Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart campaign on World Heart Day is biased and misleading

Safola life ProtectHerLife Campaign

Recently I came across a campaign driven by SaffolaLife as they claim that research shows 2 out of 4 women are at risk of heart disease because of increasing weight. It also says that 30 minutes walk every day minimizes this risk.

This campaign wants men to plan what they can do together with their spouse to minimize this risk in women in their households (i.e. mother/ wife / sister).

A research on the subject of heart disease however shows completely different picture.

This article of US National Library of Medicine shows that Men are at higher risk from heart disease for their gender. A discussion with doctors and some more research into this subject reveals that oestrogen a hormone that flows only in women bodies helps protect them from heart disease.

So women are naturally protected from heart disease unless they are into menopause phase or have following risk factors –

  1. Genes – African Americans, American Indians, Hawaiians and some Asian Americans are at higher risk from heart disease as this article reveals
  2. Smoking
  3. Cholesterol – drinking etc. aggravates this.
  4. Diabetes
  5. More weight

Evidently, men are at higher risk from heart disease as men are more into habits like smoking and drinking and live a more stressful life.

This report by World Health Organization (WHO) shows the prevalence of overweight factor in India that may lead to heart disease –

WHO - Overweight problem in genders

WHO study of overweight problem in India

This article from India Today shows the top 10 reasons of death in India. Cardiovascular diseases top the list. It can also be seen from this chart that men are at greater risk and die more from cardiovascular disease than women –

Top 10 reasons of death in India

So far I was using Saffola oils thinking that they will reduce the heart ailments of my family. However, with such misrepresentation of facts and presentation of data in completely biased and misleading manner they have proved that they are not aware of this issue at all and they do business with our heart ailments. In fact, now I am feeling that their oils may be harmful for our hearts as they were developed without proper research and hence they are definitely not the right brand oils to protect our hearts.


“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

Feminism seeking to regain value by “HeForShe” campaign

In 2014, UN Women has started a campaign called “HeForShe” by Emma Watson giving a speech in UN about how important it is for men to come forward and talk about women’s rights. If we think it is Emma who came up with this brilliant idea you will be wrong. Because this was taken up by a UN resolution long back in 90s. Earlier their were many ways the UN tried to have men’s role defined in women empowerment. In 2011, in a survey on masculinity in India, UN agencies showed how Indian menly by ICRAW

So far you may be a thinking all this is without any gender bias and is aimed at creating gender equality. Well, not so much. If we look at the IMAGES survey findings we understand there were many areas found where men needed help. For example. Men do not ask for help when needed, they are more prone alcohol addiction. But UN never took up any program to help men, but instead their focus had been to use these men, neglect them and talk about women’s rights ONLY.

The HeForShe campaign is also no exception. Well, for those of you who have seen the initial Emma Watson version of HeForShe video you might be excited that she spoke about men’s rights as well. She did speak about how men get discriminated against at times and then she spoke about feminism being gender equality movement and it was the need for men to talk about women’s rights. The main two points she mentioned about discrimination against women are gender pay disparity and violence against women.

MRAs have busted the wage gap myth many a times. I don’t think I should reiterate the same points here. But, if that pay gap ever existed then all corporates would have employed only women employees. Also violence against women have always been talked about but not violence against men by women. Even though Emma spoke about the same she wanted men to talk only about violence against women and not the opposite or both.

Now for those male feminists who are proud of this UN initiative HeForShe and from the discussion so far if you are convinced that feminism is about equality, I will request you to go back to the Emma’s video again. See how Emma points out to the fact that feminism is being hated by everyone today especially by women and that is why the gender parity needed to be implemented.

I will explain what went wrong here. For those who regularly do research on feminism know that WomenAgainstFeminism is a movement that started in early 2014 and that had taken world to the storm. Women debunking feminism theories including feminist created rape hysteria became a concern for all. This movement proved feminism as a movement of male hatred, bigotry, female chauvinism and sexual enslavement of men. This was the reason people realized that feminists are actually hateful women who hate even women when they don’t like feminism. The way women from WomenAgainstFeminism movement were threatened worldwide told many that feminists were terrorists in disguise. Since feminists were exposed in such a way and since women started mocking feminism as a movement of losers, feminists felt the need to re- brand themselves. Hence the movement called HeForShe. This clearly showed that the UN realized that their feminist agendas will not be successful any more and hence they needed to create a more egalitarian approach to gender roles.

Coming to the  HeForShe campaign, from the campaign page we get to know that from the beginning feminism had been a movement led by women, but now men also need to talk about women rights and hence the campaign HeForShe. This page also shows that men have started talking about women’s rights only recently and they needed to be encouraged to talk about the same. After seeing these two reasons for creating HeForShe campaign on the campaign page, I was wondering who gave women equal voting rights in Europe or in US? Who created job opportunities for women in those countries or who were all those male feminists who fought in parliaments of different countries to pass laws favoring women? In India we had Raja Rammohon Roy abolishing Sati or Ishawrchandra Vidyasagar starting marriage of widows or advocating and working for women’s education. We had Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose inducting women in Azad Hind but none of these was even considered by UN as work for women rights. The men who had worked tirelessly to fight against the social bias existing during their times are completely ignored by feminists today when they say men have started talking about women’s rights only recently.

This is not a surprise for me. Having known feminists for sometime now and seeing their actions we anti-feminist men understand feminists are like that. Now for the feminist men need to understand that no matter what they do for women’s rights, feminists will always undermine their efforts.

A latest example is Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video. Initially feminists were proud about it and even male feminists like the MARD team proudly shared that video on their FB page. But the people reaction to the video that exposed feminism completely had cautioned feminists quickly. They initially tried to reduce Deepika’s video to a light hearted joke. But people were not fooled by that and more and more people became anti-feminists thanks to that video. MRAs were jubilant, too –

Read – Why MRAs are jubilant about My Choice

So feminists chose a convenient way of blaming men for the video. One male feminist had scripted the original My Choice video and he became the target this time. The video was termed as patriarchal oppression.

This is another hard slap to men who work for women’s rights. Now in this video which is written purely in a feminist way exposes feminism completely. Once again you can hear about nudity, lesbianism, male hatred, right to kill fetus, right to adultery etc. This video goes one step ahead of Deepika’s video and claims the right to live on oneself and use one’s hand for sexual pleasure. This clearly shows feminism is NOT about equal rights at all. It is about some frustrated, lonely, sexually bored criminal women who wants to promote everything as their right. Have you ever heard or seen any men’s rights activist demanding the same as their right? Have you ever seen any man talking about killing his child as a right?

Guys, if you are aware what feminism is all about and if you are scared about the same The UN agenda of HeForShe is coming to haunt you in your cities, colleges, universities, workplaces. It will also target our MPs from May 2015. Under this agenda UN Women is going to create strong internationally funded programs to influence men and boys to talk about women or in other words creating misandry by using men. MARD team is already inducted for this campaign and they had first round of visit to IIT Indore.

If any of you so called proud male feminists think that this campaign is for equality because UN Women or some powerful men may be talking about it now, remember how the same campaign had ignored the the good work done by legendary men to empower women. If the contributions of the likes of Raja Rammohan Roy, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar or Netaji or other international leaders are ignored by feminists today, if the script writer of My Choice video is shown middle finger, you are the next. Dear men and boys, before you engage in this campaign ask yourself these questions- could patriarchy save the three innocent men in Rohtak bus incident? And if patriarchy could not save men, will feminism ever save a man suffering from domestic violence by wife? Will UN ever ask the government to give equal share in wife’s property to the husband?

I know none of the answers to above questions will be yes. So, you know that the campaign HeForShe is actually a campaign to use men for creating misandry and more misandry in the society. Because most women no longer associate themselves with feminism, it is the need of the hour to use men to keep the UN business going. If you get trapped in this, get ready to see their middle finger very soon.

Why MRAs are jubilant about Deepika Padukone’s VogueEmpower MyChoice video

So now Deepika Padukone has done a great favour mens rights groups. Her latest #VogueEmpower #MyChoice video gives the much needed boost for the men’s rights movement. Thanks to this video she has the exposed feminism badly and men’s rights groups are indebted to her for this. Deepika Padukone My Choice

If we look at the video we will see that the main objections of this video have been

1 sex outside marriage 2 carrying anybody’s child she wants 3 coming home at any point of the day she wants 4 having sex before marriage, outside of marriage and without marriage

Even though women today do not have any constraint on any of the four points mentioned above her video is criticized because the society is largely unaware of these hard facts.
In india, women can choose to have sex before marriage and then file rape case against the man. given that the recent hype created around rape cases this can lead to even lynching of the accused. Recent Dimapur incident is a direct example of the same. The accused had an affair with the lady and when the relation turned sour he got a rape case.
But that was not the only case where a jilted lover had filed a rape case against the man. In fact, in India this is the reason behind majority of rape cases filed. These women chose to have sex before marriage but do not take any responsibility of their action. Men do not have any choice in such cases and nobody ever bothers to listen to those accused men. Thanks to Deepika’s video now people are aware that feminists ask for this as a right. But men do not have this right. When a woman breaks a relation she cannot be booked under rape charges.
Similarly, sex outside marriage or carrying the child of a person she wishes are also not new in Indian families. In all such cases the husbands and their family members have no legal recourse. Husbands cannot get DNA paternity test done on their children without a court order if they doubt the paternity of their children and Indian courts do not give this order easily. In all such cases husbands go through extreme cruelty but do not have any legal recourse for them. All they can do is to file a criminal case against their wife’s paramour and wait for years for justice. In many cases the husband is ordered to maintain the adulterous wife and her illicit children.

What Deepika’s video has achieved is that it has created enormous awareness around such cases. Men who were already suffering in their matrimonial relationships came out in large number with their objections. Women on the other hand also had to prove that they were not supportive of this to keep their images clean. We also found that many feminists have raised their objections in this matter, too and only MRAs know how vague those objection are.

In a recent article feminist writer Shobha De told Deepika that “great hair and open bra strap is not empowerment”. Today feminists are protesting against this video is because they are worried of this exposure. So everyone is trying to downplay with this. However, none of these feminists has ever protested against slutwalk, rape cases filed against former lovers when the affairs broke or sought  punishment against adulterous wives under section IPC 497. In reality so far feminists tried to show that such adulterous wives are victims and should be given more benefits. This shows clearly that feminists are a bunch of hypocrites who tries to mislead the society by their actions.

Men’s rights activists (MRAs) have been trying to portray these grim facts to the society for a long time. They have conducted many activities, dharnas, met MPs, written blogs, created films videos, went for hunger strike and what not to create awareness among the masses but in vain. Even the people who had actually suffered from these atrocities believed that they were the only ones who had suffered this. Most of them blamed their fate and kept silence. So the problems were largely going unnoticed. As a result the society was not aware of these issues. Men suffered silently and no one except themselves or the MRAs were aware of the problem.

What Deepika’s video has done is to show the mirror to the society. Men protested because they felt danger in their  homes, women protested because they didn’t want to show the truth to the world. All just wanted to save their families.

Deepika’s video has also shown that wearing clothes or wearing whatever wherever they want or not wearing them as empowerment. Many women have protested against this as well. However, none of them have ever protested  against slutwalk. This shows the double standard of the society.

Today, Indian MRAs have every reason to celebrate this video because it has created enormous awareness that the MRM could never create. Today feminism is completely exposed as a movement of lesbianism, male hatred, female supremacy and anarchic movement thanks to this one video. Those who used to think that feminism is a movement of equality is in utter shock today. If India’s daughter was a direct slap to over protective Indian men, then this video is a mirror shown to the  Indian society and to the proud feminists who believed feminism was a movement of equality. MRAs have shown this in many ways earlier but all in vain.

This is the reason in my view Deepika Padukone is this year’s MRA of the year.

Thank you Deepika for your awesome contribution to the Men’s Rights. You have proved that feminists need not have to say sorry for creating disturbance in the society. They just need to create a video like this to show their true self. Love you too much for exposing feminism like this. muaaaah.
Oh yes, whenever you feel sex starved, let me know. You can once again get empowered.

Why I am skeptical about #ShameTheRapist campaign

[This post does not try to create any notion that the rapists shown in the video should not be punished. They had committed multiple serious crimes as per the video and there is no doubt that they need to be punished]

Recently I came across a campaign called #ShameTheRapist by social activist Sunitha Krishnan. She demanded that there is a gangrape video that was being circulated on popular messaging platform whatsapp for six months and people were consuming the video and forwarding the same to others without raising any complaint.

The first question that had come to my mind was –

“Are we so mindless, so criminal that we will happily (or unhappily) consume a video of a crime and forward to others (or not)”?

..and there came a strong objection in my mind. It can never happen that any normal human being (either a man or a woman) will consume the same in silence without raising their voice. It is just IMPOSSIBLE.

But according to her complaint this video was circulated for last six months. But these facts need to be established first.

The video clip recovered by her, victim’s face was blurred to protect her identity and then published on Youtube by her organization. But youtube was quick to react and ban the account of her organization, which they have protested on different social media.

I have seen the 30 sec clip on Twitter and the graphic content of the video moved me completely. I CAN’T believe such men exist or this video was shot without a purpose. I have many questions in my mind and unless these questions are answered I will be skeptical about this video –

  1. Who shot the video?
  2. Why the guys are grinning as if they have achieved something great, when we all know rape is a crime?
  3. Why are the guys looking at the video many a times and grinning, why they were so desperate to show their faces and reveal their identity?
  4. Even if they consider rape as an achievement, no rapist will ever boast about it leave alone sharing on social media. Why in this case they shared the video on whatsapp?
  5. The activist Sunitha says, this video was taking rounds for six months, why no one ever raised a complaint anywhere? With rape being so much focus everywhere it seems highly unlikely. Even MRAs like me will raise a criminal complaint if we ever come across any such video. I am 100% sure that other MRAs will also do the same. We only fight against false cases but do not support any crime against women, especially the one shown on this video.

In this case, the video is murkier than I could ever expect. Anyone seeing this video would raise his / her voice against the culprits and that includes me and that does not mean the men on the video alone.

But I became suspicious when I came to know more about the activist Sunitha Krishnan from her tweets –

Sunitha Krishnan on boys

This tweet told me she could be a male hater sadist because when someone shared a news of joy she immediately thought of those little children as rapists or molesters. I was taken aback by her male hating attitude. Do the parents raise their boys to be rapists? Then why is she shaming the parents or children or she is like that by her nature? Truly speaking all my respect for her is gone the moment I saw this tweet. I realized she is a staunch feminist who does not mind even making newborn male children as rapists. Dear reader, this may include your child as well.

The moment I realized that she is a staunch feminist and there were many paid feminist campaign before to shame India in general and Indian men in particular I became alert.

Then from this tweet I came to know that she was the Nirbhaya advisor to Kerala govt.

Sunitha Krishnan Left Kerala Govt.

So she had to quit the post when she could not bend Kerala govt. according to her wishes. I don’t know what those reasons were but I can imagine those could have been even to implicate small boys on serious criminal charges.

Then I came across this tweet from her

Sunitha Krishnan Padma Award

So she was lobbying for Padma award. The moment I came to know this I smelled a rat? Is there anything fishy here? One question kept on coming to my mind, is this exposure linked to her wish of getting a Padma award?

Then I came across this tweet from her after her tweet about the gangrape video –

Sunitha Krishnan Car Vandalized

Oh, so her car was vandalized within 30 minutes of her raising her voice. But how is that possible unless the criminals in video were not from an organized gang of criminals who knew her personally? But isn’t in the first instance she said that she picked the video from whatsapp and do not know about the whereabouts of the criminals. Then how did the criminals know her? Or is this vandalizing the car attempt was by her or by people known to her who just wanted to add masala into the news? But this episode of vandalising her car made the whole video more trashy, my suspect of a deep rooted criminal conspiracy against India in general and against Indian men in particular came up.

So I checked in all my Indian circles and asked my friends from all over India if they have ever seen this video and none of them have ever seen this on whatsapp, no other feminists or police or cyber law enforcers had seen this earlier, then how did this video come and why is it demanded that this video existed for months. But I thought of that as lack of my reach to people.

Please caste your vote here and let us know if you have seen this video before she has brought this out. Please be honest with your opinion –

But her latest tweet that was made after nine hours of her tweet demanding her car was vandalized says

Sunitha Krishnan Intimidation claim

So people started sending her pornographic mails, and I am wondering why she had not raised any police complaint regarding those mails? Why is she amused by pornographic mails? Doesn’t she supposed to send those criminals behind bars? Then why she is silent and only venting anger on social network sites? Or this is purely fake, just a desperate attempt to grab attention?

I am so nuts, almost immediately I thought of her inner desire of getting Padma award. Oh my sick mind! it thinks a lot.

We will not come to know what really happened unless the following are ensured and I demand to know the following –

  1. Whoever received and forwarded this video in any platform should be punished and brought to book simply for not reporting the crime.
  2. If after investigation it is found that this video was not circulated for six months then Sunitha Krishnan should be punished for making a false statement and creating a bad name for Indian society.
  3. We need to know the hand behind the camera and the mind behind him.

I don’t believe that any Indian will ever keep mum after seeing such a video. If they did, they need to be punished fast. If this news is fake and shot for a purpose as that probability is also there, then anyone who is trying to shame India needs to be punished.


Beti Bachao or war against Indian boys

Beti Bachao logoBeti Bachao or save the girl child campaign is a big campaign for the present BJP government in India. The need for this campaign was shown by showing a gender ratio of 919 girls every 1000 boys, between the age group of 0-6 years.

Ministry of women and child development has recently suggested to legalize sex determination tests in India so that the status of female foetus can be tracked and female foeticide (beti bachao can be successful) can be controlled (Click the HT image to see the complete news)–

Maneka Gandhi on Gender Determination

The reason given for this step is–

“once gender of a foetus is determined, the authorities could maintain complete follow up in cases of female foetus in the womb

So the point is that even though the ministry do not know that female foetus is killed, they are still creating a huge campaign to save girl child or Beti Bachao. So the basic assumption that female foetus is killed is under question because as of now – NO ONE IS SURE that Female Foetus is actually KILLED.

Then why is this BIG concern around female foeticide?.

It is said that India’s sex ratio between 0-6 years is 919 females per 1000 boys, and that is an indication that girls are killed in womb and also after birth.

One more point to note is that while the ministry wants to stop killing the unborn female foetus by determining its gender, but so not want to stop killing of the male foetus. Even though this is one way to improve gender ratio at birth but this also means that now an Indian ministry officially wants to kill the male foetus selectively. A ministry that is run by most of male taxpayers’ money is openly conspiring to kill future men to improve gender ratio.

To understand female foeticide issue, let us see the sex ratio at birth in different developed countries that rank topmost in the Human Development Index (HDI)–

Sex ratio at birth

Please note that a perception is created in India that the sex ratio is 919 girls for every 1000 boys but it is when we consider the age group 0-6 years combined. If we consider the ratio at birth we see a better gender ratio.

Also note that even in most developed countries the number of girls taking birth per 1000 boys born is less is by around 50.

HDR 2013 specifically states that –

“The natural sex ratio at birth is commonly assumed and empirically confirmed to be 105 male births to 100 female births” (Population Trends, Table 14, Page 197)

So the perception created that number of female births needs to be equal to that of male births is completely fake and a feminist propaganda.

When we look at the gender ratio between the age of 0-6 years we see that the ratio is declining. Let’s look at the gender analysis for 2001 and 2011 census data-

Gender ratio analysis

Source – Census India

We find that even though this ratio (Number of men / Number of women) is decreasing over increasing age group that never concerns our government or political parties. This shows systematic killing of men over their life span is not a matter of concern at all.

There is another notion that son preference forces parents to kill their daughters after birth. A 2014 UNICEF report on India’s Infant and child mortality shows that female children are more prone to death under the age of five compared to the male child.–

Infant Mortality Rate

Infant Mortality Rate – UNICEF report on Infant and Child mortality in India

Even though WCD ministry is giving the reason that patriarchy and negligence to girls as the reason behind higher rate of death of female children, the UNICEF report has mention of the following factors for infant mortality–

Socio-Economic Characteristics—

  • Urban / Rural residence
  • Mother’s education
  • Social group
  • Standard of living index
  • Effect of group of state

Maternal  and Demographic characteristics

  • Mother’s age at childbirth
  • Birth order
  • Preceding birth interval
  • Succeeding birth interval
  • Child’s sex
  • Assessment of high risk birth
  • Maternal nutrition status and birth weight
  • Assistance at childbirth

Environmental factors

  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Access to improved toilets
  • Use of clean cooking fuel

Inequalities in child survival

  • Health inequality

In all the above factors there is no parameter that shows that gender specific neglect is a factor to kill infant girls but in almost all factors poverty and illiteracy comes as the major underlying reason for infant mortality in India.

The health inequality mentioned above is inequality in terms of poverty and access to better medical facilities and not inequality based on gender as some may think.

So from the above UNICEF data we find that it is unfortunate but true that female children die more due to several reasons until 5 years of age and there is no specific neglect involved in that.

Son preference in India comes from various factors and this can also explain our gender ratio and reject female foeticide or infanticide theories by the WCD ministry. When a couple has a son as the first child, they do not go for a second child. On the contrary many couples try for a son as the second child when they already have a daughter as the first child. This explains why in India we may have more number of boys even without any gender specific killing and refutes the need for specific campaign of Beti Bachao.

It is indeed a matter of concern that an Indian ministry is creating hatred against Indian men and boys in the name of Beti Bachao campaign. There is no doubt that India needs to improve its gender ratio but the low gender ratio compared to other nations does not mean girls are being killed.

By proposing to legalize sex determination tests, the WCD ministry is trying to create an environment of killing male babies selectively.

We have seen that in 2013 National Commission for Women (NCW) proposed to increase the legal age of abortion to 24 weeks from current 22 weeks (news). If we look at both these news together we find that it is indeed the feminists who want to kill our babies, either unborn or born and they blame India’s patriarchy or Indian men for this.

This runs shivers down my spine that we are living in a completely male hating society where one Indian ministry is funded to kill the male babies selectively. This Beti Bachao campaign could be made better if this was towards delivering better healthcare facilities in villages and for better pre or post natal care to poor mothers so that our children do not die after birth. The son preference issue could have been tackled by making daughters more responsible for old age parents. Without these positive gender neutral steps the Beti Bachao campaign is only a war against Indian boys and unborn male babies by some grown up and matured ladies funded by the union govt.


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This is What every HangTheRapist campaigner need to know

This is dedicated to all those who say #HangTheRapists without knowing or understanding the implications to their own self or to the future generation. These people definitely do not know that what the new rape law (Nirbhaya Act) is, they don’t know how these crimes are proved and how criminal justice system works and they definitely did not take any lesson from Tarun Tejpal or Justice Ganguly cases. These people have no knowledge about the serious implications of the Nirbhaya Act but still give their moronic views about hanging someone.

Recently these people have gone one step further to demand death penalty for the juvenile rape accused if they are found guilty. This is not only shame for India but for them too. But before we understand why this is shame, let’s look at the Nirbhaya Act for Sexual Assault that these morons never bothered to check.

First of all what these people (most of whom are men) do not understand is that any woman can tell lies anytime. Many a times women tell lies about rape to marry the boy of their choice, to extort money from a man and for many other reasons (see such cases here).

According to principles of natural justice any accused should be considered innocent until proven guilty but in Indian rape law with the burden of proof of innocence lies on the accused. So any accused is considered as a criminal until he proves himself innocent. But to worsen it all India has worst of media trial and street trial to influence judiciary. So now it is natural that even the judge will be influenced by these street shows and will proclaim him guilty as fast as possible.

In the Nirbhaya Act the definition of rape includes ‘penetration’ by any object to any ‘extent’ even a few millimetres. Coupled with this there is no end date of raising a complaint. So the victim can raise such a complaint even after months or years of the incident and this leaves a serious concern to disprove any forceful action even be detected by forensic experts.

Also with ‘lack of physical resistance’ being immaterial to prove innocence this will not be useful to tell a consensual sex from a rape.

When there is no sign of molestation or rape the victim swears in the court about the incident and the accused is punished as the law says that the court will have to assume that “No woman will ever tell lie under oath, in matters pertaining to sex”.  A huge nail in the head of those morons who demand Death Penalty for juveniles accused in rape.

The new law further says that ‘Past sexual behaviour of the victim is irrelevant in these matters” so any woman who has filed multiple such cases in the past and came to the same court and tried by same prosecution will never be punished no matter what she would have done earlier.

Another nail on their head is the last line of information about this law – “Advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures” is also dangerous to her liberty and can send a man to jail. This makes even a verbal discussion of sex is also considered as rape. What these morons don’t understand is that even if the woman asks for sex and the man has sex he can still be booked for rape.

There is enough of moronic views we have seen in India recently, but hanging the juvenile rapist when the rape law is like this is not only outrageous but highly venomous to all boys in India. Coupled with this our sexual age of consent is now lowered to 16 by WCD ministry thus making all those underage boys be clearly vulnerable to the rape law and possible execution simply based on someone’s verbal statement.

This clearly shows the level of misandry Indian men have against themselves. I want all these morons to experience their own medicine and get a false rape case each. I want these people who demand #HangTheRapists even if they are juveniles to be hanged first or see their own sons or brothers die in a false accusation or become criminals due to one false accusation. Because not only these fools don’t understand our laws, they don’t understand the basic thing that crime does not have any gender. They are the idiots who create their own grave.

I hope all Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) in India will take note of all such male haters and identify them for good. So that when these morons come to the MRM for any help for any false case they can be kicked in the butt royally. Because these morons have created their own grave, let them experience the same.  Let them know that when the accused is someone like Rahul Gandhi, Tarun Tejpal or Justice Ganguly they will still be able to generate some support from the processes in many ways, but when a normal peace loving, law abiding civilian like them is accused then the whole society, their own feminist friends will kick them. Now they have added MRM too in this list. Each of these uneducated people only deserves to taste their own medicine rather than any sympathy from anyone.

National Cleavage Day: Bold and Dirty is new empowerment


National Cleavage Day6

Did you ever imagine that something like this could exist and not for creating awareness but for feeling equal. Celebrating National Cleavage Day on 27th March becomes a form of empowerment for the feminists today.

National Cleavage Day1

We may be shocked to see this in India but everything is possible when something is done purely for business purpose by a bra brand “Wonderbra”.

Women know that they are sexually stronger as men’s testosterone is bloody strong to make them weak in terms of sexual matters. Yet the term is coined that “man is the stronger sex” no one realized it is due to their physical strength and not sexual one.

Now feminazis and to be precise a corporate house is giving a different sense of empowerment – Show your cleavage and be empowered.

National Cleavage Day2

And the main page on their website tells the visitors to feast their eyes with the awesome pics of female boobs sent from all over the globe. Well the word feast tells us how feminists themselves want to be treated, it is a problem when a man thinks the same way. He becomes a predator. It is never a problem if a woman wants her to be treated like that.

National Cleavage Day3

This website also gives women from all over the world a chance to submit their booby pics and give treat to everyone.

National Cleavage Day7

And no wonder why some of the women commented on the link saying “may be one day women will have the ability to publicly boob out”.  Alas, misplaced empowerment syndrome eating the brains of women.

National Cleavage Day5

The website also features best boobies in Hollywood movies. The showdown will definitely keep the men boobytrapped.

But that is not all. The feminazis have tried to portray boobs as the identification symbol for the women. A contest designed on the site asks the visitors to identify the woman based on their boob pics. Oops, really they have nothing else to offer as identity.

Guess whose boobs Guess the boobs

In the entire site one the section with 15 important facts about boobs gives us some real information rather than showing a skewed definition of empowerment. We come to know from this section that an even breast reduction surgery for men is equally popular in America and many other amazing facts.

15 facts about your breats

Just imagine if men have ever demanded anything like showing their penis in the open. Oops that is bloody against the law and is considered as vulgar and attract punishment for Sexual harassment of women. I wonder when this kind of tickling with men’s sexual emotions will stop by the feminazis. When they will start having straight definition of empowerment and not the skewed one like this.


Please note that by writing this post I never meant that men need to celebrate “National Penis Day” now to show equality or display private parts in public to show equality. I came to know that someone from Dallas Texas has sent a job application with picture of his penis after I published this. Please note I strongly condemn any such behavior that is against the law of any land and I don’t promote breaking any law while I criticize feminism.


The hateful Jaagore campaign by Tata Group

The election manifesto of PowerOf49 or Jaagore campaign is out. This campaign is spearheaded by one of the India’s most respected brand the Tata Group.

Let’s go through the manifesto to see how this is creating gender hatred and spearheading a movement against men in the name of women empowerment. The preface says it all – “Tata Tea, in association with Tata Group proudly presents ‘The women manifesto: The Voice of 49%”.

Even though the first point in the manifesto is on Domestic Violence, the manifesto starts with a subject of “Women and Public Safety” and discusses how unsafe women globally are (completely unrelated to Indian election) and then talks about Delhi Gang Rape in 2012 (as if all Indian have become rapist after that) and the new anti rape law, that has driven Khurshid Anwar the biggest feminist behind a great movement after the Delhi incident to commit suicide.  The manifesto praises such a draconian law that is set to ruin any man’s reputation and life on simple accusation.

Jaagore logo1

This shows how Tata group can create confusion in the minds of people by stating unrelated facts.

Then comes some stats as “State of the Nation

  1. One woman raped every 21 minutes – it does not say that 75% of such cases turn out to be false (NCRB)
  2. 1 woman is kidnapped every 14 minutes in India – That doesn’t mean boys / men are not kidnapped. In fact check the murder, culpable homicide, accidents or robbery incidents you will find more men affected than women. #PowerOf49 never talks about those crimes.
  3. Crime against women increased over previous years – This also includes false cases filed by women. When punishment for perjury is merely Rs. 15000 fine, what else we can expect?
  4. Incidents of attacks on women to outrage her modesty increased – Men do not have any modesty, so women attacking a man can’t be reported.
  5. 225 cases of acid attacks against women reported between 2010 to 2012 – we do not have figure for attacks on men, but that does not mean it does not exist and is not a crime.

Under “Women and Domestic Violence” section this manifesto quotes NFHS survey 2005-06 that 37.6% women face domestic violence.  In this article I have shown how one sided surveys on domestic violence has painted a wrong picture of Indian men. Also per the definition of domestic violence almost every Indian husband also suffers from the same (Read – Almost every Indian Husband is subjected to domestic violence). In fact the definition includes so many different acts as domestic violence, I am surprised to note that PowerOf49 didn’t say that 100% women suffer from DV. May be you would have caught their lies easily.

In “State of the Nation” section the campaigners have mentioned the following (presented with my comments)

  1. A dowry death every one hour, bride burning every 90 minutes – Pure lie of the great liars. My RTI to NCRB shows they don’t keep any data on bride burning (See – Dowry Death and Bride Burning in India). In fact the dowry death every one hour is derived out of 8000 odd cases reported every year (note any death of a bride within 7 years of marriage is considered as dowry death unless the husband is Shashi Tharoor.
  2. Cases under DP ACT increased – But no punishment for the relatives of the bride for paying dowry. Girls want free marriage, no contribution and then all rights and 50% property rights in husband’s property.
  3. Cruelty by husband and relatives increased – no wonder false cases increased drastically as the NCRB record says. Good business for liars like PowerOf49.
  4. 42.9% Dv cases occurred in rural areas and 32.7% in urban areas – I have exposed their lies on Domestic violence here (Truth of Jaagore – Domestic Violence)

On women’s health and sanitation issues that are seemingly harmless issues to all, the campaigners have shown Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR). The manifesto says this is due to socio-economic factors like education, household wealth and place of residence.

So feminists and Tata Group have proudly planned to destroy Indian men by denying / barring education for men / boys (read – Lies of Jaagore, PowerOf49 – Literacy of Indian women), Snatching house / property earned by the man under Marriage Law Amendment or IRBM (Read – Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 – A death warrant for India) and snatching the residential house from the man under existing DV Act (under Right to Residence clause in DV ACT).

This manifesto further adds, that a 2011 UNICEF report says 47% girls in India get married before 18. Well, as a reader how many such marriages have you seen in your life? Remember if almost half of all marriages are child marriage, you should have already experienced at least one. Now you know who is telling lies.

This further says, due to gender discrimination women do not receive healthcare to the extent required – when all policy, welfare programs, funds are directed to women causes and NOTHING is ever donated to promoted for any of the men’s causes. The question to the liars like Tata Group is if women do not get these benefits today, then who is then misappropriating the funds? You know the answer is the same criminal campaigners who is demanding more attention today.

Under the State of the Nation stats the manifesto says the following (again presented with my comments)

  1. 36% women are chronically undernourished and 55% anemic – Point they are trying to make is girls are not fed properly in their house. This is directly showing our parents in bad light. It will never consider the facts that biologically men being stronger and men being forced to do more tougher jobs need more calorie or food intake than women. Also women being anemic is not a problem of men.
  2. More than 600 million people or over 50% Indian households defecate in the open – A real concern that needs focus on building toilets for all. May be some low cost alternative.

Under the section of Education and Employment the campaigners demanded that principal of gender equality is enshrined in Indian Constitution when they demand all facilities exclusively for women. The irony is these double mouthed snakes want all facilities depriving men and proudly call that empowerment and groups like Tata Group proudly fund that movement of hatred. See how Article 15(3) of Indian constitution is violated everyday in the name of Women Empowerment here.

Under State of The Nation these liars once again given some stats from 2011 census while so far they were giving stats from UNICEF report. See this article to see what UNICEF report 2013 on India’s literacy reveals.

In a nutshell the issues of men and boys are nowhere highlighted today. No one says that more men commit suicide, or are murdered or die due to accidents they talk about 8000 dowry death cases 80% of which turn out to be false.

No one says women raping men is not even a reportable crime and cry for Delhi rape and considers all men in the country as rapists to bring in the Nirbhaya Act while almost giving a royal treatment to a victim. But the same feminists were shameless enough to support rape accused Khurshid Anwar or Tarun Tejpal because they belonged to the same feminist groups that fought for these laws. We wonder if we can get a license to rape by protesting against rape violently.

While the powerOf49 campaigners shout loud about dowry death, none of them has ever questioned why Shashi Tharoor was not booked under the same act after suspicious death of his wife. Will Tata Group ever show the courage to demand arrest of Tharoor? We understand it is only a political gimmick that benefits some criminals (see – The Unholy Nexus) and some corporate like Tata Group try to take advantage of the same.

It is shocking to note that a revered brand like Tata Group didn’t need to sponsor such a program of lies to promote their brand. Shockingly enough the group claims that “Tata Group Proudly presents ‘The Women Maniesto”.

In order to enhance their brand value through this hateful movement, Tata has ruined sufficient brand value to many of their own stakeholders and employees.


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1. The Hateful Election Manifesto of PowerOf49

This is what Powerof49 campaigners will not tell you

“The respondent has been working in a hotel for the last few months. Prior to this, he worked as a domestic helper with a family where he faced sexual harassment from the employer’s daughters”

“She stays with her maternal grandparents. There her aunt treats them very badly”

“After school she works in the house. She packs tamarinds for about 7-8 hours daily and whatever she earns her aunt takes it because their financial status is not sound”.

“The respondent lives in the station with his brothers and sisters…one day he became victim of sodomism..”

“She told me that the staff in the observation home punishes girls for misbehaving. The punishment that they get is sit-up 300-500 times and they beat them with scale”.

“After her mother died her father married that lady. That lady used to beat her a lot and make her do all the household work and beat her with anything that came in her hand. She has even got stitches in her hand because her stepmother had hurt her”

These are the comments made by the researchers of “Study on Child Abuse in India 2007” conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child Ministry, India.

The comments made above shows how Indian children suffer humiliation and abuse silently in the hands of their own family members and near relatives. Whereas any kind of violence needs to be shunned and children needs to be protected for a better future of the nation unfortunately in India this seems to be a distant dream. Especially when the child welfare in the country is looked into by a ministry that also looks after women welfare. The comments above show that it is the women in the families that are mostly violent and commit most of the abuses to our children. These two graphs from the same report will make the situation clear –


Persons doing emotional abuse of children


Persons doing physical abuse of children

The campaigners of #PowerOf49 or #JaagoRe will never tell you that it is the women who are the abusers of our children in most cases. In fact in one of the recent panel discussion on Domestic Violence the #Jaagore campaigners showed to the nation that it is the father or other male members of the house who are most abusive (Read – The great liars of #JaagoRe #PowerOf49 campaign).

What they have not shown is that more number of boys suffer humiliation / sexual assault / abuse in the hands of other female members of the house. Let’s look at these two tables from the same report –


This report shows us that equal number of boys and girls living as street children are abused but we never get to hear about boys being abused by any of the feminists.



This table shows that boys undergo more sexual violence contrary to the popular belief.

But the cry of these helpless boys (and also the girls) goes unheard in the current madness of feminism in India. This is simply because these little children DO NOT form a vote bank for the political parties but their mothers do. And hence the ministry that is supposed to take care of our children (the WCD ministry) and save them from the abuse of their mothers, forgets all its responsibility and continues to pamper the abusive mothers or women.

Feminists and campaigners of #PowerOf49 or #JaagoRe are also not different. A campaign created by a business brand Tata Tea under the careful wrap of Corporate Social Responsibility and sponsored by other business houses and media channels like CNN-IBN is creating even more cruelty to these helpless boys by promoting the false scenario under #PowerOf49.

#PowerOf49_3Image Courtesy –

In this discussion on CNN-IBN the following women panellists have shown their extreme cruelty to these boys by completely ignoring their causes. Rather they have painted a completely opposite picture in the minds of their viewers. They have shown a girl being raped by her father for years and then the beast turning to his younger daughter when she filed a police complaint. According to the anchor of the show, the family withdrew the police complaint after CNN-IBN took up the case. The narration of this incidence by the #PowerOf49 campaigners was to show how cruel Indian men are to their own daughters and all including MP Shabana Azmi started talking about taking out morchas (protest rallies) to the houses of the men who abuse women in their house. The panellists have painted a completely false picture to divert our attention from the real culprits. Or in other words they have supported violence by the women.

The incident of rape as reported by the channel can’t be believed to be true as it was the channel’s responsibility to see that the culprit is punished especially when any court in India can take suo -moto action in matters such as these and there is no dearth of NGOs or feminists organizations to fight such cases. Also there exists Mahila Thanas, State Women Commission and a Ministry for women and at least 48 different laws empowering them. With the presence of so strong redressal mechanism if a male criminal goes unpunished after a media house like CNN-IBN making it public, that only shows that the story is fake and was created only to increase TRP of the channel.

Unfortunately children and especially the boys in India do not have anyone to hear them out. The WCD ministry is very busy empowering their abusive mothers because they are the vote bank. The mothers like Rashmi Anand, Flavia Agnes and Shabana Azmi completely ignores the need of these boys and do not hesitate to paint a biased picture in everyone’s mind.

We can only request the campaigners of #PowerOf49 that we have so far seen our mothers like this –


Image courtesy – Worldoffemale

This #WomensDay please don’t show us this image of yours –


Image courtesy

Because we want to love our mothers.

Rape! Its my fault

(My reply to a viral video on rape)

Today let me introduce you to some of India’s deadliest criminals, women who file false rape cases to ruin lives of men. Well, as you know in any rape case women are always considered as victims and so are true even in false rape cases. So even when there is no rape a woman is considered as a victim. So you see a woman and you know she is a victim, either rape or no rape. Of late there is a trend that even celebrities claim on air that they were raped early in their life just to show how empowered they are. As SC ruling stands here not to disclose the name of any rape victim, in all rape cases, even in the false ones only the name of the man (either a rapist or not) is disclosed. So when I try to take you to these women who filed false cases of rape recently, I can only tell you the names of the accused. We have demanded a database and naming and shaming the rapists on websites but we have never demanded the same for false complainants knowing very well that the number of false complainants is much more (3 times) compared to the genuine ones. Because, rape or no rape a woman is always a victim. (We wonder that when every day there are 48 false rape cases filed compared to 16 genuine ones, why the hell so much ruckus about rape. If media projects all false cases they will not have space for any other news item..)

These are the women who do not have any feeling for the real rape victims who undergo extreme physical and mental trauma. These are the women who consider being raped is actually empowerment for them and so they boldly file rape cases just to show, yes they can. Any normal human being does things that one loves to do, by filing rape cases against someone these women prove that they love to be raped and even if they are not, they will still claim that they were raped.

Meet the maid of 75 year old Delhiite Bhopal Sharma ( After death of his wife Bhopal came close to his neighbor Anita who has given one maid servant to him. During trial this maid has confessed that it was Anita and another person has forced her to file such false complaint to usurp Sharma’s property. Even the honorable court has commented that – “Nobody bothers to see in how many cases the accused are convicted. The acquittal of an accused is not noticed at all and he continues to be labeled a ‘rapist’ even after his honorable acquittal.”

Take this case filed against Mr. Divyesh Vala (35) by a central excise inspector [again a woman who loved to be raped so has no name] (42) ( In this case woman never had any sex but still complained of rape, why? Because he didn’t marry her. Mumbai HC only observed that women should be booked for filing fake rape cases but no action.

Take this woman from Delhi. Her hobby is to get raped. So she has filed 11 rape cases ( before she could be tracked down. I am sure many candlewallas by now would have shiver down their spine thinking “What if I am the next”..This sex maniac victim has befriended Sushil and wanted him to lend her Rs. 10,000. When he wanted his money back, she assaulted him, snatched valuables and more money and filed a false rape case. She loved to be raped so much that she even threatened Sushil’s lawyer of a false rape case, too.

Take this case of accused Narender Singh of Delhi – (well I am giving all Delhi examples as you need to know how our rape capital works) ( Narender got his due respect when he filed a theft case against his maid servant.

Take this case where it is alleged that the husband of the victim had used her to level false rape charge against four men. ( In the same news towards the end we see another case where a 19 year old girl was so desperate to marry the guy. There was no sex but simply when the guy marries elsewhere he gets a rape case.

Here’s another one from Delhi where this girl again wanted strongly to get married to one guy but he did not have any feeling for her. Result rape allegation that later the girl has withdrawn ( .

Now take the case of this woman who finally made it to jails for filing false rape case. She is Chanchal Rathore ( Only in this case media revealed her name. She just had a quarrel with her landlord Roopkishore Agarwal (53) and filed a rape case against him just to take revenge. Women who are getting tempted to have imaginary sex with elderly people are trying this out. Anyways nowadays filing rape cases is as easy as delivery of pizza or may be getting your monthly shopping done. No rape yet rape, no sex yet sex..that too with men of any age, caste, relation, stature…exciting? Roopkishore committed suicide because he could not bear the pain but who cares? Women Commission leaders will still say it was suicide of a farmer or suicide for financial hardship.

This is another case where a maid has filed a false rape complaint just to get her salary dues cleared ( By seeing this if any IT or bank employee gets new ideas to increase their salary or get empowered we should not be surprised.

Another case, which is outside Delhi, where the girl wanted to marry the boy and when he turned down he got a rape case ( The boy was immediately remanded in custody but when the charges were proved false, she and her father were only asked to apologize to the boy. So girls, whom do you want to marry today? Spare the MRAs please..

Now let me come to some sensational rape cases. Do you remember Bathinda rape case of Jan 2013. Well may not be, because we all forget these very fast. Read this for a recap – This was made a sensation when first reported and soon turned out to be false. Unfortunately we don’t keep tab of such false cases or get any media report. As media becomes busy on making another rape story like the Guwahati one. In Bathinda case the girl files false rape case to take revenge against another girl. Amazing, a man’s life is sacrificed for revenge on another woman. Men in India should now make sure that their wives don’t have any other enemy other than themselves.

Now let’s come to the Guwahati molestation case. Here again a media house wanted to create sensation by creating a molestation scene on road – Because we all popularly believe without rape or molestation no one is actually interested in other stories. So we crate madness first and then move away to create another madness and don’t even bother to know what happened in earlier case.  

Even our police want to create some sensation. For example, let’s see what happened in Bihar. ( a woman who was found hanging was termed as gang raped and later after post mortem it was found that there was no rape.

Lastly take cases where women raped men / toddler boys.

In this case the maid who was caught red handed by the mother of a 4 yrs toddler boy, while sexually assaulting him, filed rape case against his father later. (

Lastly look at these girls. They did not want any imaginary rape case, but they wanted it real. So they have abducted a man and raped him – Do you think he will ever expect justice?

So these are a few selected ones from a bouquet of 75% false rape cases that are not even reported. Oops some of them do get reported, but we don’t notice, because any rape news is published big and bold, whereas false cases…..on the fifth page within 100 words…very few may be reported, but still.

So now you can rape any child or teenager, and then file case either against him (if 16 or more, we are there to demand death penalty) or you can choose to file such a case against any of his living or dead male relative. You can also file a false rape case against his female relative (like someone did against Pinki) provided you can prove her a male. If you don’t find any one suitable who is more than 15 yrs male relative, you can file against their lawyer or a police man or may be the judge..well if they are males.

Rape….oops looks like it’s my fault because I have exposed everyone….badly.