Research and Analysis


The Male Factor brings solid Research and Analytics of different aspects affects men. The Male Factor continuously study and get engaged in different gender and relationship based study to help understanding the factors.


Crime Research

Feminists have made the world think that only Rape is the major crime that exists and only men are the criminals. The Male Factor engages in study on different crimes to show the true perspectives. Enter

Depression - Function of our brain

Psychological Research

Men face a lot of psychological issues due to loss in relationship or children. The legal system and society forces men to commit suicide due to depression. The Male Factor brings these issues for men.

Social Research

Social Research

The Male Factor engages in various social research to understand the social perspective of problems facing men and boys. Also studies conducted on social researches done by global bodies. Enter



The Male Factor conducts surveys to gather data and analyze them for the benefit of men and boys. The Male Factor urges the govt. and corporate to spend fund on studies for men’s welfare. Enter

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