Why Do Men Urinate More In Public? The Powerful Truth You Need To Know

In one of his Swachh Bharat addresses in 2017, PM Narendra Modiji has blamed Indian men for urinating in public and not holding the pressure until they reached their home –

Narendra Modi on Men urinating in public
Narendra Modi on Men urinating in public

There is no denying that it is not a good practice and everyone needs to be sensitized about this. However, blaming only men for this (the way he did) is not correct as explained here.

Village Women Hold Pressure

He gave an example of village women who hold on their pressure throughout the day and wait for darkness to relieve themselves and asked men to do the same too. This seems physiologically impossible to me but I am not aware of alternate arrangements those families may have and hence I will restrict this only to the habit of males (including males from urban areas) urinating in the open.

Men Work More Outside

We know that overwhelmingly large number of men compared to women are either working or in search of jobs in India (either temporary or permanent). Also, considerably more men are engaged in labor-intensive jobs compared to women. They are employed more in jobs involving outdoor work compared to women who are more engaged in indoor jobs. That means an average man needs to be outdoors for around 10-12 hours a day if not more. They don’t have the option to go back home during this time. So, if these men are not in places where they have proper toilet facilities (I hope every workplace will have that) or work on the streets, they have no option but to urinate in public.

Health And Urination

We also need to understand that an average healthy person needs to urinate 6-7 times a day. Considering an 18-hour day, we need to urinate once every 2-3 hours. So, if one needs to stay outdoor for 10-12 hours, one is likely to pee outside the home. The reason we do not see women urinating in public is that they don’t have the need to stay outdoors for so long or the jobs they are employed have toilets for them. Additionally, with excessively high focus on women’s public health and not men’s public health, we see excessive govt. focus on women toilets rather than only ‘toilets’.  Men’s entry in these ‘gendered’ toilets is barred. So, in a way, our govt. is already telling men not to use toilets. Now shaming men for not urinating in the toilets is not only hypocrisy but also an extreme form of insensitivity and gynocentric behavior.

This outlook exposes PM’s own failure to construct enough number of public toilets (Sulabh Toilets is a great success in India) across India and failure of gynocentric govt policies. If Modiji was sincere about Swachh Bharat (clean India), then he would have focused on the issue of public toilets in a gender-neutral way rather than focusing only on women’s need. This is nothing but his zest for cheap politics of women empowerment.



  1. Men take provider role, so they are going out. It is illogical what PM said to hold urine.

    For example person urinated 1 hour back, now i got into bus. Bus takes 4 hours. is it possible to hold that much time waiting for stop where toilets are available.

    He is not practical.


  2. Partha you have pointed out a major problem in attitude of leaders and bureaucrats of this nation. They have most of the facilities at arms length and are unaware of the issues of common man.

    The government does not construct public urinals as per the need of population. Most of those made by them are for females hence a male can’t use them.

    I would like to share my personal experiences

    1) I was working in one of India’s top 5 corporate group. They had project in isolated industrial location and I was deputed there. In the initial phase there was no urinal near the work site. On complaining about it I was told you are a man it is not that important for you..

    2) In other incident I had been holding it for quiet some time, in one of the busy Indian city Mumbai. The three public toilets that I could find were LADIES ONLY. When I could not find a place to relieve myself I ultimately went to railway station bought a platform ticked and used the Railway urinal.

    Even the few toilets that men can use are so unclean that stench and squalor keeps them away.

    It’s not that men like to do it in open, they are forced to do it when they can’t hold on anymore.


    • This is really a sorry state of affairs in India. In one hand when the govt. is building everything for women, how can they blame men for not using those. This is like men are happily giving away the benefits they should get in the name of equality only to shamed later.


  3. Did Modiji urinate outside in his younger days when he was a Chai walla? As an office worker, he has access to indoor plumbing. What about then?


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