factors, our thoughts etc. There may be cases that we get physical attraction towards persons rather than a gender. When we understand that this concept is rather fluid than rigid we understand this better.

A quick study of wikipedia article on our sexual orientation also reveals that our sexual orientation can be changed by –

cognitive behavioral techniques

“reparative therapy”
psychoanalytic techniques
medical approaches etc.

Even though all leading professional psychological associations discourage anyone from trying to do the same. The article concludes that conversion of gays into straight people is highly unlikely and should not be tried. But it never says that converting straight guys into gays is not possible. This website on human sexual orientation shows that the ‘straight’ people can in fact be converted into ‘gays’ (point #6) as it depends on their psychological factors or thought process. This article also shows that the reverse is not possible (point #7) as also said by leading psychological associations.

This study by The American Psychological Association confirms that one’s sexual orientation identity can change throughout one’s life.

Social psychologist Darryl Bem of Cornell University showed that our gender identity needs confirmation in our childhood by existing social norms of acceptable gender behaviour. However, when the existing social gender norms create a sense of mismatch in a child’s mind one will become sexually non-conforming child and will feel ‘different’ from his own gender. This will eventually lead to him getting sexually attracted to the people of same gender.

In short, a straight boy can be converted into a gay by confusing him of his gender identity through state sponsored education system and by implying new social and behavioural norms.

In this research paper American sociologist Peter Bearman of Colombia University has shown that same sex attraction can be created by presenting enough socially structured opportunities. These opportunities are nothing but over glorifying same sex relationships as is happening today.

This study shows that boys are more likely to be ‘gays if they do not get proper paternal care or raised by single / divorced mothers.

A 2006 Danish study, that we get reference in wikipedia shows –

“Heterosexual marriage was significantly linked to having young parents, small age differences between parents, stable parental relationships, large numbers of siblings, and late birth order. Children who experience parental divorce are less likely to marry heterosexually than those growing up in intact families.

For men, same-sex marriage was associated with having older mothers, divorced parents, absent fathers, and being the youngest child.

For women, maternal death during adolescence and being the only or youngest child or the only girl in the family increased the likelihood of same-sex marriage”

A study by Cameron Paul published by The Journal of Biosocial sciences in 2006 shows that children raised by same sex parents are more likely to be homosexuals rather than being heterosexual.

So by creating a social norm for homosexuality (or by glorifying the same) and promoting homosexual relations, it is possible to create a society of homosexuals that will continue to have only homosexuals. We were just a part of this social experiment recently when we supported and promoted gay marriages overwhelmingly.

Anthropologists have also shown that the primitive cultures that do not reward or distinguish any behavior have NO homosexuality; however the culture that are more tolerant to such behavior have more homosexuals.

In US the number of homosexuals is increasing. Binnie Klein in this article has stated that “It’s clear that a change in sexual orientation is imaginable to more people than ever before, and there’s more opportunity – and acceptance – to cross over the line”.

So from the above discussion it is clear that the sexual orientation of our children can be changed by influencing social norms and glorifying certain behaviour. The reason our normal family relations of heterosexual couples are broken by the state by implementing laws in the name of feminism is a step towards this. More single mother children, children alienated from their fathers and more homosexual couples will lead to ‘convert‘ otherwise normal or straight children into homosexuals.

Question is why would the ‘state’ do this?

The answer is simple. When you don’t have your own children and when the state can remotely control your life, your bedroom and your future, you turn into a slave. You may not recognize but the state has complete control over you and your property. Feminism is the easy tool to achieve that. In fact global feminist leaders may be the agents of the state and may not be females at all. Now that we know there is endless possibility of gender, this option seems more likely.

So, this glorification of same sex relation in any manner will turn our children into one. We have just participated in a social experiment and confirmed that we are okay for the ‘state’ to control us. Now we have no option but
to accept homosexuality of our children.


How feminists are using ‘Nudge Theory’ and heuristics to manipulate us

Feminists or the state in disguise of feminists have been using different psychological theories effectively to influence the behavior of common citizens.

Nudge theory is a method of influencing people’s decision making ability and behaviour by introducing some carelessly or cynically designed changes in the surrounding. This theory was developed in 2000 but popularized by US academics Thaler and Sunstien in 2008.

According to the authors – ‘human decision making is rather instinctive, emotional and subjective rather than logical, rational and objective’. This this Nobel winning concept of nudging suggests that Human decision making can be influenced by the change managers, regulators, marketing managers or even the state for their desired outcome. By analyzing the heuristics of human decision making the researchers have shown how they can be influenced and that is how feminists and the state have been manipulating the mass decisions over years.

According to this theory the heuristics of human decision making and how feminists are using them is explained below –

  1. Anchoring and Adjustment – Human beings tend to use known facts to determine the unknown. This way feminists have been successful in showing only one sided crimes against women by capturing media and created a situation where people know only about one sided facts and have understanding that only ‘Crime Against Women’ is a reality or predominant phenomenon in India.
  2. Availability – Human beings think the more common/visible/familiar something is, the more is the perceived frequency or incidence. Even the researchers found that in most of the cases this is contrary to the fact. They found that this phenomenon strongly influences our perceived credibility and often influenced by mass media. When we see/hear something a lot, we question it less. Feminists have used this trait of our behavior effectively to create rape hysteria in India. Any report of rape is widely publicized in all media but the false cases are not published widely or published in a small way. So, even though 75% rape cases turn out to be false, India is known as a rape country by all.

  3. Representativeness – Similar things get perceived stereotype easily. This is how Delhi is initially termed as rape capital and after Delhi rape many thought of all Indian men as rapists.

  4. Optimistic/Over-Confidence – People underestimate costs, timescales, challenges and overestimate rewards. So don’t be surprised when the society demands death penalty for rape cases without understanding that anyone can be implicated in rape anytime. Men demanding this kind of punishment suffer from over-confidence that they will never be accused falsely.

  5. Loss aversion – People value their possessions far more rather than something they have never possessed. So when crime against women is projected in a big way men get worried about women in their house. Women get worried about their safety. Since men are supposed to be protectors for women this creates a sense of their personal loss. Thus a hype is created by the paranoid people. Since people don’t understand the importance until they possess something, mostly men do not understand the need for their own safety unless they get false cases.

  6. Framing – Our decision making can be influenced by positive/negative accentuation, juxtaposition, association to distort attractiveness or unattractiveness of something. So now you know how criminals like Devyani Khobragade or Khurshid Anwar is glorified by using social media by their followers. In similar situations any common man is treated completely opposite way.

  7. Temptation – People are naturally biased towards short term goals rather than long term ones. They judge every incident with ‘what’s there in it for me‘ parameter. So when Delhi rape is projected as the only problem in India everyone felt insecure and got carried away by harshest possible punishment for rapists. They forgot that Delhi rape was a combination of several crimes and any punishment/law change decided based on one incident will definitely be wrong. In terms of statistics, Delhi rape was an statistically outlier crime and shouldn’t have been the deciding factor in changing our laws as outliers are always kept outside the purview of statistical analysis. One extremely cruel incident doesn’t mean the frequency of that incidence is also high but everyone was made to believe that way.

  8. Mindlessness – People form views and decisions without concentrating or often neglecting. This encourages people to ignore real issues. We have seen how a more prominent issue like law misuse is ignored by everyone including our courts in order to empower women.

  9. Confirming: Following the herd – The mob effect, fear of isolation, following the crowd, need of affirmation, avoiding risk/embarrassment, strength in numbers. This can be magnified by using internet or related technologies. We find this tactic used in creating unnecessary hype after Delhi, Mumbai or Badaun rape cases.

  10. Priming – People, masses can be preconditioned by using several techniques to make them accept a change. Indian dowry law was passed by projecting one or two cases in big way. Marital rape was also being tried in similar way by projecting one under trial case as a widely happening phenomenon in India. UN survey saying 75% Indian housewives are raped was also an attempt in same direction.

  11. Feedback – This is an aspect of ‘choice architecture‘. People make / change their decisions based on feedback. So when they get appreciation for working for women’s rights without looking into anything else, they trend to give bravery certificate to Rohtak Sisters and mock MRM effort of exposing the criminals until it became viral with numerous eye witnesses when the same people reverse their opinion.

This analysis shows how feminists are using nudge theory used in change management to influence public opinion and get their work done.

Now that you know how you are manipulated, imagine there was an undo button in real life, where you could have changed a lot of those manipulations to bring in sanity. You would have had a society where crime is punished and not a gender. Now that it is not there, and since you are used by the feminists to create laws against yourself and your future generation, pray to god that you don’t go through the cruelty that some people are going through. You wanted to punish rapists, now feminists have created a situation where any man will be termed as rapist on divorce under Marital Rape.


Reference – Nudge Theory and Heuristics

How to hypnotize a nation easily

Previous (Beware! Your mind is being controlled)

In this article I am going to show you how a country like India is hypnotized using the common illusion tricks described in my previous article. If you have not read that article yet, you are requested to read the same before you proceed.

To begin with, remember the duck and rabbit experiment where we were led to believe that the creatures in the game were duck by telling you in advance to count the number of ducks. Immediately after this when we are told to count rabbits we start seeing rabbits in the game. Now add this with the concept of “Expert Fallacy” and you will know how we are made to believe what our media says or shows us.

Question is, why do we fall prey to such false information involving women and start believing them to be true so easily. The answer is hidden in the following experiment done by the researchers of Princeton University.
The game is to identify the most trustworthy face from the following image? Considering the faces are marked 1–3 from your left-right. (Click the image to see the video) –

Trustworthy faces

If you have said face 1 as most trustworthy face, you are like 80% of other respondents and this is only because our brain is hardwired to think like this. This research proves that we trust people with more feminine features. So now we know that why women can go away with lies very easily but men find it difficult to win public arguments even with logic and data.

Now let me explain how the popular marketing concept “top-of-the-mind-recall” is used to hypnotize the nation.

Rape becomes our top of mind recall as it is always highlighted big and bold in all media and the false rape news is never published or published in a very small way so that we miss them. There is one more trick applied here, rape cases reported in any city / town / village in India is published in all editions of popular media, whereas rape cases that turn out to be false is hardly published in any edition. Remember the trick shown by Appllo Robbins in David Copperfield warehouse (link in this article). Our focus is thus narrowed down to show one rape case and make us believe all rape cases are like Delhi or Badaun.

We have seen how the entire nation reacts once a case like Delhi or Badaun happens. Everyone wants justice on the streets whereas this should not be the case in a civilised nation. So why do we start behaving weird even though in normal times we believe that it should not be the case. How can even educated and highly informed people join the hooligan bandwagon of street fighters and start behaving weird? To understand this you need to understand the following human behaviour (National Geographic, Brain Games)-

Follow the Leader

Later part of this experiment shows that the entire crowd is made to dance and do childish things simply because the leader does that.

This behaviour of human being of following the leader is dangerously used against us by criminals in the name of feminism. They play these dirty dangerous tricks to hypnotize the nation and make us follow the tribe by planting their own person in the front. Don’t believe this to be true?

Well, remember Tarun Tejpal and Khurshid Anwar? They both were at the forefront of protest after Delhi rape and both of them turned out to be rapists themselves. And we don’t know how many more such cases go unreported (remember feminists say that most of the rape cases in India go unreported. How do they know if they are not involved?) In the morning they protested violently against rape and in the evening they have raped someone. But when the feminists like them rape, they get supporters in staunch feminists like Shoma Chaudhury. See the illusion here? The same feminists who protests against victim blaming actually did the same when they were under fire –

Feminists 8

Very often we forget that the outcome of such hypnotism is dangerous. For instance after Delhi madness the way our laws have changed that is good enough to enslave the future generations in the clutches of greedy legal officers, NGOs or people linked to judicial system. The direct cruel effect was murder of police constable Subhash Tomar on duty by these violent protesters. However, hardly anyone of us (except the MRAs) felt for him or his family.

Or take the case of Devyani Khobragade. After her crime came to light the entire nation was made to support her because it was portrayed as if demeaning the whole country. Hardly a few MRAs like me wondered why a criminal was projected as the role model of the country. All these happened when the country and especially the ruling party Congress looked so serious about women empowerment, but they did not want to empower the maid who was also a woman.

So it is clear that a hypnotized nation can be made to do anything even murder. In fact, such mass hypnotism can be so dangerous that it can lead us to kill our own people because when we are hypnotized like this we don’t understand what we are doing and it takes time to come out of the illusion.

Feminists have tried another dirty trick after the Delhi rape. Many of them claimed on national TV that anybody can be a rapist and openly spoke like this – “a rapist can be anyone, he is among us, he can be my own brother, father or son.” Question is how it is a dirty and dangerous trick?  If you have not realized it yet, this is how we are made to believe that the men around us in our own families are rapists. These tricks work in our subconscious and are reinforced with a constant hammering of the same idea in our brain. Remember “Persuasion techniques” followed by marketers to sell their products no matter how crap they are?

These kinds of statements by feminists only tell us to follow them and many of us indeed follow them blindly. Result? FB pages like these –

India the country of rapists

How many of you have reported this page and asked others to report as well? If you are a blogger, how many of you have written a blog against such kind of a page?

If you have not done anything yet to report this page, then you have admitted that either you are a rapist (as a man) or your brother, father or son is (as a woman) because if India is a country of rapists then all the men living in the country is also rapists. It does not really matter who you are.

The only reason we don’t see this as a problem is we feel the pain of rape victims. This feeling of others pain is so much prominent that as a man we instantly feel guilty every time a rape is reported as if we are responsible for that. Those of us who do not feel that way our media makes us feel that way. For instance, after the Badaun rape case India Today has come up with this campaign –

Mango tree of shame

Here we are being persuaded to think about rape every time we eat a Mango. So media wants us to be terrified every time we eat a mango and they want this fear to be on our mind. Question is why?

To understand this, remember the illusion trick of Appollo Robbins shown in my previous article. The incidents like Delhi or Badaun shows us that what magicians do to shift our attention to a smaller area of their choice while they change a lot of other things around us, can be done effectively to create illusion for an entire nation. These cases and these kinds of campaigns help in shifting our attention and keep us focussed on rape so that a lot of changes can happen smoothly around us. For instance, Delhi rape case was used to pass a lot of outrageous laws in India that will jeopardize peaceful existence of all of us and our future generation for the years to come. And the whole nation is not even bothered about that.

To give you a perspective to this, remember, when dowry and Domestic Violence laws were passed we used to see such news and promo all the time and the same were passed without any resistance. Today, the aged Indians who did not protest creating this bias years ago while these laws were being passed without any clause to check the misuse, file for mercy killing as they don’t find any remedy from false cases –

Army man pleads mercy killing



But when something like Badaun happens then immediately our attention shifts from the legal terrorism and NO ONE listens to crime stats. People say (including UN) that most of the rape cases in India is not even reported. That too, when actually rape cases are over reported and media always exaggerates rape cases. So even though 74% cases are false we still don’t feel the importance to check the same.

Even for a moment we think that most of the rape cases are not even reported, then how do the media know that it is happening? And if they know any such case why did not they report it? And if they did not report them, then why should not they be punished for abetting a crime? So anyone who says (including UN) that a lot of rape cases go unreported needs to be punished first because they don’t take any action to report the same.

Now look at this campaign from United Nations Women –

Un Illusion

Based on some worldwide search predictions UN has come up to show how patriarchal we are. I tried the same using Google but couldn’t replicate the same though. Issue is many a times the search engine takes cues from what we ourselves search apart from taking prediction from global cues. So what is the guarantee that UN has not made up this to make it look like this one for their campaign?

This kind of message actually works in our subconscious mind to create a guilty feeling within us. Guilty for a crime that we have never committed. Men think they are failing to secure their family, women start thinking that men around them are rapists.  As a result trust between two close-by people is broken and they both become lonely.

As a woman if you think such media hype surrounding rape cases is needed as most of the rape cases is not even reported, see some of the false rape cases reported that most of you might have overlooked – (Rape! It’s my fault).

In my next article I am going to show how statistics can be used to hypnotize a nation. Statistics which is correct yet messes around with our decision making ability. Till then, keep sharing these articles in all your circles and keep the awareness going. Don’t let these criminals fool you and your near and dear ones.



If you think this article was a useful read for you, please share this with others and spread this knowledge. You may also want to check my other articles as all of them are equally interesting. If you are outrageous and think this is biased then still you share with others to have a healthy discussion on this topic. My blog is open to the feminists to share their free opinion as well.

Beware! your mind is being controlled

It does not matter how educated, intelligent, socially aware or established individual you are. Your mind can still be controlled remotely and that is how we are being manipulated today. If you don’t believe me, in this series I will show you with scientific experiments from reliable sources how your mind and thoughts are manipulated daily.

Before I begin, I will request you please be part of all scientific mind games I share in this article and experience how your thoughts can be manipulated. Please don’t proceed until you have gone through each experiment to understand how you can be manipulated. All the experiments are taken from National Geographic shows, they are short approximately two minutes duration so please don’t skip them.

In this first experiment I will show you how your decision making ability can be influenced. Take this small brain game and don’t proceed without completing this experiment –

Rabbit Vs Duck

So were you successful in counting ducks? Good but the video ended with asking you to count the number of rabbits. So please take this experiment again and count the number of rabbits. Remember this time please count only rabbits..

Did you see 10 rabbits this time? If you did, don’t be surprised that you are just like 80% people as the experiment concluded. The only reason you see rabbits the second time is you are being persuaded to think that the creatures were in fact rabbits. The narrator tells us Duck, we see Duck, he tells us rabbit and we see rabbit.

And in modern day life we are being persuaded like this by our media. They show us what they intend us to believe and we believe the same. It is not about our education, culture, experience or mental ability but this is how our subconscious brain works and this is how your brain can be manipulated.

Now, this trick is used daily against you to make you believe certain way and behave certain way. Our thoughts is being manipulated to believe what we are shown on media or rather what media tells us to be true.

This concept is not new to many. In fact this is how online marketers have been influencing and controlling our minds for years. (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video) –


So a simple technique to influence your mind and thinking ability is to be on your top of mind recall and that is possible in a way to hammer your subconscious mind with the same idea in different forms.

There is another concept known as the “Expert Fallacy” that makes us believe anything that a person in authority says. A person in authority does not necessarily mean a person in higher position. Many a times our mind makes certain decision about a person of being an expert or a person in authority simply based on his/her clothing, appearance or may be the way s/he talks (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video)–

Expert Fallacy

Did you hear the last part of the video? That says we all want to be where most of the people are or where most people are heading to most of the time without even understanding the implications. Because we as human being behave in that way, we go along with the tribe and fall for illusions such as these.

There are dangerous social implications to these characteristics of human beings. These make it possible for any powerful groups of individuals to control most of us even anyone of us knowing or being aware of the same.

Before I proceed, let me tell you the second part of the video shown in “Expert Fallacy” test to show how powerful this illusion is. As the continuation of the same experiment the comedian went ahead and asked the same set of questions to the people in ordinary outfits. And all people have mocked the stories as ‘Bullshit”…

All the three characteristics discussed above is effectively used in our daily lives to manipulate our life, social behaviour and also changing our perception about life. These techniques are constantly used against us to control our thoughts and behaviour but before I go into details of how our thoughts are being manipulated, I want to show you another interesting trick often played by magicians and illusion artists. Take a focused look (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video)–

Magicians trick

So do you think you are paying close attention to your world, or do you think your attention can be easily diverted to some smaller things to hide some bigger changes that are happening around? Remember this experiment as I will shortly tell you how dangerously something like this trick is used against us to divert our attention.

Now let me come to the social experiment  that we are undergoing daily and show how we are being manipulated.

If I ask you what is the biggest crime in India- I am sure a overwhelming majority will reply it as “Rape”.  Reason it is your top of mind recall. You are always fed by all kinds of media that rape is everywhere, especially if you live in India. You open a newspaper and you see rape news, either on front page or in the middle. This creates a illusion in your mind that rape is the biggest crime in India. Remember the concept that is used by the marketers described earlier? They keep their products and services visible to you all the time and try to show that only they exist in the market to influence your decisions. It is something like that. You are being told all the time that if there is any crime in India that is “Rape” and only rape.

Before I proceed further to analyze why only ‘rape’ is being focussed so much nowadays, I will show one more experiment to show how your mind can be controlled. This experiment will blow your mind off (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video)  –

Rubber Hand Exp.

So you understand how our mind can be controlled and made to feel pain or other feelings even without we undergoing them.

Now that you know that our mind can be manipulated using so many tricks let me show you how we are manipulated in our daily lives.

I have already shown you how rape has become our top-of-the-mind-recall crime in India thanks to all media hypes surrounding rape. So much so that we don’t want to believe that there is any other crime existing. Don’t believe me?

Well, just rewind to the social madness created after Delhi rape in December 2012 and try to recollect the updates and news items from there. I have seen many commenting like “India a country of rapists”, “Indian men are rapists” etc. Even the then UN Secretary General has urged Indian Govt. to save Indian women. As if with one Delhi rape all Indian women became unsafe instantly so that even UN has become scared. Even though that showed that either UN was jobless that time so that it had time to interfere into a country’s internal matters or it was just another social illusion designed for a different purpose.

This feeling has been made so strong by different media that we have such pages still up and running on FB –

India the country of rapists

I have seen many other Indian blogs with the same title. So now ALL Indian men are termed as rapists irrespective of one actually works for women betterment or not and we Indians feel happy to believe the same. This is because our own media has made India look like world’s rape capital. The only reason these kinds of pages do not create any public outrage but create sympathy is because of the misandry created by our sold out media.  In my next article I will elaborate why media is successful in creating the bias and why anything related to women always get more focus worldwide as I delve into more functions of our brain.

I will show you how your mind can be tricked using statistics in my next article in this series and hence I am not discussing the world’s rape statistics here. I will only show how the illusion tactics are used by feminists to make India a criminal state.

After Delhi rape there were many feminists and celebrities who came on national TV shows and claimed that they were raped, violated in their childhood. Many of them openly confessed on national TV that their brother, father or son can be a rapist as they wanted to make the point that anyone can be a rapist. What no one except a few MRAs like me understood from these open statements was the heinous ploy to create a deep rooted gender hatred in the country that will only destabilize our social balance. More importantly balance in our homes, families as the women start thinking of their father, brother or son as rapists. This is the same marketing Top-of-Mind recall. Today, we see any rape we immediately think one of our nearest woman is violated and feel extreme punishment is the only option. We relate to the distant pain within us and take all feminist crap that “Indian men are rapists”.

I will come to the deeper social implications behind this unsolicited promotion of rape cases in India and will further show you how statistics can be used to narrow advantage of feminists in my subsequent articles in this series as I prove that feminism is NOT about women empowerment or making them feel safe. It is all about creating gender hatred in everyone’s mind so that we lose faith in everyone around us and become lonely. Because lonely people are more easier to control remotely as they look for solace and relief.

…Next – How to Hypnotize a nation


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To Elliot Rodger and other lonely men

On May 24, 2014 Elliot Rodger a 22 year old lad killed six and injured seven others in Santa Barbara area. In the video below he explained the reason. He was rejected by girls over eight years and hence he has killed them. In his other videos on his Youtube channel he has shown how he was becoming a bored lonely and rich guy who wanted love and affection in life –

Elliot Rodger

image – youtube

The reason I am compelled to write about this incident is because the root cause of this incident is deep rooted elsewhere that we need to address immediately. Else the same phenomenon is likely to catch up in India as well.

While the parents of victims are blaming the gun rights in US, the social cause plaguing today’s youth is never looked into. This sense of being appreciated and accepted by others is there in all of us. In his age old theory of Abraham Maslow also depicted the same. The famous Maslow’s Hierarchy theory he explained that after our basic physiological needs (like food, shelter etc.) are satisfied we need to satisfy our safety needs. When we fulfil both the needs we want to be loved by someone. This makes us feel social, gives us a reason to live.

Going by Rodger’s profile we find that he was extremely rich (son of a Hollywood director) and a handsome guy. He drove a BMW and also was capable of spending a fortune. But still he was being rejected by hot girls with whom he always wanted to be.

While dating and relationship experts can explain this as a friend zone syndrome or may be a boy zone syndrome I will only restrict this article only to the social angle of some of our needs.

Due to my research on gender issues affecting India today, I have observed that it is a mindset that is created in our youth that fun only means is to have party. Party means boozing, dancing with opposite sex and at the end of it having one night stand. This is the mindset created by western media and carefully inculcated in India. The people who do not do these in their life are branded as boring or timid personalities. They are not accepted socially by many. Our relationships today are started and finished in night clubs and pubs and no wonder why they break easily, too like the western world.

One of my close friends who is a single mother child and who experienced all of these and have a lot of friends recently told me that he wants to commit suicide. He also has many girlfriends but still he is lonely. He does not find any meaning of this life as he has already experienced everything in 32 years of life and hence he wants to commit suicide.

India as country was never like this. It is our family system that has always given us strength to counter all of these negative effects and emerge stronger. However, US never had this strong family system. They know how to make money but can’t provide emotional strength to their children. The same phenomenon is catching up India as well. Our youth who earn a lot and can spend a fortune thinks that drinking and partying are the only pastime one lively individual should have. So they go for more partying, have more friends but in the end they still remain without the moral support of being together. If somehow they are dumped by the people from opposite sex they feel their life is a waste.

Since I have worked with such people and tried to understand the issue and provide solution to all those affected people I know that the solution has to come from within. In this aspect Maslow has already given us solution –

Maslow's Hierarchy

If you are one such person who feels lonely and rejected, if you have recently been cheated by your spouse or partner you need to carefully re-look at your life’s vision. You need to carefully take yourself to the next level of Maslow’s hierarchy and fulfill the needs of that level. However, it is not easy. One who is not loved or feel lonely at heart may not always fulfill the desire of higher levels. This is the reason we need support from friends, family and acquaintances. I suggest you can take help of meditation as well.

One simple tip to overcome this is to indulge yourself in something creative. For example, take up photography lessons, go for scuba diving, learn dancing or may be join painting classes. You may also join some social cause, go for gym, hiking, trekking and never bother about your love needs. Remember you should only concentrate on positive things in life and not negative things. In this way, if you can identify the area of your interest you can easily excel in that area and you may not need love and affection from opposite sex afterwards. This is because you will get recognition through your own creativity and work.

When you fulfill your Self esteem or self actualization needs as explained above you will be accomplished as a person and you may find your love as well. I know many men who have emerged stronger after their relationship broke. They are happily single or some of them are married too.

Dear men and boys, you don’t need women to be successful. Also money, fame, liquor or unlimited sex is not all that we need. Explore the world, there are many other beautiful things waiting for all of us and you really need not hate anyone to be successful or be accomplished. See the magic of life yourself. It has so much to offer other than girls and sex.


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Understanding Human Sexuality: Kama Sutra way (Part I)



PART 1 – The Scent of Sex

[In a bid to understand the sexual behaviour of human beings and the effect of body odour of our partners to our sexual behaviour this post looks into ancient teachings of Vatsayana and the modern relationship experts’ views on the subject. This is an effort to bring improvement in relationship among the couples. This series will eventually try to find answers to different sexual behaviours of both the genders, bust a few myths around human sexuality and will try to find out a legitimate definition of rape with its sexual and legal boundaries]

Sexuality 3There are many recent reports that Indian couples are not having a good sexual relationship and hence relations breaking away. Unlike the common belief we find that Indian men are most affected by this relationship turmoil as they are both legally and emotionally robbed off in any relationship turmoil and commit suicide. Indian men who are in a live-in relation run the risk of getting rape cases while those in marital relationship too can get all cases including marital rape. In this situation only men who are having relationship with others’ wives seem to have the best life, as they are having cool sex life with no risk of being jailed easily. While researchers say that human beings are polygamous by nature Kama Sutra explains the concept of lovemaking in unique way and also explains the reason relationships fall apart. Vatsayana says – “it is the human nature to experience something different and get rid of monotony”.

‘Kama’ is defined by Vatsayana as “the enjoyment of appropriate objects by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling”.  So it is important for couples to remember that to experience the real pleasure of kama one needs to have good combination of all five senses assisted by mind together with soul. Hence we know that achieving orgasm by either the man or the woman is not possible without a good combination of all these including the mind and the soul. This is one big message to the rapists (the want commits rape by forceful intercourse with unknown women / men and not for those who are falsely accused for revenge) that no rape can bring any amount of sexual pleasure.

Two years after the publication of Kama Sutra Author Kalyana Malla published another book titled Ananga Ranga in 1172 AD where he stated that “main reason of separation between married couples is the want of varied pleasure and the monotony which follows possession”.

In order to having a great sexual relationship Kama Sutra talks about preparing the ambience and the partner for the ultimate sexual pleasure. Modern western writers such as Anne Hooper has detailed out preparing the partner in a different ways such as giving good massage, bathing together or preparing the ambience was given importance.

Kama Sutra explains the setting up of the ambience of the pleasure room in this way – “In the pleasure room decorated with flowers and fragrant and perfumes….”. Kama Sutra also details out the end of a sexual congress as “At the end of congress, the lovers with modesty and not looking at each other should go to the wash-room. …..the citizen should apply some pure sandalwood ointment or ointment of some other kind.”

Writer Anne Hooper in her own Kama Sutra book stated the importance of creating the correct atmosphere in the love making room. She says – “First, in cold weather make sure the room is warm enough, and that in hot weather it is refreshingly cool”.  All this is to nullify the embarrassing effect of partner’s body odour affecting the sexual union. Also she has refuted the notion that taking a lavish meal before the union or consuming alcohol before the act may be detrimental as she writes – “Lovemaking is usually best on a satisfied but not overfull stomach and certainly with a clear head”.

She has described that it is important for the partners to be sensitive about the scent he or she uses. It is not only to be liked by the person wearing the same but at the same time it needs to be acceptable to the partner as well.

Vatsayana says that the room should be “Balmy with rich perfumes”..it also goes on adding that “a sort of a stool on which should be placed  the fragrant ointments for the night, as well as flowers, pots containing collyrium and other fragrant substances, things used for perfuming the mouth and the bark of the common citron tree”.

Sexuality 1If you notice that Vatsayana has stated about not only importance of using proper perfume for the body but he also spoke about perfuming the mouth. Modern sex experts say that it is very important to have impeccable oral hygiene in order to perform oral sex or kissing embrace.

Anne also detailed out on the importance of using light scented bath oil to perfume and soften one’s skin before lovemaking. A shower to a bath with a scented shower gel is what she recommends.

Kama Sutra has detailed instruction about bodily hygiene of lovers. As it explains – “He should bathe daily, anoint his body with oil every other day, apply a leathering substance to his body every three days, get his body including his face shaved every four days and other parts of his body every five to ten days. All the things should be done without fail, and the sweat of the armpits should also be removed”.

The importance of personal hygiene for successful lovemaking is felt even in ancient India by ancient sexual researchers like Vatsayana. Modern writers like Anne Hooper only added to that by their own experience and access to better scientific knowledge.

The closest encounter one can have with anyone is with one’s sexual partner. And it is very important to follow impeccable health and hygiene standards to have that awesome and heavenly experience. Thus it is important for anyone to possess the charm and kill the body odour by the ways expressed by the sexual experts like Vatsayana or Anne Hooper.

(Part II – Of Sex, Rape)…


Excellent new revelation by APA

Photo credit: AP Photo credit: AP

Chicago, Illinois – The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has officially confirmed what many people thought all along: taking ‘selfies’ is a mental disorder.

The APA made this classification during its annual board of directors meeting in Chicago. The disorder is called selfitis, and is defined as the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self  and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy.

APA said there are three levels of the disorder:

  • Borderline selfitis : taking photos of one’s self at least three times a day but not posting them on social media
  • Acute selfitis: taking photos of one’s self at least three times a day and posting each of the photos on social media
  • Chronic selfitis: Uncontrollable urge to take photos of one’s self  round the clock and posting…

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