Men are the most ignored gender today. At a time when LGBT rights get global focus anyone talking about men’s rights or men is ignored and often ridiculed. The Male Factor is determined to bring that lost glory to men and force others to think about welfare of men.



The need of men to have a good lifestyle is overshadowed by their provider and protector roles. They provide for others but forget about them. This section brings you the lifestyle needs of men. Enter


Family and Parenting

It is always seen that when parenting issues are discussed it is always discussed from mother’s perspective. The Male Factor is committed to bring the father’s perspective as well to help our fathers. Enter

Men's rights

Men’s Rights

Men’s Rights, once ignored have come to the forefront again. Today Men’s Rights have become popular and acceptable to everyone. This blog as usual remains primarily a Men’s Rights blog. Enter

Men's Health

Men’s Health

Men’s Health issues are ignored often. Even though we have some awareness regarding prostate cancer, our knowledge about other health issues is limited. This blog brings various health issues men face. Enter

Husband searching for his relations


Men are losing on their relationships due to every day legal burden on them. Either law is breaking or their responsibilities. This section brings men’s relationship related issues. Enter

Men's Travel


Many of us like to travel. Travel is one way of knowing our world. The Male Factor brings the joys of a male traveler and share the experiences so that others can also enjoy their lives. Enter

Domestic violence against men

Violence against men

No man wants to talk about violence against them in fear of being stereotyped as weak and frail. The Male Factor brings various types os violence men face in their life. Enter

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