Women Take No Responsibility, Always Blame Men, Men Say – “Goodbye Relationships”

Marriage Strike 5

[In an article on a women’s magazine, the writer blames government policies for men turning away women, going MGTOW and refusing to marry. The reaction of the male readers opens a pandora’s box that examines the issue from different perspectives. This article is a part of the series Marriage Strike that discusses men’s issues in relationships.

This is Part 5 of the series]

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Finding Fault With Men – Death Nail To Marriage

Love, friendship, respect do not unite people as much as hatred for something.

Anton Checkov (Notebooks, 1921)

To women, it’s always someone else’s fault. Whether it is her failure in exams or her personal life issues. Moreover, women do not take responsibility for anything in their life. Be it in their household chores, raising kids or supporting their husband. Well, those who do take up some responsibilities, can withdraw any moment without any consequences. They may decide to have babies outside their marriage, they may decide to live in with someone while still getting alimony from someone else or simply women can blame everything on other men, play the victim card and look like a winner.

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It’s not that men don’t observe this behaviour in women. They really do –

Marriage for women is no more about loving and being faithful to their husbands. After a childbirth their all affection shifts towards their children. So, when women show their love for their kids and removes the man called husband from their personal and social life, why should men care for them at all? The article on a women’s web-magazine blaming government’s anti-male policies thus have this reaction from a man. Visibly, men are upset with women’s behaviour and they are choosing the MGTOW way to lead a happy single life.

Women – The Satanic Forces

In almost every culture it is understood that women can lead to major disasters. There is a saying that women are behind all major wars in the world history.

Hindus too see women as source of great destruction. But they worship women gods to pacify them. Almost all traditional cultures in the world wanted to harness women’s sexual power to give birth and tame their energies for the benefit of their civilization. Hindu Shashtra, Shreemadvagabat Geeta explained why women’s sexual power needed to be controlled, as well.

Modern men are observing the vile nature of women as well –

However, with feminism and women’s lib movement, women are specifically taught to always blame men and patriarchy for all their miseries. Women’s satanic qualities are unfolded and women have shown all kinds of cruel behaviour in their life – starting from blaming their male partners for everything to killing their own babies.

So, men have created sex robots to indulge in their bodily pleasures and started ignoring women in all relationships. Now increased number of men want to boycott women and all kinds of relationships with women and go the MGTOW way.

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Women Have Nothing To Offer

The biggest power a woman possesses is her power to give birth to babies. But feminism has taught women that they don’t need men in their life and that earning money is all they need to do to be happy. The independent women, however, lost their happiness and the satisfaction of being a human. Her human bonds were shattered by feminism.

With this, women have stopped taking all responsibilities and tried finding fault with men for everything. They openly started supporting other women even when they were at fault. The situation has worsened to such an extent that men started seeing through the relationships as a loss-making proposition for them.

Feminists have taken away the shame involved in pre-marital sex by women and pre-marital pregnancy. Many men have supported these as women’s rights as well. But all these women who give away sex for free to numerous other men in their younger years, fail to find a committed male partner. Men marrying such women in her non-prime years end up having a complaining, manipulative and controlling wife who can make his life hell.

Men’s Success Matters

Women run after successful men. Success is often defined by show-off by one. Even though there are experiments to show how men’s and women’s sexuality works differently, feminism has surely changed women a lot.

In traditional societies, too, women were marrying up in their status and were looking for a stable future, but they were not as manipulative as modern women. They respected men in general and they were happy being under the shelter of men. However, with equality and independence, when the mutual respect was gone; when women were taught to blame men for everything then they started valuing their men and relationships much less.

With the sense of gratitude for the males gone, all self-respecting men started boycott of women. Men started thinking that providing for women or taking their responsibility is a burden on them. A woman with the power to manipulate any man at her will, is a sure recipe for a broken heart. No wonder why men are adopting MGTOW even more.

Cherish or Perish

It’s not that men from different cultures don’t notice the changing behavioral pattern of women. Feminism has impacted women the same way globally. Even the societies that are too orthodox in nature experienced transformation in women’s behaviour. If present day Afghanistan under the Taliban rule is taken as an example, we will see how they have curtailed women’s freedom forcefully to save their Islamic tradition –

Taliban was specifically attacking feminist NGOs in the country. They even kept killing women who disobeyed Talibani dictate. But surprisingly, we have not seen enough protests around the world against the Talibani dictators. Such kind of atrocities against women in any democracy would have attracted huge reaction throughout the globe.

Feminism is like Talibani terrorism against men. The entire legal force of a country joins hands with feminists to vilify men. They unleash legal terrorism on men and their families. Since women are encouraged in this state sponsored terrorism and are awarded for this behaviour, they continue to use these extortion tools for maximum gain. Men find paid sex is much better.

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—End of Part 5—

-To Be Continued

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  1. Sir If Islam is safe from feminist and LGBTQ agenda

    why dont we welcome sharia law….

    If more people go MGTOW then….how anyone can love someone…..

    This is so sad that democracies are not able to give equal laws….

    tell me your views about implementing Sharia….because government like CCP china can never come in india.

    In many sharia countries hindus and other communities also living.

    So if Sharia can save us…why dont promote it….

    I have no hope from hindu leaders……🙏


      • But hinduism and hindu leaders are not able to fight with communist propaganda of feminism and LGBTQ

        And even with conversion jihadis

        if hinduism is best why our laws are anti men

        And if hinduism is best then why most hindus are converting in india……

        And for your FYI majority of hindus are not interested in hindu rastra…….it was only hope for equal hindu laws

        So sharia remains only option otherwise just wait for the future where 80 percent newborns have single mother…….total broken society….


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