This Is How Invention Of Sexbots Exposes Feminist Chauvinism


The invention of sexbots has made all feminists cry their hearts out. Clearly because now their monopoly over controlling sex is over. It is a great irony that it is the feminists who coined “women need men, as fish needs bicycle”, kept benefitting from all scientific inventions made by men. This time the male engineers have developed sex toys for men before they did for women. Even though male sexbots like Rocky do exist today, feminists have become extremely vocal against the invention of female sexbots.

However, we don’t get surprised by these crying feminists; after all the main weapon of manipulative women empowerment called ‘sex’ will be destroyed by this invention. This is the most powerful tool by which feminists can shame any man of rape and frame a country as rape country as they did for India.

Feminists very often say that many men become rapists as they are sex starved. Sustained feminist campaigns on rape and imaginary theories on how women don’t report cases have incriminated men today. Feminists’ action of class shaming has reaped benefits until now as some men showed the urge to be around women and support women’s cause for future sexual favors. These men crossed all barriers and even shamed young boys of being perverts (amendment to JJ Act, making videos like ‘Save The Boy Child depicting boys as rapists etc.).

Feminists claim that the invention of ‘Harmony’, a female sexbot with a lot of human characteristics only symbolizes that men think ‘women bodies exist for men’s use’ and nothing else. Even though there are male sexbots available in the market, we don’t find MRAs getting angry with that.

Benefits of sexbots
5 Advantages of Sexbots

If we look at both the inventions we will find exaggerated bodily features that feminists claim reinforces traditional gender stereotypes. As these sex robots have more and more human characteristics so that these can be programmed to respond to queries or express satisfaction during intimate acts. Even though we may see robot fetish as unnatural but many have claimed that this will be a norm in 50 years. Even today, men in Japan prefer to have robot companions rather than humans.

The popularity of fembots in US and UK is increasing. With these priced around USD 10,000, psychologists explain why fembots are more popular than its male counterpart. According to them, men like a submissive companion rather than an overpowering or intimidating one. Another reason for the increasing popularity of female sexbots is an increasing feminist propaganda around rape and shaming male sexuality. Females today try to control all sexual activities in their relationships and very often deny sex to their partners. This leads to more incomplete relations and trigger divorces. Another reason that many see today is increased male responsibilities in a relationship and associated high cost of maintaining the same. Evolutionary psychologists also explain that what appears to be unnatural today, may not be unnatural a few decades down the line. This is how human psychology has evolved over time and can adapt to changes.

Inventors also outline other benefits of this invention. Not only spurned lovers, shy persons or divorcees who paid a fortune for their divorce and child support prefer these dolls but sexbots can be used in clinics to cure sexual malfunction or in Nursing homes in US and UK. Sexbots can also be useful for people with disabilities who do not find any companion.

Feminists definitely don’t see these as benefits and complaint of using women as sex objects in the forms of dolls. Interesting to note here is that while Feminists see sexbots as loss of their identity. However, men or MRAs don’t see this as a threat to them. This shows that how women want to control the world using sex and with sex dolls coming in, that opportunity is surely lost for feminists.

But why are women or feminists not that excited about male sexbot which is also in the market. Psychologists explain this as the difference in the functioning of female sexuality. Female sexuality exhibits itself in a more complex form and thus women are not easily excited by inventions like these.

But these sexbots offer more than just sex. They can be programmed to say words that a man wants to hear from his companion, never deny sex and even act as a female companion in need. Some say that the best part is these fembots will not cheat you, sleep around and will ask for maintenance or child support, above all these fembots will never cry rape. So in a way, this invention will give complete freedom to men without harming any woman.

Feminists have a problem with men finding social pleasure in fembots and not through real women. But again it is the women and the feminists who are responsible for this. The fact that feminists take extreme pleasure in hating men is evident in all activities of feminism today. This behavior is reflected in their interactions, theories, social behavior and also in changing the laws of a nation. So women have lost their value. When feminists themselves nurture so much hatred against men, how can they expect men to be faithful and helpful to them? After all, men are humans too, they also need affection, love and when the females in the form of humans refuse that, when females show males only as beasts, rapists etc. men are bound to retaliate.

On the contrary, men were never threatened in any manner by the invention of male sex robot because men never use sex as a weapon to control everything. Slutwalk or considering that moving around naked as a right is only a feminist propaganda. This is as if women don’t have anything else other than sex to offer.

This feminist article shows how self-centered feminists are (emphasis added)–

“…that we don’t exist for men, and even that we don’t need men. But as we’ve worked to disentangle ourselves from marriages within which rape is legal, to fight compulsory heterosexuality and male-centered sex, to push back against sexual objectification, and to challenge men’s right to buy sex, it appears men have been working on their own solution to our attempts at independence.”   

The above narrative clearly states that while women got their sexual independence, men getting sexual independence is not acceptable to them. This shows once again, the equality in the feminist era is only a myth. They want complete domination over everything including sex. This is nothing but female chauvinism.

The feminist objection is also about men creating their own ‘Sexual Freedom’ without harming real women but keeping the mother-nature in mind. While feminists’ sexual freedom may include sex with anyone of any gender or orientation or even with animals, sex dolls at least try to keep the natural orientation intact. Feminists are pissed off with sexbots because now their flimsy and ever-changing opinions and feelings that can accuse any man of rape anytime no longer needs to be respected. In a way, this invention tells feminists that you can have all those feelings within you and you can always think that ‘women do not need men’, we will make sure that you remain alone, completely alone.



  1. They are just an emotionless toy. They are not a replacement for the real thing. Iv spoken to a lot if men about them. They see that these bots wouldn’t be that Appearing other than a means and transaction


    • Get a life bitch and leave us alone; enough of your sly drama. You don’t need to guide men; get back to the kitchen. Man whom have you spoken must be your husband. Atleast emotionless toy is better than constant winning and drama baaz.

      Liked by 1 person

      • There was no need to be as rude as that. I’m not judging people for using them. Good luck if that’s what you wanna do!


        • Okay , so men are forced to be nice to women no matter what? What’s next ? Sending men to jail for not being nice to women on social network? Or sending men to jail for hurting women’s feelings ? Why don’t supreme court make it clear that what’s allowed under free speech and what’s not allowed under it? 1st we saw people getting jail sentences for hurting religious sentiments , now jail for hurting women sentiments ? Offence is taken not given my friend. Free speech is absolute or there’s no free speech. Cut the hypocrisy and man up 1st before being an advocate of men right.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Nothing rude, this is a pure expression. How will a woman react if a man lectures her….he will be instantly termed Asshole, Jerk, loser….
          Now there is censorship even for expression in social media. Time has come for to stop being pussy and being cute and nice and polite and theories like “Debates are not won by abuses”.


        • Well actually there is a line where being nasty online becomes criminal which is called criminal harassment and cyberstalking not that anyone has done anything close to that here, but no you don’t have the right to do whatever you want to people online there are limits.


        • Why men should be nice to women?
          Actually, women themselves behave in worst manner towards men. But people remain silent about that. You can see women are getting butthurt when such technology is introduced to men. And after that how women spread their tears, Misandry.


  2. Best way is to shun the women from your life and go MGTOW. Live your life the way you want , women are not worth the time, money and emotions men invest in them.


    • As a man who wasted his life on women and their BS, I endorse this comment.

      Pay attention, young men! The life you save is your own!


  3. No one mentions trans-humanism. Is this not one step in the road to becoming formless floating clouds, changing identities on a whim, doing what we please and dream, detached from the physical realm? Like, that seems to be the end goal all around, if you extrapolate. What about sex robots that transform into other forms, to allow people to experiment? The idea of women losing value to sex robots really needs a counterpoint. Is it not true?


  4. I have only just read about these sex robots. They are replacing women in brothels, so no more sex exploitation of sex workers, not that they were exploited in the first place. Women have always exploited men when it comes to sex; sex robots are going to change that.


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