Top 12 Reasons Why Indian Men Do Not Want To Marry

12 reasons men don't get married
Why Men Are Not Marrying

Why are a number of Indian men not marrying or not finding enough reasons to get married? The reason is not only of misuse of family laws but there are other prominent reasons for this marriage strike. They are –

1. Law Misuse

Law misuse men don't marryThis is such a prominent reason that I don’t think we need to discuss any further about this issue here.

2. Women Do Not Have Any Responsibility In Families

Women do not have any responsibility

Believe it or not, in the name of equality today women have only rights that even men do not have. In the name of sexual independence, women can sleep around with many men without being held responsible for anything. She can decide to carry someone else’s child and still get maintenance for both. However, even the most caring husband can be branded as a criminal on break up.

3. Married Men Have No Choice

Marroed men, no cjoice

Married men can’t even decide what they should wear to a party or what they should watch on TV or where they should invest their own money. Women influence most of the decisions at home even if that is executed by the man. Many men opt to hand over their salary to their wives but whatever women earn remains theirs.

4. Giving Gift Is A Never-Ending Process

There is no dearth of events to celebrate in today’s happening lifestyle. Be it her birthday or her pet’s, all gifts given becomes her property but doesn’t guarantee her satisfaction. Choice of the gift very often becomes a problem, either it becomes money to waste or a miserly choice. However, not giving a gift or forgetting an occasion certainly creates dissatisfaction.

5. All Gifts Given To Her Becomes Her Istridhan, While Gifts Given To Him Becomes Dowry


Blame it on the skewed definition of dowry in Indian legal parlance. Giving any kind of gift to her is clearly a loss to the husband. While his money goes, on any future problem that becomes included in the istridhan list. Forcing husband to lose. Anything given by her to the husband gets included in the dowry list for future recovery by police. On non-recovery of these items, the husband may be forced to pay up, resulting in his double loss.

6. Husband Don’t Get Sex When He Wants, Can’t Refuse When She Wants

wife denying sex

This is because only men can be termed as rapists or impotent, wives enjoy their sexual freedom or can take sexual revenge on the husband anytime. Everything is her empowerment.

7. Husband Only A Sperm Donor

Child in a divorce

According to Hindu laws, a father is the natural guardian of the child. Haha. Not any more, he only pays maintenance and fights for visitation right for two hours every alternate week while providing all luxuries to them. In the meantime, while the child learns about his father’s cruel nature from the mother, the father can commit suicide in depression after their separation. That only adds to India’s farmer suicide stats and some MRAs get balder thinking about how to prevent suicide.

8. Husband Loses His Relations, While She Carries Hers –

Husband searching for his relations

They may stay in his house, but what matters after marriage is how he takes care of her family. Else the problem starts. Some men end up paying a reverse dowry to keep their marriage intact. While men are forced to leave their relations, women don’t or sometimes they get their parents to their matrimonial home.

9. Why Should Husband Share His Ancestral Property With Her?

wife pulling house
Image courtesy –

Men getting married automatically takes the oath of maintaining their wives for life. So no matter what happens after marriage she enjoys free lunch throughout. After the amendment of Hindu succession act and HAMA now it is also his family’s responsibility to maintain her. Courts give such orders in DV Act as well.

10. Women Suffer From More Ailments,  More Expenses For Fashion And Beauty.

Most of the women suffer more ailments, be it depression, Anaemia, low bone density, breast cancer, hyper-anxiety, obesity or menstrual issues. All they bring to a man is an unnecessary list of expenditure for their whole life. When women refuse to take any responsibility for a family then this expenditure becomes too heavy for men.

11. More Than Half The Women Are Unattractive


There is a dearth of female beauties. Especially when men start looking at female beauty along with their skills. Traditionally, men were satisfied with only women’s physical beauty, but as women started claiming everything as their right and started questioning all their responsibilities as oppression, men have evolved to expect equally or more qualified women as partners. They don’t find any random female beauty as good enough for being their partner. As men’s choices evolve, they don’t find women attractive anymore. More empowered women come out to be rude or intimidating for men, thus men avoid them. Men who respect women too much can’t think of mating with them. They fail in their marriages.

12. Free Sex Costlier And Un-eventful Than Paid Sex

Khajuraho Sculpture

With so many conditions, dangers and uncertainties ahead in free sex (marriage); the paid sex becomes more attractive and cheaper with more available varieties in different shapes and sizes. At least men do not need to commit suicide when the relationship is lost. They can always get a better one.


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  1. Partha:

    If militant feminism, homosexuality, and abortion continues to spread across the globe at their present speed…human populations will decrease by 50%, before the end of the 21st-Century.

    As I said before, militant feminism, homosexuality, and abortion are 3 components of the “Eugenics” program, which is aimed at population control, whereas militant feminism is a double-edged sword used for both wealth redistribution and population control – making it insidious and deadly, indeed.

    Peace be with you


  2. Partha:

    I just want to thank you for taking the time to compile this list and for caring enough about the health and welfare of women, children, marriage, and families – that you are willing to invest your spare time voicing your concerns…when others do not.

    Please know that I am more than happy to marry a woman (flaws and all), if she is willing to reciprocate my love in like measure, all-the-while giving graciously to me what I have graciously given to her.

    So, what is my main reason for shying away from marriage?

    Answer: I have never met my equal

    My personal constitution restrains me from entering into a marriage with a woman who does not stand to lose as much as I do (should it turn sour) or is unwilling or unable to match my love and commitment. To unite myself with a woman of inferior quality is to drudge through life unequally yoked. And, what fun is that?!

    Peace be with you

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      • Partha:

        It certainly takes some time to find the “right” woman, but when it comes to finding the right “one” – the average Indian does not have time on his side. Agreed?

        When you say, “Meeting the right partner is most often a myth”, what are you implying?


    • actually, thats not the issue. Even if you find your “love”, she will change after marriage, sooner or later. Later she can get a divorce and screw you big time. Take your child and money. And you will end up alone anyway.

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      • You know, Partha, I bet the world has never seen such a large-scale attack on marriage and the family before. After all this time…I wonder why it’s happening now? I wonder what forces have conspired in order to make it happen? Then again, perhaps humanity is doing something terribly wrong and this is the fallout? Any ideas?


      • At the risk of sounding condescending, women in general do not adequately grasp long-term implications of their actions and fall prey to their emotions and fantasy stuff they consume from everywhere these days.

        Future consequences are like a theory to them and they can’t process it properly. Thus, although at the time of marriage, they may be very sincere, its not difficult for them to get bored by the real life, so removed from their fantasies. By the time, they actually feel the heat, its too late.


        • Yes, Libranspaces, your commentary sounded somewhat “condescending”, but it was something that needed to be said. But, then again, how can one be expected to speak factually upon an utterly sophomoric and hopelessly moronic movement, without sounding condescending?

          Peace be with you


  3. Great article.

    On #9, you write “family’s responsibility to maintain her.”
    I don’t think its true yet. There’s a proposal, but currently wife’s right is only on husband and not his parents.


    • There are instances where husband sent to jail as husband is not working. At the same wife is sitting idle in the home. Education does not matter, there are many women who does not have education, still working. But once married, wife can sit idle giving the reason no education.


  4. Truly worth reading article for every bachelors & precisely well-put up points by the writer.
    One more point, worthy of drawing attention is that these days as women are increasingly getting access to work-place, Internet, medias (TV serials, films & Ads to brainwash them further), other sorts of communications…they come in contact with outer/social/corporate world with presence of different men. With regular interactions, (as husband is busy to earn their living & happiness), she gets close with some man/men, shares a bonding/secrets which are not even shared with husbands on the pretext that the other guy is her trusted friend & slowly develops emotional attachment/sexual attraction engaging themselves into “EXTRA-MARITAL affairs/ ADULTERY”, which are rapidly increasing & quite commonly heard of these days. There is even no feeling of guilt associated with today’s modern-wives, thus,easily betraying the trust of bonding with husband & degressing/ under-valuing all the sacrifices he has made towards her.
    • TOI had published an article on a survey that in 98% of the cases where the husband suspected that he is not the biological father confirmed his suspicion through DNA testing of the child, thus confirming the alarming increase of ADULTERY among today’s WOMEN :-

    & worse, everyday news on “wife murdering husband with the help of her Parmour” is found in different local newspapers (ie; Regional newspaper or Hindi papers) – ofcourse never highlighted by mainstream media as it is not a women issue!
    • PATTI, PATNI aur WOH – A murderous affair :-

    Just to give a taste of the level of brutality emerging out of newly-found love of cheating wives”, citing 2 news:
    1.) Feb’2015, New Delhi
    An engineer who had tied-knot through “love-marriage” 2-3yrs back was brutally murdered by his wife & her newly-found parmour living nearby, by smashing him with Iron-rods & bat and then his body was dumped in Sewage, which was found in decomposed state by cops..(Note that, it was a recent love-marriage!) :-
    2.) 2014, Jaipur :
    A woman would daily peep out when her husband leaves for office, so that she can meet her newly-found love staying in the vicinity. She began to consider her own 4-yrs old son as “hindrance” in letting her meet her parmour. So, the cheating woman & her parmour conspired to eliminate her son by slitting the child’s & then dumping him in dustbin! :

    Hope this matter warrents urgent attention among MRAs & correspondingly law-makers be pressurised to make amendment to Sec 497 of IPC, wherein presently “cheating-wives” are not held guilty


    • Very well articulated thoughts Puneet. It is very helpful for our readers. It will be great if you can let us know you’re thought for other articles as well. Our biggest strength is contribution to our intellectual capital by our readers. Your contribution either praise or criticism will help our readers understand the nuances better. Appreciate your time. How to get more comment on other articles as well..


    • Punit:

      I enjoyed your excellent commentary. I would just like to add that, in America, 60% of our wives cheat on their husbands and 80% of those adulterous affairs are with a man she met at work.

      Statistically speaking, 1 out of every 4 American children are born to a man that rears him as his own, but isn’t his biological father. This is to say that if a father has 4 children…only 3 of them will have been sired by him.

      Studies have also shown that Facebook is now responsible for 25% of American divorces.

      Peace be with you


  5. One more thing. If men really care, then they need to stop buying the things sold by foreign MNCs. The money that MNCs earn is spent on ruining India through the mainstream/paid media. Also the money that they earn is used to fund Pakistan’s Militants, Indian Militants, NGOs that want to destroy every aspect of Indian society, anti-family anti-male feminists, etc. They want to siphon off men’s money through their wives. Hence all the “progressive” feminist brainwashing. They want men to become wimps. A man’s money is a wife’s once he marries and ultimately it will end up with the American MNCs, so that they can continue their vicious cycle.

    Next time when a man thinks of buying something he should check which company’s product it is. I have completely avoided buying finished goods.


  6. Everything said is true, but can a Man do anything about this? all he can do is bark bark bark, and everyone knows that barking dog seldom bites. This is nothing but road to destruction of mankind. Ultimately Darwin wins……Survival of Fittest….


    • Max, your welcome to disagree with me but if we change the priorities of life all the while avoiding becoming prey for ‘This survival of fittest game’ which is created by the elites, redefining ourselves our ownway rather than being defined by others in the pursuit of our goals all the while carefully and thoughtfully avoiding the products advertised on the lines of materialism I think we have a slight chance.The inevitable is unavoidable.But we may delay for our sake by exercising prudence in the way how we spend and on what we spend.This survival of fittest concept itself is bound to fall because the relatively strong preys on relatively weak and when this pernicious and vicious circle is exhausted only a few will be left with nothing to prey on but themselves.And in the end only ONE would be surviving and that too for a short period of time.After a while he has to meet the reality of a lonely DEATH and breathe his last breath.We are also a part of the problem created for we have been manipulated and hoodwinked into supporting this cleverly crafted hoax of feminism which has become a real MONSTER of gigantic proportions.You say men are barking but I would say they are raising their voice which in itself a first step to The VICTORY.It is an opening in the wall.People are truly realizing the hollow nature of what lies beneath the skin of the femtards.This is just a small but earnest attempt ongoing on this blog to convert the atmosphere of hatred into that of love and peace which are as necessary as food and water.To stay informed is the best thing to do.Infact the laws of jungle do not apply to a civilized human societies.Darwin evolved the theory observing the prehistoric age where jungles were everywhere and there was huge prevalence of yet unevolved (according to his own theory) beasts .Do you think the same law would be practically practiceable now amidst human population.You know the Lion of the jungle preys on everybody anytime it wants.That is not feasible in a country which is supposed to run itself on democratic principles.Our founding fathers did not strive for our independence to become expendable assets in the hands of the cabalists.But
      they have placed the pillars of this democratic set up by guaranteeing our
      fundamental rights and human rights which when trampled upon squeezes the spirit out of the nation . Apologies for any superficial comments. (:).


  7. I had no idea it was this bad in India for men. All the Indian girls and women I’ve known were very nice BUT came from very traditional homes and they were very hardworking and respectful.

    I didn’t realize things had changed so much. America is turning to that also and traditional marriage like I have aren’t as common.It’s so sad.


  8. I agree to disagree all of the points mentioned here. Not because i am an Indian woman but because it is because of decades of supression and torture when women finally started to have their say Men started to feel like victims. I still have not seen my parents in ages and dont send money to them every month like my husband does for his parents ( the only reason is that i don’t earn enough)

    I dont ask my husband how he spends his money. Not that i am not interested in knowing the finances but i trust him and believe that he will keep his promises. i spent my salary buying the grocery for family and spend my own salary on buying things for myself. I don’t only get gifts and most of the time i am the one who gifts expensive stuff to husband and his family. Yes i have sexual freedom , but why would i go somewhere else if i am satisfied emotionally with my husband. Women seek emotions and if men are working long hours and coming home expecting the wife who worked the same long hours to cook and clean and take care of his Mom’s and dad’s need then what is that one thing a Man is offering her which should be the reason for her to stay and continue living peacefully with the man treat her as someone special to be treated as someone special. So don’t generalize . we live in a society where all kinds of people co habitat


    • You may stop all that you are doing without any reason one day without any punishment. These are not your duties, may be you are a good woman so you are doing those. But a husband not earning enough may lead to his punishment. Why would a wife go out if she is emotionally satisfied? lol..I need to ask those increasing number of women who do that. You said you don’t earn enough, may be that is because you are not qualified enough or have chosen a simple low paying job. Who knows. A husband coming late is forced to do so for earning more. Expectations from a man is far more compared to that from a woman.


      • Women since ages faced descrimination and now the circumstances are changing. Though she is earning equally as his husband she is the only one to cook in many houses. And ur so called only male winning bread situation changed now but howmany men are cooking in reality in houses. Women are cooking and doing n even bearing kids by going on pains for nine months and then also the kids dont get mothers surname and dont give society proper respect to her


        • Men too do house work. House work does not mean only cooking. There are many men who cook. Men are taking many outside risks. How many working women paying the bills.
          Why only men should bear every expense like Rent/Insurance/Medical/Travel/Entertainment/Clothes etc. It is 98% cases it is the men paying. some women are working, working is different from taking provider role.

          Apart from this men getting lot in-justice at many levels. Woman and Woman parents always look high in every thing salary/property/status/education/height/handsomeness etc.

          If men are lessor of either of these things, such men are not marriage material.


        • that’s why the wives cheat, demands huge sum of money and at last files a divorce so that the ex-husband(thereafter) would pay for her and the child. It’s funny that after sharing a part of genes within their child. The child was never in the side of the father’s till the rest of their lives.


    • Dear Sudipta:

      Having license to sleep around in your marriage is like building your home upon shifting sand. Without trust, faithfulness and fidelity in a marriage – you have nothing of substance to build upon and nothing worth saving. What you have is not a marriage – it is simply a domestic contract between two business partners. Because sex is involved…how is this relationship different from a pimp and his whore? Please advise.


  9. […] Mother’s Day came with a great celebration to the blogging world. We didn’t have time to write about all activities. It was an opportunity for everyone to show how their mothers had been the problem solvers in their personal lives. Amendments to laws like Hindu Succession Act and Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Acts came in their lives as double jeopardy. It taught Indian men that there was no one to speak in favour of them. This was the time when My Choice was still a hot topic of gender debates and Deepika Padukone’s explanation of her making the film had actually made people like me fuming. I have shown how scientific methods like The Nudge Theory was used by the feminists for male shaming which was eventually leading to India’s growing apathy towards marriage. […]


  10. Sledgehammer I have come to know of a reason for this attack on family, which actually is a reason for the rise of feminism…. It is at a basic level alarming rise of feminizing chemical in our environment that makes men feminine and comfort seeking and women aggressive. This after industrial revolution, along with too much of individualistic living in silos of creature comforts far removed from natures rough but balanced grooming are making every human being just simply pussssyyy… I mean we went from against natural principle of survival of the fittest to safeguarding of the weak and meek at the cost of the fittest, thus spreading meekness and in long run weakness in our population far and wide…..


    • Exploradven:

      Men have unwittingly allowed the familial coo d’ etat to happen, because they are too busy bringing home the bacon, too busy enjoying personal pursuits, and are too reliant upon sex. The more a man desires sex…the more powerful his wife becomes.

      Furthermore, women, in general, are herd animals that rely upon “group think” to formulate their opinions, and with the advent of television, technology, and the mass media, it has now become possible to manipulate and indoctrinate them, en masse, with feminist propaganda.

      Let us also not forget that while men have been asleep at the wheel, they have given their government incentive to grow. Since governments love power and control, they will fight to keep what they have gained. This is where the lovely co-conspirator comes into play. Women have discovered that governments are soft on them, therefore, her husband is the odd man out. The government, therefore, entices women to leave their husbands and to break up their homes in the name of “equality” and “female empowerment”.

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  11. Very true Indian laws are loaded against men. There is very little that is gained by marry Indian women. First of all we need gender neutral laws. Secondly if a false case is filed against a husband by the wife the women must be punished and must suffer the consquence for the same. Thirdly structured financial decisions must be talked before getting married. Fourthly we need to have a pre nuped agreement in place and the property that the wife or husband inherit must be removed from all divorce proceedings in totality (meaning if the husband or the wife want a divorce only the property which is bought by both parties should be divided. eg if the husband and wife jointly buys a house the house can be divided or sold. However if only one of the spouses bought the house the other cannot claim a share of it). This should be done for everything. Lastly marriage should be based on a contract for eg like driving license or passport for a min of 2 yrs and then if the parties still like to remain with each other they need to renew it again and so forth.


    • “meaning if the husband or the wife want a divorce only the property which is bought by both parties should be divided”

      Problem with this is, Men should have more property, men should have huge salary, men should more height, men should have more status than women, i mean even women does not have such status, women can look, but men should not look.

      So only men is ended up in getting the property into the marriage. But women will not get. How many women parents given the property to the women. How many women are asking?

      So at the end of the day, only men ends up paying .

      There should not be any maintenance from either side. 50% bills must be paid by the women.

      It is completely wrong what courts, WCM , Indian law commission stating the reasons women does not have education, women is not earning.

      No one said to the women, do not work. No said to the women parents and women do not get educated. Man is not responsible for that.

      There are many men too who does not education, who is not earning too.


  12. Marriage is like a nut and bolt that must fit together. Most times the nuts or the bolts don’t fit. Even if they fit initially – there is an illusion that they fit. Also, entropy considered, the fit disintegrates overtime. Those are the laws of nature. The laws of nature do not dictate that the nut and bolt fit eternally or remain in unison perpetually. It only dictates that for that right moment it must – for the reason of procreation or propagation.

    The concept of eternal love and marriage are all invented to satisfy the fantasies of women. They are sold ‘the love product’ since their brain is wired so. Marriage is also a byproduct of the main love product. So, men play along for a fuck.

    All said and done :- For happy endings – go to Thailand. For companionship – keep a dog.


  13. I am shocked at this backward misogyny! Who would agree with such trash? Why accuse women of sleeping around when men are notorious for that same thing? Women are more careful, in my experience, and I have never met anyone who looked outside their marriage, whether they work or not. Women are quite capable of supporting themselves financially, and contributing to paying bills. Of course, not all couples are happy, but that can be for any number of reasons, how about plain incompatibility? Stupid, backwards, uneducated Asian guys write trash like this article. Do you actually know any women, as people, not defined by their gender? Intimidated by empowered women, you say? Pathetic! Can’t sleep with an empowered woman because you ‘respect her’ too much?!! Sex does not equal having or exerting power over a less empowered woman. You are truly pathetic and cowardly. You seek women you can control unnecessary, because you fear and distrust, and make sweeping assumptions about them, not because they are the bad people as you portray. This says more about YOU than them.


    • “Backward Misogyny” – so you are saying misogyny can be forward too. LOL. “Men are notorious for sleeping around” – When Barkha Dutt reports even Jasleen Kaur becomes a hero, we know. But crime data tells us women adultery killed more people than men’s adultery. You never met anyone who looked outside their marriage. Haha…will they tell you? Were you looking for a lesbian? Oh..sorry you didn’t find anyone. 😛 Search among may.
      You said – Women are capable of supporting them financially..but that goes for a toss when the question of equal financial contribution in family or question of getting alimony comes. umm..we know feminists are biggest hypocrites too. No need of proving the same again. You said “Stupid…..Asian guys talk like this…oh yeah these stupid, idiot Asian guys are ruling the world now and proving their brains everywhere. Your last comment is hilarious. We want to control women so can’t sleep with empowered women. Haha…So far “Respect” meant something else to me. Not sure how could people think of sleeping with people they respect.


    • Hello Ash,
      I have been married for 5 years now and its been horrible. Within the first year of marriage, she insisted that we move out of my parent’s house. I obliged. I moved to another house. My younger sister was getting married and my presence at home was required. She would fight and not let me visit my parents/family. We lived in the same city for 3 years in a separate house and only once my parents visited us. Her parents dropped in every week. She would fight if I her to asked to visit my family. She used say that her weekend would be ruined and its a time waste. My parents were short of money for my sister’s wedding. I lent few thousands and she picked up a fight for that. She fights if I gift my sister on her birthday. I am not dependent on her salary. She does not contribute anything. Yet, she wants me to buy her gold and other gifts every month. We have been to international trips every year spending lakhs of rupees. I recently moved abroad. She came along and she is fighting with me all the time. I found a whatapp chat with her mother where her mother is telling her to torture me and create fights every day. My father passed away last Sept. We were travelling for the funeral and while in transit, she went shopping for sandals and hand bags. So insensitive. After we returned, she asked me how much money I blew on my fathers hospitalization? She used the word “Blew”. She does not want to be with my family, she does not want me to even give them any money but she wants all the property that my parents have made on her name. I think I am being exploited here. We dont have kids yet. Because her logic was, when we got married, I was 31 and she was 26. She wants to enjoy her life till she is 31. I obliged. Now she says that she does not want to give my name to the child. I think she is just using me as an ATM that’s it. Her mother tells me that I must buy her gold and gifts because that the responsibility of a husband. She never tells her anything else. I am 36 now. I gave a 5 years time to change. I don’t see any change. Ash, why don’t you use your education and let me know if this is true empowerment?


  14. Marriage is a net negative for men, by and large. Most men marry out of love or duty, where they sacrifice their wants for their woman and family. However, most men get burned by women in their earlier days, either by cheating or deception. Society always potrays men as being cheaters, but the reality is different. Men who have been cheated usually lie low and never tell anyone as they feel it’s a loss of image for them. I personally know many guys like this, yet they never complained outside their close circle of friends. The same thing must be going on in society. The family of the “ideal pure woman” which motivated men no longer exists in this age of social media and hyper connectedness, where women are putting themselves out there for anyone. I myself loved a woman and she loved me, yet she left me for a guy who made lots more money. Then men start asking – are we just ATM’s to women? If so, I don’t want to be one anymore. I’d rather make the transaction in my favor, keep my money, holiday when I want and just be doing my own thing.


    • Well said. Also, they are protected by the Societal and Legal Double Standards and the feminist manipulated Media (News papers, blogs, web sites, TV Channels, Advertising etc.).


  15. Such a ridiculous article!
    “More than half of the women are unattractive!” – wow I didnt know all men ARE attractive on earth!


    • Men should have huge property, men should have huge salary, men should be more height, men should have more status , men should be handsome, even though women does not have status. Because women and women parents compare then accept the proposal.

      If men are lessor of any thing, such men are not marriage material.

      So men should bring his property into the marriage, How many women are bringing? How many women parents given the property to the women? How many women are asking?

      On top of that dowry is a crime, but looking for rich boy it is ok.

      99.99% cases men are paying the bills. How many women are paying? Even some women are working, how many are paying the bills.

      Sex not only required by men, even women too wants.

      Children not only required by man, even women too wants

      House work, even men are doing. In fact many risky work men are doing.

      What is the contribution of women then in reality?


  16. Over the years I have tried to help some of my friends by making them aware of the laws that exist in our country which have deprived men of their basic human rights especially when it comes to marriage. I have seen a pattern in the way men respond when I talk to them for the first time about these issues. Some men will look at you as though you are an alien speaking a foreign language. Some will laugh at you. Others will get the message but will still go and
    get married. There are very few who actually get it. I have thought long and hard about why this is the case and I think the reasons might be as follows:

    The pressure from the society to get married. Not all men are capable of thinking for themselves. How on earth will a modern man who puts a photo of his newly purchased refrigerator on facebook and basks in the glory of all the likes and comments that he gets have the courage to make decisions for himself without giving a damn about what society thinks?
    Maybe men are not programmed to deal with a situation where we are slaves to women in our tribe. I guess our brains are still struggling to make sense of this new reality.
    The role of the media, movies, literature etc. in creating the impression that men are always the oppressors and women are the victims. Some of the men are irreversibly and hopelessly brainwashed by feminism.
    Some men (or rather some people) are way too compassionate by nature that they don’t know when and where to draw the line. I remember reading the “Call of the Wild” by Jack London. In it there are some dogs who are suddenly thrown into a harsh and dangerous environment after being brought up in a relatively protective and comfortable home. The ones that are too kind -hearted gets killed in a couple of days. The dog which survives does so because it manages to quickly adapt to its new environment and do whatever it takes to win.


  17. Yes I am an Indian girl and I know that these rights are misused by many Indian ladies and they don’t understand the real meaning women empowerment. I also want to remain unmarried for all my life. Thanks anyways nice article and funny as well for me no offence.


  18. This is seriously the funniest article I have read in years. Conveying the truth through much felt pain and coming out as humor. Good Job Buddy !! 😀


  19. Indian laws are good but when it comes to marriages and religion, they are skewed. This is because the entire population is confused how to generalize

    That’s exactly where the problem lies

    You can’t generalise!!

    Each situation is different. Many have men as the oppressor. In many situations women are. And this oppressor suppressed game is played by everyone friends/family/parents/in-laws/society/media because when they start talking, it is always in generalisation mode, never about individual cases

    Generalisation should not govern opinions. Don’t point fingers like the media, neither on men nor women. There is no need for ratios and percentages. Numbers shouldn’t govern who gets what first

    If someone is being troubled he/she should get the help/justice needed. Even if they are just one person


  20. This article is just outright shocking for me.I am from a small town from Haryana. My father have always made sure that I know i am woman and I should not consider myself to be worthy for anything.I have a government job and have tons of dreams.But as far as i know and i have seen Indian marriage is all about adopting a 25+ year old with his family members.You have to be 24/7 at there beck and call.You are supposed to kill your desires,ambitions,dreams you have seen for yourself because obviously you are woman how can you have dream,he will chose who can be your friend,he can have female friends but can’t allow her wife for that.You should take permission from your husband and his parents to go out,you are not allowed to wear something you like,you are supposed to serve your husband like a maid,you are supposed to do every household chore,and you should not have sexual desires because that makes you characterless but fulfill his desires,there is no choice for woman it terms of sex you should have it when he wants ,you should not speak or go against your husband’s wish because than you are a bad woman.You should give birth to a baby whenever he give you a commmand which is obviously should be son.It depends on man and his family members that they would let you have your job or not.And of course kids are totally your responsibility.And by chance if they let you have your job they will suggest you to take a teaching job because you will be back before you kid and your husband and you can serve them.Your husband would control you,dominate you,kill all your wishes,take all money from your parents and guide you because obviously you are not smart enough to do that on your own,he would just sit on couch on order you for literally everything from water to food to sex,He and his parents can treat you like shit but still you should love them care for them respect them serve them until you die.He would not put a single effort throughout your marriage or parenting because that’s also a woman’s job.
    And after all this he is going to cry in front of his friends that he is the one at loss in this whole marriage thing.

    I don’t want to get married because i know in India its not possible to find a man who is searching for a human being or a partner and friend for life who can share equal responsibilities and have equal say in a relationship, they are all searching for a fair slim tall woman who is submissive bovine and have all good characteristics of a maid cum sex slave.


      • Whatever i am saying is true there are loads of expectations from a woman she have zero freedom in Indian marriage.I also want egalitarian relationship where love,respect,and efforts should be mutual.
        Throughout childhood males are treated as prince who cannot even drink water on there own and they continue this behavior even after marriage.After marriage i know man have responsibility but not as much as woman and even if woman is sharing half responsibilities still she never get that sort of respect,she leaves her house,ambitions all hobbies,desires and live with his parents and do every thing according to their will.Males are worshiped in India whether as are son or son-in-law.Husband have right to disrespect her and her parents but she can’t say a word.
        Its not feminism which is affecting me and other woman in India.Its misogyny that society and marriage and our culture . Woman from birth are given these tons of restrictions and moral code of conduct.This continue throughout our life
        Why man have so many unrealistic expectations from woman.
        Can a male actually leave his house and live with his wife’s parents and adjust with them give them same amount of love and respect, serve them 24/7 and follow there every command.Choose career according to his wife and her parents will.
        Why is it wrong to expect partnership in relationship instead of hedonism.


        • Priya:
          What you said is absolutely right in many families of India and I do feel you pain. From a very young age boys are given all kinds of luxuries fancy stuff best schooling even though they are usually mediocre. To put it short they get the “Best” while the girl is made to do all household chores and reason given is that this is what they have to do when they get married so they must learn early. Have seen uncountable cases like these. However, from what I gather the purpose of this article was to highlight reasons why men don’t want to marry and not the other way around. But what you said is also true.


  21. Well said. Gone are the days when parents feared “Kaisa ladka Milega” nowadays boys have changed their mindset while accepting their domestic duities but girls have become adamant .I know many parents and boys looking gal for marriage says ” Dar lagta hai pata nahi ladki kaisi nikle”


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