Are Prostitutes Better Than Normal Women?

Postitues or wives
Prostitutes or Wives

By John Doe

Why Marriage is Costlier?

Is it cheaper to have sex with normal women than with prostitutes? No, and here is why.

When you have sex with a normal girl, it’s by no means “free”. You have to take her out to dinner, buy her drinks, and you might have to go on two or even three dates before you will have sex with her. If you add up the total costs of these three dates, it would be approximately around 400 dollars.

Now let’s look at the cost of the average high-quality prostitute. You can bang a prostitute for 2 hours for 250 dollars.

What are the benefits of using prostitutes instead of dating normal women?

  • The average prostitute is far hotter than the average normal woman you can date.
  • YOU get to do the choosing, and the power of choice is in YOUR hands, instead of in the woman’s hands
  • With a prostitute, you have sex with her and that’s it. No emotional drama, no mind games, no bullshit, like there is with normal women.
  • You don’t have to waste hours of your valuable time that you could otherwise spend on making money, taking women out on dates or trying to pick up women in bars and clubs. No, instead you pay a prostitute for one or two hours of her time, have sex with her, and leave.
  • You choose WHEN you want to have sex. So let’s say you’re a busy businessman, instead of wasting 5 hours at a bar or on a date, instead, you’d spend only one or two hours with a prostitute, and that at your convenience too. YOU are the one who chooses WHEN, and so you save a LOT of time.

Prostitutes are DEFINITELY cheaper than getting married. Overall, through a 10-year marriage and divorce, you’d end up spending at least 250,000 dollars. Now let’s take that number and divide it by 250 dollars, which is the average price of a high-quality prostitute in a Western country. That is sex with 1000 different high-quality prostitutes. Now if you talk to any married man, who is HONEST, he will admit that sex with the wife after the first 6 months or year starts to get boring. And this is why people in long-term relationships barely have sex because it’s BORING having sex with the same person time after time. Variety is the spice of life! You could have sex with 1000 different women for the same price it would cost to marry one woman and have sex with her. And considering how unstable most western women are nowadays, the chance of divorce is around 60%, with the woman initiating the divorce 90% of the time. You are likely to lose at least 50% of your assets and savings in a divorce, and so marriage to a western woman may end up costing you up to 500,000 dollars or even a million dollars, once you add in the divorce costs and long-term child payment and alimony costs.

So let’s take that number, one million dollars, and divide it by 250. That’s 4000 DIFFERENT women you could pay to have sex with, instead of marrying one woman who will just end up turning into a bitch and divorcing you anyway. So it’s your choice guys. Would you rather marry one woman, who will get bored of sex after 6 months, and end up stealing all your assets and savings in divorce, or would you rather have sex with 4000 different beautiful women for the same price?

It’s Love or Rape?

Another very relevant point is that the world of modern dating has become quite risky. Most women see nothing wrong with making a false rape accusation against a man. Most rape cases are fake and are done out of a motive of REVENGE by the woman. Did you break up with your girlfriend? Watch out, she might make a false rape accusation against you just to get revenge. Did you cheat on your girl with another girl? Watch out, she might make a false rape accusation just to get revenge on you. Forgot to tell your girlfriend “happy birthday”? Watch out, she might make a false rape accusation against you in order to get revenge on you. At least 90% of rape cases are FALSE, the sex was CONSENSUAL and the woman later changed her mind AFTER the act and decided “oh it was rape”. LOL. And this is why the police no longer take rape cases seriously because literally, 90% of women who claim to have been raped are LYING!

So that is another HUGE benefit of prostitutes. A prostitute won’t make a false rape accusation against you.

Why Men Choose Prostitutes?

What’s another GREAT reason that men choose to use prostitutes? Because by paying for sex, they can have sex with a MUCH hotter quality of woman than they would normally. For example, if we rate women on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of beauty. The average guy will be able to pick up and have sex with a 4 or a 5 from a bar, a club, or Tinder. Meanwhile, if the same man paid for sex with a high-quality prostitute for $250 dollars (about the same amount of money he would spend picking up a 4 or 5 from a bar, club, or Tinder), the prostitute he would have sex with would be an 8 or 9 on the beauty scale.

So for the same amount of money, he can have sex with a much hotter woman, and with much less effort too. Think about all the effort you have to put in to go to a bar or club. You have to buy good clothes, you have to spend lots of money on drinks and food, and also have to spend a lot of money on making sure your apartment is cool and stylish so the girl will feel comfortable there.

So unless you’re a man who was blessed with the looks of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise and have women chasing after you, the easiest and cheapest option for most men to have sex with the hottest quality of women is to simply PAY for sex with a hot prostitute. One guy was asked why he paid to have sex with prostitutes and his reply was “If I’m being brutally honest, the hottest women I’ve ever had sex with have been prostitutes … I would never be able to have sex with women who are ridiculously hot unless they were prostitutes.” I can also personally testify to this point. The types of chicks I was getting from Tinder were mostly fat or at best mildly hot, I would have rated them between a 3 and a 6 on the attraction scale. Then the first time I went to a prostitute, I have blown away by the options and the QUALITY too. Here were super hot girls who I could bang for such a cheap price. Needless to say, I gave up on dating and ONLY bang prostitutes now. I’m a much happier and peaceful person as a result.

Another couple of reasons that men gave as to why they choose to have sex with prostitutes are:

  • “Getting a prostitute is so easy: no strings attached, you can choose the woman you want before you purchase, then they arrive at your door. Couldn’t be easier”
  • I can also testify to this. Getting a normal girl to have sex is a real pain in the ass and involves so much struggle, drama, and mind games. Then of course after you have sex with her, you have to deal with her stalking you, calling you so many times, and with her unrealistic expectation that you are going to have a committed and exclusively relationship with her. All that compared with the EASE of banging a hot prostitute, and the choice is simple. I chose to not waste time trying to date women anymore and only bang hot prostitutes now.
  • “We want to have sex without all the bullshit of pretending to be really interested in a girl. When you pay for sex, you don’t have to swap numbers at the end when you know you won’t call. You pay, have sex, she leaves. Everyone’s happy.”

This goes along with the above point. With normal women and dating, you have to PRETEND to care about her and PRETEND to be interested in her, when in reality all you want is to have sex with her. With a prostitute, there are no pretensions and that really is a beautiful thing because ultimately then sex becomes about the raw physical act as well as the pure attractiveness of the woman, and thus you are able to enjoy sex a lot more.


[About the Author – Author John Doe is an avid reader of The Male Factor. Views expressed in this article are his personal]


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  1. Giving sex is power ! They can deny it at any time. So, it will keep men on their toes and do whatever women say to get sex ! Women know this. That’s why they don’t allow prostitution. That’s why they are making prostitution an offense.

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    • Well said. But what really strange is: Women are HUNGRY of SEX, more than MEN (in most of the cases). Because of the Societal and Legal Double Standards, they are able to make this drama. I hate when a woman says “she gave” sex. Really !? Is it only the MAN who is getting ALL the Enjoyment, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Relaxation, Health benefits (feel good hormones etc,.) !!!?? How stupid !?

      A woman knows very well that she can say no to sex with her Husband (even though she has MORE desire, lust and fantasies) and it’s because the Husband CANNOT deny FOOD, SHELTER, BASIC AMENITIES, TELEVISION/CABLE TV (!), INTERNET etc. to her !?

      There lies the simple logic: it’s not that MEN are sex maniacs but MEN will think, She is getting ALL the damn good benefits (including SEX, whenever she “desires” !!) from me BUT what I am getting from Marriage and being committed to this woman and bearing all her tantrums and trying to please her !? What’s in it for me !?


      • Every well balanced realationship is about equality. One of you is insecure , wrk, or strong. You have to match up. A lot of people are in rsalqtonships when they are not centerd. Work on yourself to a point where you’re not going to bring people into a vortex of weakness.


  2. prostitution should be legal. Then men will not take decisions emotionally. Indian bride grooms most of them take decisions emotionally just around beauty of the women. Whereas brides takes smart decisions always look high in every thing salary/property/status/height/handsome etc. Men should maintain their standards on per women.

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    • Excellent. As I said in my previous comment, women are not special and they desire and need sex as much as MEN. It’s only because of our Society. Women know that even if they didn’t do their duty they can still get AS MUCH BENEFITS from our bizarre Legal System by taking Divorce.

      Even though majority of MEN are emotionally strong and very calculative, the Double Standards ALWAYS favor women. Just imagine there are NO laws “blindly” favoring women when it comes to Divorce (Property Sharing, Alimony etc.), Domestic violence and Dowry. These same Women will suddenly become “pathivrathas”, faithful and obedient to their Husbands and these same Women will be automatically interested in SEX, without giving any silly/mindless/impractical excuses (whenever they don’t “want”) !



    Put the details aside, what you’re trying to do is an exchange of “beauty” and “money” : Person A provides beauty, and Person B pays for it, fair and square.
    However, there’s a deadly problem here, your beauty will fade, but my money will not be gone without any good reason. The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can’t be prettier year after year.

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  4. Quote from CEO of J.P. Morgan:

    Put the details aside, what you’re trying to do is an exchange of “beauty” and “money” : Person A provides beauty, and Person B pays for it, fair and square.
    However, there’s a deadly problem here, your beauty will fade, but my money will not be gone without any good reason. The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can’t be prettier year after year.


  5. Reblogged this on GURSHARN and commented:

    Good Analysis … … but what I don’t understand is what is difference is PROSTITUTE & NORMAL GIRL .. .. . but are after money … … one straintforward … other with some emotional way .. .. finally its money. Otherwise I could see a few example where lady run after a POOR guy.


    • @Gursharn, there is “hell lot of” difference between a Raandi and so called “normal” woman. In most of the cases, “normal” woman is pretty “average” in every aspect of physical appearance (guess no need to go into the details, ha ha ha !!!), requires/demands more time and commitment, has “huge and impractical” expectations (knowing very well that she is no good and doesn’t deserve), pseudo emotional drama, always throws tantrums and behaves as if SHE is only “giving” and not “getting” (despite the fact that she enjoys SEX more than you) and the list goes on …


  6. These type of writings promote hatred between men and women in any society.In fact these articles do more harm than good.When two people chose to be in a relationship or get married,sex is not the only objective.People seek companionship and partnership in their spouses or girlfriends.This becomes more prominent in the old age.In a vast majority of cases,an old couple has no one but each other for company.When one of them passes away,the other is often lonely in this world.No matter whatever one does in their youth,old age spares no one.Moreover sex is the ultimate expression of love and many relationships may not even involve sex at all.Poets of all ages have sung praises of love.Prostitution is nothing but enslavement of women.So many acts of human trafficking,etc. occur just because of this.Taking advantage of a woman just because she is poor or marginalised is unethical to the core.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Before coming to old age one couple needs to go through young age when sex is most important. Most relationships break because of sexual incompetence. This becomes unimportant in older age. Today women engages in voluntary prostitution more than forced one. This is because this is easy earning opportunity for them. This post talks about male sexual freedom. This is pertinent in today’s world because adultery is being promoted today. Men today may not get sex even after marriage and sex with a legally wedded wife brings a lot more unnecessary responsibilities and legal implications, which paid sex with prostitutes don’t bring. The reason this post comes to existence is today men are unnecessarily criminalized for sex. As if it is perverts who want sex, and that is the reason men are increasingly becoming indifferent to marriage.


  7. Women need to be reminded once more of their place in this world. It is in nature that women will never go equal with men. That’s what my mother taught me. In the country where I live (yes Asian country), women are supposed to be behaved and not go against their husbands. However the blog says about false rape accusations, that kind of system only exists in the rotten western world.


    • For what reason do you think women should never be equal? You use nature as a point but in nature males and females are equal in the vast vast majority of cases….

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  8. I have always liked prostitutes, but I used to blame myself after visiting them, as if I had done something wrong.

    I’ve always dated hot girls though, usually 9s, but the problem with 9s is that they are still a pain in the a**… They require a lot of time, and of course come with never-ending drama. Not to mention that they won’t be 9s forever.

    So, even though I’ve always had access to high quality women (and still have, I’m only 29), I tend to prefer the flexibility and variety of prostitutes. They are also, usually, much better in bed.

    Society did a great job stigmatizing men who visit prostitutes, but the reality is that it’s the perfect deal. I can’t think of anything in the world better than a hot, cute, young girl ready to try to give me the time of my life for nothing but some cash –and an optional tip.


  9. Just a thought… do you respect your mother/sister/daughter? How would you feel if they were prostitutes? Do you respect the women you pay for sex? Does it matter to you if they respect or like you?

    With a prostitute you pay for the use of her body. She pretends to like you because that is part of the job but would she screw you without money? No.

    With a wife, as part of the courtship you have earned her respect and trust. Not every man can do this. Some men only have money. It takes more effort to be worthy of respect and trust.

    Would you like your sons to have a prostitute for a mother?

    Yet, if you don’t respect prostitutes, how do you respect yourself for using them? Note, for those who do respect prostitutes, who would not have a problem if their mother or daughter was one or their son was borne by one… you are not a hypocrite and good for you.

    But those men who think it’s fine to use 1000 whores, but God forbid HIS women do that profession, or HIS son be borne of one… you show your hypocrisy. How can you respect yourself when you regularly join your body intimately with those you do not respect???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah very much said well! Great Applause!
      But as per this article its said clearly Marrying a woman specially in India is really tough for men as if men will look for Average beauty girl with good nature but woman will look for handsome ,tall ,strong , good nature, high status and standard and high salary (25lks PA or more ), luxury car and big home ,lakhs in banks ; if a man has all this then only he can marry a woman in India applied conditions for arrange marriages and even sometimes love marriages as girls break up with their boyfriend to marry handsome rich hunk. So woman is getting all fun. if woman herself is employed then also she want his man earning more and rich than her. Even Indian woman judge men for their skin colour but that does not happen with foreign woman .

      So my question where will men go who don’t earn enough like say 10lks or less than that?

      Most of girls break their relation at the time of their marriage to marry some rich guy then where is respect gone for her bf? huh ?

      Most of 97% Indian girls do that if they themselves earn high or med money/salary then also or unemployed then also . Indian woman are worst in case of marrying instead South American or North American or Europian or Russian is best though.

      The number of greedy and materialistic woman in India is growing at high rate.

      And even some get divorced to extract their husbands money by putting false cases against them.

      So this above point was explained in article

      Thats why its a lot way better to have sex and enjoy with sluts than normal woman. Money will be saved , Energy will be saved , Time will be saved, as well beauty of woman degrades with age but money won’t go money will increase as salary increases or business flourish.


  10. May I say something obvious before it gets unnoticed? You are supposing men only need sex. That is not true. Both men and women need love. Once you have banged a prostitute you feel worse than before, assuming one suffers for the luck o love. It is just like drugs… they make you feel better for a little while, but they do not solve the problem.

    Once, in the ancient times, men chased women to reproduce and there wasn’t anything like a rape. Men also battled each other for the possession of women. Although times have changed, women’s and men’s brain has not changed a lot. This is why most women are used to not be a cheap and easy conquer. And this is why most men are not satisfied by easy women. We want a difficulty to get satisfaction. And about money, it just pollutes the natural relationship between men and women, as it pollutes many other aspects of life.


    • “Money just pollutes natural relationship between men and women” – true. And feminists have centered all relationships around money. That is why we see our natural relationships breaking.


  11. Dang NOBODY mentioned sexually transmitted diseases and being able to more safely have married sex without a condom. Are you all having raw sex with prostitutes? Aids, herpes, genetal warts, chlamydia, hiv, syphilis, crabs, etc. ??? Or are those comments removed? I hear the argument but it seems one-sided.

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  12. When it comes to Indian women, treat them like equity shares in the stock market… they’re volatile, untrustworthy, unreliable, etc. Hence, never date 1 girl, at least 5 girls at a time. Also, a normal Indian girl suck at sex, i.e. under performers.
    Alternatively, you are better off with prostitutes, who are like preference shares. You get guaranteed results, cost friendly and quality and variety in unsurpassed.

    In short, a prostitute (upper class) is an Audi with an Audi price tag whereas, a normal Indian woman is a Suzuki with a Rolls Royce price tag.


  13. Wow you’re a complete fucked up delusion cunt. I actually feel sorry for you. You obviously hate women and have deep seated intimacy issues. You refer to them as evil madussas. Jeez. The extreme view you have is very scary. You sound like a character out of silver of the lambs. Was your mother a complete controlling cow over you? There are so many kind beautiful women out there. You see them as the enemy ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You started by calling somebody a cunt, and his mother a cow.

      So you must be one of those “kind ladies” you are talking of.


  14. Yes, that’s the truth, I agree with you. Prostitutes don’t make you fool by playing with your heart, they have something else to play. I love this thing, because prostitute show us the reality of the life. Thanks for this blog post.


  15. Prostitutes are also real good at sex … best blow job I ever received was from a Las Vegas prostitute. They have experience and it is apparent.


  16. After staying in a bad marriage for 5 years, I paid nearly about RS 80 lacs (alimony and lawyers fees) to take divorce from my wife. She had put false cases against me and my family (as women do in our country). Recently I got introduced to the world of working girls through some business associates.. Now i’m 45 year old man, rich and successful. If I calculate on how much money I have lost in being in a bad relationship and ended up paying for it too, the numbers are too high. Whereas working girls are a far better option. They give you great service, take care of you (even if transactional) and leave. Plus you can have so much variety n spice in your life. End the end every man pays for the affection and sex from a woman one way or the other. The good thing about prostitutes is that their price is fixed.



  17. In my option :

    If you ( Male / Female ) , have healthy body and healthy work ( good income ) you can do what you want in life.
    You can not live without food and water.
    You can live without sex
    If you are lustful you will look for sex satisfaction / Life Style
    China made ‘ the Chinese doll ‘ / Male or Female , for sex satisfaction
    At age of lets say / 40’s or 45’s you need kind of partner to kill loneliness
    Some people can not live alone
    Some people like to live alone

    Finally, 2 things are important in life :

    Healthy Body
    Healthy Work ( income / money / currency ,…..



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