Yes, I have seen molestation in Bangalore


Today, I read your article where you showed that one of the molestation complainants has changed her story. Initially she told that she was in MG Road but later claimed she was molested in Indira Nagar. It wouldn’t have made any sense to me if I hadn’t attended a Cubbon Park meeting of a group organizing a campaign called #IWillGoOut. I chanced upon their meeting on 7th January when I went to the park to meet a friend of mine.

The meeting was protest of mass molestation in Bangalore that we read in newspapers. The news enraged me the most as I was really scared of women’s safety in the city. Everyone in the meeting was talking about mass molestation but none of them seemed to have seen anything other than utter chaos. They all believed in media reports.

I found a few other guys who were there as martial arts trainers and they were training women how to crush the balls of guys next to them. In fact, I found the trainer himself was molesting the woman in guise of training and she was very happy about it. I have some photos for you taken from their video –


Cubbon Park meeting of #IWillGoOut campaigners

His hands were going all over her body and she was happy, something I felt very weird about. I thought they were there against molestation. Other guys around seemed to be enjoying the scene. One girl was repeatedly talking about “crushing the balls’ and everyone including guys were applauding. I didn’t feel good about it.

In the meeting they spoke about women being molested in masses and how the photos depicting policewomen carrying those helpless women showed molestation. Later when I read police version I came to know that police were only rescuing drunk women.

There was a lawyer from an NGO called Vimochana. She was telling everyone how to file molestation case. She told everyone that it is very easy to file such cases and a girl just needs to prove that she was present there when the incident happened. The lawyer also told the women present there to convince passers-by that molestation happened and her job will be done. I was little confused that if getting legal recourse was so easy then why they were making a big fuss about it. Why training, talking about crushing men’s balls or a separate march on January 21st.

I was not very sure if I understood their agenda properly and as they were talking about a second meeting on 11th at Town Hall, I decided to go there.

Their Town Hall meeting was attended by several hundreds of people, both men and women. Many media houses and police personnel were also there. The same set of discussion was happening. I tried to speak with a few journalists and policemen there. Surprisingly most of them were speaking about K’halli incident as mass molestation. I was little confused as I thought mass molestation happened in MG Road. They said women go through these every day, so the march is organized.

I was more confused after attending their meetings than ever before. Then I chanced upon your article and came to know that Chaitali Wasnik has changed her story and is claiming that she was molested in Indira Nagar Area. It reminded me of what the Vimochana lawyer told in Cubbon Park. “A woman just needs to prove she was present in the location of crime”.

Believe me, I was contemplating joining the march for women safety on 21st January and be a part of #IWillGoOut, but now feel something is not quite right. When we men are going out for women’s safety, women are actually planning to kill us; when we are concerned about safety of our mothers, daughters and sisters; women lawyers are teaching them how to file cases just like that. This is really dangerous. I have seen real molesters gathering up with #IWillGoOut and openly molesting; somehow I am feeling that we are emotionally blackmailed into saving drunk and immoral women. My perspective about them has changed. This is really scary.

  • Name withheld on request



Bengaluru mass molestation: primary victim changed her story

Earlier in this article I have shown how media could not provide any credible evidence of alleged mass molestation in Bangalore. The first person who claimed molestation in her FB post had natural tendency to blow things out-of-proportion as she would “punch a man’s face with a bat” on mere receiving a friend request.

In that article I used this picture from Bangalore Mirror –


After publishing the article I received this comment on The Male Factor (TMF) from Chaitali Wasnik –


Around the same time she has posted on her FB wall about TMF article.

The reason we did not publish this comment earlier was because we did not believe in her story told here for following reasons –

  • The face of the girl in the picture did not match that of Chaitali Wasnik
  • Chaitali mentioned in her FB post that she was returning from office when the ordeal happened with her. There was no mention of MG Road / Brigade road area which was very natural.
  • She claimed in this comment that the guys circled (by me) were trying to hold her back while she was hitting the molester. This argument seemed vague as the circled guys are not even close to the girl. And –


We found Barkha Dutt being her idol.

So we knew what was cooking.

In another comment she tried to justify her abusive nature towards men –


I have never seen any other woman being so abusive on FB or blowing things out of proportion –


Obviously she didn’t seem normal to me and I left it to police to investigate the matter and waste their time because they didn’t have a choice anyways.

The reason I am forced to write this article today is because contrary to what she wrote on 3rd Januray, now she is claiming that the incident with her happened in Indira Nagar area which is approximately 5 Km away–


So the question is, why does she have to change the place of the incident now? Possibly because she realized that she wouldn’t be able to prove her presence in MG Road / Brigade Road area where the Mirror journalist was present and her molestation claim will fall flat easily.

Women may be able to claim molestation easily and everyone will be forced to believe that unless it is found that she was not even present in the location of the perceived crime.

If her claim was right and Mirror journo took her photo then the Mirror Journo’s version that he took the images in MG Road / Brigade Road area falls flat.

There was also a possibility that what she told us was a lie. After all, she didn’t have to tell us the truth anyways. But if that was the case, then it would prove that she can tell lies about molestation.

There is also another possibility that the comment was made by someone else and NOT by Chaitali? Then it confirms feminists’ desperation to prove Bangalore molestation. But this can be ruled out as I found the email id to be hers but the email ID is used to maintain a different FB account with another name.

Even though this photo does not prove anything, the changing storyline of Chaitali’s claim raises many questions that we need answer. I will share the IP address and email ID used to write the comments to Bengaluru Police if needed.

Today, claiming molestation is very easy, no evidence needed and if police can’t nab the culprits that becomes police’ fault. If someone raises question about the authenticity of the claim, he is attacked as a patriarch doing victim shaming. But why should we cower when we see discrepancies? After all, how long do we need to undergo this emotional blackmail in the name of safety of our mothers, sisters and daughters?



  1. Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories

Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories

On the morning of 3rd January, 2017 one of my readers from a different city asked me about Bangalore’s night of shame on 31st night and my observation of the same. I was clueless about any mass molestation that could have taken place in MG Road, Brigade Road area as I opted to stay at home this year. Also I stopped following mainstream media stories after realizing how they had created false stories around Nirbhaya rape.

So to understand and to investigate into the matter I tried to search on web and in social media. The source of all news seemed to be a Bangalore Mirror article that first claimed about mass molestation of women. So I tried to read the same to understand what really happened –

bangalore-mirror on Bangalore Mass Molestation

Bangalore Mirror took one full day to report such a crime or it was afterthought?

Looks like Bangalore Mirror’s Swamyji didn’t realize until 2nd January that there was such a grave crime committed in Bangalore. He thought his images would be convincing enough for the world to believe in his words.

So I started investigating the images that the article shared. Since some of the images on the article is now covered by ads due to this article going viral, I have sourced those images from other news sites –

The most discussed image to prove molestation happened media showed this image –

drunken-men-grope-women - Bangalore Mass Molestation

This image was shown as a woman being groped. Except her facial expression we don’t see anything and if her facial expression could prove anything of molestation then the two irritated men circled by me also shows to be raped. I am not sure how Bangalore Mirror could show that image as molestation, unless being surrounded by men (and we don’t know if they were known) is molestation for women.

Given below is the second image in the article but I have taken it from India Today News for clarity.

drunken-men-grope-women - Bangalore Mass Molestation2

This image also does not show any molestation unless men looking at women is considered as molestation. It is only on journalist’s imagination to find out molestation here.

The image below shows a woman being rescued by a police woman and another woman is with another man who looks like her boy-friend and media captioned this as “Bengaluru Molestation” –

drunken-men-grope-women10 - Bangalore Mass Molestation

The reason the guy looks like her boy-friend or husband is because she is also hugging that man closely. I guess no woman will clutch on to their molesters like the one shown here.

So the question is, is the drunken girl who is visibly in no condition to walk was molested? Clearly men didn’t come forward to help her (could be a possible feminist reason to bash insensitive men if this story was not about molestation) and here the police woman just could be taking her to a place where she could rest. From no angle we can see molestation here, neither does this photo suggest any.

Given below is another photo where a woman is helped to walk and no molester in sight. Anyone who ever went to such crowded New Year Eve parties would have noticed how women get tipsy over small drink or behave that way.

drunken-men-grope-women3 - Bangalore night of shame

So helping someone walk or rescuing a woman become evidence of molestation here in the lens of Swamyji.

drunken-men-grope-women5 Bangalore night of shame

The above picture shows a man rescuing a woman and not many people around. This could be they were trying to avoid crowd unless the man himself is shown as molester here. However, this picture does not show anything like that.

Bangalore molestation – a mother gives a fitting reply to Akshay Kumar

In the image below too we find a group of men and woman walking. None of the woman seems to be disturbed but still it is shown as an image of molestation and women safety issue.

drunken-men-grope-women6 Bangalore night of shame

Now let’s come to these two epic images that even in your wildest imagination you can’t think of anything wrong happening to women.

drunken-men-grope-women7 Bangalore night of shame

In the first image of three men, one Punjabi man is helped by his friends to stand. Visibly he may be drunk heavily but with no woman around it is unlikely these three men were molesting someone.

In the second image there is only one worried man whom the girls are not even noticing. But the creative Bangalore Mirror journalists found a molester somewhere. Surprisingly, the only man (who could be possible molester per the media) in this second image looks more worried than the women.


In the image above, also shown by Bangalore Mirror and all the leading Indian and Global media we see the crowd is being dispelled by police. The people seem to walk calmly and we find girls talking to each other. The boys around the girls look like walking in a group and no way look like molesting the girls. The man who looks scared of the policeman is far from any molestation unless the photographer could read his mind beforehand that he was about to pounce on the girls.

drunken-men-grope-women9 Bangalore night of shame

The above image is also shown as prove of molestation where we clearly see two guys taking their girl- friends along.  Visibly the girls are not hitting out to these boys and they can’t be molesting the girls while seeming like taking care of them.

The Guardian reported this to prove mass molestation based on a woman’s FB post –

chaitali-wasnik on Bangalore NYE Molestation

Surprisingly everyone is supposed to believe her statement especially when on merely getting FB friend request she can “punch the guy’s face with a bat


Her other Facebook posts also portray her to naturally abusive and it is a surprise to see that media like The Guardian promoted her FB post to prove a story that happened elsewhere.

Ladies’ gang uses molestation trap for money

When I failed to see anything beyond mass gathering and unrest thereof, I tried to find out the videos posted by mainstream media or individuals on NYE parties in Bangalore. Surprisingly all videos contained the same images to prove molestation as given in Bangalore Mirror.

Then I saw tweet froom Bangalore’s Police Commissioner that if complaint is raised by anyone they will take action –

praveen-sood - Bangalore police commissioner on Bangalore NYE Molestationpraveen-sood - Bangalore NYE Molestation2

So that clarified that until 2nd January evening 8:50 PM IST there was no complaint filed by anyone including those journalists who were showing us their story of supposed molestation. This also included women helpline numbers.

The Logical Indian came out with a story on this matter as well but only after two full days. In the article they claimed to have spoken with one of the victims and her story is not worth believing too. Per The Logical Indian article this girl was in a group of seven when she was molested by a stranger. Then other six surrounded her. Still she was groped by another stranger and she chased him. Surprisingly, when her friends were surrounding her they could realize all these happened. A Story very difficult to believe by commoners.

Also the question arises, how could The Logical Indian team meet a victim. The article does not say the victim contacted Logical Indian, it says The Logical Indian met the victim. It is not possible unless TLI was present at the molestation place. Again, when her own friends didn’t realize what happened, it is only idiotic to think someone else will realize that.

Finally the golden words from the editor in chief of The News Minute. She examined the CCTV evidences and still there was no evidence found –

There is no denying that on every NYE, MG Road, Brigade Road areas in Bangalore see mass gathering of unruly people. The celebration turns wild. So much that three years ago when I went there for first time, I decided not to go there again for my safety reasons. Anyone who visits such places need to remember that pushing, shoving, random comments etc would happen. One random drunk woman tried to hug me and wish Happy New Year. There were women throwing flying kisses to random guys or hugging strangers. Only when it is done by women it is not considered as groping or molestation, else media is there to create such stories. It is like Times of India creating their own campaign that the juvenile was most criminal and everyone believed that even though that was media imagination.

Addition on 4th Jan 7:38 PM IST

And after examining the CCTV footage the Bangalore police chief says this –


One word of Caution

Recently there is a video of molestation came up from Kamanahalli. It shows a woman being manhandled in deserted streets in the wee hours at night. The video does not show mass molestation in MG Road as projected by the media but is being used by everyone to prove what media said. This is indeed shameful for us as men are being stereotyped by such campaigns without any evidence. Our urge as always is let the police take action if there is evidence but the initial evidences shown by Mirror does not show anything.



Bangalore mass molestation – primary complainant changed her story

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Here are the safeguards implemented by GOI to keep fraudsters away from matrimonial websites

Matrimonial websites

Fraudsters can no longer trick alliance seekers on matrimonial websites as new advisory implemented by GOI from June 2016 proposes stricter measures for the matrimonial websites and matrimonial mobile apps.

Here is the advisory in brief that takes a step closure to ensure safety of marriage prospects –

  1. A user agreements in accordance with The Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules 2011. This will clearly seek agreement of the user like –
    • Confirmation that the user wants matrimonial relation and wants to take it further
    • Confirmation that user information provided on the site is correct to the best of his / her knowledge
  2. A Privacy Policy with clear statements of protection of personal information
  3. Matrimonial websites to verify each users profile information by registering his / her mobile number
  4. Matrimonial websites should strongly solicit submission of one’s identification documents with the site.
  5. Matrimonial websites should clearly state that the website is only for matrimonial purpose and not for dating services.
  6. Matrimonial websites should get national / international data security standard certifications (e.g. IS/ISO/IEC 27000).
  7. Matrimonial websites to prominently display and send regular communication about  –
    • Terms and Conditions agreed by the user
    • Specify that unless specifically stated on the website, no information of any user’s profile is verified and should be checked thoroughly by the alliance seeker
    • Caution users about possible fraudsters on the site who ask for money, favours or about such fraudsters as reported to the website
    • Encourage registered users to report any fraudster to the matrimonial website and to the law enforcing agencies
    • Other Safety Tips as appropriate
  8. Matrimonial websites shall publish the name of Grievance Officer and contact details along with complaint redressal mechanism
  9. All matrimonial websites to develop FAQ to help users
  10. Matrimonial websites should store the IP addresses of profile creation and access logs with date and time stamping. This information needs to be stored until one year of account deactivation.

We hope that now fraudsters will stay away from matrimonial websites.


Nirbhaya – Imaginary media stories created terror


On the morning of December 17, 2012, reports began to filter into Delhi’s newsrooms of a rape that had taken place in the city. Police officers, the main source of information for these types of stories, told journalists that a student in her 20s and her male companion had been attacked by a group of men inside a moving bus before being thrown from the vehicle. The girl was said to have been gang raped.” (emphasis added)


Writes Joanna Jolly, South Asia editor of BBC and former Harvard Joan Shorenstein Fellow in her research paper titled “Rape Culture in India: The Role of the English-Language Press”.

Joanna has been doing a research on sensationalizing of Indian rape by English Language media and found premier Indian media like Times of India and India Today has written a lot of imaginary stories related to the December 2012 Delhi gangrape.

So the initial police information of gangrape in a moving bus gradually given a gory picture by media. Per her research, for the editor of Times of India, three facts stood out when the reports of this rape first came to Times house (comments in braces added)–

  1. The girl was a student (young in ‘20s, so we know why media is behind proving young women as saints)
  2. She had been to an upmarket mall (shows independence) and
  3. She went to watch an English Language Film – “Life of Pie” (shows she was educated)

Jo found that India’s English Language newspapers thrive because of ever growing English speaking population and details out how media chooses to select rape cases in the first place.

After talking to different editors and journalists Joanna found that the Delhi Physiotherapy student’s case had three important parameters to be selected as a trigger event –

  1. She was perceived to be from the right class (which was not true but media perceived like that because she went to see an English Language film to an upmarket Delhi mall)
  2. She was perceived to be blameless for the crime, and
  3. She was raped by the strangers

Joanna further detailed out how media selects rape cases with a concept known as PLU or ‘People Like Us”. India’s English language papers are predominant with upper class educated masses and they chose cases where the victims and attackers could be related to the press workers or the readers. The reason Dec, 2012 case fit in there was initially media thought she was a medical student so media thought she was from upper / middle class family (she was actually a physiotherapy student), she was from well to do family (actually she belonged to a lower middle class family) and she had a modern social life (because she went to see an English movie in an upmarket mall).

Media later did find out that she didn’t belong to the PLU category but by that time the story was unstoppable. In fact, in her interview with Manoj Mitta former TOI editor, Manoj referred to Nirbhaya as PLT (People Like Them). The category that does not get much coverage from English Language media in India.

Also to note, that it is same English language press in India that decides on what should be reported and what not. Hartosh Singh Bal, editor of Caravan told her the same. So it is imperative for the English Language media to be responsible. However, the important factor as evident from Jo’s research that worked in favour of the story was “Stranger Rape”. Joanna describes this as following –


One of the key reasons this case caught the public imagination was because she was raped by strangers. Her attack confirms the universally popular, horror-story narrative that the biggest danger for a woman comes from leaving her home and social circle and entering a world of unknown men. This narrative persists in India, despite National Crime Record Bureau figures that consistently show that around 90 percent of rapes are committed by perpetrators known to the victim, such as partners, family members, neighbors and work colleagues.” (name of victim removed from the narrative)


If we recall the facts after Dec 2012, Delhi gangrape it was English language media (both print and electronic media) showed Indian cities and particularly Delhi as unsafe for women. Any comment made to women were shown as there harassment and potential threat. One English media channel ran a campaign where the female reporter were going to places and showing on camera how women were being harassed that no one understood anything about but still the craze of India’s Damini made them believe the paid media lies. So it was English language media that had to continuously sustain the terror to fuel the news.

Coupled with this was coverage from international media that showed India as rape capital of the world based on stories created by global press. Joanna found that the sensational aspects of the case like gang rape, sodomizing by six men, attack by iron rod or pulling out intestine got more coverage to sensationalize the case. Joanna said – “In some cases journalists took information from leaked police reports, and used these as the basis for highly imaginative reporting.”

In this respect she mentioned this India Today report that was imaginative from the perspective of one of the accused –

The high point of his life was when he thrust his tightly clenched right fist into the womb of the bruised and battered 23-year-old on the night of December 16. Nothing beat the excitement he felt when he heard her muzzled screams, saw her writhe in extreme pain and watched the blood spurting from her young body.” –

Clearly this was purely imaginative and without any basis. Here the India Today journalist just written another porn story based on imagination that he was sure to have well taken by his readers without raising the following pertinent questions –

  1. How can one insert one fist in a young woman’s vagina? Is it physically possible?
  2. How did the journalist know about the feeling of the accused? Or
  3. When media also reported about inserting iron rod and then fist, how was the victim still surviving?
  4. Why so much emphasis on her being “23 year old” or being “young”?

As Manoj Mitta told Joanna – “The story was inherently sensational and the coverage was driven by the conviction that people were very curious to know about it and there was competition with other newspapers,

So in a competition to sell more papers Indian English newspapers created more porn stories. No wonder why TOI or India Today banked heavily on her being young and tinkering their readers with the thought of a young woman’s body, which in a way was another rape of the victim by so called feminist media who were out there to save her dignity.

Former Tehelka editor Revati Laul explained these porn stories by media like this – “All our reporting has become more tabloid across the board. So we’ve become voyeurs who are like T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men – with heads full of straw,”

So it is the media and especifically English language media and the so called elite class is creating these voyeurs through their reporting.

What is surprising is the fact the Dec 16, Delhi victim’s close relatives and family members were also against publishing these gory details by media. In an interview with The Indian Express via phone they expressed the feeling as mentioned in Joanna’s research – “they thought their daughter might live to witness it”

This feeling expressed by the physiotherapy student’s family members raise another question – Whether the attack was really so serious and gory (inserting iron rod / fist, pulling out intestines etc.) that she could survive the attack? Already questions arise because immediately after their rescues the girl gave statement to police. How could someone who was found in extremely battered condition and was in a vegetative state give her statement to police?

A research by Daniel Drache and Jennifer Velagic of York University on reporting of December 2012 Delhi gangrape by English language Indian newspapers found that reporting of the crime was as outcome of lust rather than force.

So Dec 2012 gangrape has generated certain keywords in crime reporting industry. These are catchphrsaes as mentioned in Jo’s paper. Words like “Juvenile”, “Nirbhaya”, “Damini”, “Gang rape” started to be used increasingly and it was also found that their searches have increased too.

Joanna also spoke about India’s patriarchy and demanded that even worthless and most ignorant men get more value because of India’s patriarchy. I am not sure how did she get this comment and would like to know more on this with examples. I am sure if she is holding such a prestigious BBC post and a fellow from a coveted institute, she would be able to give some examples.

The most vicious and worrisome discovery in Joanna’s study was the Times of India campaign to lower the age of criminal responsibility. She mentioned that TOI created and run a campaign that the “Juvenile” in Nirbhaya case was most criminal. Smriti Singh who was following the story as legal reporter for The Times observed –


Suddenly out of the blue, one report came in one newspaper which said the police had claimed the juvenile was the most brutal of the accused…. So it was a gospel truth. No one questioned it, how it came about, whether the police had said it or not, whether it was the reporter’s figment of their imagination.”

Smriti Singh, legal reporter The Times



From Joanna Jolly’s research paper on Dec 2012, Delhi gangrape

This was same the observation of Indian MRAs as well. Media has created many stories out of the blue but when Indian MRAs tried to tell the same as false they were viciously attacked by everyone in all forums. Only the MRAs with strongest conviction to save the future generation and juveniles could survive the constant threat of murder, battering and abuses by feminists. Many MRAs like me have lost their friends, supports but stood taller in the times of emergency that has later taken away right to peaceful existence from our juveniles with amendments to JJ Act.

Because TOI had an agenda to show that Indian juveniles (only boys) have become cruel they did not publicize the news that the Juvenile in Nirbhaya case was actually NOT most cruel. Avanti Singh, a TOI reporter told Joanna about the hardships she had faced for publishing the news that the juvenile was NOT most cruel because TOI management had their agenda and did not want to publish the same. Later they published it with a question mark diluting the news.

Ex Times of India editor Manoj Mitta, who wanted to correct some of those stories published by TOI without verifying the facts was also gagged. As mentioned in Joanna’s paper, Manoj was told by editors – “we have taken an editorial stand on the subject. We can’t afford to confuse our readers”.

This is the reason when JJ Act amendment was passed in 2015, Times of India celebrated that as their victory with the news – “Now, 16-18-yr-olds won’t get off lightly for serious crimes.”


How TOI celebrated after their campaign of lies that Juvenile was most criminal

So, it is evident that salacious and baseless stories that can be categorized only as porn stories published by leading Indian media like Times of India and India Today have shaped India’s future. Leslee Udwin was another such criminal who created a scripted (read this) documentary. She paid Mukesh to say certain things and filmed that in the name of exposing the “rape culture” in India. The movie was named India’s Daughter to give it a perspective that daughters in India are looked down upon and has no security. Leslee paid Mukesh Rs. 20,000 and it was evident from the video that he was speaking from a script. Many words used by him, were not supposed to be known by an illiterate  person like him and are used by feminists to describe India’s patriarchy and mindset of Indian men. That is the way BBC created another salacious porn around Dec 2012, Delhi gang rape.

So what happens when people trust media blindly without knowing these insider information? They get rewarded like the amendment of JJ ACT that now makes a 16 year old boy a rapist even when a 30 year old woman forces herself upon him. That is the future of our boys who will now be easily termed as rapists thanks to the baseless porn stories created by English language elite Indian media.

Joanna Jolly’s complete research can be found by clicking the image below –



Mumbai girl saved a Uber driver by telling truth and there is no reason to applaud


On November 23rd, 2016, Himani Jain a Mumbai girl who took a Uber share ride with another woman Gayatri (Himani changed the name) she found Gayatri to be extremely abusive towards the driver. The driver was extremely polite and courteous and the woman was using all abuses. So Himani came forward to the rescue of the driver gave her number to cops and gave statements of the woman co passenger being abusive. Her Facebook post given below has the detailed account of the incident –

Naturally the whole nation came forward to express their gratitude to Himani saying how great a work she had done. Indiatimes took up the story and made Himani a hero and bestowed more power to her and I am surprised why.

When a woman comes forward tells the truth she is not only applauded but raised to a god like status for no reason. It is as if for showing correct human values she is being raised to an elevated status by the society.

Let’s consider another similar case that happened on August 23, 2015 in Delhi. Jasleen Kaur an AAP activist sought to instant fame by accusing Saravjith Singh Bedi of misbehavior while an eyewitness Mr. Biswajeet came forward with the truth and went to all media with truth. No one, absolutely no one noted the noble deed of Mr Biswajit and Indiatimes did not write any article on him at that time.

So why is Himani exposing Gayatri should be special in any manner? Some people may say that being a girl it was a brave act but I don’t consider this as any great act and consider this only humane act and nothing else. She should have done this without fail for her own sake and here is why she should not be lauded for this –

  1. If Himani chose to keep mum on this matter, (which she could hardly do with progressing police investigation as police would have traced her even without her giving her number voluntarily) she would have taken men one step closer to hating women. That act of hers would have ensured more men and cab drivers raising their voice.
  2. Himani needed to come forward voluntarily as without that act women like hers would have been considered same as those like Gayatri and for keeping them separate from those criminals, women like Himani need to come forward. They don’t have  choice and certainly there is no greatness in that.

In fact, I feel she didn’t do enough in this case for following reasons –

  1. Himani did not reveal the real name of the culprit and changed her name to Gayatri. Why did she have to hide the name of a real criminal? It was in a way protecting identity of a criminal and giving her another chance to do the same later. So Himani’s act is not noble.
  2. Himani only gave her number to the driver and offered help. She only tried to explain to Gayatri and did not do anything else. On the other hand if two guys were traveling and one was abusive, the other would have started altercation with that fellow. Giving phone number would have followed anyway. So I don’t think Himani did enough to put a criminal in her place.
  3. She did not press police to file strong criminal complaint against Gayatri. She would have done the same if the criminal was a guy. So in this case too she showed soft corner for a criminal and gender bias and her effort should not be lauded.

It is really surprising how a woman is elevated to greatness simply for showing human values. If this continues very soon we need to thank everyone for being human, for telling truth, for not creating public disturbance, for not committing crime, rape, murder etc. It is time that Himani and women like her should know that it is in their best interest they need to not only speak against women criminals but press for their harshest punishment as men have been doing the same for ages to show that ‘Not all men are the same’.


Gender equality can’t bring happiness – study

Even though World Happiness Report 2016 states that more a country attains gender equality more they will be happy because of equitable distribution of assets, a detailed analysis of these two reports shows otherwise.

A comparison of top 20 happy countries from 2016 World Happiness Report and their corresponding ranking in terms of Gender Equality as mentioned in 2016 Global Gender Gap Report it is found that 13 out of 20 countries that had gained maximum happiness in last one decade have all slipped in their gender equality ranking –


Most of the gainers of happiness have lost in gender parity

Out of rest of the seven countries, such data was not available for three countries and only four countries have shown improvement in gender parity while being happy.

It is also observed that out of the top 20 countries in Gender Equality per 2016 Global Gender Gap Report, only six countries viz. Norway, Philippines, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Germany and Latvia have shown improvements in happiness and twelve countries have shown a decline –


In order to gain gender parity countries have lost their happiness

Data for Iceland and Burundi are not available.

The above analysis clearly shows that contrary to the claim made in World Happiness Report, Gender equality can’t bring happiness in a country.

In fact, a study of top 20 countries in terms of minimum standard deviation of happiness (Figure 2.5 of World Happiness Report) or Equality of Happiness (in other words, happiness for all) only four belong to top ten in Gender Equality (better rank in std. dev. or lower std. dev. means maximum people fall near a mean value of happiness).

In fact, there are countries like Bhutan (121), Mauritania (129) and Rwanda (128) in this list that fall at the lower end of gender parity. In terms of overall happiness index too they fall below but we need to understand that this year’s happiness index also include factors like per capita GDP, Social Support and Healthy Life Expectancy where the third world countries are at clear disadvantage –


Gender parity don’t bring Happiness for all

Only countries like Iceland, Finland, Sweden and New Zealand out of this list of top 20 countries are also in top 10 ranks of Global Gender Parity chart.

Clearly feminist controlled UN and other global bodies are trying to show feminist nations as the most happy ones contrary to the fact that in order to gain gender equality nations need to lose their happiness.


This study confirms giving women higher education is not in the best interest of a nation

A large number of highly educated women isn’t going to help a nation. New data released by World Economic Forum reveals high level of education remains as mere ornaments to them as these highly educated women do not contribute to the economy to the extent similarly educated males do.

Recently published Global Gender Gap Report, 2016 shows that countries that attained highest order of Educational equality and countries with higher proportion of women with tertiary education do not get equal contribution from these women in their labour force.

A study of 24 countries that have attained #1 position in Education Attainment in 2016 Global Gender Gap Report shows none except Denmark has equal participation of highly educated women in labour force even though in all these countries proportion of women with tertiary education is much higher compared to that of males.


Countries with highest Educational Parity shows low workforce participation

One favorable point for these highly educated women is – overall they participate in workforce more compared to ordinary educated women.

A study of countries that has maximum proportion of highly educated women shows abysmal work force participation by those highly educated women across all geographies and in all economies –


Highest proportion of educated women do not ensure equal work participation

A common feminist reply to this situation is women across the globe need to ‘sacrifice’ their career for their families and for caregiver role that society ‘forces’ on them. This is the reason even though women end up working more hours every day (Global Gender Gap Report also shows women doing more unpaid work in all countries) compared to that of males, their contribution is not taken into account in countries GDP calculation.

Unpaid Work by women and Feminist concept of ‘Salary to Wife’

A few years ago Indian Feminists wanted to create a new law in India where 20% of husband’s monthly income was to be automatically given to the wife every month. This arrangement, according to feminists would help calculate a woman’s actual contribution to GDP and their unpaid household work will be valued. Feminists argued that men can earn because their wives take care of their homes and it is duty of the husband to pay commensurate monetary compensation to their wives.

However, this concept has not gone well with many women as this brings in an employee – employer relation in a family. Many men who lived alone and got paid their full salary while they took care of their own homes did not find any reason why they needed to shell out 20% of their salary unnecessarily.

Do women ‘Sacrifice’ their career for their home?

To understand whether women really sacrifice their career for their homes or it is another feminist myth created and nurtured over years that many of us believed to be true.

To understand this we need to take a look at this research done by Harvard Business School (HBS) researchers. Researchers Robin J Ely, Pamela Stone and Colleen Ammerman of HBS studied professional women for 20 years and had surveyed 25,000 MBA graduates from HBS of three different generation, viz. Baby Boomers (age 49-67), Generation X (age 32-48) and Generation Y (age 26-31). Harvard graduates are trained to assume leadership positions globally and by taking both male and females of the same business school, these researchers had ensured a level playing field for all respondents.

This survey found stark difference between corporate satisfaction levels in the two genders –


Corporate parameters don’t satisfy high achieving women – HBS study

Clearly, women executives aren’t satisfied by business parameters. But do they opt out of workforce for their families? The HBS researchers found that “Only 11% are out of workforce to take care of children full time”.

The researchers had also found out that these high achieving women do not “opt out” to take care of their children but because they find themselves in unfulfilling roles. The part time work they take up don’t satisfy their intellectual ability.

This study also reveals that men and women both at senior levels of management had taken career decisions (like flexible working, less travel, no promotion etc.) and there is no gender bias in that. This study showed that both genders have equally taken career decisions. The study concluded that simply being a parent did not change any of these outcomes. That means that feminist myth of women compromise with their career because of unpaid family work and child raising responsibility is completely baseless.

Another Survey done by CNBC in 2015 with more than 2600 executives from US and Canada shows that men work more in extended hours and women complain more for working in extended hours.


Men often end up working extending hours

From above analysis it is clear that women when given higher responsibilities tend to complain more and very often renounce the opportunities. Both genders seek work – life balance but men show more dedication to their work. This explains squarely why a highly educated women population is of no help to a nation building. Because caregiver roles – the natural choice of women, do not require higher degrees.


Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink explains why these innocent men were punished, you may be next


Pink Movie poster

When a woman’s testimony becomes the concluding evidence in a rape or molestation case as shown in Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink that also tries to justify “attempt to murder” on the pretext of molestation it becomes horrendous experience for many innocents. However, it is true that in normal cases the habitual offenders are often rounded up by police for questioning but that does not mean anyone who might have committed other crime (abduction, molestation of Falak in car) would have committed another crime (molestation of Meenal in a resort room) for which the trial was held. Surprisingly, many people who had commented on this article believed that a crime committed later can be the proof of another crime that might have taken place earlier.

A 2014 study by National Law University (NLU), Hyderabad students published in Outllok edition of Dec 2014 showed that Dhananjay Chatterjee was given death sentence in a rape case because of public frenzy built up by media simply because police found the gold chain of the girl in his house. In fact, this study concluded that influential persons who had equal or stronger reasons to be convicted of the same crime had either gone unpunished or less punished. The study pointed out that in most cases of death row convicts their advocates did not fight for them at all.

Another study done by The Hindu in 2015 showed that overwhelmingly large number of rape cases filed in India are sex on the promise of marriage between young couples. The study showed that scripted FIRs are the reason why so many false rape cases are filed. Showing the girl as 14 year old to show sexual assault on a minor, or to show sex on promise of marriage is a norm in such cases. As a result of this a lot of Indian minor boys and men are implicated falsely in rape and molestation cases. Shoojit Sirkar’s Pink just promoted the concept of deciding such crimes based on a woman’s verbal statement which was proved dangerous in many cases in recent past.

Dhananjay Chatterjee was hanged because police found girl’s gold chain from his house


NLU researchers on Dhananjay Chatterjee death penalty – courtesy Outlook

The biggest misuse of such public frenzy and media created hype against a rape was found in case of Dhananjay Chatterjee who was hanged in 2004 for rape and murder of Hetal Parikh in 1990. As the National Law University research showed police only found girl’s gold chain from his house and he was pronounced as the rapist and hanged. Feminists and media had created such a huge public frenzy around that case that the court was pressurized enough to pronounce death penalty.

Sensational Badaun rape and murder was imagination of villagers

Mango tree of shameRemember the image of two sisters hanging from a mango tree in Badaun, UP. This image was made popular by India Today by promoting that “remember these girls every time you eat a mango”. The very next day when media saw the two girls hanging they created a story of rape and murder because a villager said so. All this happened immediately and without any medical evidence. Later CBI investigation concluded that they had committed suicide and it was not rape as projected by media.

28 Day old baby’s rape in Bulandshahr was imagination of her mother

A rape case was filed against a man who was found roaming around a house and parents filed a complaint saying their 28 day old baby was raped. This created huge ruckus in media confirming the rape based only on the mother’s verbal statement. Later it was found to be diaper rashes. Another example of believing one’s verbal statement.

Park Street rape victim also identified a wrong man as her rapist

The infamous Park Street rape case victim first identified a wrong man as her rapist. When police, media and investigators showed her the photograph of the accused she confirmed many times that the man was guilty unless it was revealed that the man was in US and never came to India or went out of India around the same time. Even though the police later caught the real culprits through investigation, the man was saved only because he was in US. His friends who were in Kolkata that time underwent harsh trial and media and public glare because of a statement.

Niranjan Mandal spent four years in jail for 2006 Mayapuri Rape case

Niranjan Kumar Mandal who ran a diagnostic center in Delhi was arrested and sent to jail for four years based on the testimony of a driver who took his name in sensational Mayapuri Rape case of a deaf and mute woman. In this case someone’s verbal statement had implicated an innocent so badly that he could never regain his lost image and even after acquittal he had to undergo same punishment as society around him had boycott him. He had later asked Supreme Court to return his dignity and filed cases against media for maligning his image.

Sexual assault of a 3 year old Bengaluru school girl in 2014 was her mother’s imagination

The sensational 2014 rape of a 3 year old Bengaluru school girl was imagination of her mother. The mother misconstrued urinary infection in her daughter’s private parts as signs of rape. This had created huge public outrage in Bangalore in Dec 2014, all because of a mother’s statement. Later it was found that Nagraj was not even present in school on the day of the alleged rape. But Nagraj lost everything in his life. He lost his dignity, he lost his job, family everything. Details here

Rohtak Sisters were not bravehearts, they were criminals but not yet punished

We all saw them assaulting three men, but still most of us believed they were innocents and were beating the men on camera because those men were the criminals. This is how Rohtak Sisters, the habitual offender had sought to fame and were given bravery awards by the state women’s commission. When these two women were the real criminals, people who watched them committing the crime believed in their version until of course we fought for the three men.

Jasleen Kaur was an attention seeker but only Sarabjeet Singh is undergoing extreme pain

Jasleen Kaur the AAP attention seeker girl had create 15 minutes of fame unless we exposed her. Media, public everyone believed in her version of the story and concluded Sarabjeet as the offender, until the eye witness came forward in support of Sarabjeet. Jasleen too is not yet punished.

When male feminists are rapists

Khurshid Anwar lived alone in Delhi as he was a divorcee. He was also a women rights crusader and formed Institute for Social Democracy (ISD) to fight for women’s cause.  He was accused of rape by a woman from his own NGO. After Nirbhaya incident in Delhi his NGO was at the forefront in Violent Delhi Protests against crimes against women but that was in the morning. The woman alleged that same evening he tried to rape her when she was in an inebriated state. Later the FCRA details of his NGO revealed that funding to his NGO skyrocketed in the year 2012-13.

Another feminist leader Tarun Tejpal too had committed rape in one evening when the same day morning he had hosted a protest meet against rape. He stepped down as Tehelka chief to avoid so many punishments.

Feminists support rapists when rapists are one of them

Feminists who are all praises about the movie Pink, supported the accused whenever the accused was one of them. In both cases of Khurshid Anwar and Tarun Tejpal feminist leaders came forward in their support and tried victim blaming, sexism and all other possible ways to put the victim down. In fact, then these feminists did not bother to respect a woman’s verbal statement.

The same happened for Athlete Pinki Pramanik as well. When Pinki was accused of rape by her live-in partner the leftist feminist brigade of West Bengal went all out to support Pinki and protested against the police investigation and harassment Pinki was going through. All because she was a female.

Movie Pink clearly showed that no one except the individuals knew what happened inside the closed doors of the resort room but surprisingly the court believed the version the women said. However, the version against Andrea told by the man fell flat in court’s eyes.

Some men who commented on this article argued that director Shoojit Sirkar did show both good men (Advct. Sehgal, Neelam’s first boyfriend and bad men (Rajveer and friends) and Amitabh’s comments to expose daily sexism against women was not against ALL men.

So what will happen if in reality Meenal files a rape case against her boyfriend (with whom she had her first sex and lost virginity) in the same court under the same judge? First, her statement given in the case shown in the movie will not be considered by the court unless her boyfriend submits a certified copy of her statement in his case. Even then Meenal can always say that she was under threat or something else (she wanted to differentiate between good men and bad men etc. Any change in Meenal’s statement about her first boyfriend will neither change the verdict in the case against Rajveer (because it is unrelated) nor will prove her boyfriend as innocent. In neither of the cases if a woman’s verbal testimony is given prime importance over anything else it becomes extremely dangerous for innocent men simply because they ever had any sexual relation with a woman.

These men who cheer Pink don’t understand the future implications. They don’t understand how people like Niranjan Mandal and Dhananjay Chatterjee get punished because of this feminist agenda of putting a woman’s verbal testimony above everything else. The overwhelming misuse of Indian dowry and rape laws are because of this reason where women’s verbal testimony is making simple household feuds into raging dowry war. But that is not all, the movie Pink has another hidden feminist agenda behind this.

Feminist hidden agenda behind Pink

Currently Supreme Court of India is hearing a PIL filed by feminists in support of waving off the clause in our rape law that gives less punishment for a man if he is in a matrimonial relation with the woman. Feminists want these cases to be called as rape under ‘Marital Rape’ and they want to promote the concept of ‘No means No”. Apparently this may be a harmless concept to everyone but if this becomes a law, then every future Indian divorces will have a marital rape case included. That will not only make India a rape capital of the world, but will also take away their dignified life like the way it did to dowry menace. Marital rape will be another extortion racket to extort money from men whenever their wives think so.

So decide whether you want to cheer for the film Pink or expose feminist hypocrisy shown there.


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