These men call for marriage boycott – here’s why

As Hindus worldwide celebrate Durga Puja or Dussera, a festival to celebrate the win of good over evil, some men think the age old connotation of Durga maa has changed. Durga maa as worshipped by Hindus is a lady with 10 hands and armed with deadly weapon in each is represented differently in modern day lives. This picture going viral nowadays shows a modern woman in the form of all deadly weapons in the form of laws –


The banner shows a woman armed with all deadly laws that are enough to kill a man. These men raises a question that if Hindu women were traditionally worshipped in the form of Durga or Kali (two main goddesses of Shakti or power) then why is the notion that Indian women are not empowered. These men say modern empowered women are free to break their families any time as they are heavily compensated for that. This is why marriage is a loser’s choice.

In this survey divorced men were asked if they wanted to marry a second time and 45% respondent said ‘no’ to second marriage compared to 32% who wanted to get married again –


Also in reply to another question in the survey, more than 50% of respondents said that bachelor life is best –


While commenting why men should not marry, Chetan said –


“Once upon a time, a man got involved with 3 girls at the same time and all 3 became good friends. All were sexy and hot. Owing to his old-fashioned rich Mom, He had to chose one to marry so as to get inheritance. So he conducted a test. He gave 5000 Rs to each of his girlfriend telling them they could decide on how to spend the money and but they’d have report back to him at the end of week. First girl, promptly purchased a dress she had always wanted and came back to him and told him “Jaanu, I bought this dress to look the most beautiful only for uuuuuu”. Second one, booked up a trip to weekend getaway at an exotic hill-station and told him “Chiku, I want to spend time with my shonaaa”. Third one, a CA, bought Nifty Options Intraday and and doubled money 3 times in a week. She came back and returned him 10000 and kept 5000 for herself.
Man was shocked… Could not figure out what to do.
After long pondering over this, he decided to marry
the girl that had largest (.) (.)


While some ad makers may get some important ideas to show that “men will be men” while choosing their life partner, women’s physical beauty is still the single most criteria for many men in India. What Chetan wanted to say was men’s criteria is still very basic one and they do not judge women by other qualities and get into trap.

CSK Sanu from Mumbai said while supporting marriage boycott– “Marriage had become an extortion tool due to Blind laws. If men get a fraud partner then life gets spoiled.”

MK Anand who works in UK as an IT professional, said – “Marriage is not the only thing in life.” He suggested that Indian men should rather discover themselves.

Jagadish from Bhopal, reiterated Anand’s points. He advised men to rather discover themselves and said – “life without women is heaven, experience it”.

In another survey on Intimate Partner Violence on Men, it was found that an overwhelming 48% men had suffered Physical Violence from their wives. More than 50% men had complained about sexual violence and also of verbal abuse. This is quite a contrary to the popular belief that only women are subjected to sexual violence.This findings also confirms why men are going against the concept of marriage.

Hussein Ali of Mumbai said – “an empowered woman has robbed me of some precious years from my life that no one can return.” For him, men need to pay a huge price for marriage and hence it is not worth.

Vijay from Kanpur said that educated Indian women know flaws in Indian laws well and they cause more damage. Men face more domestic violence than women in India.

Some people not only wanted to avoid marriage but they were ready to adopt a baby and live happily.

Sordid tales of torture and abuse comes aplenty from these men. Sonu said, that his love marriage became bitter despite his best actions to bring her back. Rather he was threatened many times of false criminal cases.

Abhishek Kaushik felt that laws needed to be equal for individuals and Indian family laws put ever man in danger. In his opinion that is a good reason for men to boycott marriage.

Chendu Reddy from Hyderabad narrated his story of getting extorted by his wife and her family and said, we need to fight against these laws so that these disgraceful women are punished. He believed law misuse is the major reason for men’s suicide.

Janak Merchant said – “There are all kinds of violence taking place on Indian men all over India. Worst is emotional and then comes financial. In the end it all boils down to wife wanting lots of hard earned money of her husband.”

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Some of them say women have no responsibility in family, so why marry? Marriage is a complete loss for men as they need to take all responsibility. Their complaint is married men have no choice even in their homes. They need to abide by whatever their wives say and their silent sacrifice is not even noticed by anyone. Pampering the wife is another need that one has to constantly follow. Else hell breaks lose. Many men are sick of this provider role but can’t break traditions. A recent hype around marital rape created by the movie Pink leaves men red faced. With ‘No means No’ becoming popular, these men believe men do not get sex when they need and now they run the risk of being termed a rapist. In addition, sexual crimes and adultery by women is on rise.

Bhaveen Sheth, who is a HR professional is so much moved by marriage boycott that he had dedicated an entire blog to single men.

Arvind believed that marriage considers a man as a mere ATM machine. In fact there are many who reflects his thought.


2016 Mumbai marathon saw a man dressed as ATM machine

While the reason for marriage boycott may be many for different men and boys and even if their number is increasing, they are still very insignificant compared to the critical mass needed to change the society.

In a July, 2016 study we found that Indian men outnumber women while seeking alliance. This cuts across all marital status. This study found out the numbers of profiles that existed on different popular Indian matrimonial sites.




Even though many argued that most of male profiles may be fake but there is no guarantee that women profiles are not.

To understand the eagerness of the two genders in getting married, we have created two different profiles of two different genders without photos. To make them similar we have made the male profile more educated and earning little more than the female profile, and everything else was same. We noticed that the male profile received two interests in one day while the female profile had received 14 interests in one day.

Even though a comparison between the census 2001 and 2011 data showed that percentage of married women grew in India but that does not prove that Indian men are any less desperate to get married. Question is, when there are so many biased laws against men, when a man’s 50% hard earned property can be at stake simply for marriage, why are Indian men still so much interested in marriage? Looks like the men raising a demand for marriage boycott still have a long way to go in terms of sensitizing Indian men about this.


Do you know?

October is the month of creating awareness about domestic violence against men and boys

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Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink explains why these innocent men were punished, you may be next


Pink Movie poster

When a woman’s testimony becomes the concluding evidence in a rape or molestation case as shown in Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink that also tries to justify “attempt to murder” on the pretext of molestation it becomes horrendous experience for many innocents. However, it is true that in normal cases the habitual offenders are often rounded up by police for questioning but that does not mean anyone who might have committed other crime (abduction, molestation of Falak in car) would have committed another crime (molestation of Meenal in a resort room) for which the trial was held. Surprisingly, many people who had commented on this article believed that a crime committed later can be the proof of another crime that might have taken place earlier.

A 2014 study by National Law University (NLU), Hyderabad students published in Outllok edition of Dec 2014 showed that Dhananjay Chatterjee was given death sentence in a rape case because of public frenzy built up by media simply because police found the gold chain of the girl in his house. In fact, this study concluded that influential persons who had equal or stronger reasons to be convicted of the same crime had either gone unpunished or less punished. The study pointed out that in most cases of death row convicts their advocates did not fight for them at all.

Another study done by The Hindu in 2015 showed that overwhelmingly large number of rape cases filed in India are sex on the promise of marriage between young couples. The study showed that scripted FIRs are the reason why so many false rape cases are filed. Showing the girl as 14 year old to show sexual assault on a minor, or to show sex on promise of marriage is a norm in such cases. As a result of this a lot of Indian minor boys and men are implicated falsely in rape and molestation cases. Shoojit Sirkar’s Pink just promoted the concept of deciding such crimes based on a woman’s verbal statement which was proved dangerous in many cases in recent past.

Dhananjay Chatterjee was hanged because police found girl’s gold chain from his house


NLU researchers on Dhananjay Chatterjee death penalty – courtesy Outlook

The biggest misuse of such public frenzy and media created hype against a rape was found in case of Dhananjay Chatterjee who was hanged in 2004 for rape and murder of Hetal Parikh in 1990. As the National Law University research showed police only found girl’s gold chain from his house and he was pronounced as the rapist and hanged. Feminists and media had created such a huge public frenzy around that case that the court was pressurized enough to pronounce death penalty.

Sensational Badaun rape and murder was imagination of villagers

Mango tree of shameRemember the image of two sisters hanging from a mango tree in Badaun, UP. This image was made popular by India Today by promoting that “remember these girls every time you eat a mango”. The very next day when media saw the two girls hanging they created a story of rape and murder because a villager said so. All this happened immediately and without any medical evidence. Later CBI investigation concluded that they had committed suicide and it was not rape as projected by media.

28 Day old baby’s rape in Bulandshahr was imagination of her mother

A rape case was filed against a man who was found roaming around a house and parents filed a complaint saying their 28 day old baby was raped. This created huge ruckus in media confirming the rape based only on the mother’s verbal statement. Later it was found to be diaper rashes. Another example of believing one’s verbal statement.

Park Street rape victim also identified a wrong man as her rapist

The infamous Park Street rape case victim first identified a wrong man as her rapist. When police, media and investigators showed her the photograph of the accused she confirmed many times that the man was guilty unless it was revealed that the man was in US and never came to India or went out of India around the same time. Even though the police later caught the real culprits through investigation, the man was saved only because he was in US. His friends who were in Kolkata that time underwent harsh trial and media and public glare because of a statement.

Niranjan Mandal spent four years in jail for 2006 Mayapuri Rape case

Niranjan Kumar Mandal who ran a diagnostic center in Delhi was arrested and sent to jail for four years based on the testimony of a driver who took his name in sensational Mayapuri Rape case of a deaf and mute woman. In this case someone’s verbal statement had implicated an innocent so badly that he could never regain his lost image and even after acquittal he had to undergo same punishment as society around him had boycott him. He had later asked Supreme Court to return his dignity and filed cases against media for maligning his image.

Sexual assault of a 3 year old Bengaluru school girl in 2014 was her mother’s imagination

The sensational 2014 rape of a 3 year old Bengaluru school girl was imagination of her mother. The mother misconstrued urinary infection in her daughter’s private parts as signs of rape. This had created huge public outrage in Bangalore in Dec 2014, all because of a mother’s statement. Later it was found that Nagraj was not even present in school on the day of the alleged rape. But Nagraj lost everything in his life. He lost his dignity, he lost his job, family everything. Details here

Rohtak Sisters were not bravehearts, they were criminals but not yet punished

We all saw them assaulting three men, but still most of us believed they were innocents and were beating the men on camera because those men were the criminals. This is how Rohtak Sisters, the habitual offender had sought to fame and were given bravery awards by the state women’s commission. When these two women were the real criminals, people who watched them committing the crime believed in their version until of course we fought for the three men.

Jasleen Kaur was an attention seeker but only Sarabjeet Singh is undergoing extreme pain

Jasleen Kaur the AAP attention seeker girl had create 15 minutes of fame unless we exposed her. Media, public everyone believed in her version of the story and concluded Sarabjeet as the offender, until the eye witness came forward in support of Sarabjeet. Jasleen too is not yet punished.

When male feminists are rapists

Khurshid Anwar lived alone in Delhi as he was a divorcee. He was also a women rights crusader and formed Institute for Social Democracy (ISD) to fight for women’s cause.  He was accused of rape by a woman from his own NGO. After Nirbhaya incident in Delhi his NGO was at the forefront in Violent Delhi Protests against crimes against women but that was in the morning. The woman alleged that same evening he tried to rape her when she was in an inebriated state. Later the FCRA details of his NGO revealed that funding to his NGO skyrocketed in the year 2012-13.

Another feminist leader Tarun Tejpal too had committed rape in one evening when the same day morning he had hosted a protest meet against rape. He stepped down as Tehelka chief to avoid so many punishments.

Feminists support rapists when rapists are one of them

Feminists who are all praises about the movie Pink, supported the accused whenever the accused was one of them. In both cases of Khurshid Anwar and Tarun Tejpal feminist leaders came forward in their support and tried victim blaming, sexism and all other possible ways to put the victim down. In fact, then these feminists did not bother to respect a woman’s verbal statement.

The same happened for Athlete Pinki Pramanik as well. When Pinki was accused of rape by her live-in partner the leftist feminist brigade of West Bengal went all out to support Pinki and protested against the police investigation and harassment Pinki was going through. All because she was a female.

Movie Pink clearly showed that no one except the individuals knew what happened inside the closed doors of the resort room but surprisingly the court believed the version the women said. However, the version against Andrea told by the man fell flat in court’s eyes.

Some men who commented on this article argued that director Shoojit Sirkar did show both good men (Advct. Sehgal, Neelam’s first boyfriend and bad men (Rajveer and friends) and Amitabh’s comments to expose daily sexism against women was not against ALL men.

So what will happen if in reality Meenal files a rape case against her boyfriend (with whom she had her first sex and lost virginity) in the same court under the same judge? First, her statement given in the case shown in the movie will not be considered by the court unless her boyfriend submits a certified copy of her statement in his case. Even then Meenal can always say that she was under threat or something else (she wanted to differentiate between good men and bad men etc. Any change in Meenal’s statement about her first boyfriend will neither change the verdict in the case against Rajveer (because it is unrelated) nor will prove her boyfriend as innocent. In neither of the cases if a woman’s verbal testimony is given prime importance over anything else it becomes extremely dangerous for innocent men simply because they ever had any sexual relation with a woman.

These men who cheer Pink don’t understand the future implications. They don’t understand how people like Niranjan Mandal and Dhananjay Chatterjee get punished because of this feminist agenda of putting a woman’s verbal testimony above everything else. The overwhelming misuse of Indian dowry and rape laws are because of this reason where women’s verbal testimony is making simple household feuds into raging dowry war. But that is not all, the movie Pink has another hidden feminist agenda behind this.

Feminist hidden agenda behind Pink

Currently Supreme Court of India is hearing a PIL filed by feminists in support of waving off the clause in our rape law that gives less punishment for a man if he is in a matrimonial relation with the woman. Feminists want these cases to be called as rape under ‘Marital Rape’ and they want to promote the concept of ‘No means No”. Apparently this may be a harmless concept to everyone but if this becomes a law, then every future Indian divorces will have a marital rape case included. That will not only make India a rape capital of the world, but will also take away their dignified life like the way it did to dowry menace. Marital rape will be another extortion racket to extort money from men whenever their wives think so.

So decide whether you want to cheer for the film Pink or expose feminist hypocrisy shown there.


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This is why Pink is a harmful movie for you and dangerous for this society


A poster of movie Pink

If you have already watched the Movie Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan, chances are that you have not only liked it but also agreed to what the movie tried to convey. If we go by normal movie review standards and popular formula of box office hits; this movie may grab many eyeballs and touch many hearts. This is because this time the feminist movie crew actually nailed it with a deadly weapon – victimhood of women, their tears.

The reason “Gulaab Gang”, another feminist movie starring Madhuri Dixit bombed was that it showed women as violent rowdies rather than victims and only victims. The makers of the movie Pink had carefully played with our sentiments with most deadly weapon on earth – women tears. Especially when it comes from young good looking women, it almost gets power to vanquish anything. The very reason that we always connect to others’ pain more than anything else, this formula of showing women’s tears will probably work this time for feminists and that is most dangerous for all of us including you.

In this movie other than strong cues, like acting, dialogue etc. the creative team of Shoojit Sircar had delivered a subtle non-verbal cue that will stick in your mind. I am talking about the tattoo of flying birds on Meenal’s collar bone. A space that was focused most of the time in the movie Pink while focusing on her face and that left a silent message each time it was focused. The message is – “free her“. You may not be aware but your subconscious mind would have thought of the need to free the most modern and educated, working, urban women. Carefully watch the movie again and you will find nowhere in the movie she wore a dress where the tattoo was not visible.

So while you understand that why Pink will probably be successful, let me tell you why this movie is propagating a criminal thought and is dangerous for this society. While saying this, let me categorically state that I don’t support any crime against women, but I am against this hypocrisy around rape that this movie shows.

The movie shows that three girls who were staying in an apartment met three strangers through a common friend and on first meeting these girls not only enjoyed the free dinner offered to them but also enjoyed free drink and agreed to go to the rooms of those strangers alone. Oh, if you have seen the movie you will also tell me how Andrea went there to go to toilet or some other reasons shown in the movie and as Advct. Deepak Sehgal (played by Amitabh Bachchan) clearly reinforced the feminist points that neither a woman’s dress, drink behavior nor anything else could be taken as her invitation to rape or molest her. So true, and I am sure most of you have agreed to that as well, neither do I disagree, too. But I am trying to locate that fortunate guy who being a stranger to woman had met a woman first time in his room and the woman willingly went with him (unless of course she had other intentions), I am also yet to see any decent woman who would do that. The reason given by three girls was they ‘thought’ those three strangers were decent.

Well, I don’t deny the fact that we may be fooled by one’s appearance or behavior and one night is not enough to know anyone. Then why did the girls go? Oh!! We are not here to judge their character. That is strictly prohibited under feminist rules and it is not fair when we are not trying to judge the boys either. In fact, this is not the harmful part of the movie.

The harmful part of the movie comes later. It is in the crux of the issue dealt with in the movie. It is popular feminist concept “No Means No”. That means when a woman says ‘no’ she means ‘no’ and men should respect that. There is no harm in this concept too but the movie tried to promote a crime in order to establish that.

The evidences presented in the movie by the state lawyer (with a twist the boys were shown as the plaintiff here) all goes against the girls and there was no evidence presented in the court that showed that the boys did anything wrong or tried to grab the girls. Rather one of the boys accused Andrea of trying to get intimate with him. But when the girls said that the boys were instead trying to get physical – court and all audience believed that “yes, the boys did it”. Meenal,  Falak and Andrea have justified all their allegations with the most dreaded weapon on the earth – their tears. No CCTV footage or medical evidence was presented to prove that.

To arrive at the conclusion Advct. Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) used drama and played with our emotions. He started asking her questions whether she was a virgin, when did she lose her virginity etc. Shocked by these kinds of questions any decent person (either male or female) feel ashamed of our court proceedings. But when he asked the final question, “what did you say to stop him” and she said “No”. Thus Amitabh in his final argument said, “she said NO your Honour, a man has to understand that a no means no…”

When a verbal statement of the girl without any other supporting evidence takes precedence over the overwhelming evidence of attempt to murder against her and when the audience believes that to be true, is the main harm that this movie causes.


This movie not only tries to justify a criminal act of causing grievous injury to one person (or even murder) to someone just grabbing a woman when in reality she was openly being sexual (telling sexual jokes, how many stranger women shared sexual jokes with you on first meeting?) and touching the guys in restaurant.


In short, movie Pink shows the low that feminists can stoop to. The feminist crew in Rashmi Ssharma Productions wanted to justify murder of men (it is already a law in India that a woman can murder a man in order to save her from rape) on the pretext of molestation or rape and ONLY want to go unpunished. Now, those of you who liked the movie need to understand that here other criminal evidences like medical reports and other witness’ statements are NOT being considered to convict an accused. But what Pink promotes is to convict a man of the most heinous crime (that is how feminists promote rape to be) simply based on a woman’s statement. It was never asked to the men if she had ever said ‘No’ and they were found guilty.

Sadly, the Bengali feminist crew and Rashmi Sharma Productions of Pink nailed it in the movie as one of their protagonist Advct. Sehgall said, – “It is the men who needs protection”.

Addition on 9/19

Many have commented whether I consider grabbing of a woman without her consent as a crime. Of course it is but the question here is of what magnitude. Can it justify “attempt to murder”. If yes, I want to know why are Rohtak Sisters not yet punished? Can someone help?


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From a feminist to an MRA, how did the transformation help me


Part 1

I am associated with Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) for last six years. I have joined the movement when I was in so called married life that others used to think as ‘Happy Married life’. My wife’s friends used to envy us. That was the time our Facebook posts were still abuzz with our holidaying pics. Yes, it was a life that could make any average couple very envious of us, because we used go on tours at least six seven times a year. Even when our kid was only six months old.

While people used to envy us, my parents used to think that we were blessed, only I knew why I was traveling so much. There was no doubt both of us loved travel (which Bengali does not?). Out son got accustomed with eating outside food at a very early age and had never troubled us while traveling. In fact, if we were married even today we would still be traveling to all over India and possibly abroad.

While our friends and neighbors envied how much did we travel, while we used to be the reason for many other jealous wives to find fault in their husbands, while many husbands would have cursed me for being such a bad example for them, only I knew why I was madly into travel. Because if there was anything in our marriage that was keeping us together that was travel. I used to get some solace that at least we enjoyed traveling together. Well, probably in our own ways.

Way back in 2006, when I returned to Kolkata from Chennai I felt so great that I can’t describe in words today. However, the dream soon died early death. My happy and graceful marriage broke down in front of my eyes in most painful ways. That was the time from 2007 I stopped having good sleep at night or at anytime of day, because believe it or not, I feared of being murdered by my wife or her family members. Reason? Well, that is why I got divorced eventually and is not the discussion point here. This continued for at least four years before I decided to end the menace.

Obviously, going back to my hometown was my dream come true and I started dreaming of settling in the company I was working for. Luckily for me the job was very creative and used to bring a new challenge to me every now and then. I was lucky but not enough.

But my life’s challenges were getting worse every day. Reason I was not able to share my issues with anyone was because I thought no one would have believed my story. I myself would not have believed the same story if told to me by someone else. Today I know this feeling was because of HUGE burden of internal misandry that I had.

I was living a life of fear. I was living in darkness with almost no hope of getting any help from anywhere. I was becoming so weak internally that did not even try to see if there was help available. Being a techie myself it was only natural for me to search for online help but I did not do that as well. I was dying every day. The job that was actually awesome, that gave me chance to showcase my creativity became bitter and horrible. And as it happens, office politics had almost taken away my job unless another great leader and mentor saved me. I have observed misandry and gynocentric behavior in that office too.

As it happens, when I was down mentally and physically too, when I was not able to perform in office, I started forgetting things and started to go inwards. It is a problem with all introverts – they always seek energy from inside. But what happens when a protector himself is not able to protect himself?

Not only I lost my self-esteem, almost everyone started ill-treating me. More I tried to be nice with people, more I tried to help others, more I tried to be down to earth, the more everyone started taking advantage. No one knew what I was going through, but more I wanted to be nice, more I became a laughing stock to others. I was so naïve that in order to seek sympathy from others I have lost my self-esteem.

No, I did not commit suicide. Only reason was that I was not bold enough to do that. The feminist me who wanted to be an ideal protector in his married life could not protect himself. When that happened, when that feminist male protector inside me died, that was the time I have lost my identity. Because from childhood I was taught to respect women, love them, love my family etc. But what I got in return? – Humiliation, shame, loss of identity.

I was still trying to be happy. I was trying to overlook all problems and accept that nothing happened. Probably most married people would do that in order to look “happily married”. I was no exception either. In office, one of my mentors (male) was playing good politics against me. He used to highlight my faults everywhere. As my ‘inner me’ died by then, I was clueless how to handle those buggers.

When my home was burning I could not think of office politics or anyone else in office being a greater threat to me. Four years later in 2012 the same guy contacted me for help in his matrimonial case. He was going through another hell and lost his job, prestige, home all. I realized that how his internal misandry that taught him to hate other men or discriminate against them had played a role. He was ousted from his own house by then. He had already pissed me so much in my official life, I did not show any interest in his case. Misandry!! So be it. Let another male feminist die. I had regained my lost self-esteem by then and didn’t want to lose it again.

End of Part 1


*Are you an MRA too? Share your story with us

Funded by Jewish and Christian groups ‘Nirantar Trust’ organizes street protests against rape in India

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submit FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]



If you have ever wondered why every rape in India make a worldwide news and have rabid protesters hitting the streets and taking human lives (policeman Subhash Tomar was murdered by the Nirbhaya mob), you need to know that such protests are spearheaded by foreign funded NGOs like Nirantar Trust; That are funded by Jewish and Christian groups like American Jewish World Services, Tere Des Homes and Ford Foundation.

Maria Wirth, a German writer had earlier explained why India’s rape stories make worldwide news. She had observed that German media disproportionately report Indian rape stories compared to even German rape stories. Not to mention that none of the Indian media houses could ever reach to any global sensational rape stories.

Nirbhaya Protest by ISD3

Nirantar and all foreign funded NGOs spearheading Nirbhaya protest

The reason for Indian rapes making global headlines may be found from the funding of NGOs like ‘Nirantar Trust’ that exist to create street protests. Their website says they not only organize street protests but take other NGOs along. If violent protests after Nirbhaya incident is any indication we have seen leftist groups from JNU and NGOs like ISD (of Khurshid Anwar) and Nirantar Trust spearheaded the protests. This photo aptly captures how these groups were together and at the forefront of Nirbhaya massacre in Delhi that took the life of a police constable Subhash Tomar on duty.


Nirantar Trust Funding from different foreign groups


From which countries those funds came from


It is also important to note that they had received staggeringly high funds from American Jewish World Services during FY 2012-13 (2 Million) and 2013-14 (9M). Coupled with very high funds from Ford Foundation in 2012-13 (5M) and also from UN Democracy Fund (~5M).


Nirantar Funding

Staggering increase in Nirantar Trust funding in 2012-13

It is important to note that Ford Foundation has never funded Nirantar Trust either earlier to 2012-13 or later. It is also significant to note that entire 5M came from Ford Foundation in January 2013. Same is true for funding from United Nations Democracy Fund. They have given Nirantar Trust approximately 4.8 Million in February 2013. As a result of such huge influx of foreign funds in 2012-13 this NGO had received 67% more than their usual influx of foreign funds. Their close ally in Nirbhaya Protest Institute for Social Democracy (ISD) an NGO managed by rape accused Khurshid Anwar also received staggering 11 Million from a church group in 2012-13. Both their websites boasts about their organization of street protests against sexual violence against women.


Not only about creating sustained street protests, Nirantar trust also engage in effective lobbying for change of Indian laws and introduction of criminal laws. Website claims that Nirantar had been involved in drafting Criminal Law Amendment Bill on sexual assault.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Funded by ASTREA LGBTQ funding, USA, Nirantar trust also fought against article 377 and want to uphold LGBTQ communities in India.

Nirantar also worked for Narmada Bachao Andolan (protest against construction of big dams in India). This was later found to be a ploy to hinder developmental projects in India and Indian govt. has already cracked down on such NGOs that were hindering India’s growth and running anti-development campaigns.

Nirantar had also been involved in another important process that affects education of our kids. Now, if you see your kid learning that Nisha Sharma (Noida woman notorious for filing a false dowry case to hide her past affair) being shown as a hero, Rahul Gandhi as the youth Icon or India as a rape or domestic violence capital of the world, don’t be surprised, because these textbooks were possibly written by Delhi based Nirantar Trust.

As a part of this textbook overhauling work Nirantar has thrown away the concept of nuclear family and showed family through the eyes of feminist sociologists, introduced new feminist definition of a citizen, introduced story of a boy who wanted to be a girl. (Nirantar is also funded by USA based LGBTQ funding).


It is important to note that the lions’ share of this foreign funds to Nirantar Trust was for women empowerment in India. Question is, why would foreign groups and specially Christian and Jewish groups and Ford Foundation be interested in development of Indian (read Hindu) women?


Funded by Ford Foundation, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis influences India’s Government policies and family laws

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submit FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]


Flavia Agnes Image

Funded heavily by Ford Foundation and foreign church groups, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis files PILs and influence government policy decisions and creation of new laws mainly divorce and maintenance laws.

NGO Profile

Majlis and Flavia opposed Shared Parenting, wanted to liberate Hindu women while opposing Uniform Civil Code that could ensure equal rights for Muslim or Christian women as well. Flavia promoted that marriage is not sacred and targeted Hindu marriages specifically. Not only that, on the pretext that marriage is not sacred, Majlis is trying to bring stricter criminal provisions for IPC 498a, the section notorious for its misuse rather than use; trying to implement marital rape making more husbands rapists on mere allegation, and also trying to include criminal provisions in one sided Domestic Violence Law.

Being a Christian herself Flavia speaks about Hindu women and how bad Hindu marriages are. She formed ‘Majlis’ after she found her divorce to be difficult for herself and today helps women in getting divorces. From Majlis website it is evident that Majlis is more bent on attacking Hindu customs, relations rather than any other religions.

Donations to Majlis

Foreign Funding of Majlis

Majlis Funding from different countries

Majlis FCRA funding


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Countrywise share to Majlis funding since 2006

Countrywise Share of Funds to Majlis

Growth in foreign funding to Majlis

Growth in Majlis funding

Some Donor Profiles

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation donated 3.4 crore (34 million) to Majlis since 2006. They have also come under Indian government scanner recently for running anti India campaigns. It is to be noted that Indira Jaisingh’s NGO Lawyers’ Collective also received 6.2 crore from the same foundation. This is to note that both NGOs work on influencing India’s legal policies and was instrumental in overhauling various Hindu laws by filing PILs and deputation in parliament etc.

International Development Research Center, (IDRC, Canada)

  • Funds researches in other countries
  • Contribute to Canada’s global policy,
  • From 2012-13 it started providing hefty amounts to Majlis for running free legal aid centers
  • Paid Rs. 2.7 crore (27 million) so far


HIVOS  a Netherlands based group work for the improvements of international cooperation and women empowerment. From the year 2006 they have paid Rs. 2.2 crore (22 million) to Majlis. The purpose of donation from them between 2007 – 10  is not specified to FCRA, however the purpose of the donation given in 2012-13 was for “cultural shows”.

Majlis is currently working on Introducing more criminal provisions in Hindu marriages, introducing Marital Rape and opposing Shared parenting.


“Expert Fallacy” – How Feminists fool you

Expert Fallacy is a human psychological phenomenon that is described as believing people only based on what they are wearing or posing as.

To understand Expert Fallacy better please check out this National Geographic video on the same –

Expert Fallacy, Nat Geo experiment on Expert Fallacy

Expert Fallacy – An experiment by National Geographic (click to open)

In the online world Expert Fallacy come to the point on how one person projects oneself or how one is projected by others.

Feminists very often use this psychological characteristics of human brain to fool us.

A recent example is from an AIIMS study of feticide where it was found that more female human fetus under 20 weeks of gestation period were killed (abortion – which is legal) in South Delhi area between 1996-2012. But when the fetus age was more than 20 weeks, it was found that more male fetus were killed.

Based on this, Dr. Chittaranjan Behera who published this study on behalf of AIIMS, raised false alarm in this Times of India report that gender selective abortion (gender of a fetus can be determined after 12 weeks) was one of the reasons for killing female fetus.

Dr. Tulsi Patel who was mentioned in the article as “Expert” also reiterated this point and blamed patriarchal Indian mindset behind this.

A point to be noted here is that abortion before 20 weeks of gestation period is legal in India and can’t be considered as a crime under feticide at all. If AIIMS report did point to any crime that was killing of male children above 20 weeks. Surprisingly, all experts and media was silent about that and completely suppressed the fact that the real danger was “feminism” that demand abortion to be a right to the mothers under feminist propaganda of “My Body, My Choice”.

Hence we see how Indian media create complete biased and one sided public opinion about crime against women using “Expert Fallacy”.

The general people also fall for this trap easily. They tend to believe what experts say without applying their own brain. This conversation will make that clear –

Expert Fallacy Effect

To my comment above Sagina Pradhan replied –

Expert Fallsy effect, sex determination, Feticide

So, the crime of “female feticide” which means murder (as projected by the article and as she believed initially) became the crime of “gender determination” which is more innocent in nature.

So this clearly shows that how our so called experts are “used” to create a false perception in the society. Sometimes these experts are “created” by paid media to promote certain thoughts they want to promote, as shown in the Nat Geo video. Clearly, many times we see these self-styled experts creating false public opinion in debates and other bigger national forums and promoting biased thoughts. Since, common people do not question experts easily, any self-proclaimed or media created expert can change/form public opinion to a great extent.

So we understand how “expert fallacy” is used to suppress real facts and promote some media intended popular thoughts.


How TOI created false alarm on female feticide when AIIMS study showed more male feticide

If you have the opinion that there exists only one type of feticide – “female feticide”; our media is fully responsible for that. This is because our mainstream media can create enough illusion in the minds of educated Indians to make them believe the same even with statistics that shows MORE MALE FETUS were killed.

A recent report published by ace Indian newspaper Times of India projects an AIIMS study that showed 48% male fetus being killed in South Delhi compared to 46% girls, shows rampant killing of female fetus and projects that as cruelty to girls while keeping silence on the real issue of male feticide as revealed by the study.

Feticide 1

How TOI projected the study in online news

The online version of the news still shows an image where a girl is at the center of a gun point when the description said “males outnumbered females”. The report does mention that females outnumbered males for the fetuses with gestation period of 20 weeks or less when abortion is legal in India.

What the report however does not portray is that more number of male fetus was actually killed when the gestation period of the fetus was found to be >20 weeks, which is not legal in India.

So the concern needed to be that more male fetus are being killed in South Delhi. However, to our amazement the newspaper and also medical experts project this as rampant “female feticide”.

So when the gestation period is less than 20 weeks, TOI found killing of those as sex selective and projected that as gruesome reality of female feticide; whereas when the gestation period was > 20 weeks, when the fetus are more likely to develop their genders and where the AIIMS study found more male fetuses being killed, TOI did not find any problem with feminism.

Surprisingly even AIIMS doctors found this as female feticide. Dr. Chittaranjan Behera who is the corresponding author of the medico-legal study, found “..selective female feticide” as common motive. This clearly shows that even our doctors are brainwashed or are selectively used to brainwash our general public in believing a false notion of female feticide.

Dr. Tulsi Patel, who is projected as country’s leading researcher of female feticide (as projected by media) said, it is the “patriarchal mindset” that is behind killing of a fetus or newborn. No wonder, she is another feminist bigot who just can’t see the real issue of male children being selectively aborted and the only reason could be anything but hatred towards girls as she wanted to project.

The media report ends with 2011 census study that showed alarmingly low gender ratio in India to bolster the thought that female feticide is the main issue. Surprisingly, a graphics presented in the TOI printed version exposes this stupidity of our media reporters, doctors and so called experts –

Feticide 2

Graphics published by TOI in their printed version

The above graphics printed by TOI, clearly shows that the survey found 48% male fetus was killed as compared to 46% females. Among homicidal killing – 28 boys were killed by blunt force compared to 23 girls.

This shows how our media and so called experts are making fool of everyone. Even the comment section of the online TOI article shows how common people were fooled in believing that AIIMS study showed rampant female feticide, when in reality it showed high male feticide and extreme danger of feminism and our sold out media.



  1. Female Feticide – A Hoax
  2. Census data fudged to show female feticide
  3. Satyamev Jayate lies about female feticide busted

6 conditions to validate your foreign divorce decree in India

Law Misuse, Divorce, Separation

In various judgement and particularly in Y Narasimha Rao and Ors. Vs. Y. Venkata Lakshmi and Anr, Supreme Court (1991)  Hon. Supreme Court has set the conditions to validate a foreign divorce decree in India. These are –

  1. When the divorce is granted based on grounds recognized by Indian law – Cruelty / Desertion / Adultery etc. are some of the valid grounds of divorce in India. So any divorce granted on any of these grounds by a foreign court will be valid in India too.
  2. When provisions of Indian law are not breached – If the marriage or related divorce procedure follows Indian laws, a foreign divorce decree will be valid in India. For example, Indian Muslim Laws does not recognize Mutha Marriage (marriage of a short duration) and hence a divorce decree for this kind of marriage is not valid in India.
  3. Decree pronounced by a court with right jurisdiction–This means that the court is either at a place where the said marriage was solemnized or where the parties had lived last as husband and wife or where the respondent lived. One cannot travel to a foreign country to obtain divorce and expect that to be valid in India.
  4. Decree that followed Principles of Natural Justice – The decree should have been obtained after a fair process of trial with both parties equally represented. This makes ex parte decrees from foreign courts invalid in India.
  5. When the divorce was decided on merits of the case – This is possible when both parties are equally represented and evidences of both parties were presented and discussed in the court.
  6. The decree was not obtained by fraud / coercion – Any decree obtained through fraud / coercion is not valid in India.


Special Thanks – Shonee Kapoor

Candid with Anil Kumar –a global synergy can take MRM to next level


Anil @ ICMI, London, 2016

Partha – Hi Anil, Congratulations for representing India at International Men’s Conference (ICMI, 2016) for the second year in a row and thanks for agreeing to share your experience at International Men’s Conference (ICMI, 2016) with my readers.

Anil – Thanks Partha. Well, I have worked closely with American Men’s activists since 2009. It is logical that all Men’s Rights organizations and experts across world to join hands together in dealing with serious issues that impact ordinary men across the world.

ParthaHow do you think International Men’s Rights Movement has evolved over the last few years?

Anil – Significant changes occurred during 2006-2009 in International men’s movement. One of the major changes was that the men’s movement took a more centrist position rather than aligning itself with the conservatives, the right wing or the religious groups. This gave the activists to work on issues without any constraints.

In these years, a lot of changes happened due to increasing usage of social media and Youtube. This accelerated progress of the movement. In countries like US or UK, there are a number of men’s issues organizations, which are impacting Govt. policy and making a difference in ground level work. When the law “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) was supposed to be reauthorized in US congress couple of years ago, it led to a deadlock situation due to activism of men’s organizations, who demanded more accountability and checks and balances.

However, this is just the beginning and a lot of work needs to be done in next couple decades. The false rape allegations are a serious problems across the western world and also India.


Activists @ICMI, London 2016

ParthaHow do you think this year’s conference was different from last one?

Anil – This year’s Conference on Men’s Issues went to a new level compared to the conference at Detroit in 2014. Firstly, experts from more than 20 countries attended this conference and the age of speakers ranged from 20 years to 76 years. We learned from our experiences in last conference. There were certain advantages of it being held in Europe, which made it easier for many people from different European countries to attend.

Of course, I must appreciate Mike Buchanan and his team at Justice for Men and Boys, a political party of UK, for bringing in all their experience in organizing such a big event.

ParthaWhat were your key takeaways from this international conference?

Anil – Imagine, sitting with experts from Scandinavian countries in evening parties discussing about issues of mutual interest. Every year, our media talks about how these countries are ranked high in global gender parity index, without telling us if they are really creating equality between both genders or they are just competing to put men down.

British MP Philip Davies speech at ICMI, London 2016

The key takeaways are our future partnerships with various organizations and experts across the world.

ParthaWhat do you think International MRM needs to learn (if any) from Indian MRM?

Anil – Men’s activists in other countries can benefit from Indian men’s movement by learning about how we create men’s support groups and how we run our organizations and campaigns.

ParthaWhat do you think Indian MRM needs to learn from MRM in other countries?

Anil – Indian men’s activists are relatively younger in age compared to activists in other countries. So, there is a gap at an intellectual level. In West, large number of high quality books on men’s issues are getting published. In fact, there was a book signing session on 2nd day of the conference. The activists in west bring almost 2 generations of experience with them. So, the activists in India need to learn more about men’s issues across the world.

ParthaWhat are those areas where Indian MRAs need to be sensitized fast and how?

Anil – I think, Indian activists understand the core issues very well. It’s good that they are focusing on a few core areas. What they need is a collective vision of future, which can inspire them. There is a greater need of discussion and collaboration for long term strategic needs.

ParthaHow do you think Indian MRM can integrate with the global movements and how can we become a sizeable global force?

Anil – With social media, Indian activists are already integrated with the global movements. As we are an English speaking country with huge population in social media, we can easily become a global force and guys in India can make enormous difference to the movement across the world. It just needs a bit of patience and willingness to team up with activists in other countries.

ParthaWhat are the key areas for improvements for Indian MRM?

Anil – There is saying, – “if you are not growing, then you are shrinking.” The same applies to Men’s Rights activism in India. Guys in India must look into future and ask themselves – what do we want to see in next 5 years and 10 years in our organizations and in our activities. They have to realize that discrimination of men will not end and it may actually get worse in next decade or so. Wishing a couple of laws to become gender neutral is a very short sighted view of future.

Once teams and men’s organizations start focusing on long term organizational goals, they will automatically see the gaps that need to be bridged. There is a lot of expertise among Indian men’s activists and experts. If this knowledge is readily imparted to new activists, it will make a huge difference.

ParthaHow collaboration with men’s organizations in other countries can help the men’s movement in India?

Anil – We have to understand that India goes through a lot of international pressure about the way it handles women’s issues. As it’s a big country with a huge population, it tends to be more in bad news. Feminists and other vested interests have seized this opportunity to unleash war against men. This international negative propaganda can be effectively stopped when we work closely with men’s activists in other countries.

Most people in West do not know that it is legal in India for a woman to perpetrate family violence against her husband and her partner or it’s legal for a woman to sexually assault or stalk a man in India. We need to educate people in West and we need to influence the politicians and law makers in Western countries about the human rights violation of men in India due to draconian laws, without any checks and balances.

ParthaThanks Anil for your time. Last but not the least, is there any way, people can access the talks by the speakers at the conference.

Anil – All the talks will be uploaded to Youtube in a month’s time. I think, a couple of talks are already uploaded.



[Anil Kumar is a techie, life coach and an expert on men’s issues. He has testified several times in front of Indian parliamentary committees regarding laws related to marriage and domestic violence. He has also been invited by law commissions for his suggestions on some of these laws. Recently, he represented India in International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) and in this candid interview he discussed about the conference and spoke about future of global Men’s Rights Movement.]