Lies Created In A Biased TOI Sex Survey

Times Sex Survey
TOI – Sex Survey, 2017

A Times of India Sex Survey, 2017 created a bunch of lies in the name of realities in your bedroom and in offices. Because the TOI surveyors have pre-decided on the criminals and victims in certain areas and now they just need to assign some percentages to these perceived crimes.

For example, TOI has already decided that men and only men want sexual favors from women and force sex on women, either their wives, relatives or strangers. Women having sexual dreams, however, was projected as their sexual freedom.

They have also decided before the survey that women imagine other men in bed, and only they may have a problem with orgasm.

So, it was only a matter of time that you will see some news report on how many percentage men force their women colleagues for sex or rape their relatives, wives or girl-friends. They have also shown what percentage of women were not satisfied with their husbands and imagined other men in bed. So, naturally wouldn’t have seen any man saying that they were forced into sex by some women or their women bosses wanted sexual favors from them. You would have seen no husband who has come out in such surveys and said that their wives have raped them – all because TOI researchers or researchers like them always decide the criminals and victims before the survey and design the questionnaire to support their predecided results.

In their survey, Times of India researchers have created two sets of questions one each for men and women and when based on one’s gender one selects a set, we get these biased results. Given below are the questions that are exclusively asked to one gender and not to the other and how TOI wanted to reconfirm these biases –

TOI Sex Survey Only For Men

Sexual Favor at Work
TOI Sex Survey – Men Asking Sexual Favor At Job

TOI asked only their male respondents that if they wanted a sexual favor from any woman colleague ever. This question was not asked to women, as if women don’t hire male employees or cannot ask for sexual favors. As a result of this, you will see only pervert male bosses in our companies.

Now see this question –

Men Forcing Sex on Women
TOI Sex Survey – Men Forcing Sex On someone including women

This question makes only men as rapists. The researchers assumed the perpetrators of crime before hand. This question assumed that only men can force sex on women, women can’t and TOI had already decided that before the survey. So, when you see certain percentages of rapists coming out of such surveys, don’t be surprised that ALL of them are males.

Now, let’s take a look at the women’s questions that were not asked, men.

TOI Sex Survey Only For Women

TOI researchers have also decided that Indian men are not able to satisfy their wives, or at least there are some women (and only women) who can fantasize about another partner in bed. No matter what, men are supposed to be satisfied with their wives or sex life.

Women fantasize other men
TOI Sex Survey – Women Fantasizing Other Men in Bed. Depicting the question about her empowerment not about adultery or sin

Naturally, according to TOI, only women have right to have an orgasm.

Women having orgasm
TOI Sex Survey – Women Having Orgasm. Men’s orgasm doesn’t matter

..and when men (and only men) can force other women into sex, they can be anyone including husband, relatives, boss etc. One more confirmation from women that men are rapists.

Women forced into sex
TOI Sex Survey – Women Forced Into Sex. Only men were shown as culprits

Since this question is only asked women, you will never know how many men are subjected to sexual violence from their women partners.

So, now you know that Times of India Sex Survey, 2017 will soon recreate some biases in our lives. No one will ever know how this survey was conducted to arrive at the results. Men will only be sexual predators in different forms. Don’t be surprised if this result is also used in courts to pass different legislation in future.



  1. What is the use? of any man like me saying that he has been raped by a woman (wife) at least 2 times that he remember clearly AND also he has seen his own infant son being fondled in the genital area by his wife for perverse sexual pleasure (or may be to annoy him-husband) and another much older woman.

    I say what is the use because frankly speaking “actions” speak meekly compared to drummed up “narratives” in the Kaliyug, where leftists and victims (read: dimwits) rule the world.

    I stopped writing before I began in earnest, and stopped talking, because I wouldn’t want to live a life with the feeling of a victim for longer time, as my healing power refuses to allow me feel hurt for ever. It just keeps healing me so that I can live a life, not suffer a life. And that is through action and enjoying, not by being a victim, even though I was one of the worst victimized one.

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