Survey On Love Marriages

Marriage, love, datingThis survey is for understanding the characteristics of Indian love marriages done for some psychological research and development work. Kindly, help the researchers with correct information and pass this on to others for better collection of data.

Please note, Part A of the survey is for people having successful love marriage whereas Part B is for love marriages that are on rocks.

This Survey is ended

Inferences of survey results and what marriage counsellors are saying –  coming soon. Stay Tuned.


This part of the survey is for love marriages that sustained for more than seven years and still going strong –

Thank you for your valuable time. Visit this page again after 15th June for results.

Please share your valuable opinion or any other comments and share this survey in all your circles and help the researchers.


This part of the survey is for love marriages that are on rocks presently or are already broken-

Thank you for your time for this survey. Please visit this place after 15th June for results.

Kindly share this survey in your circles and help the researchers.



  1. From the survey it seems that if the couples have sex before marriage then, the probability of their marriage lasting longer is greater. This is because the couple needs to be sexually compatible with each other and this can be known only if they have sex before marriage.

    Sexual compatibility is important because we see many people locked in unsatisfying marriages when sexual drives of couples don’t match each other. And this then gives feminists an opportunity to put forth anti-male laws like the law criminalizing marital rape.


    • Roshan:

      The compatibility of primary elements such as communication styles, personalities, characters, beliefs, philosophies and goals are more important than sexual compatibility, and are more indicative of long-term satisfaction and overall happiness within a marriage.

      I say this, not to diminish the sexual experience, but to establish the fact that, with little effort, a couple can become sexually compatible, if they are truly selfless, loving, and committed to pleasing one another – whereas it should be considered a great loss if a primary element is missing.

      Let it be known that I openly challenge your assertion that sexual compatibility can only be discovered through practice. I dare say that the greatest sexual organ is the brain, therefore if one is excited to be with and deeply respect’s one’s marital partner…that is all that is necessary for a satisfying sexual experience within the confines of holy matrimony. Now, if one is in love with their marital partner…then it gets even better.

      Please consider that carnal pursuits tend to diminish over time (within marriage), yet the primary qualities remain essential to the very end.


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