Here’s All That Is Wrong With SaveTheBoyChild Video

#SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka, Repeat Sex Offender

Are Indian boys born rapists? Are we Indians give special training to our boys to become rapists? Do Indian parents need to give some special education to their boys so that they don’t become rapists, molesters or perverts? Because if the answer to any of these is ‘yes’ then all our men in India were born rapists. This includes all those who are behind FCB Ulka and Keegan Pinto’s latest work ‘Save The Boy Child’, a video that uses little boys to convey those messages.

Stalker, #SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka,

The video shows little boys who by no stretch of imagination can understand the words they were made to speak in the video but they were used by creative retards to self-shame themselves. The screenshots taken from the video shows how the FCB Ulka team depicted little boys as serial rapists, perverts, wife beaters etc.

Keegan Pinto posted this child abuse video on his FB account

Wife beater, #SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka,

As soon as this video was released people from all over started protesting. People were not only concerned about such insensitive shaming of boys and terming them as Repeat Sexual Offender, Misogynist, Pervert, Molester etc. they also demanded punishment for people behind this video.

Protesting against this Uma Kiranam from Hyderabad said on her FB wall–

“The war against boys, and everything masculine, has now become too glaring to ignore. Boys are children too! Say NO to abuse against boys! Say NO to imposition of gender politics on children to modify the behavior of young males! Say NO to ridiculing, shaming and guilt-tripping boys into loathing their gender!”

Rapist, #SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka,

Mothers raised the question if they needed to tell their baby boys that they are rapists? They question the impact of this video on young minds. It was whether mainstream media like NDTV, Scroll, News18, Indiatimes that picked up the video and promoted the same, if they wanted little girls to start hating their brothers as rapists, molesters.

Parents slammed the distasteful Save the Boy Child video as, it is from people with the sick mentality, who will use anyone for personal gains – even if it’s an innocent little boy!

Jyoti Tiwari, mother of two kids also condemned the video in unequivocal language and demanded Keegan Pinto’s arrest –

Jyoti Tiwari, Arrest Keegan Pinto

In this article Jaydip Sarkar of the Department of General and Forensic Psychiatry, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore explained different mental health conditions of an individual that leads to rape. This article clarifies why it is important to take a fresh look at this issue from a mental health perspective.

Molester, #SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka,

This article says sexual offenders exhibit heterogeneous characteristics and have very specific psychological and/or emotional problems that manifest behaviorally as rape. These include emotional regulation deficits, social difficulties, offence supportive beliefs, empathy deficits, and deviant arousal. This paper also shows comprehensive research on why some people exhibit rapist behaviour.

In this FB Post, Samuel D’Costa slammed this gender politics this way – “Little boys are being used to promote false feminist agenda, Say NO to ridiculing, shaming and guilt-tripping boys into loathing their gender! Say NO to the imposition of gender politics on children,”

Mainstream media like Indiatimes also promoted this video and people slammed them for that in most unequivocal language –

Comments on Indiatimes against Keegan Pinto and FCB Ulka

Even tweeple expressed their concern about the video in this way –

Pervert, #SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka

Many have lodged formal complaints with Mumbai Police, Child Rights Commission and Women and Child Ministry. In one such complaint mentioned here the complainant detailed out the sections under which Keegan Pinto, entire FCB Ulka team and the parents of the children needs to be booked for child abuse.

As mentioned here the crimes committed are really gross in nature, as it says –

These children are developmentally too young to understand the concepts of dating, rape, and molestation. None of the boys in the video is old enough to be sexually active. It appears that they have been coerced into reciting age-inappropriate scripted dialogues for the camera by adults and shamed with obscene labels by these adults. They have been compelled into confessing guilt for crimes they do not even understand, let alone commit, and have been individually pictorially labelled with perverse labels befitting convicted adult criminals. The identity of some of the children is also revealed in the comments below. This is serious emotional abuse and an affront to their dignity.”

Several complaints were filed with police against Keegan Pinto and FCB Ulka for spreading hatred under section 75 of Juvenile Justice Act (child abuse by a person who is in control of the child), IPC 293 (obscene objects) and IPC 506 (criminal intimidation).

Misogynist, #SaveTheBoyChild, Keegan Pinto, FCB Ulka

If we try to understand ‘Save The Boy Child’ video from a feminist perspective we will find it is a gross display of feminist double standard and criminal ideology. Feminism, in theory, talks about liberating the genders from the traditional gender roles, i.e. to liberate men from the role of provider and protector and women from their caregiver role. However, when it comes to creating campaigns or demanding justice; they cling on to age-old gender roles created by an oppressive patriarchy. If the message in the video is read then we will see reconfirmation of gender roles.

Male feminists like Keegan Pinto is the biggest threat to humanity today. They can do anything to be around women. These people who claim to be champions of women’s rights very often display signs of being perverts. Use of children for their personal gain is one sure sign of child abusers. Keegan Pinto also displayed characteristics of Khurshid Anwar and Tarun Tejpal who in the disguise of saving women were rapists themselves.

It is not that female feminists don’t understand this. Many female feminists do recognize perverts like Keegan Pinto. In this article in Harvard-Crimson, the author tells how feminist males try to get control over women’s body simply because they identify themselves as feminists and expect women to surrender to them.

In this article on Everyday Feminism, they describe male feminists ‘as the most dangerous person’. This article cautions feminists to stay clear out from 10 different types of male feminists, three of which are –

  1. Male Feminists Who Hide Their Abusive Tactics Behind a Gender-Equality Mask
  2. Male feminists who subscribe to double standards
  3. Male Feminists Who See Your Feminism As a Career Ladder for Them

Keegan Pinto and his team showed all three above characteristics. Pinto who recently joined FCB Ulka as the creative head had to create viral content that would have set his career rolling. So he resorted to this easy path of feminism and thought shaming boys was the road to his easy success. The video depicts that he is abusive towards children and society in general and he tries to hide his pervert nature in the wraps of feminism. His previous work on a Mother Dairy commercial that shows women in traditional gender role, also depicts that he is the believer of confining of women and is regressive in nature.

This article on based on a personal experience says how male feminists who masquerade as women protectors, actually turn hostile to women’s safety when they are turned down. There are many other feminist articles suggesting the same as they find a potential rapist and sex offenders in these bigots.

This is the reason feminists had set rules for such male feminists like Keegan Pinto. Because very often these male feminists take advantage of females around them simply by identifying themselves as feminists. Khurshid Anwar and Tarun Tejpal are two very strong examples.

Save The Boy Child is in no way a promise to create a better future or to protect women. This is a display of FCB Ulka’s narrowed creative sense and work of some perverts. The need of the hour is to stay clear from these hate mongers.

Addition on 18 May 2017

Later a formal complaint was lodged with Mumbai Police –

SaveTheBoyChild Police Complaint


*For other campaign analysis click – here


  1. Though to the public as a vast sea of hearing cows, this looks to be a campaign of shaming and abusing young boys.. I offer to you an alternative perspective..
    All perpetrators were young boys at some point of time.. and the world never expected them to turn out to be the men they became.. but had they grown in an environment (when they were young boys as the ones depicted in the campaign) which promotes respect, love, equality and the idea that women are not instruments of pleasure or labours to keep your house tidy, then maybe things would have had a different outcome.
    To tell young boys that these attributes like sex offender or a wife beater are bad to owe and should never be a part of their life is a starting point to help develop the child’s ideology to a more free, accepting and equal world.


    • Every women filing fake cases and ruining life of man & his fimily,all prostitutes, every women doing domenstic voilence, every women pickpocketer (91% of pickpocketers are women: CISF Delhi data), every women rapist, murderers and all other women criminals, every women who disrespect men were small girls at some point of time.. So should make similar video for girls?


  2. Every women filing fake cases and ruining life of man & his fimily,all prostitutes, every women doing domenstic voilence, every women pickpocketer (91% of pickpocketers are women: CISF Delhi data), every women rapist, murderers and all other women criminals, every women who disrespect men were small girls at some point of time.. So should make similar video for girls?


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