When A Proud Male Feminist Died

[The Womanazis is a new series on violence against men by women. These stories are told to The Male Factor by its readers and followers. This series will be published every Tuesday.

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Part 4


The fact that a lady whacked me in public and could walk away as nothing happened irks me. Had this happened abroad I could have sued her into oblivion. But the Indian man should take this crap and not react because it is the right thing to do. It is just political correctness. This is just way too much power at the disposal of a woman.
A number of recent incidents of similar nature that came in the social media like the now notorious Rohtak sisters case, got me thinking about the general state of affairs in this country and I have to say it doesn’t look good especially for men. I am not a male chauvinist. I have always treated women with the utmost respect. I have always wholeheartedly embraced my role as a son and brother to the women in my life. I have been a good friend to many women throughout my life. I have not harassed or hurt anyone-man, woman or child. I don’t celebrate violence against women and am always willing to take up the role of a protector whenever required. But tell me how am I supposed to do the same when the so-called empowered women start behaving like this. How am I supposed to behave around women who look at me like I am a potential rapist!

They call this the rise of the Feminism and claim this to be the need of the hour. Feminists have taken over everything from court systems to universities to governments have become drunk with power. Men have learned the hard way what happens when they challenge a feminist. The feminist movement calls for equality in the paper. In reality, they believe and behave in the manner that real equality and empowerment comes only from the disempowerment of men. I understand that some laws have to be made for the protection of women. Women are mistreated in this country and will be treated like that in the absence of laws for their upliftment. They really need empowerment to come up in life. But the lawmakers in this country have really created a ridiculous movement whereby the state treats women as the favoured siblings.



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