Tracking feminist funding

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Funding of feminists

Tracking feminist funding is a series that tracks the funding of Indian NGOs by foreign bodies. Recently Indian government cracked down on such foreign-funded NGOs as they selectively hinder growth projects in the name of environmental or social activism. It is time to expose all such NGOs and demand banning them.

  1. Canter for Social Research of Ranjana Kumari
  2. Institute for Social Democracy of Khurshid Anwar
  3. Lawyers Collective India of Indira Jaisingh
  4. Jagori – The force behind OneBillionRising
  5. Funding of Flavia Agnes and her NGO Majlis
  6. Funded by Jewish and Christian groups ‘Nirantar Trust’ organizes street protests against rape in India
  7. Behind The Scenes of Their ‘Social Work’ Is False Rape Extortion