You will not believe how Time magazine exposed feminists

What makes a feminist angry? Haha..nothing but the bitter truth. This is what happened in 2015 when Time magazine showed us how to piss off feminists by showing them the bitter truth.

In a survey by Time magazine titled “Which word should be banned in 2015?” – the word ‘Feminist’ won by a landslide victory –

Word to be banned in 2015

This was enough to piss off feminists who poured in all kinds of slurs on Time magazine and forced them to withdraw the word from the poll and publish an apology


Apology from Time magazine

TIME apologizes for the execution of this poll; the word ‘feminist’ should not have been included in a list of words to ban. While we meant to invite debate about some ways the word was used this year, that nuance was lost, and we regret that its inclusion has become a distraction from the important debate over equality and justice.”


When most readers of Time magazine wanted to ban the word ‘Feminist’, Time had to succumb to the pressure of some abusive persons who identify themselves as feminists.

Time magazine might be needed to retain their women viewership by censoring their own poll. But we don’t have that barrier because we know and believe what is shown here –

Feminism is cancer

and here –

Feminist or not

Source – A 2015 survey by VOX magazine


My wife engages in sex with stranger in front of our seven year old

Message from a reader

Hello brother,
I live in __________.

I m 32 and my wife is not living with me since October2014. She stays at her home in ________ with our 7 years old son. I’ve requested many times but she doesn’t want to come back to me.

During these past time i have witnessed her many times with different unknown men with her and when asked she always defend and protected their (those men’s) identities from me and totally became aggressive to me. My son has told me about a man who often comes to their home mostly during night and he start making love with his mom on bed in front of him. That’s in brief. So what i do now sir? I m suffering. My son is also suffering from mental anxiety and depression so far as i have talked with my son..I am helpless. I am very worried about our son…

My Wife cheating me


Nowadays adultery related issues have increased manifolds in Indian marriages. This is more for housewives as they can’t be punished for this behavior. We have not made anything as their responsibility. So it is their wish to take care home and children not compulsion. There is absolutely no compulsion for today’s women to be a good person, forget about being a good wife or a good mother. Those who become one is their wish.

These women are now pampered from their childhood and they don’t know what is their responsibility? Feminism has taught them not to bear children and specifically ignore male children. While your case is an example of a horrible mother and wife, this is not rare. Husbands and children do not have any recourse from such crimes committed by the women in the house. Nowadays, many demand making prostitution as legal and once that happens husbands will not have any legal remedy at all because the weakest ground for divorce 9adultery) will vanish once prostitution becomes legal.

Psychologists have found out negative impact on a child’s mind if one is exposed to sex at an early age. This article on The Psychology Today explains that well. A male child’s first love is his mother and first hero is his father. Once he sees his father (you in this case) being incapable of saving him, or his mother he himself feels weak from within. He cries because he thinks his mother is attacked by the stranger and he is not able to do anything. His male existence gets a jolt.

Children often try to imitate actions of their parents. In your case even though the child is not directly involved in the act, his exposure to sex by his mother at such an early age will make him more violent and will lead him to go astray in future.The psychological damage thus could be irreparable.

To come out of this traumatic relationship and to save your child, there is a very thin possibility. It depends on how strong your wife is and how robust is her backup relations.Because law didn’t give you almost any possibility to come out of this relation with grace and with your child. To test her strengths and your possibilities of coming out of this relation and to save your child, I need to speak with you.

So please do contact me or our helpline number 08882 498 498 at the earliest to understand the next steps.

Wife sex, wife sex with stranger


“I was attending my mother in ICU, when police came to arrest us at midnight” – IITian narrates his story

Deeptanshu Shukla“My mother was in ICU and I was attending her at hospital when police came to arrest us at midnight for a crime that I did not commit.” Deeptanshu Shukla, an IITian who was a topper in his school had never imagined the hard realities of life until he got married.

On 17th November, 2012 police had arrived in his house and woken up his septuagenarian grandparents with questions like “where are the criminals? Where have you hidden them” etc.

In his TEDx talk Deeptanshu had discussed his situation when he had to face a false 498a case and undergo extreme misery. An IITian who would want to contribute more to Indian economy by his professional contributions was made to fight his false case for more than 2 years to disprove the same. With example from Russel’s teapot analogy he showed that how impossible it is to disprove something that didn’t happen.

India’s criminal justice system has shifted the burden of proving innocence to the accused in certain cases. That means when someone is innocent and had not committed any crime, he still needs to prove that he had not committed the crime. This had created a legal system which is pro litigation and not pro justice. So one can file any frivolous complaint on someone else when one wants to take revenge and then the falsely accused person needs to prove the negative which is almost impossible.

That transpires to is a stockpile of criminal cases in India. This was evident when Chief Justice of India had to cry in front of The Prime Minister Mr. Modi for more judges. But will more judges or more courts solve this problem?

Deeptanshu has also raised a point that without trying to stop the inflow of cases into the judiciary; we have tried to encourage inflow of cases. Instead, if false testimony and false cases are punished that would lead to reduction in cases and will uphold justice.

Let’s see his complete speech at TEDx JNTUK –

What inspires us is the commitment of his group Save Indian Family who have provided a support system for many men in Madhya Pradesh. The comment section of this Youtube video says it all –


We wish all the best to Superheroes like Deeptanshu who had been fighting tirelessly to uphold justice.


Trolling – FIR filed against abusive woman

Comments, criticism and protests are not new to us. We have always encouraged all kinds of criticism against my blog and articles and allowed all feminist comments. Because we knew when it comes to logic, feminists lack them so much that they wouldn’t win any argument. When it comes to trolling and online abuses no one other than MRAs know how Indian women can be extremely abusive.

Maneka Gandhi showed that men are responsible for all online abuses and wanted to pass a law against men. On this blog we have experienced many abusive women and still allowed their comments. In fact, we found that when it comes to online abuses, women are more violent compared to men.

The woman who comments on this blog using the user name Veedu started commenting on this blog from August 2015 on the following article –

Marriage Law Amendment – A death warrant for India

From the very beginning she was very aggressive but we have allowed her comments –


Her comments became extremely abusive on this article –

This is why dowry should be legal in Indian marriages

Her abuse grew so much that we had to warn her once –


In turn, she openly threatened to bring down this blog –


She did not stop there, she continued her abuses to several of The Male Factor readers and we had to delete many of her comments as we wanted her to voluntarily stop her abuses.

But recently she has crossed all her limits –


So, this time instead of deleting her comments and ignoring her threats we had to file criminal complaint against the person using the ID.

This is to remind all our feminist readers again that criticism is welcome on this blog and comments are not moderated. However, you need to be ready for all consequences of your comments as well.


Should Prostitution be made legal?

Prostitution, legality of prostitution, should prostitution be made legal

On average surveys in the west, 70 percent men had said they would vote to legalize prostitution, meanwhile 60 percent of women said they would vote to keep prostitution illegal. Now it’s pretty obvious why women want to keep prostitution illegal. Women use sex as a weapon to control men. So it would disrupt the economics of women’s control over sex if prostitution was legalized, because then MEN would have control over WHO they want to have sex with and WHEN.

Forget all those arguments about morality, the REAL reason women want to keep prostitution illegal is so that they can CONTINUE to control men with sex. In effect, women are like a mafia that is desperate to keep control of the sexual marketplace. If prostitution was legal, men would be a lot less inclined to put up with women’s bullshit just to get sex from them, when they can go pay for sex from a much more attractive woman and without all the hassles and drama that dating and normal women bring.

What about STDs some might say? Well the whole STD scare is mostly a MYTH that has been blown out of proportion by feminists and conservative religious leaders in order to scare men away from having sex. In reality, the rate of transmission of AIDS is 1 out of 700 during heterosexual sex. That is, if a man had penis to vagina intercourse with an AIDS-infected woman, it would take 700 times on average before he would contract it. The only way people get AIDS is through using needles to inject drugs, or having anal sex, especially with homosexuals. So the whole AIDS thing is a huge scare, a MYTH, that has been blown way out of proportion.

What about Herpes? Well studies show that 80% of the US population already has Herpes in one of it’s forms, so that is not really an issue.

The only other STD that you would have to worry about is Chlamydia, and it can be easily cured within 3 days with antibiotics.

Now, that is UNPROTECTED sex. If you are using condoms to have sex with, then the chances of getting any of these STDs becomes less than zero. And that includes oral sex as well. Most prostitutes will insist that you always use a condom, even during oral sex. So as long as you are using condoms, then STDs are nothing you should even remotely worry about.

So what are some of the main reasons why prostitution should be legalized?

  • If prostitution was legal, it would reduce the STD transmission rate by about 50% amongst prostitutes.
  • If prostitution was legal, it would reduce rape by at least 150%.

Many studies have shown that legal prostitution reduces rape, sexual assault, and other sex crimes by a lot. The same studies have shown that legal prostitution reduces the STD rate amongst the general population by about 50%.

The real number of human trafficking victims in the prostitution industry is actually less than 5%. But if prostitution was fully legal, the tiny number of women who are forced into prostitution involuntarily would be able to go to the police to get help and escape from their pimps. Keeping prostitution illegal hurts prostitutes the most, so it’s funny how feminists want to keep prostitution illegal and yet at the same time claim they care about women’s health and women’s rights. Feminism is nothing but the biggest pile of bullshit hypocrisy the world has ever seen.

Feminists say “my body, my choice”. So if 95% of prostitutes are VOLUNTARILY engaging in prostitution, then why should those women not have the RIGHT to choose what to do with their own bodies, even if that includes trading sex for money? What right does the government or anyone else have to tell two consenting adults that they cannot exchange money for sex?

It would save a lot of money and resources from our police and government. Tens of millions of dollars a year are wasted by our police and government arresting and putting prostitutes in jail. If prostitution was LEGAL, on the other hand, and taxed and regulated, it would bring in tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars a year in tax revenue for our government, as well as freeing up valuable police time for REAL crimes like rape, theft, murder, assault, etc.

If prostitution was legal, prostitutes would have legal rights and would no longer get taken advantage of by pimps and other shady figures, including corrupt police officers. Yes, the police also contribute to the oppression of prostitutes because there are many corrupt police officers out there who blackmail and extort prostitutes for money and/or sexual favors. If prostitution was legal, all of this would end and prostitutes would finally have legal rights.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. It is NEVER going to stop no matter how much the police or government tries to stop it. There are ALWAYS going to be men who are willing to pay money for sex, and there are ALWAYS going to be women who are willing to give sex to men for money. Prostitution has also been an integral part of many cultures and thus trying to stop it is literally impossible. And why should it be stopped? No one has the right to tell two consenting adults that they cannot exchange money for sex. So rather than waste time trying to stop it, just legalize it and tax it, the same way we do with cigarettes, alcohol, and now marijuana.

All in all, if one believes in personal freedom, that one has no right to force their own sense of morality onto others. In some very ancient cultures, prostitutes were actually given very high status in society and considered as spiritual people who could heal men of their problems through sex. That was thousands of years ago though, before self-righteous modern western religions were invented and started violently forcing their concepts of morality onto people. Funny how societies that were thousands of years old were actually far more advanced than we are in the modern age in terms of sex and prostitutes.

It took almost a century for people to wake up and legalize marijuana, which is a completely harmless natural plant that hurts no one. In the same way, society and people in general have to EVOLVE and realize that they have no right to force their own sense of morality or control onto others. The modern society is actually a very sexually restrictive society, compared to cultures and civilizations of the past. And it’s this sexual restrictiveness which contributes to so much psychological neurosis, sex crimes, and frustration in general. Is it a coincidence how people in America are so quick to anger and lose their temper, whereas in a place like Thailand where prostitution is legal and accepted, people are very laid back and cool headed? People need to stop seeing sex as such a big thing, and just realize that sex is a normal and acceptable part of life.

By John Doe


*Views expressed are author’s personal


Brutality of circumcision in boys – unseen psychological bruises

Connections to sadomasochistic behavior & child-hood injuries has been noted in psychology. Common elements of S-M behavior & circumcision include pain, struggling, bondage, & a loosely, originally unwanted, associated sexual context.

Boys' circumcision

During circumcision an infant’s eyes remain tightly closed. Infants tremble, cry vigorously, & in some cases become mildly cyanotic.

I do not wish to cause misery to other males by this article. This is strictly educational. This is regarding a sensitive subject, the realities of male genital mutilation, generally hidden & continued to be accepted.

A study by a cognitive psychologist from the University of Southern California & co-author of a paper featuring some of it’s findings in the Oct. 6, 2010 issue of the Journal Neuro Report found that when men under stress saw angry faces, they seemed to not want to engage. There’s that masculine rational fear deemed by mass society as “bad” or some kind of “illness”. Contrastingly, as usual, females were more insistent.

Psychologists have known for a long time that trauma sets, often hidden from awareness have long term effects. You could be psychologically damaged & not even know it, or not know how it happened.

During circumcision an infant’s eyes remain tightly closed. However, levels of cortisol (the hormone release as response to stress) are high during circumcision. Increase of excessive heart beats, even over baseline, per minute have been recorded. This level of pain would not be tolerated by older patients.

Infants tremble, cry vigorously, & in some cases become mildly cyanotic – lividness or blueness of skin caused by pressure of skin due to prolonged crying. It is an abnormal type of crying.

By the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was believed that a baby had similar level of consciousness to a vegetable. By the mid 1940s there were changing understandings of infants. Pediatrician Benjamin Spock (1946) reported that infants are more cognizant.  Infants can generally distinguish between the vowels i and a on the next day following birth. Infants require attendance to proper sensory responses. Infants do have their own set of well-developed thinking. It’s just of a different type.

From the Journal of Sex Research, Davison and Money of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine reported that changes includes drastic diminished penile sensitivity. With relatively little effect of arousal, it can be described like callused fingers a guitar player receives.

Extreme pain, bahavioural modifications, risk of complications, & loss of protective, sensitive tissue, resulting in diminished gratification are some commonly found after effects circumcision.

People have close to no idea of what really happens. Facts are naturally altered or withheld because of feelings. More damage is done due to concealing rather than disclosing truth. There have been reports, that adult males could compare effects before the practice and after. It is similar to being incapable of holding something normally with hand due to wearing a glove.

As an intact male, it’s been my experience that my more passionate but much steadier, thoughtful & intensified sexual interest was interpreted by many females as an exaggerated, fake act by me, either that or that I had something “wrong” with me for having my passions more grand. This is a common recurrence: males honestly show how much they like a female, she then sees that as “too needy”, “weakness”, or something stupid.

Concern with being a bland-minded acquirer of capital undermines concern for cultivating masculinity – better standards, promoting better self-esteem. The self-esteem of males has already been ruined by circumcision.

There are several types of memory. Painful experiences in neonates can lead to psychological sequel. Remembering, for instance, something you saw two hours ago requires a different type of memory than knowing how to tie a knot or recalling a place you’ve been associated with heightened sensation. Memory is not limited to only intellect, but body & emotion also. Long term memory has been demonstrated behaviorally in various mammals & other animals. Considering simpler animals have long term memory, it’s about 99.9% likely that infants have it also.

From neurological & developmental analysis, newborn infants can have trauma & retain memory of it. A sector of society has projected their inability to consciously remember that time on the infant. We store memories of that time, just generally don’t have access to them immediately. According to a psychological survey, the majority confirmed that forgetting was due to retrieving problems & not loss of information from memory storage.

A mother explained that her child of 6 years old crawled through a tunnel & said to her: “This feels like when I was born”. Similarly, birth Primal can be studied by simulation. Psychiatrist Nandor Fodor was the first to propose accessing trauma memories by simulation.

The DSM IV classifies Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD), as resulting from extreme traumatic stressor beyond routine life of a given average maturation. Responses include intense fear. Instances of which are torture, etc. According to the DSM IV, PTSD includes symptoms of impulsive & self-destructive behaviour, etc. By definition, in conjunction to other facts cited, circumcision is traumatic. Like other traumas, it is repressed. Psychological problems increase as age of child decreases.

Adult males with such experiences have adverse behaviour responses, mainly undetected by society. The revelation is that we have a society of unhealthy males, continuing instinctive self-abuse. Just a personal anecdote: “The level of “machoness” predicted by gynocentric instincts has alienated & maladjusted me, who never had this procedure done to me. What is considered normal is the society we have.

Symptoms of PTSD vary. The hidden – long term effects generally not of awareness but evident in behaviour – PTSD of circumcision has a contributing factor of violence as just one of those variants.

Violence can also be exhibited in different ways, which may not even be capable of classification of crime statistics.

Subsequent distrust & aggression is connected. The systematic practice teaches to be angry or accept the loss. Trust is a prerequisite for setting discipline of commitment. Disruption of development of better communication to females for future is impaired. It is very strange that the artificial mold of masculinity is what females admire mostly.

Based on clinical neurological research, traumatic & painful experience can actually cause long-term physiological changes in the neurochemical & central nervous system. Brain-imaging studies conducted on adults with histories of sexual abuse of childhood were reported to have reduced size of hippocampus, which is a zone of the brain associated with memory. Also, low scores of adults who had been abused were reported on another test of verbal short-term memory. This proves that Circumcision actually alters brain development. Presence of high level of the stress hormone cortisol, which is increased 3-4 times in the blood stream correlates with deep memory imprinting.

So when a boy undergoes circumcision he suffers from Dissociation which is erasing associated pain from traumatic experience, both physical & mental that results from trauma. Dissociation is a response of a psychological survival mechanism analogous to numbing a part of one’s body to inhibit extreme pain. A boy actually makes himself believe it didn’t happen, thus actually altering himself.

By Jessie Nagy


One call to this number can change your life completely

Partha (36) [name changed] was contemplating committing suicide when he found out that the person who he loved more than his own life, his little kid was not his biological child. He was completely shattered when he came to know that his wife who otherwise seemed to be a normal housewife was indulged in prostitution and gave birth to the child outside the matrimonial bond.

Chandra (35) [named changed] was raped in his childhood by one of his female relatives and didn’t know what was to be done. He was again cheated in his adulthood when his wife filed false criminal cases against him to extort money.

A woman lawyer [name withdrawn] from Kolkata, WB was happily married until her only brother Dr. Subhodeep was forced to commit suicide by administering upon himself a lethal injection. Her parents were also threatened of false cases and the elderly couple was completely devastated after suicide of their son. There were chances of her father dying of heart attack due to the shock.

While they could have come from different regions of India and from different social background they were related in one way. All of them were either males or their family members. All of them were undergoing extreme forms of cruelty in their life when one call to a number had made all the difference.

Partha today no longer thinks of committing suicide, he is a happily single man. Chandra is known as a warrior. Even though Subhodeep’s sister remembers him at times in isolation but she had made her parents come out of the shock of her brother’s death. The family is more determined to fight back and live well now.

There is a national helpline to help such people in distress. Men and women who are suffering badly in legal matters or who are feeling like committing suicide. What is amazing is this helpline for men is not run by any government agencies or aided by Indian government in any manner. 80+ volunteers of Save Indian Family run this helpline for no monetary benefits to themselves and for purely social work purpose.

A sneak peek into the volunteer profiles tell us that these volunteers’ are engaged in different professions but their passion is social work and helping people in distress. And this helpline popularly known as SIF-One, is dedicated for Indian men and their family members.

Recently, India’s only national hotline for men had crossed 800+ days of its existence and a press release of Save Indian Family otherwise known as SIF shows that calls come from all parts of India –

Sif One Caller Distribution

SIF-One data shows that while Delhi and Rajasthan received maximum calls in these 800 days, MP and Chhattisgarh were a close second. It is interesting to note that while Bengal and Orissa gets maximum number of dowry cases every year calls received by SIF-One from these two states are at rock bottom.

Best awareness about this SIF-One helpline is seen from Karnataka where activists seemed to have created huge awareness about men’s helpline. It is seen that when Karnataka had only 3025 cases under dowry in 2014 and is much below in terms of number of cases filed in a year, the helpline had received 9750 number of calls from Karnataka. Karnataka is closely followed by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh where a total of 2006 cases were filed in 2014 but the SIF-One volunteers had received 4163 calls from those states.

Ritwik B Kumar who manages India’s only national helpline for men says, “The awareness of a state can’t be concluded like this. If there are TV debates that shows our helpline number our call volume increases.” He also explained that internet penetration and use may be another reason of low call volume in different states. He said – “we don’t have any awareness campaign for Indians living abroad but SIF-One still received about 5% calls from global Indians.”

Ritwik also explained that most of the volunteers for SIF-One are working full time in corporate houses with high responsibilities. This leads to dropped calls and missed calls many a times as unlike all women helplines this is not a call center where the call receivers are paid for their work.

The SIF press release says that the SIF-One helpline receives calls from male victims of rape, sexual violence, domestic violence and male victims of other forms of abuse in the hands of women. It is interesting to note that 54% calls received by this helpline is from unique callers. That means every day about 45 new callers call up this men’s helpline.

Also once a call is received the SIF volunteer gives his personal number for further assistance and work on a mentor-mentee relationship and keeps the overall call numbers lower.

This helpline while giving guidance in legal and psychological matters to men, do not recommend lawyers or legal professionals. This hotline does not promote any lawyer or law firms.

Surely SIF-One volunteers are doing an amazing work in giving support to men and their families at a time when in India men do not have any laws to safeguard their life and no welfare program is run for such male victims. The psychological help provided by SIF-One volunteers also help preventing suicide of male victims as was seen in 2014. The suicide of married Indian males has come down to 59000 from 64000 in 2013. However, it will be a matter of observation if the suicide numbers continue to decrease when 2015 NCRB data is released.

It is amazing to note that even though this helpline is managed by full time corporate professionals who are not paid for this social work and continue to do the work out of passion. Unlike the women’s helpline that works for money and where the employees are not even paid properly for their work in-spite of the fact that more than 90 thousand crore is allocated for women empowerment in our budget. This shows that women empowerment and various schemes towards the same are only shams to swindle tax payers’ money.

Helpline for men

“Minister: Play the victim card” – Indian man challenges women’s minister

After a man wrote an open letter (published by us earlier) to Maneka Gandhi, The Union Minister for Women and Child Development in India, she wanted to know his suggestions on Twitter.

Maneka Gandhi Open Letter

In his mail he challenged the constitutional validity of the existence of the ministry as he said that when the basic premise of Indian Constitution is about creating equality, there can’t exist a ministry specifically to create benefits for women depriving men and create inequality. The “Special Provisions” mentioned in Indian Constitution can’t be construed as “All Benefits given only to women” as he challenges the ministry’s concept of considering women as oppressed gender.

He said that the minister can also claim as a victim tomorrow with he being the oppressor. Here’s the mail –


The Minister
Ministry of Women and Child Development
Union of India,

It is unfortunate for me that I am writing this mail to a ministry on the request of the minister herself when the ministry has lost constitutional validity of its existence.

Indian Constitution that talks about giving the government right to create “special provisions” for women never gave the right to the government to give ALL benefits only to women. The very existence of this ministry today proves it is set up to deny all rights for men and should cease to exist any longer. This if because the basic tenets of constitution is about equality and NOT about creating bias. So existence of a ministry only for women while the same is non existent for men, shows the violation of our Constitution itself. This cannot be considered as a special provision for women in any manner.

You might have already read my articles on why The National Policy For Women is outrageous, shameful and should be withdrawn without a second thought, because the benefits you plan to give to women simply for their gender is not special provision but violating rights of men like me directly.

The policy clearly shows tyrannical nature of the ministry that promises to snatch all rights of men to live peacefully and with dignity. You have shown plans not only to take away reproductive rights of men by proposing focus on Male sterilisation but want to snatch right to have a dignified life from differently able men as well. You are openly talking about creating bias against boys so that they find it difficult to be competitive in education or in developing skills for getting jobs. If that was not all, you have plans to manipulate govt data and monitor media as well. I can say this, because I read the intentions behind the innocently worded policy.

I am sure you and people from your ministry have read all the articles I have written against this policy before asking me to send this mail with my concerns. Hence, I am not elaborating it in any further.

Do I expect anything from you? What can anyone expect from a ministry which doesn’t have any constitutional validity of existence? What can I expect from you when in-spite of being a minister you are oppressed and I am the oppressor only because of our genders? What can a normal male citizen with no political backing expect when he knows even a minister can play the victim card tomorrow because of her gender. Because if you didn’t consider any of the above as true then you wouldn’t have created outline for denying all rights for men like me and given all benefits to women like you.

So I will not be surprised if tomorrow this mail is projected by Indian media to show how oppressed women in India are that even a minister received this mail when she asked for a citizen’s concerns.

We surely do not want a ministry like yours that is set to take us backwards.This ministry has lost all its legitimate rights of existence as the open hatred created by your actions are clearly visible now.

Not sure how much you could understand. I don’t expect too much either. Had to write this mail only because you wanted me to. Now you can play the victim card. Since I am born as a male, I will always be the oppressor and women like Rohtak Sisters will get bravery award from women’s commission. After you fill media with feminists, and consider everything said against women as online violence, they may be considered as god as well… Because no one will dare to say criminals need punishment, not award.

No, we normal citizens have stopped expecting anything from this government and the politicians for ever oppressed women. You better know that not many people like it anyways and the ever growing victimhood of women is under question now. Even by monitoring media you can’t contain that.

The oppressor Indian male who does not have any rights…


New Statistical study shows strong correlation between number of dowry accused and suicide of married Indian males

Legal Terrorism

Legal Terrorism

A new statistical study shows strong correlation between number of accused persons in IPC 498a and suicide of married Indian males.

Correlation coefficient denoted in statistical terms as ‘r‘ shows whether two different data sets are correlated. The value of ‘r’ if closer to 1 denotes strong positive correlation, whereas the value closer to -1 denotes strong negative correlation between two independent data sets.

A recent study done to find out correlation (if any) between “number of people accused in a 498a case” and “husband suicide in that year” has correlation coefficient of more than 0.96 which denotes strong positive correlation between the two variables. (Check this link for an easy understanding of calculating correlation coefficient)

Based on data captured from NCRB records from the year 2001, this study first finds out number of new people accused in IPC 498a every year. This is obtained by subtracting the “number of people whose cases were pending at the end of previous year”  from the “Total number of people for trial that year”-

Suicide and persons accused

The Std. Deviation of the data “New persons accused in 498a in a year” is found to be 28, 130.

Std Dev of Persons accused

Similarly Standard Deviation of Husband Suicide is calculated (For details of Standard Deviation calculation see this) –

Std Dev of Husband suicide

The final calculation gives Correlation Coefficient (r) asCorrelation Coefficient

and the numerical value of r is found to be 0.965896115.

The Coefficient of Determination denoted as r² or R², is found to be 0.932955.

A Coefficient of Determination or R² value close to 1 denotes that the characteristics of one variable out of the two is very well described by the second variable. That means the husband suicide data is very well explained by the total number of people accused in 498a cases.

This analysis shows that no matter whether in NCRB records the reasons for husband suicide is mentioned specifically as family problem or not these two data  are highly correlated and husband suicide can be explained completely by the number of accused people.

This may be because of the protector role of Indian males that makes them a failure once they fail to protect their family members from false cases and related harassment. This is another clear sign that the effect of IPC 498a on Indian families have been devastating and is leading to increased suicide of married Indian males.

Future study needed

A similar study is urgently required to find out correlation between DV, CrPC 125 and Child custody cases and suicide of married Indian males. It may be possible that a combination of these factors are responsible for suicide of married Indian males and NCRB data does not capture this information. The issue is worsened by a the fact Indian males do not easily seek help from anyone (including friends and family members) when they are in trouble. This characteristics coupled with a sustained suppression of males’ needs in the society and govt apathy to look into these matters are worsening the situation further.

It is time that Indian MRAs understand this and take immediate action.


Five clothing fit tricks every guy should know

5 clothing fit tricks every guy should know

Entered the store, liked the outfit and tried it – It looked good to check out in mirror but when worn in front of the friends or colleagues, they point out the minute detailing errors that you missed to notice and then that suit sits in your wardrobe for months and years because you don’t feel like wearing it anymore. Does this situation seem familiar to you? Or do you dread being a victim of such shopping slip?

One way out of such an eventuality could be that you take somebody along the next time you go shopping. But what if nobody is available and you need to go for emergency shopping or the person you took along with you is as naïve as you when it comes to shopping and styling? You won’t be able to blame anybody but yourself at the end if any slip-up will happen later!

And, if it a suit I am sure then it won’t just spoil your mood but will hurt your pocket too. After all, a business suit is not a regular thing to purchase, nor it comes in regular pricing bracket. Wouldn’t it be better if you are aware of the fitting hacks and can check by yourself if a suit is fitting you perfectly?

Yes, we understand that selecting and shopping for men’s suit is just as (maybe more) difficult as purchasing a dress for a women and since they have their own hacks and tricks listed to figure out if the dress actually fits them well or not, why should the men be discriminated on fashion grounds?

Do not worry! Dear Men, we are going to disclose 5 simple fit tricks for you that you can use the next time you will go shopping alone (or somebody) to save you from any regrets or disappointments later.

  1. The Shoulder to Wall Trick

Purpose: It will prevent you from buying a suit blazer or jacket that is too big in size


  1. Put on your jacket, sport coat or blazer and lean towards a wall from the outer side of your shoulder.
  2. If the shoulder pad of your jacket meets the wall first and the fabric scrunches up before your touch it then you would know that it is too big.
  • Remember! The less the pad overhanging will be, the better it is.
  1. The Hug Test

Purpose: It will keep your seam from hanging and the torso comfortable


  1. Put on your jacket/blazer or shirt and look at yourself in the mirror.
  2. Now open your arms and move forward as if you are going to hug somebody.
  • If it will feel like your seam is going to burst then it is definitely not a good fit for you.
  1. Either you should try a different brand or a size up in the same brand.
  1. Curled Fingers Test for Jacket Length

Purpose: It will help you to figure out the perfect jacket size for your body


  1. While you have your suit blazer or jacket on, let loose your arms at the sides.
  2. Curl up your hand fingers and the jacket’s tail is supposed to rest in the crevice that your fingers have formed.
  • If the fabric is all bunched up, it is visible long and if it dangles by an inch or so then it is short.
  1. It should fit in just perfectly.
  1. The Fingers Trick for Collar Size

Purpose: It prevents strangulation


  1. Button up your shirt till the top and stick two fingers between your collar and neck at the side.
  2. Comfortably fitting up to two fingers is acceptable but if there is space for more fingers then it is too big a size for you.
  • The aim is too neither have too much gap that is noticeable, not to suffocate self.
  1. Handshake/ Armhole Test

Purpose: It helps you to get a blazer/jacket that will not fight you when you are wearing it.


  1. Put on the jacket/blazer and stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Pretend as if you are about to do a hand shake with somebody.
  • If the blazer/jacket rise up from the shoulder or feels uncomfortable then you need to search for another brand having high arm holes.

Now that you are ready to test your own suit’s fitting perfectly, we wish you a contented next shopping trip!


About the author

Moz is an innovative Content Writer who has years of experience in content writing and love to write about latest fashion trends. He also works as a freelance content writer for JodhpurTailors – a stop solution for Mens Tailored Suits. In his spare time, Moz loves to try hands on cooking and experimenting on new looks.