Brutality of circumcision in boys – unseen psychological bruises

Connections to sadomasochistic behavior & child-hood injuries has been noted in psychology. Common elements of S-M behavior & circumcision include pain, struggling, bondage, & a loosely, originally unwanted, associated sexual context.

Boys' circumcision

During circumcision an infant’s eyes remain tightly closed. Infants tremble, cry vigorously, & in some cases become mildly cyanotic.

I do not wish to cause misery to other males by this article. This is strictly educational. This is regarding a sensitive subject, the realities of male genital mutilation, generally hidden & continued to be accepted.

A study by a cognitive psychologist from the University of Southern California & co-author of a paper featuring some of it’s findings in the Oct. 6, 2010 issue of the Journal Neuro Report found that when men under stress saw angry faces, they seemed to not want to engage. There’s that masculine rational fear deemed by mass society as “bad” or some kind of “illness”. Contrastingly, as usual, females were more insistent.

Psychologists have known for a long time that trauma sets, often hidden from awareness have long term effects. You could be psychologically damaged & not even know it, or not know how it happened.

During circumcision an infant’s eyes remain tightly closed. However, levels of cortisol (the hormone release as response to stress) are high during circumcision. Increase of excessive heart beats, even over baseline, per minute have been recorded. This level of pain would not be tolerated by older patients.

Infants tremble, cry vigorously, & in some cases become mildly cyanotic – lividness or blueness of skin caused by pressure of skin due to prolonged crying. It is an abnormal type of crying.

By the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was believed that a baby had similar level of consciousness to a vegetable. By the mid 1940s there were changing understandings of infants. Pediatrician Benjamin Spock (1946) reported that infants are more cognizant.  Infants can generally distinguish between the vowels i and a on the next day following birth. Infants require attendance to proper sensory responses. Infants do have their own set of well-developed thinking. It’s just of a different type.

From the Journal of Sex Research, Davison and Money of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine reported that changes includes drastic diminished penile sensitivity. With relatively little effect of arousal, it can be described like callused fingers a guitar player receives.

Extreme pain, bahavioural modifications, risk of complications, & loss of protective, sensitive tissue, resulting in diminished gratification are some commonly found after effects circumcision.

People have close to no idea of what really happens. Facts are naturally altered or withheld because of feelings. More damage is done due to concealing rather than disclosing truth. There have been reports, that adult males could compare effects before the practice and after. It is similar to being incapable of holding something normally with hand due to wearing a glove.

As an intact male, it’s been my experience that my more passionate but much steadier, thoughtful & intensified sexual interest was interpreted by many females as an exaggerated, fake act by me, either that or that I had something “wrong” with me for having my passions more grand. This is a common recurrence: males honestly show how much they like a female, she then sees that as “too needy”, “weakness”, or something stupid.

Concern with being a bland-minded acquirer of capital undermines concern for cultivating masculinity – better standards, promoting better self-esteem. The self-esteem of males has already been ruined by circumcision.

There are several types of memory. Painful experiences in neonates can lead to psychological sequel. Remembering, for instance, something you saw two hours ago requires a different type of memory than knowing how to tie a knot or recalling a place you’ve been associated with heightened sensation. Memory is not limited to only intellect, but body & emotion also. Long term memory has been demonstrated behaviorally in various mammals & other animals. Considering simpler animals have long term memory, it’s about 99.9% likely that infants have it also.

From neurological & developmental analysis, newborn infants can have trauma & retain memory of it. A sector of society has projected their inability to consciously remember that time on the infant. We store memories of that time, just generally don’t have access to them immediately. According to a psychological survey, the majority confirmed that forgetting was due to retrieving problems & not loss of information from memory storage.

A mother explained that her child of 6 years old crawled through a tunnel & said to her: “This feels like when I was born”. Similarly, birth Primal can be studied by simulation. Psychiatrist Nandor Fodor was the first to propose accessing trauma memories by simulation.

The DSM IV classifies Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD), as resulting from extreme traumatic stressor beyond routine life of a given average maturation. Responses include intense fear. Instances of which are torture, etc. According to the DSM IV, PTSD includes symptoms of impulsive & self-destructive behaviour, etc. By definition, in conjunction to other facts cited, circumcision is traumatic. Like other traumas, it is repressed. Psychological problems increase as age of child decreases.

Adult males with such experiences have adverse behaviour responses, mainly undetected by society. The revelation is that we have a society of unhealthy males, continuing instinctive self-abuse. Just a personal anecdote: “The level of “machoness” predicted by gynocentric instincts has alienated & maladjusted me, who never had this procedure done to me. What is considered normal is the society we have.

Symptoms of PTSD vary. The hidden – long term effects generally not of awareness but evident in behaviour – PTSD of circumcision has a contributing factor of violence as just one of those variants.

Violence can also be exhibited in different ways, which may not even be capable of classification of crime statistics.

Subsequent distrust & aggression is connected. The systematic practice teaches to be angry or accept the loss. Trust is a prerequisite for setting discipline of commitment. Disruption of development of better communication to females for future is impaired. It is very strange that the artificial mold of masculinity is what females admire mostly.

Based on clinical neurological research, traumatic & painful experience can actually cause long-term physiological changes in the neurochemical & central nervous system. Brain-imaging studies conducted on adults with histories of sexual abuse of childhood were reported to have reduced size of hippocampus, which is a zone of the brain associated with memory. Also, low scores of adults who had been abused were reported on another test of verbal short-term memory. This proves that Circumcision actually alters brain development. Presence of high level of the stress hormone cortisol, which is increased 3-4 times in the blood stream correlates with deep memory imprinting.

So when a boy undergoes circumcision he suffers from Dissociation which is erasing associated pain from traumatic experience, both physical & mental that results from trauma. Dissociation is a response of a psychological survival mechanism analogous to numbing a part of one’s body to inhibit extreme pain. A boy actually makes himself believe it didn’t happen, thus actually altering himself.

By Jessie Nagy


Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart campaign on World Heart Day is biased and misleading

Safola life ProtectHerLife Campaign

Recently I came across a campaign driven by SaffolaLife as they claim that research shows 2 out of 4 women are at risk of heart disease because of increasing weight. It also says that 30 minutes walk every day minimizes this risk.

This campaign wants men to plan what they can do together with their spouse to minimize this risk in women in their households (i.e. mother/ wife / sister).

A research on the subject of heart disease however shows completely different picture.

This article of US National Library of Medicine shows that Men are at higher risk from heart disease for their gender. A discussion with doctors and some more research into this subject reveals that oestrogen a hormone that flows only in women bodies helps protect them from heart disease.

So women are naturally protected from heart disease unless they are into menopause phase or have following risk factors –

  1. Genes – African Americans, American Indians, Hawaiians and some Asian Americans are at higher risk from heart disease as this article reveals
  2. Smoking
  3. Cholesterol – drinking etc. aggravates this.
  4. Diabetes
  5. More weight

Evidently, men are at higher risk from heart disease as men are more into habits like smoking and drinking and live a more stressful life.

This report by World Health Organization (WHO) shows the prevalence of overweight factor in India that may lead to heart disease –

WHO - Overweight problem in genders

WHO study of overweight problem in India

This article from India Today shows the top 10 reasons of death in India. Cardiovascular diseases top the list. It can also be seen from this chart that men are at greater risk and die more from cardiovascular disease than women –

Top 10 reasons of death in India

So far I was using Saffola oils thinking that they will reduce the heart ailments of my family. However, with such misrepresentation of facts and presentation of data in completely biased and misleading manner they have proved that they are not aware of this issue at all and they do business with our heart ailments. In fact, now I am feeling that their oils may be harmful for our hearts as they were developed without proper research and hence they are definitely not the right brand oils to protect our hearts.


“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

Sexual Freedom of genders

Recently in a discussion, a researcher told that it is natural that women are more precious in the world because the nature has made them that way.

He clarified, that the nature has given men the ability to produce millions of sperms at one time multiple times a day, when a woman can produce only one egg at a time, two times a month. So a man is given power to impregnate multiple women but women can only get selectively impregnated. Also women can’t get impregnated while they are already pregnant.

So the natural selection is sexual freedom he male gender but not for the females. Since a man can spread his genes only through a woman, it is important that the man pampers his woman to spread his gene and hence the woman becomes more precious among the two genders. Because that womb can only selectively carry children whereas that penis don’t need to be selective.

I was not able to understand why the selection should not apply to men. Because men too look for women with better physical features as they look for a woman with good genes and ability to give birth and nurture healthy babies. So men too need to be selective.

But economics of sexual freedom is heavily skewed against the male gender with men’s ability of producing millions of sperms each time and only ONE sperm is all that is important to impregnate the woman. All other sperms die in the process. This is symbolic of why the male gender becomes disposable and millions die to save one female.

But when we look at this from a different perspective, we find that a man can produce millions of equally capable sperms to impregnate a woman. All these sperms have same characteristics and same good genes that the special sperm possess. So in this case a man is created far more superior species than the female species. But this ability of producing quality in abundance also makes men the disposable gender and gives the hidden power to control all sexual encounters to women and to manipulate men in every possible extent.

With the nature being so misandric, it has also balanced this misandry out by giving men the power to impregnate multiple women everyday.

Feminists played a very cruel game with nature in the name of women empowerment. They brought a vaguely defined term called “consent” that can send any man behind the bars on mere allegation of rape. In this way, feminists have prohibited men from having multiple sexual partners, the only advantage given to them by Mother Nature.

Feminists are manipulating with the rules of nature. When these rules are manipulated the only result that we can think of is destruction of human species.


Depression – Women may be physically more prone but men are forced into it

I came across the following article in India Today (March, 2015 edition) on depression and realized that it is high time that India should be concerned about this –

Depression - Function of our brain

How our brain controls depression (Image Courtesy – India Today)

Different global researches show that one in every four women and one in every ten men suffer from depression. This article of Psychology Today also tells us why women are more prone to depression due to different hormonal changes and outside stress related to career, education, marriage and child birth. Recently feminists have gone to a stage of demanding killing of babies upto the age of one year under post-partum syndrome. Recently in another study it was found that even men can undergo post-partum syndrome. This WebMD article tells us that one in ten dads suffer from moderate to severe post-partum syndrome even though NO men’s rights group ever demanded killing of babies as their right.

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The reason depression becomes a very important topic of discussion today is, ever increasing social stress and highly busy life schedule all of us losing touch to our lives and becoming more prone to getting psychological ailments like depression.

Doses of Feminism acts as harmful catalyst in this as in order to prove them equal to men, women unnecessarily complicate things and invite more stress in everybody’s life. They being naturally more prone to mental health issues make life of men in their lives miserable with their weird behaviour.

If you read the India Today article you will know how some women adopted negative lifestyle after being depressed and some men resorted to good healthy methods of good food, regular physical exercise and balanced lifestyle to revive.

American National Institute of Mental Health lists these as symptoms of depression –

  1. Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood
  2. Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, guilt, worthlessness
  3. Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities
  4. Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable
  5. Decreased energy, fatigue
  6. Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions
  7. Difficulty sleeping, or oversleeping
  8. Appetite and / or weight changes
  9. Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts
  10. Persistent headaches, cramps, digestive problems

If we look at these symptoms we will find many that may relate to us. In our lives however, we ignore them very often. In a family most of these symptoms are taken care of by the family. But today, family is the reason we have more of these issues. With constant breaking of the family system under feminism influence we are at a greater risk of falling prey to depression and suicide rate is set to reach newer heights.

Even though men may be physically less prone to depression the following make things dangerous for them, especially for Indian men –

  1. Broken relationship is said to be a major cause of depression. Both the genders suffer from broken relationship and it is found that the women break relationships more often than men. Hence men run a far more risk of forced depression.
  1. Stress is another major reason of depression. In the erstwhile gender role where only men were considered to be the breadwinner for the family and women the care giver. Feminists today show women as capable of doing everything men do. So both men and women are thus exposed to a highly competitive life where work-life balance is compromised. However, the expectation that men will be the providers remained and women’s earning remained with her.

Since women are not made responsible to contribute in their families but they continued to block opportunities for men in workforce this created a double jeopardy for men. At the workplace, men’s chances of getting employed reduced and at home they are still considered as the provider and hence forced into the same.

In order to prove their worth in their workplaces men are forced to work extra hours whereas women continued to demand that women get lower wages while they continued to work less hours compared to their male counterparts. This situation had led to increased stress and reduced work-life balance for men. In addition to this was a recent feminist propaganda that demanded men take part in household work as more women are working now. So women got less work in both their workplaces and in their homes and men got to prove their ability even harder in both the places. This led to a situation that created inhuman situation in men’s life and they are forced into depression today.

  1. Creation of family breaking laws is yet another feminist agenda that forces men into depression. These laws made in the name of women empowerment gives undue advantage to women and increasingly deprives men from all their rights. This creates a dangerous situation for men. Since women are physically more prone to depression and Bipolar Depression (BPD) they continue to break their relations with impunity leaving men reeling under undue mental stress. This is forcing men to be more depressed and forcing them to commit more suicide.
  1. Gender biased laws other than family laws are also playing their havoc on men. Indian rape laws that empowers women to file rape case on their lovers even after years of their relation makes life of Indian men miserable in every relation either in love or in marriage. Every time a woman breaks a relation the man is considered to be a loser and loses his hope in all future relations. However, the woman moves on and enjoys other relations. On the other hand, when the man breaks the relation he runs a high risk of getting a rape case. So in either case a man suffers more than a woman and is more prone to depression and suicide.
  1. Absence of men’s welfare in India is another concern that makes men more prone to depression. In one hand focus on girl child and girl’s education is depriving boys from education, on the other hand the job market is shrinking for men with the addition of women labour force and also extra benefits to them in the name of women empowerment. Whereas Indian men are expected to build a house and family from scratch a woman is not made responsible for any contribution in her family. Any financial help sought from a housewife is considered a crime but on divorce the woman gets entitled to all property, even the property inherited or inheritable by the man. Men are thrown out of their own houses on divorce and even well educated and employed women feel proud to get alimony. This in a way is forcing men into more depression and suicide.

Thus it can be concluded that even though women may be physically more prone to depression, Indian men are forced into this by modern feminism. The ever growing male suicide is a direct evidence of this. With several one sided gender biased laws playing havoc in men’s life any depressed women can file any false case on any man with impunity, thus making the lives of men even more depressing. Indian men need to suffer for some mentally unstable or women suffering from BPDs and the result is high rate of suicide among men. It is thus the need of the hour that depression among men is taken more seriously and appropriate measures are put in place to improve the situation for men.

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Is divorce and separation from your kid making you depressed? Here is what you can do


Source – Pixabay

The men’s rights volunteers very frequently get such cases where men undergoing extreme form of depression due to divorce and separation from their kids. Many men commit suicide due to this depression. Many of them successfully fight this depression and emerge as a winner of their custody battle too. A few dads can successfully overcome all depression even if they do not win custody battle.

Father’s rights activists suggest that one should not leave hope of getting one’s child custody and battle it out in courts of law. But this battle is not easy for Indian men especially because every divorce today is marred with a dowry case and very recent addition of rape case to make the man suffer the most. With this deadly trend setting in, divorce brings the first challenge of proving one’s innocence to the world.  Since the knowledge of such growing misuse of rape cases is still limited to the Men’s rights activists (because they deal with such cases nationally) and no mainstream media reports them, common men who are outside the purview of Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) are not aware of this and goes through extreme depression and suicidal tendency.

This suicidal tendency is seen more in male feminists who were taught to respect and protect women no matter what comes their way. This in a way hits back the same men very badly when the same women they save files such cases to take revenge or to extort more money from them. Since these are the families who had traditionally believed and forced others to believe that women can’t file false cases, women are victims etc. they find it very difficult to adjust to the new unforeseen reality.

Indian men have one more problem of not seeking help when needed. This problem also comes from Indian patriarchal system that teaches men to be brave and be providers and protectors for women around them. However, these men are not taught how to save themselves from women.

The struggle gets aggravated when a child is involved in this case. Mothers almost always use the child as the pawn to emotionally shatter the man. If a woman does not do this, her relatives or lawyers force her to do the same so that maximum money is extorted from the man. Indian judiciary being a laggard in handling overwhelming majority of cases and lower courts being inefficient and places of high corruption the battle becomes difficult for such dads.

Indian men’s rights groups and men’s rights helplines available all across India helps such men in fighting their legal and emotional battles. These are the men who had suffered the brunt themselves and hence are in best position to help other distressed men.

So the first step of any such dad is to contact either men’s rights activists through various means or contact the father’s rights activists.

Even though the legal aspect of each case can be separately dealt with considering the merits of each case, the emotional aspect is where many families fail.

If you are one such dad or know someone who is undergoing divorce and separation from his kid you need to know these tricks to handle such depression.

  1. Discuss your problems with others – even if you are not comfortable with everyone you need to find out that one person who will be empathetic to your problem and will be able to give you solutions. However, sharing the problem with too many people may not help. Most of your friends may not bother about your issue. Don’t blame yourself if they don’t, because it is their ignorance and not your fault.

There may be two scenarios in this – one, when you know the child is not yours and two when your child is your biological child. These two cases need to be handled differently –

 A. When you know the child is not yours, but you love him the most

Nowadays cases of adultery by women is increasing. Unofficial records suggest 30% DNA paternity tests done on children in Mumbai failed the test. Since a in our patriarchal society a father is not given the opportunity of getting DNA test done for his own child to confirm paternity, even if one has slightest doubt in one’s mind that can be dangerous at a later stage in life.

There is immense love for the child and at the same time hatred for being cheated by the closest woman in one’s life. This mixed feeling many a times lead to serious crimes like murder of the kids, mom and then committing suicide. Such men can never go out and tell anyone except one is completely unknown and an expert psychologist. Many MRAs are good in handling such cases too.

1. Disassociate yourself with the objects bearing child’s memory – It is important that you disassociate yourself with the child’s memory slowly and steadily when the child is not yours. This is difficult in initial years of separation but there is way to do that. Remove all little memory associated with him from your life. That means, give away his toys to other kids, change your house to a new location where you have never stayed earlier, remove all his photos from around you, sell or give away any object remotely associated with him e.g. the sofa where he used to play, your cloth that he loved wearing when he played daddy, removing that laptop that he loved playing with.

2. Disassociate yourself with other emotional memories – This part is not easy no matter whether the kid was not yours. You might be cheated by a grown up woman but the child didn’t have any fault in that. Also your wife didn’t do anything wrong by bringing the child on earth. The only crime she did was to cheat on you and almost instantly she had broken the marriage on moral and religious grounds (one of the oaths that Hindu brides take during marriage is to remain faithful to their husbands no matter what).

You can easily disassociate yourself with any sweet memory with your kid by changing those emotional things around. For example, if you used to play with your kid every night after dinner then it is natural that you will remember him every night after dinner even when he is not around. To overcome this emotion, change your dinner timing, engage in post dinner walk OUTSIDE your home or engage in a completely different activity post dinner. The point is, in order to stop those sweet memories of a kid haunt you, you need to create different memories at those slots. You may also be emotional when you see other fathers playing with their kids or a movie where such activities that you used to do with your kid is shown. You can just switch channel to avoid these, concentrate on different activities or simply cry if you are too emotional. Well, men do cry and there is no harm in letting your emotions out.

3. Try adoption if you are too emotional about kids – If after six months of hard try you feel that this disassociation with your kid’s memories is not giving good results you may try adopting a child (I will recommend boy as orphan boys do not get proper attention from NGOs and govt.). Even if you do not want to go for full fledged legal adoption, there are ways you can sponsor one or two kids from any orphanage and monitor them through rest of your life. This will give you satisfaction of social work and will also give you a reason to live.

I understand that nothing can give you the joy of having your own kid and nurturing one to success. But in such cases involving cheating by wives, men often lose trust in women and marriage. To get a meaning in their life, it is best to adopt an orphan and be a proud mentor to a successful kid even if adoption is difficult.

4. Engage in positive habits – Men almost always seek the help of alcohol when depressed. This is another negative way to fight negativity. Alcohol or use of drugs can only give relief on temporary basis but can never bring eternal happiness. For happiness one need to engage in positive habits like engaging in creativity, outdoor sports, gardening, cooking, music etc. These habits can keep you engaged and gradually will help you forget your painful past.

Engaging in physical activities like mountaineering, adventure sports, marathon, yoga etc helps one rejuvenate one’s body and mind and help in accumulating positive energies from the surroundings. This helps one in pursuing other positive and creative habits like painting, music, gardening, cooking etc.

5. Do not fight for custody rights if the child is not yours – No matter how much you love that kid if you know for sure that he is not your kid, do not fight for custody or visitation rights. It doesn’t matter how much you love him, but custody battles in these cases will keep bringing his sweet memories to you and you will continuously be haunted by them. It is better to forget the child once and for all.

B. When you do not have any doubt regarding your child’s paternity

Well don’t ask me how you can be sure of this. There is no way except a legal DNA test which is not possible without a valid court order. In case you have no doubt over your wife’s fidelity then these are the ways to handle separation from your child –

Know how to identify an adulterous wife

1. Fight for custody rights or shared parenting rightsDon’t be content with mere visitation rights. If you chose to ignore custody rights or shared parenting rights then you may be losing your child forever and father’s rights activists don’t recommend that.

Getting only visitation rights (get to see your child for two hours every alternate weekend) is like your own abuse. You still refresh his memories but do not get him close to you. All other sweet memories keep haunting you when he is not around and you get more emotionally unstable on subtle cues. Added to this will be his mother’s (your ex’s) brainwashing that will slowly poison his mind against you and your family. So only shared parenting or custody rights can help you fight this battle effectively.

Understand what is shared parenting

2. Don’t withhold emotions when you meet your child – I hate saying this time and again but it is perfectly alright for a man to cry especially when they miss their kids. Your emotions may run higher when you meet them suddenly and you may be in tears. Let your child know you miss him and no matter how much brainwash his mother’s family member does to him, he will still remember you cried and probably will not believe his mother’s stories easily.

3. If you are not at fault, don’t apologise in front of your child – Even though there is nothing egoistic here, men in India are increasingly forced to apologize for the crimes they have not committed. A father / man is held guilty by the society on every divorce, and so our children are also made to believe the same way. It is important that you tell him the truth in a positive way. That means without badmouthing your ex. NO son takes insult of their mother easily. But he can still believe you if you can put your point across properly.

4. Be on top of his mind – Well this is a concept that our marketers use very frequently. To be in top of the mind recall for their consumers. There are ways to be on top of his mind. Give him gifts, take him to good places, play with him or take care of his studies. All these attributes show that you care for him and that will take you a long way in future. This may also ensure that the custody battle goes in your favour.

All other points discussed in the first scenario are also applicable here except erasing the memory of your kid. In this scenario in fact you do not want to erase his memories.Remember positive living is something that can make your life even in difficult situations.

But what if you do not have custody or visitation rights and you are not sure whether you will get it. Will you kill your emotions? One way of fighting that situation is to create new happy memories. Visiting orphanages, adopting orphan children or taking complete care of some orphan children really helps in these cases. In fact you can try voluntary services in any old age home, cancer care center or working for India’s poor and homeless. Remember selfless and benevolent social work done for completely unknown persons can give you the much needed love that you are craving for. Even your own son can have selfish motives while interacting with you but those poor and uneducated people who does not have any expectation from you will only have positive emotions about you. That in turn will give you positive emotions and will create positivity in your life.

Hope this article helped you and will also help millions who need help. But most of these men may not be asking others for help. You can just do your bit to help them today. Share your experience of handling such situations and enrich the experience for all others who read this or simply share this with millions of others who will bless you for helping them unconditionally.


Innovations to beat stress

Our life has become ever more Stressful today. But here are some Innovations that can help us beat the Stress in life. These Innovations can really make life more beautiful and charming. Some of these Innovations are not yet in the market but I have found them out exclusively for my readers most of whom turn to this blog to seek helps.

  1. A good night sleep with smart earplugs

Most of our personal Stress increases with less / erratic sleeping habits. Our sleep may be disturbed due to several reasons but some of which like external sound can be eliminated with the Innovation of these earplugs –

  1. Yoga can be smarter too

Once you wake up, regardless of whether you had a good night sleep or a disturbed sleep you need to resort to some kind of physical exercise. Yoga helps in calming your mind and at the same time rejuvenating your mind and eliminating Stress. This Innovation helps in bringing perfect yoga postures to get the desired results. This innovative smart mat with its smart app can help you getting the desired results –

  1. Run smarter to beat Stress

Running is a great exercise that can increase physical and mental strength. Many of my friends became marathon runners to overcome from high Stress in their lives. Running or any other outdoor sports not only keep you fit, but also improves the health of your heart and bring positive energy in you. But running may lead to injuries too.


This Innovation from Sensoria can help improve your running so that you get maximum desired benefit. Its innovative socks with in-built textile pressure sensors analyze your running data and give you feedback through a mobile app in real time.

So with these socks you can

  1. Improve your foot landing technique
  2. Accurate cadence monitoring
  3. Real time feedback
  4. Customize your workout
  5. Analyze your running performance based on running shoes used

So marathon runners, you will surely see benefit in this Innovation. This can help you keep your running perfect and reduce unnecessary tension in life.

  1. Light therapy glasses to recharge your batteries

Luminette uses a unique optics system an Innovation from Belgian scientific research in these glasses to create a sense of natural light. When you wear the glasses you get a feeling of soothing natural light and can continue your work without Stress.

These glasses can treat sleep disorders, beat winter blues, beat jet lag and recharge your batteries.

  1. Add wings to your imagination and forget Stress

Now you can add wings to your imagination and indulge in creative things to beat monotony in life and be indulged in positive thinking. This will ensure you have positive energy in you and you will be able to forget Stress in life. In fact, creativity is something that will bring a new meaning to your life and you will be more enthusiastic to live –

Life has enormous possibilities. We can explore a new possibility every day if we can beat our daily Stress effectively. There are ways to beat your life’s problems and face all negative issues with a smiling face. These Innovations will just help you doing that.

Have a wonderful life. If you think this post can bring smile to others, please share it with them.


Source of all innovations: BlogsRelease

Road Safety in India

Road SafetyIt was an important call! I was speaking with and saw the red signal. The countdown timer at the signal was showing 10 seconds and I had 50 meters to cross. The traffic guard on my left was watching the growling traffic ready to kickstart their engines, some of the bikers had already started their engine and ready to roll. I looked up again at the timer and it was down to five seconds then. The decision was to be taken in a whisker of moment, whether to cross the road immediately. Normally in these situations I never try to cross but on that day not sure why, I decided to cross the road. My instinct said, cross and I started crossing with my phone conversation on.

Immediately I started hearing honks from all the vehicles. Honking that would deafen any pedestrian and there was no going back from that situation. I had to cross the road.

In India road safety norms are most abused one. If any westerner read this they may think that it is natural from any vehicle driver to stop until the pedestrian crosses the road, but in India there is no guarantee of that. I admit that it was my fault indeed by deciding to cross and I was completely responsible for my fate that day.

I had just walked a few steps when I heard vehicles running from my back and others in front of me just waiting for me to cross their line. There was no going back from that point, there was only one way forward, going ahead and probably take the risk of being hit by a vehicle.

I was lucky that day as the vehicles in front of me didn’t start till the time I crossed their line. We have avoided one possible deadly accident on the roads of Hyderabad that day. My instinct didn’t put me down.

In India, according to National Crime Records Bureau statistics–

  1. 456 deaths and 1300 injuries happen every day due to traffic accidents
  2. 377 deaths and 1287 injuries per day due to road accidents
  3. 80 deaths and 13 injuries per day happen due to rail road accident
  4. 66 and 94 deaths happen per day respectively due to truck / lorry and two –wheelers

Everyday, I thank god that I am still alive amidst these overwhelming figures of road accidents in India.

Vehicles causing Road accidents in India

It is interesting to note in 9% cases pedestrians were responsible for the road accident. I could just add to that figure last year.

When it comes to road safety in India, breaking the rule is the rule in some cities. Some westerners visiting our cities get amazed to see the skill level or desperate driving attempts by some of our two wheeler drivers. No wonder why they top the list of accidental deaths in India.

In India according to NCRB data, 85% road accident victims are men in the year 2012. This figure is other than the drivers of the vehicles. Men being out on the streets most of the time for the purpose of earning food for their families need to suffer the misfortune yet this data not regretted or highlighted anywhere. In 2013, a total of 1,17, 055 men have died of road accidents compared to 20, 368 women.

It is not that we do not have enough awareness regarding road safety in India, but our road condition, absence of traffic guards, absence of traffic signal and many a times the pedestrians themselves cause accidents even though the blame goes to the motorist.

Even though we can talk volume to curtail our road accidents I will request the pedestrians to be cautious too among other standard safety tips for the motorist – like wear safety belts, limit driving speeds, don’t put glaring headlights on while driving within the city as that troubles the drivers of the vehicles coming from opposite side, don’t honk unnecessarily as that distracts pedestrians, don’t drink and drive, don’t take phone calls while driving etc.

Indian pedestrians need to be more responsible. The instinct that worked for me, may not work for everyone else. Hence pedestrians also need to be careful while crossing the road, look around, stop if a vehicle is coming and most importantly don’t take that call when crossing the road.

In my opinion there needs to be a fine for the pedestrians too for breaking traffic rules. I am not sure if we already have this in place, if not surely we need one such rule, because in order to save one such irresponsible pedestrian motorists may hit some others and cause bigger accident. So this year for the Nissan Safety Driving Forum campaign my message to everyone will be follow the rules not only for yourself or your family members but for others as well. Consider this as a social issue rather than only a law and order issue. When we bring in human touch to road safety we will surely achieve more.