How Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri Silently Established Feminism Links to Terrorism In The Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files Poster, Vivek Agnihotri
The Kashmir Files Poster

Mr. Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri in his latest film The Kashmir Files just exposed how feminism works to destroy a country without talking about feminism at all. And this is what we need to understand today.

The Kashmir Files, Terrorism and Feminism

The Kashmir Files released worldwide in theaters on 11th March 2022, showed the plight of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits, their genocide for decades and finally their great exodus in 1990 following threat of “convert, evict or die”. This movie will always be known for it’s openness about the communal terrorism by the Muslims but NOT at all for it expose’ on gender terrorism. However, after watching this movie, I could find out similarities in the ways feminism and terrorism works and hence this explanation.

Before we delve into this topic, we need to understand the operative principles of Naxalism and how Naxalite separatists work to disintegrate a country. Now you may wonder where did Naxalism come into picture in the matter of The Kashmir Files that dealt with Pakistan sponsored (or Islam sponsored) terrorism? I can assure you that once you understand the modus operandi of these factions you will understand the correlation between these. Whatever you have seen in The Kashmir Files will only help you understand these principles.

What Did Naxalite Documents Reveal?

The operating principles of the Naxals came to light from a statement by the Indian Home Minister in the Indian Parliament in 2006 based on two Naxalite documents. 1. Strategy and Tactics of Indian Revolution (STIR) released on 21st September 2004 and 2. Urban Perspective: Our Work in Urban Areas (UPUA), 2007. It is also important to note here that based on their research on CPI (ML) activities, the US State Department’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism And Responses to Terrorism (START) ranked CPI(ML) in the top five (5) organizations in the world for conducting most coordinated terrorist attacks in a country. The fact that the START ranked Indian Naxalites with the terrorist groups like ISIL, Boko Haram, Al-Quaeda, and Taliban shows the extent of their power which is hitherto not known to many ordinary Indians.

The STIR document of the Maoists collates all important Maoist principles and the UPUA document is the extension of the same to the urban areas. [To understand these principles better one can read the book Bleeding India by Binay Kumar Singh. Case Study 5 in that book gives detailed mode of operation by the Maoists]. I have taken inspiration from that book to understand the Maoist model and to establish similarities between Terrorism and Feminism which has become evident in the movie The Kashmir Files.

Ghettoisation in The Kashmir Files

‘A Ghetto is a slum or locality inhabited mostly by one community.’ That is how this term can be defined in the simplest terms. However, for the Naxalites and separatists the on-ground implementation of this concept is rather broad based. So, ‘radical feminism’ or ‘student radicalisation’ can be viewed as ‘gender ghettoisation’ or ‘academic ghettoisation’ etc. The separatist forces always try to radicalize these ghettos to fulfill their separatist agenda.

So, we see Indian women are instigated to file false cases on their husbands and families to break the very social fabric under their empowerment. Women are told how they are oppressed by the dominant forces in their family, i.e. their husband. In the realm of this kind of empowerment women break their own families and turn out to be more vulnerable to various forms of attacks from external forces. It’s a game where women continue to suffer despite empowerment until they are forced to submit to extremist forces (remember what happened to Iran, Afghanistan or even Bangladesh?). In India too, a widespread demand started (the #HijabRow) that we have seen in 2022 India just before elections in five Indian states.

The movie The Kashmir Files also showed Ghettoisation where J&K Muslims were instigated to rebel against the state of India by these separatist forces, they were termed as the minorities despite being the 95% of J&K population. A false sense of oppression was created in their minds. So, the land of Rshi Kashyap became the land of foreign funded jihadis who didn’t want to spare their friends or even family members. The movie showed how even the most closed Muslim neighbors and statesmen supported the separatists and pushed their Hindu friends to death. We have seen ‘Academic Ghettoisation’ in our universities and how the students were misled by telling false stories.

It is the same ‘Ghettoisation’ of radicals in feminism that provokes them to destroy their own relationships and own families. Like the Jihadi Kashmir wants to be an independent state, women are also told to be “independent” from patriarchal oppression (read relationships). This way the terrorists win their battle both in your family and also in a state like Kashmir (or in Bengal or Kerala). In the movie The Kashmir Files you would have seen jihadi ghettos formed in schools, around mosques and through different other groups.

There was a time when we Indians could not believe that a wife could file false cases against her own husband. But that is a very common occurrence today. Indian women are successfully misled into believing that they are oppressed in their families. This led most of them to rebel against their husbands and hit our family system hard. The same way Kashmir was peaceful even in initial parts of ‘80s but the Muslims were fed Jihadi ideology and many Hindus could not even believe their own Muslim friends would kill them. Similarly, many husbands do not believe they will get false cases from the person closest to their heart, i.e. their wife.

Maoist Urban Strategy and Feminism

The Maoist UPUA document clearly states how they wanted to operate in the urban areas to further their agenda in the fringe parts of India and to sustain their bloody war with the ‘state’. This is why we see the actions to break the nation. Any action against terrorists by the security forces are vehemently opposed by those whom Vivek Agnihotriji calls ‘Urban Naxals’. Now you might have thought this term was his invention, it was not. The Maoist Urban Policy documents (UPUA) clearly stated how the ‘intellectuals’ will be on-boarded under their fold and how secrecy will be maintained to protect their nexus with hardcore terrorists fighting a war against the state.

In the movie The Kashmir Files, Vivekji showed how the urban naxals ‘ignored’, ‘suppressed’ or even ‘ridiculed’ the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Even today after film’s release, we find how a section of Indian society is trying to suppress the film. The Kapil Sharma show denied promoting the film on the show, Bollywood remaining silent on it or even coming to watch the film, a Muslim man filing a PIL against the film’s release, are all part of this terrorist agenda to prevent exposing their nexus with the different groups.

We see similar factors playing in feminism as well. Whenever there’s a judgment favouring men and upholding justice in a court; feminist lawyers queue up in those courts to revert the judgment. The Arnesh Kumar judgment giving some relief to men from immediate arrest under IPC 498a was reverted in no time. However, the Delhi Court judgment telling a husband to ‘Beg, Borrow, Steal to maintain a wife’ was not. That is why recently we saw feminists trying to impose hijab on Muslim women and saw how feminism and terrorism came together in creating disturbance in the country. In recent times we also saw how feminists have tried to compel the Delhi High Court to remove the marital rape exception from IPC 375 and bring all husbands under the purview of the crime ‘rape’.

If you observe closely, you will find that the cases of terrorism in Kashmir and feminism in India are the similar. Supreme court refused to take up the matter of persecution of Kashmiri Pandits by Islamist jihadist and the state machinery; but didn’t mind opening its doors at the middle of the night for a convicted terrorist. When you see these correlations and understand the operation of Naxals in this country, you will understand that feminism is terrorism and often promoted and propagated by the same separatist forces.

To understand this better you need to understand their long-term approach as well.

Maoist Long Term Approach, Kashmir and Feminism

The long-term approach of Maoists was revealed in their documents. Their documents clearly stated about using all kinds of legal and illegal means to further their separatist agenda. They wanted to keep secret ties with their urban Naxals who infiltrated in every sphere of govt function (including the legal fraternity) and to adopt the means to further their agenda of breaking India.

Their documents clearly plan to create – open, secret and semi-secret organizations to take their agenda forward. These organizations spread in academia, media, police, judiciary, educational institutions etc. prevent the state from acting against any of them through a coordinated attack (on the state) and defence (from the state) mechanism. So, when we see students shouting slogan like “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” (India you will disintegrate) we see some people from media, judiciary and intellectuals come in their support or create false narratives to hide such open terrorist activities.

Feminism narrative is also supported like this. People with separatist ideology from academia, NGOs, political parties, intellectuals etc. raise weird issues that even most women may not agree as a valid reason to rebel. This agenda continues in all forums. If in the last 30 years, no court has taken up the issue of persecution and genocide of Kashmiri Pandits yet, that shows how strong the nexus is. It is this nexus that wanted to create disturbance in India after 2012 Nirbhaya rape case but never bothered to raise the issue of rape and murder of numerous Hindu women in Kashmir in 1990. This selective outrage by this section of people will tell you how feminism and terrorism are intertwined.

Maoists Infiltrate Even The Smallest Groups

At this juncture we need to understand that the Maoist operative model is an ideological model and we are so far talking about the ideological warfare. But that is the modern method of war and the killing of people actually follows that. So, Naxalite factions infiltrate the smallest groups with their ideology and destroys the system from within.

Their documents clearly stated that they wanted to infiltrate even the small groups in local Bustis, like the local social groups, libraries, cultural groups, local self-defence groups etc. So, their agenda was to make people weak from within. People become more vulnerable when they are attacked from within. They are also very careful about not revealing the nexus between their operatives. So, it is never understood by the state how deeply they have penetrated our social ranks and the state machinery can’t fight this monster. It is only a awakened society that can take on this juggernaut.

Feminism is mentioned as a separatist tool for them in the STIR document. So, when you hear narratives undermining the plights of Kashmir Pandits or when you hear the lawmakers and the judiciary undermining the plight of husbands and their families under the biased Indian laws; you know both are coordinated by the same separatist jihadi forces.

Vivek Agnihotri’s movie The Kashmir Files showed how the atrocities against Pandits were underplayed at different levels. You might have seen that through different social media campaigns from Congress and other political factions as well. You might have also observed that very often it is the same faces that promote feminism also promotes narratives against Hindus. Another way to determine the nexus between feminism and terrorism.


There are many tactics mentioned in the Naxalite documents that will help you understand how feminism operates the same way as terrorism does. These ideologues have infiltrated everywhere around us. We are in an era of narrative war and these separatist forces are far ahead in creating and sustaining a constant coordinated war against us. Feminism is only one tool for them. They find out such ‘issues’ concerning a section of the population, take these factions along, support their agenda and then use the same sections to bolster anti-national agendas. That is why you see the same people promoting women’s freedom and saying ‘Ghunghat’ (Hindu veil) is oppressive for women but also promoting hijab as empowering and choice for them. This is because both work against Bharat and against the majority Hindus.

You may now understand that it is a constant battle against these forces and the state can’t fight this alone. It is for every Indian to fight their own battle, use their power to vote wisely, corner the separatist forces (like we did to Congress and CPM) and if needed take the battle head on to eliminate them. This needs an extremely united and awakened Hindu society supported by deep rooted nationalism. Otherwise, the realities shown in The Kashmir Files may soon be happening to you in your own personal life.


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  1. Wonderful elaboration of feminism and terrorism. Both are deep rooted and gradually the truth is coming out and people have started to understand the things.


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