Know why increase in women’s budget is devastating for you

Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley has announced an 18% increase in spending over women to 1.84 Lakh Crore in 2017 Union Budget. While announcing these benefits in his budget speech Shri Jaitley said – ‘sabkaa saath, sabkaa vikas’ (prosperity for everyone with everyone) starts with girl child and women. With this announcement the union government has officially outcast every boys and men including those who live in rural areas.

Out of this 1.84 lakh crore budget investment on women there are programs announced for lactating mothers and pregnant women which is anyway need to be looked as expenditure on our future generation. But there is 500 crore budgetary expenditure on skill development, employment, digital literacy, health and nutrition by setting up Mahila Shakti Kendras in rural areas.

This kind of budgetary policies would not have raised any concern because this is supposed to be for improving condition of rural people but the problem comes when we see rural boys being heavily neglected. Our census data shows 30% rural women take part in workforce compared to 15% urban women. Now with this new provision, rural girls will get free skill development training while rural boys will be forced to take up difficult and less paying agricultural roles. Those farmers will continue to commit suicide while women will be upskilled for better job profiles.

But is gender budgeting really good for women? Will these women contribute to our economy? Statistics from International Monetary Fund (IMF). World Bank and other global organizations prove otherwise.

In a 2016 IMF report on ‘gender budgeting and its effects in Asian countries’ the effect of gender budgeting was studied. This report showed that not only on budget allocation but gender budgeting can be achieved on revenue side budgeting like tax exemption too.


Note, India is taking up all different gender budgeting initiatives.

It is also observed from the IMF report that India has improved significantly in terms of Gross Enrollment in Secondary Education compared to that in 1990 and achieved almost equal enrolment in secondary education.


However, in terms of labour force participation it was observed that the ratio of female to male workers has reduced in 2013 compared to that in 1990 –


Another study of world’s top 20 countries where women attained more higher education compared to men are found NOT participating in economy, too –


Source – International Gender Gap Report, 2016

So the question is, while India is providing more and more for our women in every gender budget and trying to bring them to mainstream economy, are these women becoming increasingly careless about participating in economy? This is surely an increasing waste for Indian economy as the figures above show, while Indian males continue to pay the price for all such dependents.

This kind of wastage in economy is never highlighted anywhere as there are enough agencies working for creating a NEED for such policies while there is none working for welfare for those boys permanently handicapped of all opportunities.

For instance, in next two months India will host at least 4 international conferences for women but none on men’s issues.

Let’s look at these conference details –

1.   International Conference on English Studies, Education & Women Empowerment – 2017, Goa

Organized by – IMRF, Goa, CSRE

Date – February 02-04, 2017

Women Empowerment

Topics to be covered – Education • Leadership • Safety • Health • Empowerment • Challenges • Communication studies  • Women and poverty • Education and training of women • Women and health • Violence against women  •  Women and the economy • Women in power and decision-making • Institutional mechanism for the advancement of women• Women and the media • Women and the environment • The girl-child • History • Law • Linguistics • Political science • Public administration • Psychology • Sociology  • Social Work

2.   International Conference On Language, Literature and Culture

Place – Pune, Maharastra

Organized by – Yadam Institute of Research

Date – February 03 – 05, 2017

Topics to include Feminist and Gender Studies

3.   2nd International Women’s Rights Assembly, Delhi

Organized by – Yadam Institute of Research

Date – 8th March, 2017

Topics –


4.   International Conference on Women Studies & Social Sciences 2017

Place – Chandigarh

Date – 9th to 11th March

Organized by – IMRFC

Topics to include for Women Studies – Women’s Issues like Education, Leadership, Safety, Health, Empowerment, Challenges and/or any topic in relation to women’s and gender studies.

When our intellectual resources and social researchers are thinking only about women and their welfare and when so much money is earned and spent only for women in the name of gender equality, how can we expect any welfare for these boys and men? Today, the so called gender warriors are all concerned about women centric researches resulting depriving our boys and men while they continue to bear the burden of women.

So while India is continuously increasing its budget spent on women, Indian women are increasingly becoming a burden on Indian men in the name of development and equality.


Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley presenting Budget 2017


20 exclusive loan benefits for women that men never get

These are 20 benefits that women get for their loans from various banks and financial institutions that men don’t get. On the contrary, there is no benefit that men get for loans but women don’t get.

Home Loan

1.   SBI




What is important to note that even the weaker segment people don’t get cheaper loan beyond 28 lacs. But even highly earning progressive family women get cheaper loans.

ICICI bank offers same amount of loan at 0.05% premium to salaried men.

3. HDFC Bank


HDFC also charges 5 basis point lower rate for women applicants

4.   Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers Home loan at interest rate of 9.75% to women and at 9.85% to men for amount upto 75 lakhs.

Other benefits for women

  1. Delhi and Haryana women pay two percent lower stamp duty than men on property registration.
  2. Women need to be either sole owner or primary owner in a co-owned affordable house. A poor man can’t get affordable housing in his own name.

  3. Women are also eligible for tax deduction of Rs. 2 lakhs on interest paid on home loans.

  4. Women are also allowed to deduct the interest rate paid against the mortgage loan against the net rental value when they rent out their home.

  5. Banks give preference to women loan applicants over male applicant. Thus getting such an application rejected is less if the applicant or primary applicant is a woman.

Car Loan

10.   State Bank of India


Women pay lower interest for SBI car loans as well

11.   Federal Bank

Federal Bank offers car loan @ 10.5% to women while the rate is 11.3% for others including weaker and sections.

12.   Andhra Bank

For women they offer auto loan 1% above the base rate while for men they offer 1.75-2% above the base rate.

13.   Mahindra Finance

Mahindra Finance offers 0.5% rebate to its women customers.

  1. Bharatiya Mahila Bank offers loans at base rate to women. There is no bank that offers loan at base rate to men.

Education Loans

Not only home loan or car loans, women are given special discounts in education loans as well. Andhra Bank and Indian Overseas Bank give 0.5% discount on education loan to women.

15. HSBC’s India Student Education Loan Program – Offers 50 basis point discount to girl students

16. Central Bank of India’s Cent Vidyarthi Program – They offer a lower base rate of interest for female students at 1.5%, as compared to 2% for male students.

17. Corporation Bank’s Corp Vidya Program The bank offers concession in rate of interest at 50 BPS for girl students.

18. Overseas Bank’s Vidya Jyoti Program – The bank allows interest concession at 0.5% on all education loans to girl students for pursuing education in India and Abroad.

19. State Bank of India’s SBI Student Loan Scheme –Like other banks, SBI also has a lower rate of interest for girl students at 0.5%

20. Allahabad Bank’s education loan – Rebate of 1% allowed under all slabs for girl students.

There may be other banks offering other facilities only to women that are not captured here.

Buying flat in joint name?

If you are an Indian man looking for some tax benefit and lower interest liability by buying a flat in your wife’s name (or in joint name) while you keep paying the EMI solely, remember DV case still allows her to throw you out of that house while you keep paying the EMI and maintenance to her. Let her pay the EMI and get all benefits of the loans, while you enjoy the life without owning any property.



Indian mother’s powerful reply to celebrities’ will blow your mind

jyoti-tiwari-fitting-replyAfter the media created hysteria of mass molestation in Bangalore, celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Virat Kohli slammed Bangaloreans. Akshay Kumar in his message slammed Bangalore men for their outrageous dance and also said that he was ashamed of being a human. He said, that a society that can’t respect their women can’t be deemed as a society for humans. He also said that some men even dare to justify harassment of women. In his address he admonished them by saying they should correct their behavior without any delay.

India’s Cricket team captain Virat Kohli also joined the bandwagon of male bashers by saying that women should now boycott Indian men.

An Indian mother of a boy, Jyoti Tiwari has given them a fitting reply to both.

In her message Jyoti said that it felt very strange to her that an actor like Akshay Kumar had the audacity to give this message when the films he endorse shows high end sexism and objectification of women. These don’t have any respect woman notification in the beginning of the movie either. Telling Akshay that his remark was solely based on one isolated video, couple of eyewitness’ statements and blurred images, Jyoti reminded that the same happened after Badaun rape case or during Jat protests as well but no celebrity tendered any apology when those cases turned out to be false.

Bangalore molestation – primary victim changed her story

Jyoti slammed Akshay and other celebrities for their selective humanity and for no reaction when videos of male bashing by women come to the light. She reminded celebrities that none of them ever felt ashamed when men were subjected to violence by women.

Jyoti stated that the focus of celebrities like Akshay and Virat is for selling products, be it a movie or other brands they endorse. Their ads also objectify women or show how men can get women by using those products. So she felt very strange that they spoke about respecting women when they themselves don’t.

Challenging the celebrities for their mindless messages without verification of facts, Jyoti Tiwari expressed her grave concerns as a mother of a boy. She reminded them that they had created a society where boys don’t get justice or share their problems and are shamed without any reason. She expressed her grave concern that if this mindless male bashing continues, then boys will be depressed and eventually succumb to this enormous social pressure.

Ladies’ gang uses molest trap for cash

She also reminded the higher suicide rate of males compared to women and strongly criticized both for making their views without any knowledge or understanding of current social situation. She asked these celebrities to think why they didn’t get angry when a man is cut in 19 pieces by a woman (16 Dec 2012, Mumbai) and why no celebrity felt ashamed to be a human then.

This message given in Hindi clearly showed the fear of a concerned mother of a son and is going viral in social media ever since it got published -.

It is pertinent to mention that ever since the media allegation of mass molestation in Bangalore there is no evidence of the crime happening en-masse. One isolated video, some statements and blurred pictures were circulated to convince people about molestation happening in masses. In spite of the fact police checking 70 CCTV footages police did not find any evidence of mass molestation.


When Om Puri stopped acting for a while

om-puri1Today the demise of veteran actor Om Puri reminded me of our team’s meet with him and his little but significant contribution towards the cause of men’s rights in India.

When I read in newspapers about Om Puri’s estranged wife filing domestic violence case against him and his statement regarding the case, what struck me was his pain which many of us share. I saw a very honest remark without any attempt at political correctness when he spoke about the case being motivated out of greed.

I was surprised that he himself attended the call when I called him. When I told him about our NGO, he seemed a little excited. He was hoping if someone could help him in his distress. I didn’t know he would need help. A veteran actor of decades as a star, a celebrity who could boast Hollywood appearances would be vulnerable and would want help that our group could offer hadn’t crossed my mind. I used to think that alpha males have it easier and could wriggle out of situations given their social status and financial clout at disposal. The meeting was fixed for the next day itself.

Before the meeting, he was unsure whether he really wanted to talk to us about his issues. We were soon seated at his home and he arrived, limping. The chance meeting the Ghashiram of Ghashiram Kotwal or Arvind Velankar from Ardh Satya would have been too unreal for me and I was not expecting that, but at least I thought couldn’t it be Inspector of Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Thaa or the rebellious Sanatan of Maachis. It was a very different Om Puri. Real life was far too cruel for him.

Our conversation began as we told him that Vaastav runs a suicide helpline for men and provide help to men in distress.

“Yesterday I was contemplating whether I should take pills or hang myself” these were the words of the veteran actor in moist eyes. I did not see a versatile actor with an enviable profile of Hollywood feats in his kitty, but I saw a vulnerable human, like countless others whom we have counseled at Vaastav Foundation. It shook me and others listening to him. For the first time he spoke with us without his façade of acting. We realized he was putting an unreal face in disguised mannerism everywhere else.

He described the issues faced by him, in his estranged marriage, few financial details, his vulnerabilities as a man, issues faced by him and what transpired, problems fighting a litigation, difficulties in handling lawyers, complexities facing the judge, vulnerabilities engaging the police. Om ji was now flowing out with his matters almost like we were his closest childhood buddies. Above all, he was concerned that his son should not misunderstand him.

He called his lawyer and spoke about us. He was extremely at peril legally in that stage and he even wanted us to meet his legal team. Then he called his psychologist. Described us as ‘very positive boys’ and repeated it multiple times. That was the time when the psychologist also seemed happy, listening to his overjoyed child like enthusiastic conversation. Those few moments of joy, were quite familiar for us. Men who think they have no support and suddenly find strength in our group have numerous times displayed it in our group meetings.

We told him about the impending International Men’s Day on 19th Nov and if he had any message for men. He readily agreed for a video –

Today, I am happy that we could offer him some solace when he was most vulnerable and needed it most. When I got in touch with him again and congratulated him for his successes in his cases he gladly accepted my wishes.

As I have observed him, he had become bitter from within. He spoke with us about what came to his mind. He also tried to make amends for his acerbic statements but misandrist society didn’t understand those. He was bullied everywhere by the misandrist society which did not see it was equal party in his bitterness and hidden anguish.

When things turn bad, alpha males have it worse, but they hide it better than the rest. That’s the lesson, Om ji taught me. I am happy that I experienced in person, when at least for some time, Om Puri had stopped acting. That was better than anything I had seen of him onscreen.

Today, on his last day, I see a wronged man, a very vulnerable one.

May his soul attain peace. #AumShanti
By Amit Deshpande


Om Puri with the Vaastav team


Amit Deshpande

Amit Deshpande

Amit Deshpande is the Founder-President of Vaastav Foundation. The prevailing misandry in society made him take up the cause of fight for men’s rights. He strives to highlight men’s issues which have been hitherto neglected. He appeared on TEDxTalk here.

Vaastav Foundation is an NGO working for Men’s Issues in Mumbai. It conducts weekly meetings in Borivli, Mulund and Vashi and is a part of the Men’s groups coalition in India under the banner of Save Indian Family. It runs a suicide helpline for men on 8882 498 498 where almost 100 activists from all over the country, operate the helpline round the clock.


MRAs on Om Puri’s death

Anupam Dubey

स्वर्गीय ओम पुरी का जीवन व उनकी म्रत्यु एक ज्वलंत उदाहरण है कि कोई भी पुरुष जब अपनी टूटती हुई गृहस्थी को संभालने का प्रयास करता है और फिर भी उसे जबरन, महिलाओं के छद्म सशक्तिकरण के लिए बने कानूनों  के मुकदमों मे फंसा दिया जाता है और उसके बच्चों से भी दूर कर दिया जाता है, तो कैसे उसका जीवन अपने ही घर मे एक अजनबी कि भांति अकेला और क्रूर हो जाता है। ईश्वर  उनकी आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे।

Amit Kumar Gupta

When going gets tough – tough gets going. At times when celebrities shy away from issues like atrocities on men, OM ji was candid to share his heart and speak for men however distressed he was. This shows true mettle of a person he was. The strength he displayed in his character was also reflected in his act and in reality when he spoke of men’s issues. He is a true inspiration for those who hide behind feminism.

Saurabh Bannerjee

It was a few years ago when I heard about problems in his marital life. I was very sad that on a mere statement of his wife he was maligned in the media so badly. I always knew he was a thorough gentleman. He proved it by fighting in difficult times and winning back hearts of others. He was and always will remain in our hearts as one of the most versatile actors.

Navneet Sahu

Om Puri didn’t die, a father died just because of a greedy and adulterous wife. Before trying to make India great, our PM should make India safe for her men.

Chetan CSK

As a man, I am deeply saddened with the news of sudden demise of Om Puri ji. He was a victim of biased legal system and society. He was paying a hefty maintenance to his wife and son. Two years ago when we met him in his residence, he was very happy that someone was there to stand for him. From Vaastav Foundation we have invited him to come to our meetings but he could not come there for his celebrity status. If he could join us, we would have saved him today. I wish we could bridge the gap and come closure in some way. RIP to the great soul.

“A woman is a bitch who needs to be trained” – Indian TV show participant

Here is what happened in an Indian TV show recently –

The male participants flaunting their muscles came forward to the girls sitting around the swimming pool in their bikinis. Each woman looking ravishingly beautiful while the secrets of the boys were being shared by the hosts.

When this particular secret was revealed it read – “A woman is a bitch who needs training“.

The male host while reading the secret aloud said “well, this one is interesting”… and read the statement.

All guys cheered in chorus as if their minds were spoken too. All of them wore mischievous smiles on their faces. The female host cheered too.

A female participant while discussing this said “every female participant was astonished. If it was said that a man is a *** and needs to be trained it would have created huge uproar in patriarchal India”. (This was aired on TV but deleted in YT upload).

Later the guy whose secret was this shared like this said, he had to say this when he came to know that a woman participant were using vulgar language against the boys.

Both hosts were enraged by hearing this. They wanted to know which woman participant dared to use vulgar language against boys? Both hosts were enraged by the unforeseen audacity of the girls. Girls were in denial mode as this behaviour could expel them from the show.

Another male participant openly said that in fact he too had heard that woman participant talking absolute nonsense about guys and given a chance he would slap that person.

When no woman came forward to take up responsibility, the man openly challenged the woman to be a woman and own up.

Later when another woman came forward and revealed the vulgarity spoken by the female participant about other males, a brawl started among the women.

Female host of the show later said – “We need to take such things with a pinch of salt” and moved on……


…Don’t believe this to be true? Do you think it is a punishable offense or extremely generalized sexist comment by the guy to call any woman a “bitch” on a national TV show? Well that is because I just reversed the genders.

MTV Splitsvilla episode 2 shown on 18th June had a woman comment that said “A Man is a dog who needs to be trained”.

Now reverse the gender and read the above article again to see what exactly happened in the show.

Given below is the YT link of a portion of the episode –

National Policy for Women proposes monitoring media, male behavior towards women empowerment

National Policy For Women - Mens RightsIf you are outraged to see the institutional bias created by the govt. against Indian males under The National Policy for Women, 2016, hold on to your horses. Chances are very soon you will be barred from venting your anger on women empowerment in public or in social media. In an effort to ensure that these policies created in the name of gender equality are implemented successfully and the vote bank politics in the name of women empowerment continues, the WCD ministry plans to monitor the media and the male behavior closely.

National Policy For Women - monitoring male behavior

In part VI of the Women’s Policy the ministry proposes to create a mechanism that will not only give overwhelming benefits to women depriving men, but also proposes to monitor media and male bahaviour towards these policies.

If selective sterilization of males, depriving male patients of cancer, HIV/AIDS for priority attention, creating discrimination in differently able people or depriving young boys of education and long term quality skill development was not enough; the National Policy for Women, 2016 also proposes to monitor media and make boys and men advocate women rights thus creating a situation where men’s issues are completely ignored and men are forced to endorse the women policy.

National Policy For Women - Media

In the list of legal benefits to women WCD ministry in addition to including provision to consolidate all forms of discriminatory legal aids to women, also proposed to ‘sensitize’ police, lawyers, judges, judiciary schools with gender sensitivity of crimes. Thus in this attempt to create gender for each crime, the ministry is set to create more bias in the judicial system that will deny justice to men completely.

National Policy For Women - Judiciary

The policy openly proposes that more women will be included in media and a ‘gender-sensitive’ language will be promoted. Social media will be monitored too to make sure that women in India are not represented in demeaning or stereotypical manner. This agenda to feminize the media will eventually lead to criminals reported as brave hearts. We have already had instances of Rohtak Sisters or Jasleen Kaur using the social media for instant fame and were called brave hearts. Now with this we can expect more such news where criminals are not only made heroes but are also given awards like Rohtak Sisters had received from the state women’s commission.

National Policy For Women - Legal Services

On the other hand this approach of achieving gender equality by reducing number of males from media and encouraging private media houses to employ more females in the job will ensure that pain suffered by males remain unheard of by everyone.

National Policy For Women - Affordable Home

The policy also talks about making low cost homes for women and giving them priority in all property registrations with tax benefits but it does not take away their right in husband’s property or house. So in one hand while this policy creates undue bias against Indian males to own property, it also creates backbone for taking away their acquired property and uses the tax paid by them to create more low cost housing for women. The burden of this obviously come to the tax payers, majority of whom are males.

National Policy For Women - Women NGOs

Not only this, the WCD ministry has also proposed to provide more benefits to women NGOs through capacity building and training and ensure the services provided to women are standardized and measured. So now these private NGOs to benefit more from taxpayers’ money. It can be easily understood that such facilities will give rise to fake women NGOs who would continue to exploit the system for their personal gains.

If you are concerned about the policy please let the government know your concerns here. Your future is in your hands.


Read more on this policy –

  1. Policy suggests focus on male sterilization

  2. Policy to make quality education, skill development difficult for the boys

  3. Policy to discriminate against differently able men

Debunking feminist logic on Indiatimes post on #LawsAgainstMen

My replies to Tusharika Matto, the Research Associate in Shomona Khanna Law Firm, New Delhi –

Feminist Tusharika Matto says this law is unfair to women, they can’t raise complaint against their adulterous husband

IPC 497 – Read the law carefully, you will know that no woman can ever be punished. If you are a lawyer yourself you should have known this. Also how many such cases are proved in recent past? Almost none. Point is proving such cruelty is made next to impossible for men. Even DNA test permission is difficult to get from courts. When a man cheats his wife can still file divorce under cruelty and she gets maintenance and alimony on filing for divorce. So women always get better treatment under this law. Your arguments are all baseless.

She has problem with the explanation of the law and the stats, too

Section 498a – Yes it is not a dowry law but that is how it is filed in all courts and it is the advocates like you who proudly file such cases to get some easy bucks. To understand the statistics you need to check the NCRB crime data and calculate the conviction percentage only in 498a cases that are not clubbed with 304B cases. It will come to ~98%.

To debunk the male suicide stat she brings in dowry death

Dowry Death and Suicide – Not all cases filed under IPC 304B is dowry death. Many a times wife suicide is termed as dowry death. That is why in 85% such cases we see acquittal. The suicide stats can be obtained from NCRB data available in public domain. Also when you quote a newspaper report to understand crime stat that shows your incapability and immaturity to understand crime and statistics. Looks like your clients need to be careful about your incompetence.

She says NFHS survey finds 40% Indian wives suffer from DV. Debunk 98% cases are false –

Domestic Violence – Do you understand statistics? I can see you don’t. NFHS study was done in a biased way without trying to find out the same Domestic violence against men. Also their result is only valid for the small biased sampling they have done. India is huge country and statistical analysis of any such survey is even more complex. The statistics that 98% DV cases are found to be false also comes from a WCD minster reply to a question in parliament. If that is fake, then I am not sure what is to trust. So be little educated, plss.

Matto challenges this

Template of 498a – Evident when we see the affidavits filed in different courts by the lawyers. We are present all India, and our victims bring their affidavit copies that clearly shows this. Well, lawyers like you can’t save your face here because every day we find unrelated details being mentioned in affidavits and complaints. Since there is almost no punishment for such false complaints for the women or their lawyers, you get away easily wasting courts’ time and plundering Tax payers’ money.

Feminist lawyer says, it is not easy to put a man behind bar on frivolous complaint, without evidence –
354 and 354A – How simple is it to put a man behind the bar. Oh hello< please come to reality. Many such innocents are everyday being exploited by the women and lawyers like you.


Feminists want to understand this stat
Rape cases – 53% ? It is actually 75% and you will find that to be true when you check and analyze NCRB stats. See how many cases are decided by courts and how many convictions and then calculate percentage, you will know 53% is actually a lower number.

Feminist says it is not specifically written in Domestic Violence Law
Well, it is not specifically written in Domestic Violence Law and that is true. But these are the complaints you lawyers make in your Domestic Violence complaints in courts. If these are not domestic violence then how do the courts accept them without punishing the lawyers for frivolous complaints?

Feminists say, no this is also not specifically mentioned in Domestic Violence Act, 2005

In adultery, can you tell me how can a husband prevent his wife from meeting her lover? If he does he gets all sorts of cases and that is a reality. You advocates help women in filing false cases including rape and then the wife is given maintenance, his house and everything. Not everything needs to be written in a law and you should know this if you are a lawyer. It can come under mental cruelty under domestic violence and there are innumerable complaints made in that regard.

So dear feminists stop fooling around. People understand these things clearly today. Indiatimes might have removed their post, but we will not. Your fake knowledge is exposed to all.

Myths behind creating gender biased laws in India

Gender Bias, Gender Biased Laws

First Published – here

In India gender biased laws are created for empowering women. But most of the reasons given for creation of biased laws seem to be unjustified.

#1 – Patriarchy shows male dominance and women oppression – Male dominance was not enforced on the society, rather it was part of evolution and natural choice for survival of mankind. Even today, mostly men die to save common human beings from all natural disasters.

#2 – Patriarchy imposes restrictions on women’s movement – Patriarchy exists for survival of mankind. Restriction of women’s movement (in some cases) is mainly for saving them from danger rather than oppressing them. Women today can take up any responsibility they wish and reservation for them in various fields actually restricts deserving male candidates.

#3 – Women are more unsafe today, than they were before independence – The creation of a special section called “Crime Against Women” itself denies men safety from those crimes committed against them. Simply because these crimes are committed against women doesn’t mean they are not committed against men. Absence of any recording mechanism denies the right to safety and equal treatment to men.

#4 – Most women are subjected to domestic violence – Study also shows most senior citizens are abused by their daughter-in-laws. Men suffering from domestic violence from women too but can’t even report. Women granted maintenance irrespective of their behavior in a marriage.

Patriarchy is never construed as bad when it provides free lunch to women or incriminates men just for being ‘MEN’.

#5 – Women are murdered in womb, as infants – We understand this is most successfully created feminist myth when we see that – NCW wanted to raise legal age of abortion of a foetus, feminists demand killing of baby by the mother upto one year of child’s age as women’s right or how SatyaMevJayate team tries to tell lies about stories on foeticide.

#6 – Anyone who oppose women friendly laws is misogynist, insecure – This is being said about the men who are branded as criminals on marriage and many of whom are highly educated. These men spend money from their pocket to help victims in need, give them free legal consultation or take leave from work to stand by the innocent families jailed under false 498a.

These people shed tear with victims or stand by the woman who is raped by another woman but can’t get justice under feminist rules. (remember Pinki Pramanik case, the victim never got justice because the rapist was a woman. Women’s groups in this case fought for the rapist and not for the victim).

#7 – Men are physically stronger, don’t need legal empowerment – These two are different aspects of life and can’t be mixed. Can we live a good life simply by eating good food and not sleeping well? It is time to realize this. Using force against women is anyways a crime.

#8 – Even with women friendly laws, women are unsafe, gender neutral laws will endanger them – Crime is not gender dependent. To instill public confidence in our legal system, we need legal and police reforms, else criminal women like Rohtak Sisters will continue to take bravery award for being cruel to other women or men.

#9 – Stricter laws ensure that no one commits the crime – If it was the case, then murders that invites death penalty, would have been stopped. Today an ordinary Indians like the Nagaland guy is lynched on false complaint but Tarun Tejpal still not punished for committing the same crime.

In India there are many reasons given for creation of gender biased laws. Looks like these are only myths and are set to destroy our society later.


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Tell us about gender biased discriminatory policies in companies

Corporate policyCreating new policies only for women employees and giving them preferential treatment in the name of gender equality is not new.

If as a man you are not able to raise your voice to your HR, let others know in this anonymous survey how companies create gender bias and discrimination against men (present or past company, please write the company name)-

Readers’ Hearts’ content

A. Celebration of women’s day
Women gets preference in job posting
Women allowed to leave office early
Sabbatical easily available for women
Preferential rate of interest for women employees if she takes loan

B. Allocation of work timing , facility like early exit from office more option towards leaves.


Below are few extract from FAQ(Which is not seen in many company, and is in for of men)

Which behaviors that may not constitute sexual harassment?
If a colleague accidentally brushes against you once, it may not be considered as sexual harassment.
However, if that person repeatedly finds opportunities to brush against you, it is no longer accidental –
it is deliberate. Sexually oriented behavior such as this, which may make you feel uncomfortable and adversely affect your work, is sexual harassment.
It may be noted that acts such as teasing, sporadic abusive utterances, occasional sexually colored jokes, could upset a person, even though it may not have been intentionally directed at him/her, and may not form a sexual harassment claim. If you have been asked to stop (verbally or in writing) certain behavior by any colleague at work stop it immediately and refrain from future indulgences

Does that mean that men cannot raise a complaint of sexual harassment in Cisco India?
Though Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act, 2013
considers only women as being the victims of sexual harassment, Cisco being an equal employment
opportunity provider would consider any sexually oriented behavior at the work place irrespective of the gender, a violation to the Company’s code of conduct and ethics. This in essence provides opportunity to any employee in to raise a complaint of sexual harassment in alignment with Cisco global framework

What if someone files a complaint with intent to malign my reputation?
While good faith complaints will be accepted, action will be taken against anyone lodging false complaints

D. DS Group famous brand like Rajnigandha, Catch . Workplace harassment policy available in online and the same gender neutral. Rule of dress code for both men and women.

All women employee leave at 6.00PM but about 20% men employee sit up to 8PM , but it is not force .
But practically , if men compliant vs women for any harassment, no action taken, where as if any women compliant against men, immediate action taken.
If men take too many leave for child care it considered as lazy and their performance appraisal get negative effect , but if women take excessive leave for child care the same does not affect her performance appraisal.
Organizations celebrate Women day every year and such event photo posted on employee website, but for men day no such activity done.


1. Nokia Siemens has created reserved womens parking in main building basement and MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK IN THOSE “WOMEN EMPLOYEE ONLY” space. Men have to go to MLCP to park. Women enjoy is nicely while they know that its nothing really required in Nokia Siemens. This company is clearly based towards women.
2. In any CSR they are not willing to donate to Mens NGOS.
3. They do not celebrate Mens day or Fathers day !

4. They have special cab policy for women but not for men for after 7 work.. They have special cab policy for women but not for men for after 7 work.


have seen that the female who filed false case is not in a position to defend her cases, instead catches hold of so called nonsense showing and practicing other females and her boyfriend, cooks up defamation strategies and spreads it in mass mode via soft media (whatsapp), and other so called males and females also joins in that defamation and enjoyment, also alongside catches hold of another female at society and does defamation, spreads filth, all to keep husband under pressure, they repeat it as regular acts shamelessly even though if shown fingers, management takes in turn no serious action on them, to some extent they just try to silence them. now who will give back the lost standing to the man who has lost it because of all those?


In my previous company named Beton Dickinson, they celebrate womens day but dont even wish on mens day.
In my current company Bayer Healthcare, they have policy for sexual harassment and it is only for females while globally in the same company they cover both genders.


 WELL IF A MAN suffers under a woman boss, he cannot do anything.
even if he fights there is a risk of  losing his career and worst even a sexual harassment case can be filed against him.


Not only corporate even Government of India discriminate based on gender. As per leave policies of the govt, almost 2 years leave is given to female employees for looking after children. Please read the relevant texzt reproduced below  i.e clause 18 D.
18 (D)* Child Care Leave to a female member of the Service—(1) A female member of the Service having minor children below the age of eighteen years may be granted child care leave by the competent authority for a maximum of 730 days during her entire service for taking care of up to two children. (2) During the period of child care leave, such member shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. (3) Child care leave may be combined with leave of the kind due and admissible. (4) Notwithstanding the requirement of production of medical certificates contained in sub-rule (1) of rule 13 or rule 14, leave of the kind due and admissible (including commuted leave not exceeding 60 days and leave not due) up to a maximum of one year, if applied for, be granted in continuation of child care leave granted under sub-rule(1). (5) Child care leave may be availed in more than one spell. (6) Child care leave shall not be debited against the leave account of the member of the Service. 19. Conversion of one kind of leave into another kind.
And woman say, they are paid less for equal work. From above, it is evidently clear that woman are  paid more than men for the same or lesser work. Mind you, the above leave is only for females not males.

J.Read this

The corporates are already made target with diktat from regulators
 TCS – the company gave all information to the wife and gave red carpet welcome  and she sent a false letter to the  HR. several times she was allowed to visit office and meet my colleagues there by spoiling the reputation and finally led to termination of my job and loss of my career 
While working for Amazon Hyderabad ..when an internal job opening for process trainer was considered the only one who got through were beautiful girls. This is rampant in Amazon Hyderabad Mindspace. In one instance , one of the trainer was not made permanent because he was a male and the person who was selected was a show called liberated feminist female.

“Ban Body Odor” is a misandric campaign

I happened to be a part of recent all male blogging activity called #SniffSniff. When we were invited to be a part of the campaign none of us were aware of the full campaign and I was thrilled to see the first ever male only blogging event.

Arjun Rampal at the launch of Nivea Body Deodrizer

Arjun Rampal at the launch of Nivea Body Deodrizer at Mumbai. Image Courtesy – Blogadda

The campaign was initiated by the brand by sending us some clues that was supposed to be the hints for the final product. After a few days of being a part of the campaign I saw twitter trend #BanBodyOdour but didn’t realize that both campaigns were related. But from day 1 of #SniffSniff activity I knew it was about a male perfume or deodrant.

The product was finally clear to me on the delivery of the same at my doorstep. I realized that it all started with this video which was supposed to be funny, even though I didn’t find anything funny about it –

The video showed Indian men having the problem of ‘disgusting’ body odor that needed to be banned. Well, at the face of it, the campaign seemed to be highly misandric to me. I didn’t understand why only men were targeted of having bad body odor, when both the genders may have this issue?

I was quick to check how the same brand promoted their deodorant for women and I found this campaign by Anushka Sharma –

You can see the difference in the ways of promoting similar product for the two genders. When it was for men, the brand showed most Indian men having the problem of body odor; but when it was for women, it showed how one individual dealt with it.

We know that body odor is caused by bacteria thriving with our sweat and it is no surprise if men sweat more compared to women. When men are given the bread winner’s responsibility and are forced to work outdoors under extreme conditions, it is natural that men will have body odor. But does that mean that the brand needed to shame a gender for that?

I was especially shocked to see this misinformation spread when women actually get attracted by male pheromone and killing that odor or creating a fake alternate identity by artificial chemical substance will be suicidal for anyone. Because, if our own pheromone bears our chemical identity then covering or killing the same with a deodorant also means killing our own identity.

So, I turned to some medial websites to understand the reason of some people having really bad body odor and if this medical article is to be believed then men, women are equally susceptible to this problem. The main reason one may have a bad odor for others, comes from one’s personal hygiene factors. The article also provides some natural remedies to fight body odor and suggests against using deodrant as they may block our sweat glands making it more harmful for us. This article also says that some studies show that deodorants may be the reason behind breast cancer or prostrate cancer.

In short, this campaign for a male only product creates unnecessary misandry and enough misinformation that men need to use deodorant to fight body odor, whereas in reality our pheromone or odor is the reason the human race survives. It is shocking to find that the marketing company could not think of a positive campaign for men to sell a product targeted to them.