Hidden Figures: A feminist movie that exposes feminism


Hidden Figures – when that confidence was not arrogance

– Hi, are the calculations done?

– Yes, my guys are checking them once again

-Get the girl to check the numbers, if she says the numbers are good, I am okay to go.

It was a conversation between US astronaut John Glenn and director of Space Task Group, Al Harrison minutes before the launch of Friendship mission, a mission to make a human orbit around the earth. They were talking about calculations of astronaut’s re-entry point into earth’s gravity and precise landing point on earth.


Hidden Figures – when those were not nude marches

The calculations were mind-boggling. There was an army of male engineers deployed at NASA’s Space Research Center to solve those complicated mathematical puzzles to derive complex Fibonacci numbers.

There was a woman who checked the computational accuracy of those numbers. And all including the director of the space program and the astronaut himself trusted her calculations more than that of even IBM mainframe computers.


Hidden Figures – when feminism was also being responsible

Hidden Figures is a story written by Margot Lee Shetterly based on what the movie makers demand to be true but we don’t guarantee such truth, about three African-American female mathematicians at NASA and directed by Theodore Melfi.


Hidden Figures – when feminism was also about caring for family

This film on NASA’s mission shows the equality movement for ‘colored’ people in early ‘60s Americas and the racism that they had to overcome. But while showing the fight for equality and the initial struggle of feminists there the movie also exposes feminists a big way.


Hidden Figures – when feminism was not about hating boys

Movie’s main female characters – display the natural human traits that gained respect and empathy of billions. Their struggle was valued and created trend setting changes to the world because they were still humans and took care of their responsibilities.


Hidden Figures – when feminists showed different sorts of curves

Today’s feminists however have gone overboard with their demands (I call these “shemands”) that create hatred against males and society to a great extent. The movie clearly shows how feminism and equality movement shaped in those days and why that was a necessity. But with unprecedented success feminists have become ever jealous and narrow minded and became female chauvinists.


Hidden Figures – when merry making was not about drunken bash and abusive gestures

Today feminism has become a symbol of nude protests, showing bodily curves, male hatred, drunken irresponsible behavior, self-centered narrow minded attitude. Those confident yet polite gestures had become rude and violent outbursts. The movie Hidden Figures bares it all for feminists. That is why today’s feminists need to watch this and know what feminism truly was.


Hidden Figures – when feminists respected religious cultural values

The film shows the struggle that one goes through while accomplishing something for the first time. The legitimate demands get widespread support and acceptability in due course and one does not need to be vulgar. Often we do not recognize the value of these accomplishments if we inherit those by birth. That is when our demands start hurting humanity. That is what happened to feminism today. Hidden Figures a movie that upholds feminism, also exposes them.

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*This article is based on whatever is shown in the movie. That does not mean these incidents really happened or are true as shown in the movie


Exclusive: Yes, I have seen molestation in Bangalore


Today, I read your article where you showed that one of the molestation complainants has changed her story. Initially she told that she was in MG Road, Bangalore  but later claimed she was molested in Indira Nagar. It wouldn’t have made any sense to me if I hadn’t attended a Cubbon Park meeting of a group organizing a campaign called #IWillGoOut. I chanced upon their meeting on 7th January when I went to the park to meet a friend of mine.

The meeting was protest of mass molestation in Bangalore, we read in newspapers. The news enraged me the most as I was really scared of women’s safety in the city. Everyone in the meeting was talking about mass molestation but none of them seemed to have seen anything other than utter chaos. They all believed in media reports.

I found a few guys who were there as martial arts trainers and they were training women how to crush the balls of guys next to them. In fact, I found the trainer himself was molesting the woman in guise of training and she was very happy about it. I have some photos for you taken from their video –

Molestation in Bangalore

Cubbon Park meeting of #IWillGoOut campaigners

His hands were going all over her body and she was happy, something I felt very weird about. I thought they were there against molestation. Other guys around seemed to be enjoying the scene. One girl was repeatedly talking about “crushing the balls’ and everyone including guys were applauding. I didn’t feel good about it.

In the meeting they spoke about women being molested in masses and how the photos depicting policewomen carrying those women showed molestation. Later when I read police version I came to know that police were only rescuing drunk women.

There was a lawyer from an NGO called Vimochana. She was telling everyone how to file molestation case. She told everyone that it is very easy to file such cases and a girl just needs to prove that she was present there when the incident happened. The lawyer also told the women present to convince passers-by that molestation happened and her job will be done. I was little confused that if getting legal recourse was so easy then why they were making a big fuss about it. Why training, talking about crushing men’s balls or a separate march on January 21st.

I was not very sure if I understood their agenda properly and as they were talking about a second meeting on 11th at Bangalore, Town Hall, I decided to go there.

Their Town Hall meeting was attended by several hundreds of people, both men and women. Many media houses and police personnel were also present. The same discussion was happening. I tried to speak with a few journalists and policemen there. Surprisingly, most of them were speaking about K’halli incident as mass molestation. I was little confused as I thought mass molestation happened in MG Road. They said women go through these every day, so the march was organized.

I was more confused after attending their meetings than ever before. Then I chanced upon your article and came to know that Chaitali Wasnik has changed her story and is claiming that she was molested in Indira Nagar Area. It reminded me of what the Vimochana lawyer told in Cubbon Park. “A woman just needs to prove she was present in the location of crime”.

Believe me, I was contemplating joining the #IWillGoOut march for women safety on 21st January, but now feel something is not quite right. When we men are going out for women’s safety, women are actually planning to kill us; when we are concerned about safety of our mothers, daughters and sisters; women lawyers are teaching them how to file cases just like that. This is really dangerous. I have seen real molesters gathering up with #IWillGoOut and openly molesting; somehow I am feeling that we are emotionally blackmailed into saving drunk and immoral women. My perspective about them has changed. This is really scary.

  • Name withheld on request



This is how a Norwegian comedian exposed feminist gender specialists and proved them idiots


Herald Eia a Norwegian comedian who exposed feminist gender experts by his documentary called “Brainwash”

Feminist gender theories of equality emanating from gender studies specialists in Nordic countries (that are top rankers in gender equality) were stripped to reality when a Norwegian comedian Herald Eia asked them a few simple questions. So much that Nordic council of ministers have later decided to defund this university.

Eia filmed a documentary where he tried to understand the answers of a few questions related to gender issues. He found that even in #1 egalitarian country Norway there existed a disparity in terms of choice of jobs. To show that, he first went to a Norwegian construction company and found only 10% female engineers there. Then he went to a hospital where all staff nurses were females. There were no male nurses. Norway was #1 in gender equality in 2008 and had been a top ranker in terms of gender equality ever since.  Even there these jobs were not shared. In fact, a report stated that almost 90% nurses in Norway were females. The ratio of genders in certain jobs in Norway was found to be stable since 1980. (it is called Norwegian Gender Equality Paradox).

Eia asked about this gender divide in jobs to Norwegian Equal Opportunities Commissioner Kristin Mile. She admitted that govt. efforts could get one / two year effect after which the ratio falls down. Former cabinet minister Huitfeldt said – “girls do better in school in all subjects except Physical Education”.

So, why less women were found in technical fields in the most egalitarian country?

Some women he interviewed mentioned that technical jobs were boring.

Camilla Schreiner, who studied trend of girls’ technical education in 20 countries found that Girls in less egalitarian countries were more interested in technical education. Camilla had taken a survey with a set of 108 questions and the she didn’t find any equality in job interests in most egalitarian nations. In fact, she found that the more modern a country was, more was the divide in job selection.

Some common women that Eia surveyed believed that it’s always been a woman’s job to take care of children. Some believed that it was human genes to select and like jobs. Some believed the two genders to be different. Feminists however believed that this was because of Social and Cultural training of human brains.

Eia then visited Catherine Egeland at Work Research Institute to understand the gender preferences of job selection. Catherine has written several books of job preferences by the genders.

Catherine didn’t think there was any difference in brains of two genders at all and thought that studying brain difference in genders was irrelevant when trying to understand their different behavior.

Another Nordic gender researcher Joergen Lorentzen at the Center of Interdisciplinary Gender Research at Oslo University thought the study of brain difference was “Old fashioned” research. He mentioned that most researches on studies on brain differences had been refuted later. He also confirmed that only gender difference that existed was in outer signs of gender and innate traits like Intelligence, capacity etc. of the genders were in fact identical.

Joergen said that it was about social reinforcement of gender roles that made the two genders choose different jobs. Martin Aurdal, Columnist said gender reinforcement by society happened from childhood that leads to different job choices.

So Eia went back to his mom and to his daughters to understand about the social reinforcement of gender roles and to understand if his mom treated him as a “tough little guy” from childhood or if he was discriminating against his daughters. He found that none were true.

Feminist gender specialists always talk about sexism in toys, TV shows, videos etc. to reinforce gender roles in humans. To examine the same Eia asked a few male toddlers if they wanted to play with girls’ toys and found none of them to be interested in female toys.

Feminist gender researchers like Jorgen believed that there was no limit to the extent a child could be moulded through social conditioning that led to such toddler toy preference.

To understand this, Eia then visited Richard Lippa, Professor of Psychology, California State University. Lippa had conducted a study on job preferences in 53 countries. He got over 200,000 responses from those countries. He found that men were more interested in thing oriented occupations and women are more interested in people oriented occupations. He found the trend to be same in ALL 53 countries. So he concluded that the job preferences is linked to human biology.

To understand social conditioning and to understand how early we can find gender differences, Eia then visited Professor Trond Diseth at the National Hospital Department of child Psychiatry.

In their experiment, Professor Diseth and his team had designed 10 different toys – four feminine toys, four masculine toys and two neutral toys. 10 toys were placed in a particular pattern and toddlers are sent there without anyone else being around. The entire experiment was monitored through CCTV cameras and there was clear differences found in toy selection among healthy boys and healthy girls starting from age of nine months. Male toddlers chose masculine toys while baby girls chose feminine toys. Dr. Diseth thus concluded that – “children are borne with clear biological disposition as far as gender identity and behavior is concerned, then environmental influences either increases or decreases that behavior”. Diseth also confirmed that he had done a lot of research through several years to prove that gender differences exist from early ages.

Simon Baron-Cohen is a British professor of psychiatry at Trinity College in Cambridge was a distinguished researcher for Autism and he discovered some distinct gender differences through his studies. Eia visited Prof Cohen to understand his findings about gender differences.

Professor Cohen designed two types of objects, one mechanical type and the other was a human face. He found that even one day old babies had gender differences as his study showed that more boys looked longer at the mechanical objects and more girls looked longer at the face. Professor Cohen also explained that this difference in gender behavior was because boys and girls produce different amounts of testosterone. This hormone determines how their brains develop. Boys produce ~double the amount of testosterone”, he said.

Prof Cohen also elaborated that as a part of his research he studied the testosterone level of babies at pre-natal stage and found that higher the amount of testosterone in pre-natal stage of a baby, they were likely to –

  1. Slower to develop language
  2. Make less eye contact

He concluded that more Testosterone leads to slower language development and slower social development. He also told that girls with higher testosterone level shows masculine toy preferences. Prof Cohen studied these children till 8 years of their age and found that they were less on empathy, less on recognizing other people’s emotions, or taking someone else’s perspective. But they had more interest in systems and how things worked.

Evolutionary Psychologist Prof Ann Campbell of Durham, Northern UK explained to Eia the differences in X and Y chromosomes and why they carried the respective characteristics genes. Campbell believed in Darwin’s evolution theory and process of selection of better genes for survival.

Campbell also explained that if women needed to carry children and raise them and if there were some psychological traits that could help them achieve that easier, then human evolution had sustained that trait as well.  So women naturally developed qualities of empathy, avoiding confrontation, avoiding social exclusions etc.

Ann explained that today’s women are more oriented towards other people than men. She said, gender typical behavior is observed more when one is put under severe stress. Women under severe stress want to be with other people whereas men typically choose to be alone. She explained, that this social behavior of women makes them comfortable with professions like nursing, teaching, social work etc.

But if gender difference is in our genes then why do more girls in less egalitarian countries like India want to study Technology?  This is because with equal opportunities both genders show typical gender behavior without any restraint whereas in poor countries like they are forced to choose whatever they get easily and whatever can give them money.

Ann also explained that if evolution had changed our body and reproductive systems, it was highly unlikely that it didn’t change our brains that controls everything.

When Eia confronted the feminist gender champions with the scientific research on gender differences, Norwegian feminists say that they had theoretical belief in what they proclaimed to be gender equality. Feminist champions of gender studies spoke only about their hypothesis on gender equality while refuting scientific research by biologists and evolutionary psychologists of The US and The UK.

In short, this simple yet powerful documentary by Norwegian Comedian Herald Eia exposed feminist gender studies experts. It showed irrelevance and stupidity of the Norwegian policy influencers that were sucking Nordic funds for years and leading the nation to a fools’ paradise. Once exposed, a group of Nordic ministers have decide to end funding for the NIKK gender studies department that was at the forefront of creating various policies in Norway since 1970s. This led to closure of the institute but it has reopened later with a different name (Nordic Information of Gender Knowledge).

Nevertheless, the efforts of Herald Eia in exposing feminist stupidity is commendable and we salute him for enlightening us about critical gender issues.

See his original documentary here –


Feminists wanted to use sex to manipulate US election results, this is what happened

Feminists use sex as the biggest bait to win all debates, arguments, favors, benefits, laws and resources in the world. They win most of the time unless it was US election, 2016.

The campaign named #VoteTrumpGetDumped called for everyone to dump Trump supporters and deny sex with them.

The Change.org petition created by feminists clearly said –


This tried and true tradition of influence worked for the Greeks and women during the temperance movement in the United States. We’re employing those same tactics in 2016 for an election that will shape history.

We believe that women are more than an interest group – women are the majority of Americans. As such, we deserve a candidate that represents us – not one who objectifies, uses, or belittles us.

Donald Trump is unsuitable to represent the majority of Americans – women.

We are a movement of women who have committed to use our influence with our vote, our voice, and our… influence to stop Donald Trump.”


In the countries where women are less in number (like India), feminists employ same tactics to gain sympathy as minority and weaker gender. In countries where they are more in number, they want to control everything and that once again exposed the reality of feminism.

So feminists clearly wanted to control the election results by their body – like always this was another cheap feminist strategy reducing women’s identity to their genitals.

Not only this petition has failed miserably and received only 352 supporters until this article was written, but also got royal bashing from general public and their answers have been eye opener for everyone.

This comment by Michael Brewer of CA posted after a few days of this petition going live received maximum votes –


This comment that received second highest voting came from a male feminist and was quiet shocking –


However there were some desperate male feminists like this man as well –


Clearly men like John is the reason why feminists can use sex as bait to get their work done from any man, without any problem.

Trump supporters like this voted for a reason –


Some men spoke about purging defective feminist genes in this way and that was surely a shocker for feminists –


Clearly Trump supporters used the same feminist logic to their advantage.

People were both funny and angry at this new feminist propaganda to use their bodies to manipulate election results –



These comments made us LOL –



These messages would have showed mirror to feminists


The tactics that feminists covertly use to get all benefits did not work out this time. Clearly feminists are exposed, globally.



Nirbhaya – Imaginary media stories created terror


On the morning of December 17, 2012, reports began to filter into Delhi’s newsrooms of a rape that had taken place in the city. Police officers, the main source of information for these types of stories, told journalists that a student in her 20s and her male companion had been attacked by a group of men inside a moving bus before being thrown from the vehicle. The girl was said to have been gang raped.” (emphasis added)


Writes Joanna Jolly, South Asia editor of BBC and former Harvard Joan Shorenstein Fellow in her research paper titled “Rape Culture in India: The Role of the English-Language Press”.

Joanna has been doing a research on sensationalizing of Indian rape by English Language media and found premier Indian media like Times of India and India Today has written a lot of imaginary stories related to the December 2012 Delhi gangrape.

So the initial police information of gangrape in a moving bus gradually given a gory picture by media. Per her research, for the editor of Times of India, three facts stood out when the reports of this rape first came to Times house (comments in braces added)–

  1. The girl was a student (young in ‘20s, so we know why media is behind proving young women as saints)
  2. She had been to an upmarket mall (shows independence) and
  3. She went to watch an English Language Film – “Life of Pie” (shows she was educated)

Jo found that India’s English Language newspapers thrive because of ever growing English speaking population and details out how media chooses to select rape cases in the first place.

After talking to different editors and journalists Joanna found that the Delhi Physiotherapy student’s case had three important parameters to be selected as a trigger event –

  1. She was perceived to be from the right class (which was not true but media perceived like that because she went to see an English Language film to an upmarket Delhi mall)
  2. She was perceived to be blameless for the crime, and
  3. She was raped by the strangers

Joanna further detailed out how media selects rape cases with a concept known as PLU or ‘People Like Us”. India’s English language papers are predominant with upper class educated masses and they chose cases where the victims and attackers could be related to the press workers or the readers. The reason Dec, 2012 case fit in there was initially media thought she was a medical student so media thought she was from upper / middle class family (she was actually a physiotherapy student), she was from well to do family (actually she belonged to a lower middle class family) and she had a modern social life (because she went to see an English movie in an upmarket mall).

Media later did find out that she didn’t belong to the PLU category but by that time the story was unstoppable. In fact, in her interview with Manoj Mitta former TOI editor, Manoj referred to Nirbhaya as PLT (People Like Them). The category that does not get much coverage from English Language media in India.

Also to note, that it is same English language press in India that decides on what should be reported and what not. Hartosh Singh Bal, editor of Caravan told her the same. So it is imperative for the English Language media to be responsible. However, the important factor as evident from Jo’s research that worked in favour of the story was “Stranger Rape”. Joanna describes this as following –


One of the key reasons this case caught the public imagination was because she was raped by strangers. Her attack confirms the universally popular, horror-story narrative that the biggest danger for a woman comes from leaving her home and social circle and entering a world of unknown men. This narrative persists in India, despite National Crime Record Bureau figures that consistently show that around 90 percent of rapes are committed by perpetrators known to the victim, such as partners, family members, neighbors and work colleagues.” (name of victim removed from the narrative)


If we recall the facts after Dec 2012, Delhi gangrape it was English language media (both print and electronic media) showed Indian cities and particularly Delhi as unsafe for women. Any comment made to women were shown as there harassment and potential threat. One English media channel ran a campaign where the female reporter were going to places and showing on camera how women were being harassed that no one understood anything about but still the craze of India’s Damini made them believe the paid media lies. So it was English language media that had to continuously sustain the terror to fuel the news.

Coupled with this was coverage from international media that showed India as rape capital of the world based on stories created by global press. Joanna found that the sensational aspects of the case like gang rape, sodomizing by six men, attack by iron rod or pulling out intestine got more coverage to sensationalize the case. Joanna said – “In some cases journalists took information from leaked police reports, and used these as the basis for highly imaginative reporting.”

In this respect she mentioned this India Today report that was imaginative from the perspective of one of the accused –

The high point of his life was when he thrust his tightly clenched right fist into the womb of the bruised and battered 23-year-old on the night of December 16. Nothing beat the excitement he felt when he heard her muzzled screams, saw her writhe in extreme pain and watched the blood spurting from her young body.” –

Clearly this was purely imaginative and without any basis. Here the India Today journalist just written another porn story based on imagination that he was sure to have well taken by his readers without raising the following pertinent questions –

  1. How can one insert one fist in a young woman’s vagina? Is it physically possible?
  2. How did the journalist know about the feeling of the accused? Or
  3. When media also reported about inserting iron rod and then fist, how was the victim still surviving?
  4. Why so much emphasis on her being “23 year old” or being “young”?

As Manoj Mitta told Joanna – “The story was inherently sensational and the coverage was driven by the conviction that people were very curious to know about it and there was competition with other newspapers,

So in a competition to sell more papers Indian English newspapers created more porn stories. No wonder why TOI or India Today banked heavily on her being young and tinkering their readers with the thought of a young woman’s body, which in a way was another rape of the victim by so called feminist media who were out there to save her dignity.

Former Tehelka editor Revati Laul explained these porn stories by media like this – “All our reporting has become more tabloid across the board. So we’ve become voyeurs who are like T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men – with heads full of straw,”

So it is the media and especifically English language media and the so called elite class is creating these voyeurs through their reporting.

What is surprising is the fact the Dec 16, Delhi victim’s close relatives and family members were also against publishing these gory details by media. In an interview with The Indian Express via phone they expressed the feeling as mentioned in Joanna’s research – “they thought their daughter might live to witness it”

This feeling expressed by the physiotherapy student’s family members raise another question – Whether the attack was really so serious and gory (inserting iron rod / fist, pulling out intestines etc.) that she could survive the attack? Already questions arise because immediately after their rescues the girl gave statement to police. How could someone who was found in extremely battered condition and was in a vegetative state give her statement to police?

A research by Daniel Drache and Jennifer Velagic of York University on reporting of December 2012 Delhi gangrape by English language Indian newspapers found that reporting of the crime was as outcome of lust rather than force.

So Dec 2012 gangrape has generated certain keywords in crime reporting industry. These are catchphrsaes as mentioned in Jo’s paper. Words like “Juvenile”, “Nirbhaya”, “Damini”, “Gang rape” started to be used increasingly and it was also found that their searches have increased too.

Joanna also spoke about India’s patriarchy and demanded that even worthless and most ignorant men get more value because of India’s patriarchy. I am not sure how did she get this comment and would like to know more on this with examples. I am sure if she is holding such a prestigious BBC post and a fellow from a coveted institute, she would be able to give some examples.

The most vicious and worrisome discovery in Joanna’s study was the Times of India campaign to lower the age of criminal responsibility. She mentioned that TOI created and run a campaign that the “Juvenile” in Nirbhaya case was most criminal. Smriti Singh who was following the story as legal reporter for The Times observed –


Suddenly out of the blue, one report came in one newspaper which said the police had claimed the juvenile was the most brutal of the accused…. So it was a gospel truth. No one questioned it, how it came about, whether the police had said it or not, whether it was the reporter’s figment of their imagination.”

Smriti Singh, legal reporter The Times



From Joanna Jolly’s research paper on Dec 2012, Delhi gangrape

This was same the observation of Indian MRAs as well. Media has created many stories out of the blue but when Indian MRAs tried to tell the same as false they were viciously attacked by everyone in all forums. Only the MRAs with strongest conviction to save the future generation and juveniles could survive the constant threat of murder, battering and abuses by feminists. Many MRAs like me have lost their friends, supports but stood taller in the times of emergency that has later taken away right to peaceful existence from our juveniles with amendments to JJ Act.

Because TOI had an agenda to show that Indian juveniles (only boys) have become cruel they did not publicize the news that the Juvenile in Nirbhaya case was actually NOT most cruel. Avanti Singh, a TOI reporter told Joanna about the hardships she had faced for publishing the news that the juvenile was NOT most cruel because TOI management had their agenda and did not want to publish the same. Later they published it with a question mark diluting the news.

Ex Times of India editor Manoj Mitta, who wanted to correct some of those stories published by TOI without verifying the facts was also gagged. As mentioned in Joanna’s paper, Manoj was told by editors – “we have taken an editorial stand on the subject. We can’t afford to confuse our readers”.

This is the reason when JJ Act amendment was passed in 2015, Times of India celebrated that as their victory with the news – “Now, 16-18-yr-olds won’t get off lightly for serious crimes.”


How TOI celebrated after their campaign of lies that Juvenile was most criminal

So, it is evident that salacious and baseless stories that can be categorized only as porn stories published by leading Indian media like Times of India and India Today have shaped India’s future. Leslee Udwin was another such criminal who created a scripted (read this) documentary. She paid Mukesh to say certain things and filmed that in the name of exposing the “rape culture” in India. The movie was named India’s Daughter to give it a perspective that daughters in India are looked down upon and has no security. Leslee paid Mukesh Rs. 20,000 and it was evident from the video that he was speaking from a script. Many words used by him, were not supposed to be known by an illiterate  person like him and are used by feminists to describe India’s patriarchy and mindset of Indian men. That is the way BBC created another salacious porn around Dec 2012, Delhi gang rape.

So what happens when people trust media blindly without knowing these insider information? They get rewarded like the amendment of JJ ACT that now makes a 16 year old boy a rapist even when a 30 year old woman forces herself upon him. That is the future of our boys who will now be easily termed as rapists thanks to the baseless porn stories created by English language elite Indian media.

Joanna Jolly’s complete research can be found by clicking the image below –



Funded by Jewish and Christian groups ‘Nirantar Trust’ organizes street protests against rape in India

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submit FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]



If you have ever wondered why every rape in India make a worldwide news and have rabid protesters hitting the streets and taking human lives (policeman Subhash Tomar was murdered by the Nirbhaya mob), you need to know that such protests are spearheaded by foreign funded NGOs like Nirantar Trust; That are funded by Jewish and Christian groups like American Jewish World Services, Tere Des Homes and Ford Foundation.

Maria Wirth, a German writer had earlier explained why India’s rape stories make worldwide news. She had observed that German media disproportionately report Indian rape stories compared to even German rape stories. Not to mention that none of the Indian media houses could ever reach to any global sensational rape stories.

Nirbhaya Protest by ISD3

Nirantar and all foreign funded NGOs spearheading Nirbhaya protest

The reason for Indian rapes making global headlines may be found from the funding of NGOs like ‘Nirantar Trust’ that exist to create street protests. Their website says they not only organize street protests but take other NGOs along. If violent protests after Nirbhaya incident is any indication we have seen leftist groups from JNU and NGOs like ISD (of Khurshid Anwar) and Nirantar Trust spearheaded the protests. This photo aptly captures how these groups were together and at the forefront of Nirbhaya massacre in Delhi that took the life of a police constable Subhash Tomar on duty.


Nirantar Trust Funding from different foreign groups


From which countries those funds came from


It is also important to note that they had received staggeringly high funds from American Jewish World Services during FY 2012-13 (2 Million) and 2013-14 (9M). Coupled with very high funds from Ford Foundation in 2012-13 (5M) and also from UN Democracy Fund (~5M).


Nirantar Funding

Staggering increase in Nirantar Trust funding in 2012-13

It is important to note that Ford Foundation has never funded Nirantar Trust either earlier to 2012-13 or later. It is also significant to note that entire 5M came from Ford Foundation in January 2013. Same is true for funding from United Nations Democracy Fund. They have given Nirantar Trust approximately 4.8 Million in February 2013. As a result of such huge influx of foreign funds in 2012-13 this NGO had received 67% more than their usual influx of foreign funds. Their close ally in Nirbhaya Protest Institute for Social Democracy (ISD) an NGO managed by rape accused Khurshid Anwar also received staggering 11 Million from a church group in 2012-13. Both their websites boasts about their organization of street protests against sexual violence against women.


Not only about creating sustained street protests, Nirantar trust also engage in effective lobbying for change of Indian laws and introduction of criminal laws. Website claims that Nirantar had been involved in drafting Criminal Law Amendment Bill on sexual assault.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Funded by ASTREA LGBTQ funding, USA, Nirantar trust also fought against article 377 and want to uphold LGBTQ communities in India.

Nirantar also worked for Narmada Bachao Andolan (protest against construction of big dams in India). This was later found to be a ploy to hinder developmental projects in India and Indian govt. has already cracked down on such NGOs that were hindering India’s growth and running anti-development campaigns.

Nirantar had also been involved in another important process that affects education of our kids. Now, if you see your kid learning that Nisha Sharma (Noida woman notorious for filing a false dowry case to hide her past affair) being shown as a hero, Rahul Gandhi as the youth Icon or India as a rape or domestic violence capital of the world, don’t be surprised, because these textbooks were possibly written by Delhi based Nirantar Trust.

As a part of this textbook overhauling work Nirantar has thrown away the concept of nuclear family and showed family through the eyes of feminist sociologists, introduced new feminist definition of a citizen, introduced story of a boy who wanted to be a girl. (Nirantar is also funded by USA based LGBTQ funding).


It is important to note that the lions’ share of this foreign funds to Nirantar Trust was for women empowerment in India. Question is, why would foreign groups and specially Christian and Jewish groups and Ford Foundation be interested in development of Indian (read Hindu) women?


Funded by Ford Foundation, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis influences India’s Government policies and family laws

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submit FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]


Flavia Agnes Image

Funded heavily by Ford Foundation and foreign church groups, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis files PILs and influence government policy decisions and creation of new laws mainly divorce and maintenance laws.

NGO Profile

Majlis and Flavia opposed Shared Parenting, wanted to liberate Hindu women while opposing Uniform Civil Code that could ensure equal rights for Muslim or Christian women as well. Flavia promoted that marriage is not sacred and targeted Hindu marriages specifically. Not only that, on the pretext that marriage is not sacred, Majlis is trying to bring stricter criminal provisions for IPC 498a, the section notorious for its misuse rather than use; trying to implement marital rape making more husbands rapists on mere allegation, and also trying to include criminal provisions in one sided Domestic Violence Law.

Being a Christian herself Flavia speaks about Hindu women and how bad Hindu marriages are. She formed ‘Majlis’ after she found her divorce to be difficult for herself and today helps women in getting divorces. From Majlis website it is evident that Majlis is more bent on attacking Hindu customs, relations rather than any other religions.

Donations to Majlis

Foreign Funding of Majlis

Majlis Funding from different countries

Majlis FCRA funding


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Countrywise share to Majlis funding since 2006

Countrywise Share of Funds to Majlis

Growth in foreign funding to Majlis

Growth in Majlis funding

Some Donor Profiles

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation donated 3.4 crore (34 million) to Majlis since 2006. They have also come under Indian government scanner recently for running anti India campaigns. It is to be noted that Indira Jaisingh’s NGO Lawyers’ Collective also received 6.2 crore from the same foundation. This is to note that both NGOs work on influencing India’s legal policies and was instrumental in overhauling various Hindu laws by filing PILs and deputation in parliament etc.

International Development Research Center, (IDRC, Canada)

  • Funds researches in other countries
  • Contribute to Canada’s global policy,
  • From 2012-13 it started providing hefty amounts to Majlis for running free legal aid centers
  • Paid Rs. 2.7 crore (27 million) so far


HIVOS  a Netherlands based group work for the improvements of international cooperation and women empowerment. From the year 2006 they have paid Rs. 2.2 crore (22 million) to Majlis. The purpose of donation from them between 2007 – 10  is not specified to FCRA, however the purpose of the donation given in 2012-13 was for “cultural shows”.

Majlis is currently working on Introducing more criminal provisions in Hindu marriages, introducing Marital Rape and opposing Shared parenting.


“Expert Fallacy” – How Feminists fool you

Expert Fallacy is a human psychological phenomenon that is described as believing people only based on what they are wearing or posing as.

To understand Expert Fallacy better please check out this National Geographic video on the same –

Expert Fallacy, Nat Geo experiment on Expert Fallacy

Expert Fallacy – An experiment by National Geographic (click to open)

In the online world Expert Fallacy come to the point on how one person projects oneself or how one is projected by others.

Feminists very often use this psychological characteristics of human brain to fool us.

A recent example is from an AIIMS study of feticide where it was found that more female human fetus under 20 weeks of gestation period were killed (abortion – which is legal) in South Delhi area between 1996-2012. But when the fetus age was more than 20 weeks, it was found that more male fetus were killed.

Based on this, Dr. Chittaranjan Behera who published this study on behalf of AIIMS, raised false alarm in this Times of India report that gender selective abortion (gender of a fetus can be determined after 12 weeks) was one of the reasons for killing female fetus.

Dr. Tulsi Patel who was mentioned in the article as “Expert” also reiterated this point and blamed patriarchal Indian mindset behind this.

A point to be noted here is that abortion before 20 weeks of gestation period is legal in India and can’t be considered as a crime under feticide at all. If AIIMS report did point to any crime that was killing of male children above 20 weeks. Surprisingly, all experts and media was silent about that and completely suppressed the fact that the real danger was “feminism” that demand abortion to be a right to the mothers under feminist propaganda of “My Body, My Choice”.

Hence we see how Indian media create complete biased and one sided public opinion about crime against women using “Expert Fallacy”.

The general people also fall for this trap easily. They tend to believe what experts say without applying their own brain. This conversation will make that clear –

Expert Fallacy Effect

To my comment above Sagina Pradhan replied –

Expert Fallsy effect, sex determination, Feticide

So, the crime of “female feticide” which means murder (as projected by the article and as she believed initially) became the crime of “gender determination” which is more innocent in nature.

So this clearly shows that how our so called experts are “used” to create a false perception in the society. Sometimes these experts are “created” by paid media to promote certain thoughts they want to promote, as shown in the Nat Geo video. Clearly, many times we see these self-styled experts creating false public opinion in debates and other bigger national forums and promoting biased thoughts. Since, common people do not question experts easily, any self-proclaimed or media created expert can change/form public opinion to a great extent.

So we understand how “expert fallacy” is used to suppress real facts and promote some media intended popular thoughts.


You will not believe how Time magazine exposed feminists

What makes a feminist angry? Haha..nothing but the bitter truth. This is what happened in 2015 when Time magazine showed us how to piss off feminists by showing them the bitter truth.

In a survey by Time magazine titled “Which word should be banned in 2015?” – the word ‘Feminist’ won by a landslide victory –

Word to be banned in 2015

This was enough to piss off feminists who poured in all kinds of slurs on Time magazine and forced them to withdraw the word from the poll and publish an apology


Apology from Time magazine

TIME apologizes for the execution of this poll; the word ‘feminist’ should not have been included in a list of words to ban. While we meant to invite debate about some ways the word was used this year, that nuance was lost, and we regret that its inclusion has become a distraction from the important debate over equality and justice.”


When most readers of Time magazine wanted to ban the word ‘Feminist’, Time had to succumb to the pressure of some abusive persons who identify themselves as feminists.

Time magazine might be needed to retain their women viewership by censoring their own poll. But we don’t have that barrier because we know and believe what is shown here –

Feminism is cancer

and here –

Feminist or not

Source – A 2015 survey by VOX magazine


Patriarchy and Lesbian Feminist Scholars

Lesbian Feminism

By Tim Patten

Lesbian feminist author Maria Mies once wrote, “If patriarchy had a specific beginning in history, it can certainly have an end.” As with other feminist scholars, a group dominated by mostly white lesbians who share a perversely narrow-minded perspective, Mies is convinced that patriarchy–as well as the male sex–is oppressive and malevolent to women. Ostensibly, they advocate for female equality, but their lengthy lectures say otherwise. Their words detail a horrendously aggressive fraternity of privileged white men who pay women pennies on the dollar as they socially and institutionally oppress, dominate, discriminate against, and abuse them.

In fact, the feminists’ words and actions have little to do with righting a wrong, but are instead founded on a theoretical framework, crafted by a lesbian elite, that maintains males are disgusting and immoral by nature. These experts promote no remedies other than the destruction of patriarchy. In some ways, they are like society’s scolding mothers, warning little boys that masturbating will make them blind. They project a worldview based on a myopically gendered lens that has been characterized as a hate crime by Canada’s Studio Brule and a social disease by Milo Yiannoulos. At their most extreme, their theories have morphed into cancers of annihilation, marked by such derisive memes as StopPatriarchy, KillAllWhiteMen, AllMenAreRapists and KillAllMen.

History of Patriarchy

Patriarchy first appeared in Africa about 200,000 years ago, inspired by a natural order of human needs and talents. In virtually all known histories of our ancient ancestors, the role of the male was that of provider and protector; his strength and daring were deemed critical to the survival of the tribe. The best of the lot were (and are) referred to as “alpha males,” idolized for their contributions. There’s little doubt that the rise of the alpha male was inevitable and necessary, enabling mankind to blaze a trail through dangerous and unfamiliar terrain. (That does not mean they were the only ones. Lesbians or gender-fluid tribe members might also have been hunter-gatherers alongside them. )

Over time, the alpha males became the secular and spiritual leaders, kings, pharaohs and emperors, expanding their wealth, influence and power over others. They launched and drove unrelenting efforts to build great monuments, palaces and religious shrines; some spent the whole of their lives creating the many wonders of the world. From the great Pyramids of Egypt, to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, to the Statue of Zeus in Greece–the lowliest toiled and slaved for these leaders in their efforts to leave enduring marks on the world.

And yet, while many undoubtedly suffered under the oppressive will of these powerful individuals, it is apparent across all civilizations that patriarchy helped to harness and improve a harsh and often violent world, spurring the development and implementation of innovative technologies and breathtaking infrastructure, including electricity and lighting networks, water supply and sewage treatment facilities, railroads, highways, bridges and other features of modern transportation systems, and the construction of homes, schools, hospitals and other structures. A male-dominated social order was responsible for any number of developments, including the Internet, which have benefited countless individuals of varying means. In many respects, patriarchy is everything, and there is little else.

Women in Patriarchy

That said, not all of history’s movers and shakers have been male. There have been queens and wives with substantial privilege and power. Eleanor of Aquitaine, born in 1122, was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in Europe and the world during the High Middle Ages. Egyptian leader Hatshepsut, who lived from 1508 BC to 1458 BC, has been regarded as one of the most influential females in the ancient world. Empress Wu Zetian, who was born in 625 AD and lived for 80 years during the Tang Dynasty, is considered to be the most dominant in Chinese history. There was even a queen of Spain who commanded men to risk their lives sailing three ships into a dangerous unknown in a search for spices; they accidentally discovered the Americas.

While the gender imbalance has not been wholly addressed, it is apparent that our world has a richer and far more diverse social fabric than feminist scholars acknowledge. These self-appointed arbiters of society’s alleged failings have defined a naïve model of what the problem is and how it can be fixed. This, in turn, has promulgated propaganda that frightens and disturbs people, especially students, with offensive distinctions and discriminatory labels. While some feminists might have good intentions, all are guilty of using broad strokes and detestable stereotypes in regard to males. Equality aside, there must be a reason for this defilement, other than hatred.

Lesbian Culture

We often hear gender studies professors declare that gender, femininity and masculinity are social constructs, though oddly enough, many will also argue that gay and lesbian people are born that way. In truth, social structures in the gay community of San Francisco–where, one might say, birds of a feather flock together–indicate that gender preferences and perspectives, even in the “gay mecca,” naturally diverge. On any given night, one might see men wearing David Bowie, four-inch, come-fuck-me platform shoes, poised to dance the night away at high-tech nightclubs. In contrast, one might find women who have sequestered themselves inside murky sports bars, discussing such topics as sliding-scale entry fees for the poor and marginalized.

Certainly, some lesbians dislike, even hate men. The ladies at a gay bar can often be heard sharing envious jabs emasculating privileged white males, while the Alix Dobkin song, A Woman’s Love, echoes from rickety speakers amid clacking pool balls. Lesbian bars, in contrast to gay-oriented counterparts, are often located in dank and dangerous parts of town. Inside, it is not uncommon to see heavy-set bullies, terrifying to the eye, interacting with boys who look like hooligan girls, while lipstick-lesbians at the bar swear like sailors, waiting, it seems, for the “right” individual. Some patrons are defensive and aggressive; most are manlier than the real thing. The atmosphere reeks of toxic masculinity, feline jealousy and, sadly, lesbian-on-lesbian sexual assault.

If a man happens to walk through the door, he will invariably be faced with behavior that leaves him cringing and with the urge to back off and head in the other direction. In many ways, lesbian culture seems to be a parody of college-level feminist courses, but without the textbooks, note taking and tuition fees. In this self-designed utopia, these individuals have created a female-only social hierarchy–a paradise without patriarchy. Evidently, they want society, more broadly speaking, to be the same.

The Lesbian War on Men

Advocates of this alternative reality have found another great watering hole in college-level humanities departments. Their influence has been growing since the 1960s, when lesbians came out in droves as the women’s and gay rights movements gained pace. An example of how such thinking has distorted our worldview can be seen in a 1970s BBC documentary, Angry Wimmin. In the film, which explores the origins of the women’s movement, angry lesbians describe patriarchy as “a war on men.” They denigrate male sexuality and spout forth on theories that feminist scholars use to prove that all men are violent, oppressive and potential rapists.

“Angry Wimmin” – A BBC documentary on Lesbian Feminism

Through endless repetition, as well as the unthinking acquiescence and misguided support of the media and the political hierarchy, this view has become the basis for seemingly acceptable slurs that denigrate men as evil and dangerous–which, needless to say, are having a harmful influence on those individuals, especially the young and impressionable, who hear such messages. Unfortunately, such distorted notions are not helping to make society more equal or just. Rather, they are spawning an endless cycle of disgust and distrust that is having a debilitating and far-reaching effect, especially on young boys.

Our Modern Patriarchy

As noted earlier, patriarchy is widespread, impossible–and unnecessary–to dismantle. That said, it is becoming increasingly inclusive, with females such as France’s Liliane Bettencourt, the richest woman in the world, and Alice Walton, the second richest with $32.3 billion to her name, near the top of the pyramid. In fact, reports suggest that 10% of the world’s most powerful people are women, while 1% are people of color. Diverse and ever changing, this social framework is protecting women and providing financial and other benefits to many of those who been disenfranchised.

Unfortunately, the lesbian scholars who exert such a powerful influence on college-level humanities, women’s and gender studies programs, and whose careers have been built on warped theories, disagree. But their influence is diminishing. Rational and clear-thinking people are recognizing that all genders, races and nationalities must surmount any number of obstacles to become socially mobile and financially buoyant.

As a result, they are seeing the feminist mantra for what it is: fringe-nutcase conspiracy theories that rely on hyperbolic narrow-mindedness to justify a collective aversion toward men. The pseudo-scholars have built a rickety latticework on propaganda and half-truths. They have spent considerable time slaying invisible dragons and poisoning minds. Instead of helping people to become more productive and happy, they have inspired anger and anarchy.


Even so, there is no reason to try to rid the world of these lost souls or disrupt their livelihoods. If they choose to escape from what they imagine patriarchy to be by congregating in closed (and closed-minded) communities, socializing in lesbian bars, and proselyting in the women’s and gender studies departments of institutions of higher learning across the country, so be it. They have made their choices freely, and they have the same right as any of us has to live lives and embark on careers that we believe are best for us.

But that does not mean we should do nothing. We should try to benefit from their mistakes. We should take pains to understand their gendered lens and choose to inclusively move forward, ignoring the false credo of male domination. We must also come to terms with the secret of happiness: accepting what is. For all its faults, patriarchy has, since time immemorial, helped to solve a great many of mankind’s problems and protected us from harm. We should modify and enhance it for the benefit of all.  By embracing how things actually work, we can build our own power, wealth and freedom, and can draw others toward us that we can love and appreciate.


About the Author

Tim Patten published his own search for identity in a hysterical and moving autobiography: My Razzle Dazzle under his pen name Todd Peterson. Tim also released in 2016: MGTOW, Building Wealth and Power and WHY I CHEAT -11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement. Patten previously published the novel about establishing gender equality in professional sports, Roller Babes: 1950s Women of Roller Derby.