Womanazis shame Indian men with Man’s World – we responded

Womanazis wanted to shame India and Indian men again. This time with allegation of sexism against women. They have created a Hindi movie series Man’s World to show how men have been torturing women in various ways.

This series produced by Yashraj Films shows how a world with gender role reversed will be terrible for men. This series is promoted by UN Women. This has created a new controversy in India.

We had to respond to their challenge with this video series and show them that probably sexism didn’t exist (this video with our response was later removed by youtube, this once again proved how men’s voice is suppressed worldwide)-

Man's World E01



  1. Response to Man’s World – Episode 2

Now Ranchi husband files dowry case against wife

In a new twist in dowry cases a husband from Ranchi, India has filed a dowry harassment complaint against his wife.

Husband files dowry case against wife

This is a new twist in Indian dowry cases where it is normally seen that wife files dowry case against the husband. Even though in this case the wife has filed another dowry case against the husband in retaliation.

Recently a trend is observed in Indian marriages that wives take undue advantage of biased dowry laws and demand money from their husbands for their personal use or for their parental home. Wife asking money for her brother’s education or business or for her father’s operation is not new. Another common phenomenon is asking the husband to buy house or flat in her name. If husband already own a flat in his name, wife pressurize him to buy another bigger flat in her name. Those who budge under pressure and buy flat in their wife’s name mostly get divorce papers after the property is bought.

In many other cases it is found that the wife tries to bring her parents to live with them in their matrimonial home. Since nowadays most urban couples live in flats and not in joint families like the earlier days, the husband in these cases bring wife’s parents in their home without realizing that it is also another kind of dowry harassment because the husband is forced to maintain her parents after marriage. However, Indian Dowry Act does not recognize these as dowry offense.

In none of these cases husband claims dowry harassment by wife. Even if one tries to do that police do not register such a complaint.

In this case what Rakesh has done will surely create a new example for all husbands and will motivate them to file dowry cases against their wives when the wives demand unwanted money for her family.


When a proud male feminist died

[The Womanazis is a new series on violence against men by women. These stories are told to The Male Factor by its readers and followers. This series will be published every Tuesday.

If you want to share your story with us, please feel free to do so using the “Contact Me” section of this website.

You can see all stories published under this series here]

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 5

Part 4

The fact that a lady whacked me in public and could walk away like nothing happened irks me. Had this happened abroad I could have sued her into oblivion. But the Indian man should take this crap and not react because it is the right thing to do. It is just political correctness. This is just way too much power at the disposal of a woman.
A number of recent incidents of similar nature that came in the social media like the now notorious Rohtak sisters case, got me thinking about the general state of affairs in this country and I have to say it doesn’t look good especially for men. I am not a male chauvinist. I have always treated women with utmost respect. I have always wholeheartedly embraced my role as a son and brother to the women in my life. I have been a good friend to many women throughout my life. I have not harassed or hurt anyone-man, woman or child. I don’t celebrate violence against women and am always willing to take up the role of a protector whenever required. But tell me how am I supposed to do the same when the so called empowered women start behaving like this. How am I supposed to behave around women who look at me like I am a potential rapist!

They call this the rise of the Feminism and claim this to be the need of the hour. Feminists having taken over everything from court systems to universities to governments have become drunk with power. Men have learned the hard way what happens when they challenge a feminist. Feminist movement calls for equality in paper. In reality, they believe and behave in the manner that real equality and empowerment comes only from disempowerment of men. I understand that some laws have to be made for the protection of women. Women are mistreated in this country and will be treated like that in the absence of laws for their upliftment. They really need empowerment to come up in life. But the lawmakers in this country have really created a ridiculous movement where by state treats women as the favoured siblings.



What do I do when a woman beats me up in public?

[The Womanazis is a new series on violence against men by women. These stories are told to The Male Factor by its readers and followers. This series will be published every Tuesday.

If you want to share your story with us, please feel free to do so using the “Contact Me” section of this website.

You can see all stories published under this series here]

From the column of a male feminist

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5


How am I supposed to react in a situation when a woman beats me in public for no fault of mine? There are 3 ways I can think of today and all of them seem pointless:

I could lodge a formal complaint against her (if I could first prove that I didn’t intentionally fall on her or “try to molest her”) which would again make me look bad as her defense will be that she was just defending herself. (More than enough for any court to throw out the case.) Here too the media will happily drag me into a debate, with an article that will be possibly headlined, ‘Woman taken to court for merely defending herself’.

She can file an opposing case to counter my case. And can actually get me arrested without the tiniest shred of evidence. A few good people stepped up to back me in the station; guess how many of those good people will be my witnesses in court. And guess what… She doesn’t need any witnesses to back her story!

I could behave the same way as her (trash her back or shout at her) which would incidentally land me in hot water because such actions tantamount to harassment of a woman in a public place. Besides she could use it in a case against me and as you are well aware by now, the word of a woman carries more weight in the judicial process. Furthermore someone in the crowd can actually film the quarrel by phone and before I know it my face will be plastered across social media as yet another example of an aggressive male chauvinist pig. Even worse, she could take my photo and post in Facebook that I tried to molest her in public. Without even enquiring into the matter the whole nation would take turns systematically destroying my life. Sound familiar?

Option 3, that I can think of today is that I could wait it out and plot revenge worthy of a Bollywood movie. But I am cutting it short right there because that is not who I am. Even if there is something I could do, it still pales in comparison with what she could legally do against me.

I chose an option 4 where I simply shut up and moved on with my life which I did… well almost. I still can’t get over this. I played the scenario over and over again in my head to see if there was a way in which this incident would have ended differently. I put myself in the woman’s shoes. I still can’t seem to justify attacking a guy just under the suspicion that he is a pervert. The worst thing I would have done is to shout at him. Imagine the scenario where a woman falling onto a guy in a crowded station, the guy is not to make a big deal even if the woman was a sex crazed fiend (blasphemy, because an Indian woman is devoid of sexual feelings towards men, so she won’t do this, besides a woman falling onto a guy is supposedly a win for the guy!)


Note by The Male Factor – Dear Roni. I hope that you understand that the reaction by the crowd shows how much misandry men like you carry in themselves. If you were in their place even you would have behaved the same way. Did you see women behaving the same way when a woman is a criminal? Don’t just be grateful to the old lady who supported you. Men in such cases would have whacked back the man if he had done something like this in public. The very point that women did not hit back even the Rohtak Sisters or Jasleen Kaur proves that women only want to fulfil their selfish desires. They are not bothered about men and men are over concerned about women.

The reason first three options seemed impossible to you is again misandry within you. The same is true for any male feminist. If any man react otherwise even you will term him as chauvinist and would want to thrash him for his barbarism. Sadly, this is the low grade of life you gave to our boys.


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The womanazis – People were amused that she has beaten me

[The Womanazis is a new series on violence against men by women. These stories are told to The Male Factor by its readers and followers. This series will be published every Tuesday.

If you want to share your story with us, please feel free to do so using the “Contact Me” section of this website.

You can see all stories published under this series here]

Part 1  Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Part 2 – From the column of a male feminist

[What happened so far – I was standing in a queue at a ticket counter when a sudden push from behind made me fall on a woman. She whacked me in public and other men have started to gang up on me.]

Read the part 1

As they began to gang up on me, a good old lady who was watching everything from a queue parallel to mine came to my rescue. Some of the other passengers in the queue also backed me up and told the mob (who were ready to beat me up) that I was innocent and that the incident was a just an accident.

On hearing my side of the story from them the mob left me alone. But the angry woman who started the ruckus was still on me. She had her hand on my collar still angrily staring at me. She finally let go by pushing me back. I don’t mind that she is mistook me for a pervert. There are guys like that everywhere. But the way she acted even after being assured by another woman that it was an accident really bugged me. Just a simple ‘sorry’ would have eased my agony. But instead she was looking at me like I am a pervert who somehow got pleasured by bumping into her. It took another 10 minutes to reach the ticket counter. It felt like hours. I was a wreck by then.

All I saw when I looked around were faces that were laughing or looking on with pity (but mostly they were laughing). I was so shaken up that I nearly forgot to collect the ticket after paying for it. The angry woman had already bought her ticket and left to her destination. (I prayed that it was hell). I got my ticket but I didn’t take the train. I couldn’t stand the stares from the other passengers. I simply left the station and headed to a bus stand nearby.

My day that started in the best possible way turned and read like a typical Indian “horrorscope “of loss of wealth (I could buy a new phone with the money needed to repair my phone from the incident , loss of one’s dignity (entertainment to those who got to see it) and the trauma caused by the incident. I am not a bad person. I didn’t deserve this. To this day I have nightmares about this incident. You should know that it is embarrassing for a guy to speak of being trashed by a woman even if he is innocent. However I did tell this to a friend of mine. After having the best laugh he had in ages, he asked me why I didn’t react right away (read hit her back).

[Part 3

Note by Male Factor – Dear Roni, why did you think you needed support of another woman in such a case? So are you giving up your right to protect yourself? Do you think a man can be deemed innocent only if a woman supports him? If a man beats you in public, will you wait for anyone’s approval of your innocence? If not, why did you think that you did not have any right to protest or whack her back in self-support? Do you know women can kill a man in self-defense? Then why is that a man can’t even raise his voice?

Also what made you think that there are guys everywhere who want to bump onto women just like that? If you have such misandry within you then you are denying justice to yourself and to others as well. Why do you think I should believe you, that you are not such a person? Simply because you sent me the story as yours?

Why do you want to be punished for others’ misbehavior even if there are other guys like that? Are you responsible for everyone’s behavior? You said a simple sorry from her would have pacified your soul. But could that have been a scenario if she had bumped onto you even willingly? The guys like you forgo your right to get an apology from a woman because you don’t know how to respect yourself. When you don’t respect yourself, you can’t expect others to respect you as well.


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The Womanazis – She has beaten me in public for no fault of mine

[The Womanazis is a new series on violence against men by women. These stories are told to The Male Factor by its readers and followers. This series will be published every Tuesday.

If you want to share your story with us, please feel free to do so using the “Contact Me” section of this website.

You can see all stories published under this series here]

Part 2  Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Part 1

From the column of a male feminist

Woman slapping a man

Hi! Call me Roni. No that is not my real name. Actually my name is not important, what important is what I am going to tell you.

I came across this website, The Male Factor while researching the need for gender neutral laws. I must say it felt like striking gold. Glad to know that there are like-minded people out there. I thank them for agreeing to publish my article anonymously.

Earlier this year I went to a school friend’s wedding. I caught up with a number of my old friends and we had a real good time (which didn’t involve any drinking). It was already evening when I got to leave. I decided to take a train back because I couldn’t stand the idea of an 8hr long return journey by bus.

I reached the station and joined a very long queue at the ticket counter. I was really tired and couldn’t wait to get back home. One of my friends called me saying he reached home. We had the typical conversation of how lucky he was to live so near to the wedding place and my long treacherous journey back to home. Suddenly I felt a strong push from behind me and I fell onto a young woman who was standing in front of me. Some impatient passengers were trying to get the slow queue moving (because that is the Indian way to deal with queues.) Before I could say that I am sorry (even though it wasn’t my fault) the lady turned around and whipped me. She hit me with such force that my phone broke (while still next to my face). I could actually taste blood in my mouth. She didn’t stop there. She grabbed my collar and started yelling. She was hurling abuses and continued hitting me.

I was too shell shocked to even react to what was happening. Hearing the ruckus created by the angry woman people began to gather   (to pound me I suspect because that’s the right thing to do when a woman is violated).


Note by The Male Factor

Dear Roni, the reason I agreed to publish your story even though it is a misandric story is because there are so many lessons to be learnt for male feminists like you. I hope you pass on these lessons to other male feminists as well.

Do you realize that it is the male feminists like you who can not protest against such unruly behavior by women and think of saying “sorry” to women even without any of their fault is making women behave this way? You still referred to her as a “lady” when she actually behaved like a hooligan. When you give so much respect to a woman unnecessarily without bothering about your own respect why do you think she is going to respect you? Why do you think other men who ganged up against you should respect you? If it a gentleman you would have probably whacked him back or at least never would have referred to him as a gentleman right?

The reason society behaves like this and men are beaten up openly by women without any consequences is you, the male feminists who are making our lives increasingly difficult. You are the people who are making women continue this rowdism in public without facing any consequences.


Taliban allegedly gang-raped suicide bomber

I am speechless..how boys are suffering in the hands of Talibans. But it never makes global headline.

Toy Soldiers

Originally posted on April 30, 2015

The National Post reported on a disturbing case of gang-rape. Ishmael Daro wrote that Taliban forces allegedly gang-raped a 16-year-old boy before sending him out on a suicide mission:

A 16-year-old boy in Afghanistan was repeatedly raped by Taliban fighters before being forced to undertake a suicide bombing mission, the country’s National Directorate of Security says.

The teenager, identified only as Bilal, was intercepted before he could carry out an attack on police headquarters in the Bagrami District of Kabul.

The NDS, the country’s domestic intelligence agency, released a video Sunday in which the would-be bomber told his story of repeated rapes by Taliban commanders. The alleged assaults happened in Nangarhar province, near the border with Pakistan.

In his video confession, Bilal said he was only sent on his suicide bombing mission after local residents found out about the sexual abuse. The night before…

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Survey on love marriages

Marriage, love, datingThis survey is for understanding the characteristics of Indian love marriages done for some psychological research and development work. Kindly, help the researchers with correct information and pass this on to others for better collection of data.

Please note, Part A of the survey is for people having successful love marriage whereas Part B is for love marriages that are on rocks.

This Survey ended on 15th June 2015

Inferences of survey results and what marriage counselors are saying –  coming soon. Stay Tuned.


This part of the survey is for love marriages that sustained for more than seven years and still going strong –

Thanks you for you valuable time. Visit this page again after 15th June for results.

Please share your valuable opinion or any other comments and share this survey in all your circles and help the researchers.


This part of the survey is for love marriages that are on rocks presently or are already broken-

Thank you for your time for this survey. Please visit this place after 15th June for results.

Kindly share this survey in your circles and help the researchers.


Why Indian men do not deserve any better treatment

Indian men probably do not deserve any better treatment than they are getting today. This is because these men are treated the way they treat other men and hence set the expectation to be treated likewise.

This became evident when recently these three feminist videos were made –

  1. I am not a woman
  2. Rape karo (promoted by YT channel Hindi Kavita)
  3. Rape Public Day

When I first saw any of these videos I got agitated and wanted the entire teams behind these videos to undergo harshest possible punishment for daring to create them. The first video featuring some celebrities like Rajit Kapoor implanted an idea of chopping the genitals of male rapists. Basically these men wanted to introduce a new crime in our society, the crime which is so far unforeseen in India.  Even though they have negated the same in a comic way towards the end of the video but the crime idea thus created by these celebrities will have far reaching implications in India. Now any such life threatening attack on men will be justified as rape attempt. Many common men supported the chopping off of male genitals.

A few comments from men In support of this video from the YouTube channel–

Comment 1 on I am not a woman

Comment 2 on I am not a woman

Comment 3 on I am not a woman

If we check the comment section of this video we find many common men were apologising and supporting the campaign. Not to mention that almost all women who commented on the thread supported the video, too.

Now take the “Rape Karo” video. The main comment from Hindi Kavita channel comes as –

Hindi Kavita

Their mention of Bhailog while referring to other men commenting on the thread tells me that it was a man commenting. A man was behind the extremely male hating video. By demeaning men through this video he proved that he didn’t have any respect for himself or for his father, too. And here was a father who accepted the allegations made in “rape karo” video.

Hindi Kavita1

Men commenting on this video and hoping other men to get raped by men without realizing that there are many women sexual predators as well. #RapePublicDay video that made fun of rape as well as men of being sexual predators still got support from many men. One such obnoxious comment is seen below –


In another comment we find someone mocking other men who dared to talk about false cases.


Clearly these men had no idea about how filing criminal complaints like rape has become a matter of taking revenge and how young lovers are accused of rape. This is precisely the reason I have opposed every feminist attempt to make 16 years as the legal age of having consensual sex. When feminists talk about having sex at lower age I only see that as a conspiracy to entrap more boys in rape controversies. And since India has already opined for giving death penalty to juvenile rapists too, such an attempt of having sex at lower age makes only the lives of men more risky.

In the latest two videos Rape Karo and RapePublicDay we found that there were more men (I exclude MRAs in this list) who protested against the videos. We have also seen two independent videos made by common men protesting against these feminist videos too. Most of the men who protested in such videos were not MRAs, they were common men and that is what made many MRAs proud.  Yes, seeing that common men were becoming aware is a good sign for Indian MRM indeed.

But what none of these protesting men really did was demanding harshest possible punishment for all those who were behind making the videos. On the contrary, just imagine a video made demeaning women in similar way, you will know how India would have reacted.

The only reason these highly misandric videos still exist on the web or no action taken against those who made them is that no man (except MRAs) were apologetic in their protests. Each of the videos were a hard hitting slap on every Indian man, but the outrage was not enough to bring the video maker to book.

This attitude of Indian men to be apologetic even when they are not at fault makes the life of men and boys riskier every single day. Our boys are taught to be apologetic for anything that happens to women and this is precisely the reason women like Rohtak sisters get the audacity to beat innocent men freely in public. This apologetic nature of Indian men is behind women criminals like Rohtak sisters going unpunished even after failing polygraph test. This clarifies again why Indian men probably do not deserve a better treatment. The men who are not even respectful to their own selves and to their fathers and want to blame men for everything can’t imagine others to treat them well. Anyone needs to respect oneself first to make others respect him.

That is why we find many men openly claiming to help women from crimes against women. No helping victims is not bad, but what is bad is the inherent misandry each of these campaigns create.

Recently in a blogger network male blogger asked women victims of domestic violence, rape etc to contact him and offered help. When other bloggers reminded him that it was shameless self promotion his comment was –


A 24 year old kid claiming he had helped DV and rape victims. He showed a media article in his support too –


And in the end he claimed that he wanted to make new things familiar and familiar things new. Clear demonstration of doing business around women empowerment–


Surprisingly enough while locking this thread the forum administrator felt sorry.

All such bloggers who do not hesitate to exaggerate crimes against women in the name of helping them do not know the definition of such crimes or do not have any idea about how such cases have become tools to extort money. And I am talking only about male bloggers. Each one of them can influence thousands including other bloggers.

Men mostly young men who do not understand the legal nuances clearly are always up for such social work but all they do is create a situation where other men are viewed as criminals. They think if men are not insecure or they don’t commit such crimes they have nothing to worry.


When all men think that it is the OTHER men who are to be blamed and to be thrashed, they end up hating each other and a huge misandry is created. Today simply on a complaint any man becomes a criminal and other men become ready to thrash him. The same is not true to women and that is why no woman (exclude women MRAs) is yet ready to thrash Rohtak sisters. When women hesitate to punish criminal women they lose their identity of being humans.

Today, common Indian men do not get angry when women accuse them of being rapists, not at least the same way as they get angry for someone else being raped, when common Indian women (I exclude women MRAs) do not bother to hit at such videos demeaning men hard enough and both sexes are busy demeaning other men, Indian men lose their respect and do not deserve any better treatment than they show to other men.

Those videos were not just videos against men, those were spit on every Indian men’s face, those were direct hard hitting slaps on men and if Indian men (except MRAs) didn’t get agitated enough to demand harsh punishment for those video makers, they themselves are part of the problem. This proves that Indian men actually do not respect themselves enough and there is no reason why others should respect them. Such men who do not have any respect for themselves should expect more such male hating videos until these make them wild enough to thrash the people daring to create such content.


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Dwarka techie murder – was TOI news on autopsy report fake?

In a very hurried move after the mysterious death of Amit Bachhan, the techie from Dwarka, Delhi is said to have hanged himself and committed suicide, if we believe as report published in the ace media Times of India, on 5th January at 11 pm IST.

False TOI report on Dwarka

The point to note here is Amit’s body was recovered on Sunday, 4th January early morning.

However, Amit’s family and friends demanding that even until 7th January evening 8pm IST the autopsy report is not out. They have asked the police officials about it and they have denied existence of any such autopsy report. In an update in the Facebook page “Justice for Amit Bachha” his friends demanded that there was no autopsy report until 7th January, 8pm IST

Justice for Amit Bachhan

To understand this whether an autopsy can be done within one day time, I have tried to search the internet and find out some paper on the same about the average time needed to conduct an autopsy. You can find the full report on medico-legal autopsy guidelines in Indian context here – Post mortem report

Please note salient points of any autopsy to be conducted (refer to the paper for more details)-

  1. There is no medico-legal post mortem is permitted to be conducted after 5 pm unless there is a serious threat to law and order.
  2. Autopsy can only be conducted by authorized medical practitioners.

  3. Written request by a competent authority like police or magistrate is a must for any autopsy.

  4. Police need to inform the doctor about all possible details of the deceased before commencement of the post-mortem.

  5.  Requisition for autopsy can only be received until 4 pm IST.

  6. Medical officer should study all necessary details about the dead person before starting the autopsy.

Please note another important observation made in this report –

“The necessary papers authorizing the medical officer to hold an autopsy are frequently brought by the police long after the body has arrived. This dilatory method on the part of police has occasionally led to the decomposition of the body in post-mortem room even when it has arrived in a good condition.”

(page # 376 of the report, 4th and fifth para)

So we understand that with so many restrictions in place regarding autopsy and in no way an autopsy can be done in one days time by any competent Indian authority.

I was trying to find out how many days typically Indian medical boards take for any autopsy and I have come across this FAST TRACK case where police, AIIMS and Govt. came under Delhi HC fire for not able to submit the autopsy report even after days.

HC fires Govt., AIIMS for delay in autopsy report

After going through all such details we come to know that in a case that is not fast tracked and when there is backlog in conducting post mortem investigations, there is no way an autopsy can be done within one day of a death.

These details force us to believe that there is no way the Times of India report on autopsy can be true. That is why we don’t find the same news of autopsy report yet on any other media. It is shame that Indian media like TOI is used to fool common Indians and deny justice to law abiding and peace loving citizens.

Dear reader, it is very important to bring justice to men like Amit. If you do not raise your voice today against the biased reporting by popular media like Times of India, one day even you may be affected by such biased reporting. It is important to raise your voice today. Please share this with others and let them know how media creates bias in our mind and deny justice for common men.