Hidden Figures: A feminist movie that exposes feminism


Hidden Figures – when that confidence was not arrogance

– Hi, are the calculations done?

– Yes, my guys are checking them once again

-Get the girl to check the numbers, if she says the numbers are good, I am okay to go.

It was a conversation between US astronaut John Glenn and director of Space Task Group, Al Harrison minutes before the launch of Friendship mission, a mission to make a human orbit around the earth. They were talking about calculations of astronaut’s re-entry point into earth’s gravity and precise landing point on earth.


Hidden Figures – when those were not nude marches

The calculations were mind-boggling. There was an army of male engineers deployed at NASA’s Space Research Center to solve those complicated mathematical puzzles to derive complex Fibonacci numbers.

There was a woman who checked the computational accuracy of those numbers. And all including the director of the space program and the astronaut himself trusted her calculations more than that of even IBM mainframe computers.


Hidden Figures – when feminism was also being responsible

Hidden Figures is a story written by Margot Lee Shetterly based on what the movie makers demand to be true but we don’t guarantee such truth, about three African-American female mathematicians at NASA and directed by Theodore Melfi.


Hidden Figures – when feminism was also about caring for family

This film on NASA’s mission shows the equality movement for ‘colored’ people in early ‘60s Americas and the racism that they had to overcome. But while showing the fight for equality and the initial struggle of feminists there the movie also exposes feminists a big way.


Hidden Figures – when feminism was not about hating boys

Movie’s main female characters – display the natural human traits that gained respect and empathy of billions. Their struggle was valued and created trend setting changes to the world because they were still humans and took care of their responsibilities.


Hidden Figures – when feminists showed different sorts of curves

Today’s feminists however have gone overboard with their demands (I call these “shemands”) that create hatred against males and society to a great extent. The movie clearly shows how feminism and equality movement shaped in those days and why that was a necessity. But with unprecedented success feminists have become ever jealous and narrow minded and became female chauvinists.


Hidden Figures – when merry making was not about drunken bash and abusive gestures

Today feminism has become a symbol of nude protests, showing bodily curves, male hatred, drunken irresponsible behavior, self-centered narrow minded attitude. Those confident yet polite gestures had become rude and violent outbursts. The movie Hidden Figures bares it all for feminists. That is why today’s feminists need to watch this and know what feminism truly was.


Hidden Figures – when feminists respected religious cultural values

The film shows the struggle that one goes through while accomplishing something for the first time. The legitimate demands get widespread support and acceptability in due course and one does not need to be vulgar. Often we do not recognize the value of these accomplishments if we inherit those by birth. That is when our demands start hurting humanity. That is what happened to feminism today. Hidden Figures a movie that upholds feminism, also exposes them.

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*This article is based on whatever is shown in the movie. That does not mean these incidents really happened or are true as shown in the movie


I was stripped by police in front of my daughter


Waseem with his toddler

Hi, I am Waseem from Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. I was married in March 2011. It was an Arranged marriage. Her parents approached my father and on one interaction we got married. Her father was a nice person so we did not verify her family details.

Soon after our marriage she started fighting with my family over trivial issues. She wouldn’t take any advice of my parents and always went for a clash with them. She even tried to leave our home or even threatened to commit suicide over petty issues. What was surprising was that she used to give us threat in the name of Circle Inspector of her nearest police station. When issues started to flare up between my mom and her, I took her to Hyderabad with me.

I thought everything would be alright then but things soon took a different turn. By this time she had conceived so my joys knew no bounds. But that joy was shortlived. Soon, she had to terminate her pregnancy for some complications and she was completely broken down due to this.

I was all alone in Hyderabad and didn’t have any option but to call in my mother to take care of her. But in-spite of my mother taking all care of her, she again started misbehaving with my mother.

My mom was completely heartbroken. She didn’t expect this from her. Even I was shattered by these relationship issues. There was no solution in sight so when her parents came to take her back with them we didn’t object. We gave priority to her well-being over everything else.

After sometime she joined me again in Hyderabad and was pregnant soon. But soon after she started complaining about health issues and went back to her maternal house. I thought it would be good for her and for the baby so happily agreed. But she didn’t seem to have any feeling towards my family. This was clear when she refused to come to our house for Bakri-Id celebration.

We were completely heartbroken as we wanted to celebrate with our new would be family member.

My daughter was born after five months and doctors suggested complete bed rest for the mother. So she preferred staying with her parents. After three months when she had recovered fully and we were about to come back to Hyderabad, she started demanding for a divorce.

I was completely shocked by this demand and didn’t know what I could do. I begged, told her to focus on the well-being of our daughter and made her agree to come to Hyderabad.

But things have worsened by then and I didn’t have a clue. She started demanding for divorce very often and over petty issues. She started giving threats in the names of the CI and different local politicians.

Gradually, I lost all hopes on her and so decided to give her divorce. Every time I saw our little kid, every time I played with her, I cried silently. I hoped that our little angel would be happy with her mother.

Since there was no solution to our matrimonial issues, I gave in to her demands of divorce. I gave her Talaq following Islamic rituals and started living separately.

Soon I was awarded with my wedding gift – a package of 498a, DV Act, 420 and CrPC 125.

Even though we cooperated with police from beginning, the CI who was known to them used to call my father and I very frequently to police station. He knew very well, that I worked in Hyderabad and traveling to Anantapur would create problems in my job. Despite that we had always cooperated with police even when the visit was only for showing our face to them.

On 23rd June 2016, my father and I were called for a similar discussion to police station. My father was asked to wait outside while I was taken inside CI’s chamber. I was surprised to see my in-laws there with my wife and daughter. During the discussion the CI started forcing me to take my wife back from the PS. I tried to tell him that there was no provision in Islam to take back a wife after Talaq but he didn’t listen. I realized that he wouldn’t listen to me so I kept mum. Soon he started threatening me of beating me up.

I didn’t know what to do. My little daughter was looking at me with big eyes as she did not know what was happening. My wife and in-laws were staring at me with disgust. I couldn’t take those stares, I looked downwards.

Suddenly, the CI asked me to stand up and to remove my clothes. I couldn’t believe in my ears. I slowly stood up and was trembling in an unknown fear. I didn’t know what to do when two constables forcefully took off my clothes in front of my daughter. I was shuddering there naked upto my undies with my wife and in-laws eyes piercing every inch of my body.

Seeing me almost naked like this, my daughter started crying. Her first hero was standing there in his undies trying very hard to cover his private parts and avoiding eye contact with everyone. Poor kid didn’t have any option but to cry.

Soon the CI took out a rubber padded bat and started beating me in front of my kid and others. There was no outside marks but inside I was getting excruciating pain. I cried, cried and cried. I was treated no better than a dreaded criminal. My in-laws and my wife were all eyes and my little one didn’t stop crying.

After sometime the CI stopped beating me and ordered me to dress up. I was not able to stand. There were hardly any mark outside but I was screeching from excruciating pain inside. After I dressed up, he called my father and advised him to make me understand to take my wife back in two days’ time.

My father didn’t know what happened inside the PS as he was outside. Since there were not visible scar he didn’t realize anything. I kept mum as I feared the worse consequences. My parents would have got heart attack if they knew what happened in the police station. We returned home by 10:30 pm.

After that incident I met DGP and Anantapur SP and complained against the CI. They assured action against him and I am still waiting for justice.

Was it only my abuse? wasn’t it abuse of my daughter too? Will she ever be able to remove the scar from her tender mind? My tears have dried today but not the unseen internal scars.


How to save a man in danger from killing himself

Men struggling with issues of identity, purpose and societal expectations have a hard time getting the help they need. Unlike females, who have various resources at their disposal–many of them free–including women’s studies initiatives, government outreach efforts and nonprofit support programs, males have few places to turn. In most cases, the only assistance available is what they glean from certain publications or at websites where individuals who have been similarly affected offer support and insights.

For men who feel overwhelmed, being able to learn from and interact with those who are knowledgeable about or who experienced tragedies of their own can be a true lifesaver–literally. In fact, the lack of understanding regarding issues that have spurred an ever-growing rate of male suicide are one reason why millions of men are connecting with movements like the Red Pill, Herbivore Men and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW).

Unfortunate, the fact that so many men are reaching like this hasn’t led to more widespread awareness about the immense struggles they face. Around the world, men are killing themselves, and yet there are plenty of people, such as Huffington Post writer Jane Powel, who don’t know why. According to Powel, “There are speculations on why men commit suicide, theories but no actual nuggets.” However, if she took the time to look carefully, she might understand why things have gotten to where they are. Sadly, her ignorance exemplifies that of society in regard to men and their place in today’s society.

There are, of course, many reasons why young men take their own lives. In some cases, it reflects the fact that they can’t come to terms with a gay or transsexual identity. Some are veterans who faithfully served their country but who were left scarred by mental or physical health issues or simply left out in the cold when they exited the military. Others are the downtrodden and the homeless, unfortunate souls whose feelings of hopelessness and despair have forced them to give up on life.

But while these are the rationales that many are familiar with, they are not the only ones. They don’t reflect the pain that tears at the hearts of a great many men–cisgendered straight males, in particular–who have been experiencing the dark realities of relationships with women, raising families, and playing roles imposed on them. By learning about the issues that have contributed to the suicide epidemic and using that knowledge in a positive way, we may be able to help save someone we care about from their own demise.

Four Life Events That Can Lead Men to Kill Themselves

For the most part, the circumstances that have fostered this disturbing state of affairs can be broken down as follows:

  1. When men get married.

Men and women tend to assume different roles when adjusting to life as a couple. Men are expected to work and do whatever is necessary to make partners happy. Women have various duties they are responsible for, which may involve going to work, overseeing the home, or both. Typically, women negotiate relationships within the family, largely through verbal communication. However, that role often devolves into something harmful, where the goal is not to communicate but to control and manipulate. Experts say that toxic communications, such as when one person repeatedly nags another, can sink a relationship–or worse.

In fact, evidence suggests verbal aggression, bickering and daily arguments can have a seriously detrimental effect on men, perhaps because they tend to be results-oriented, and don’t benefit from venting their feelings through social interaction in the way that women do. Because men are preoccupied with others’ needs and are not communicative by nature, they often bottle things up and don’t share feelings with close friends or family, which can have adverse consequences.

In one study, Dr. Rikke Lund and colleagues from the University of Copenhagen followed 9,875 Danish men and women, aged 36 to 52, for 11 years. Over that period, 196 of the adults died from causes that ranged from heart disease and cancer to alcohol abuse-related liver disease and suicide. Men who said they faced “endless” demands from partners or who said things like “she won’t stop talking” with respect to partners were more than twice as likely to become ill and resort to suicide as the group overall.

  1. When married men lose their job or a career.

Reports indicate that age discrimination, downsizing and outsourcing have had an outsized impact on middle-aged white men. The experience can be a dark, shameful and traumatic, engendering despair, depression and suicide. This stems from the fact that in many families, men are seen as a disposable utility whose primary mission is to cover bills, food, shelter and basic survival. Males are also assigned a Mr. Fixit role, responsible for repairing leaky pipes and attending to their partner’s emotional grievances–they are the shoulder to cry on.

But with this perspective comes the damage caused when that role disappears. The loss of a job can destroy a man’s self-worth because it is closely tied to his work identity. Regardless of how or why it occurs, it can lead to a situation where family roles are reversed. When that happens, he needs a soft, supportive shoulder and not to be told to “man up.” Without the coping skills necessary to adjust, males can fall into a dark place and contemplate ending it all.

  1. When men divorce from their wives.
    Every year, almost 800,000 American men are divorced; since no-fault divorce laws were enacted in 1970, over 50 million have endured oppressive splits initiated by their wives. Many husbands willingly put noses to the grindstone and dedicate themselves to providing for the home, cars, clothing and vacations. But wives are often quite willing to give that up, claiming they are unhappy, and seek custody of the children, half his assets, and child support payments.

When dropped into this bleak, dark vacuum, alone and often without any warning, many men find no one to turn to for support. Research indicates that they are four times more likely to kill themselves if they don’t get help.

  1. When men fight for child custody.

When there is a divorce, it is not uncommon for a horrendous child custody mêlée to ensue. Up to 70 percent of soon-to-be-ex-husbands will be accused of having engaged in physical or sexual abuse, including molesting and raping their own children. While almost all of these sordid charges will be false, men must endure a painful and humiliating adjudication process or risk losing their parental rights. Even actor Brad Pitt was left feeling dumbstruck and anguished when accused of abusing his children amid a bitter split with his famous actress wife.

Unfortunately, even when husbands persevere and are proven right, it doesn’t necessarily mean much. Data indicates that women gain custody 60% of the time, which suggests the system is inherently biased against them. Needless to say, men who lose access to their children experience hopelessness and despair. For many, the final straw comes when somebody they don’t know is allowed to raise their sons and daughters with their ex-wives, leaving many believing that taking their own lives is the only option.

Help Your Man from Killing Himself

Fortunately, things don’t have to end badly. Being aware of the issues and the potential consequences can go some way toward preventing something tragic from happening–before it’s too late. To ensure such a fate doesn’t befall a man you care about, consider the following steps:

  1. Be aware of his situational demeanor. Is he giving away prized possessions, increasing drug or alcohol abuse, or withdrawing from relationships with friends, hobbies and social activities? Has he lost interest in his personal appearance? If he is trying to make such a heavy decision, his thoughts may spin as though moving through different channels. He may dwell or communicate about death, uselessness or suicide in various creative forms, including poetry, music, art, or writing.
  2. Avoid certain natural reactions. Do not panic, criticize or react with drama or anger in the face of such circumstances. Avoid your own self-chastisement and don’t get caught up in the crosscurrents that can swirl through our minds, including:
  • “How could he do this to me (or us)?”
  • “I have to keep this secret.”
  • “Didn’t I love/watch/listen to him enough?”
  • “Will they try again?”
  • “If I pretend this didn’t happen, it will go away.”
  • “He is just trying to get attention.”
  • “This is not my problem – someone else can deal with it.”
  1. Secure the environment. Remove all knives, weapons, pills and guns, as these are the means by which people commonly kill themselves.
  2. Establish a connection. Prepare yourself to speak with him and consider what actions you might need to take. Communicate with him on his terms: if he is a problem-solver, athletic coach-type, or a Mister Fix-it, he may not respond or react well to touchy-feely questions and statements emanating from the feminine side of the brain, including:
  • “How are you feeling?”
  • “Share your emotions.”
  • “You look moody.”
  • “Why won’t you open up to me?”
  • “Can we talk about you?”
  • “How you doing?”

Instead, take into account how the masculine brain works and consider moving in a different direction. Among the things you might want to ask or say are:

  • “When did you start seeing an end?”
  • “Have you figured a way out?”
  • “Are there alternatives you’re considering?”
  • “What are you trying to solve?”
  • “Is there a way out of this situation?”
  • “Where is the end of the rope?”
  • “You’re not alone let me help decide what to do.”
  • “Tell me when you’re ready to give up.”
  • “Have you had enough?”

Hopefully, he will open up, and maybe even admit, “Yes, my life is over.” But that doesn’t mean you should tell him he is wrong or flip into caring and supportive mode. Instead, just keep talking. Probe him with questions such as “When will you do it?” and “What’s the plan for ending it?” Allow him to experience the full impact of his thoughts and words. Eventually, as the gravity of what he has in mind sets in, his mood should change.

At that point, ask him if he needs help.

Getting Help

Remember, time heals most, if not all wounds. Situations change and when they do, so will his mood. If the issues are largely financial, there will almost certainly be some sort of safety net available–staying with a friend or relative, working things out with those who can supply critical necessities, or even applying for welfare and food stamps.

Of course, as long as he appears vulnerable, don’t leave him floundering on his own. Stay in contact, keep tabs on what he is up to and, most important, talk to him. If you sense that things have reached a more troubled state, take action and encourage him to seek professional help. If he has a therapist, put in a call–on an emergency basis, if possible. Otherwise, encourage him to see a qualified male psychologist who can assist him with life decisions, rather than a psychiatrist who may only be interested in giving him medications. While it can be difficult to intervene, try to discourage him from taking anything but anti-depressants.

Should there be any sign at all that his situation is becoming critical, have him contact a local suicide line; alternatively, he can try the national suicide hotline number at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). (USA) If that doesn’t work, contact 911 (for India 888 2 498 498) and ask for immediate assistance. Medical professionals may decide he needs to be in a secure setting for his own protection. While he may not be happy about this, which might even involve a hold of three days or longer, it is certainly better to see him upset than gone for good.

Find more information here. After such disturbing events, some men have tapped the online MGTOW community for ongoing support, healing and comradery. Encourage him to do the same.

-By Tim Patten


About the Author

Tim Patten has published the handy investment guide: MGTOW, Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote WHY I CHEAT11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement. Patten previously published a novel about establishing gender equality in professional sports, Roller Babes: 1950s Women of Roller Derby. His coming out biography is titled My Razzle Dazzle and published under the pen name Todd Peterson.

Awesome! woman exposes another claiming to be an MRA


Diana of Feminism Lol

No matter what women does, they get instant popularity. When they talk about men’s rights the popularity soars very high, it is like instant fame. Many MRAs start thinking of her as messiah of men without realizing the fact that she may not be bothered about men or men’s rights at all.

Diana Davison who runs the You Tube channel ‘Feminism Lol’ exposes one such female MRA in this video –

Points to note for Indian MRAs–

  1. A woman talking about misuse of laws may not be an MRA at all. Any human being irrespective of gender needs to protest against law misuse otherwise they must have vested interest in the corrupt system.
  2. A popular female Indian MRA did not believe Rohtak Sisters were criminals even after watching the video of merciless beating of three men. She fought with other MRAs that the guys might be at fault until those MRAs challenged her to visit Rohtak and take the eye witness account. Rest is history.
  3. That popular Indian female MRA did not believe that Bangalore mass molestation was a false media propaganda after four days of the incident when MRAs started protesting the same. She believed it would have happened since all media was talking about it even if there was no evidence to mass molestation.
  4. A woman lawyer claiming to be an MRA started abusing tenured and seasoned male MRAs in a MRA group by saying – “without we women supporting your rights, do you think you guys will be able to achieve anything?”

Don’t believe that every woman who supports men’s rights is a Men’s Rights Activist. She may be a plain attention seeker without any botheration about men’s issues.


Know why increase in women’s budget is devastating for you

Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley has announced an 18% increase in spending over women to 1.84 Lakh Crore in 2017 Union Budget. While announcing these benefits in his budget speech Shri Jaitley said – ‘sabkaa saath, sabkaa vikas’ (prosperity for everyone with everyone) starts with girl child and women. With this announcement the union government has officially outcast every boys and men including those who live in rural areas.

Out of this 1.84 lakh crore budget investment on women there are programs announced for lactating mothers and pregnant women which is anyway need to be looked as expenditure on our future generation. But there is 500 crore budgetary expenditure on skill development, employment, digital literacy, health and nutrition by setting up Mahila Shakti Kendras in rural areas.

This kind of budgetary policies would not have raised any concern because this is supposed to be for improving condition of rural people but the problem comes when we see rural boys being heavily neglected. Our census data shows 30% rural women take part in workforce compared to 15% urban women. Now with this new provision, rural girls will get free skill development training while rural boys will be forced to take up difficult and less paying agricultural roles. Those farmers will continue to commit suicide while women will be upskilled for better job profiles.

But is gender budgeting really good for women? Will these women contribute to our economy? Statistics from International Monetary Fund (IMF). World Bank and other global organizations prove otherwise.

In a 2016 IMF report on ‘gender budgeting and its effects in Asian countries’ the effect of gender budgeting was studied. This report showed that not only on budget allocation but gender budgeting can be achieved on revenue side budgeting like tax exemption too.


Note, India is taking up all different gender budgeting initiatives.

It is also observed from the IMF report that India has improved significantly in terms of Gross Enrollment in Secondary Education compared to that in 1990 and achieved almost equal enrolment in secondary education.


However, in terms of labour force participation it was observed that the ratio of female to male workers has reduced in 2013 compared to that in 1990 –


Another study of world’s top 20 countries where women attained more higher education compared to men are found NOT participating in economy, too –


Source – International Gender Gap Report, 2016

So the question is, while India is providing more and more for our women in every gender budget and trying to bring them to mainstream economy, are these women becoming increasingly careless about participating in economy? This is surely an increasing waste for Indian economy as the figures above show, while Indian males continue to pay the price for all such dependents.

This kind of wastage in economy is never highlighted anywhere as there are enough agencies working for creating a NEED for such policies while there is none working for welfare for those boys permanently handicapped of all opportunities.

For instance, in next two months India will host at least 4 international conferences for women but none on men’s issues.

Let’s look at these conference details –

1.   International Conference on English Studies, Education & Women Empowerment – 2017, Goa

Organized by – IMRF, Goa, CSRE

Date – February 02-04, 2017

Women Empowerment

Topics to be covered – Education • Leadership • Safety • Health • Empowerment • Challenges • Communication studies  • Women and poverty • Education and training of women • Women and health • Violence against women  •  Women and the economy • Women in power and decision-making • Institutional mechanism for the advancement of women• Women and the media • Women and the environment • The girl-child • History • Law • Linguistics • Political science • Public administration • Psychology • Sociology  • Social Work

2.   International Conference On Language, Literature and Culture

Place – Pune, Maharastra

Organized by – Yadam Institute of Research

Date – February 03 – 05, 2017

Topics to include Feminist and Gender Studies

3.   2nd International Women’s Rights Assembly, Delhi

Organized by – Yadam Institute of Research

Date – 8th March, 2017

Topics –


4.   International Conference on Women Studies & Social Sciences 2017

Place – Chandigarh

Date – 9th to 11th March

Organized by – IMRFC

Topics to include for Women Studies – Women’s Issues like Education, Leadership, Safety, Health, Empowerment, Challenges and/or any topic in relation to women’s and gender studies.

When our intellectual resources and social researchers are thinking only about women and their welfare and when so much money is earned and spent only for women in the name of gender equality, how can we expect any welfare for these boys and men? Today, the so called gender warriors are all concerned about women centric researches resulting depriving our boys and men while they continue to bear the burden of women.

So while India is continuously increasing its budget spent on women, Indian women are increasingly becoming a burden on Indian men in the name of development and equality.


Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley presenting Budget 2017


Shocking! men this is how Delhi Metro hates you


This message found in Delhi Metro is sending shock waves through India. Social media is shocked by the extreme form of misandry shown by Metro authorities that left men in India fuming in anger.

The message displayed in Delhi Metro read –

Do you know why we don’t have a men’s coach in metro?

That’s because there are hardly any men in Delhi.


be a man”

The message in a way term all men as molesters and that enraged women too. However, many women were found to support this message and bashed men for being butthurt by this.

If this was done against women, NCW, WCD or even courts would have taken suo moto action against Metro authorities for such sexist message. However, because this is said against men, no authority seems to be bothered.

Men’s rights groups are however taking on metro authorities directly and planning strict action against metro authorities.


20 exclusive loan benefits for women that men never get

These are 20 benefits that women get for their loans from various banks and financial institutions that men don’t get. On the contrary, there is no benefit that men get for loans but women don’t get.

Home Loan

1.   SBI




What is important to note that even the weaker segment people don’t get cheaper loan beyond 28 lacs. But even highly earning progressive family women get cheaper loans.

ICICI bank offers same amount of loan at 0.05% premium to salaried men.

3. HDFC Bank


HDFC also charges 5 basis point lower rate for women applicants

4.   Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers Home loan at interest rate of 9.75% to women and at 9.85% to men for amount upto 75 lakhs.

Other benefits for women

  1. Delhi and Haryana women pay two percent lower stamp duty than men on property registration.
  2. Women need to be either sole owner or primary owner in a co-owned affordable house. A poor man can’t get affordable housing in his own name.

  3. Women are also eligible for tax deduction of Rs. 2 lakhs on interest paid on home loans.

  4. Women are also allowed to deduct the interest rate paid against the mortgage loan against the net rental value when they rent out their home.

  5. Banks give preference to women loan applicants over male applicant. Thus getting such an application rejected is less if the applicant or primary applicant is a woman.

Car Loan

10.   State Bank of India


Women pay lower interest for SBI car loans as well

11.   Federal Bank

Federal Bank offers car loan @ 10.5% to women while the rate is 11.3% for others including weaker and sections.

12.   Andhra Bank

For women they offer auto loan 1% above the base rate while for men they offer 1.75-2% above the base rate.

13.   Mahindra Finance

Mahindra Finance offers 0.5% rebate to its women customers.

  1. Bharatiya Mahila Bank offers loans at base rate to women. There is no bank that offers loan at base rate to men.

Education Loans

Not only home loan or car loans, women are given special discounts in education loans as well. Andhra Bank and Indian Overseas Bank give 0.5% discount on education loan to women.

15. HSBC’s India Student Education Loan Program – Offers 50 basis point discount to girl students

16. Central Bank of India’s Cent Vidyarthi Program – They offer a lower base rate of interest for female students at 1.5%, as compared to 2% for male students.

17. Corporation Bank’s Corp Vidya Program The bank offers concession in rate of interest at 50 BPS for girl students.

18. Overseas Bank’s Vidya Jyoti Program – The bank allows interest concession at 0.5% on all education loans to girl students for pursuing education in India and Abroad.

19. State Bank of India’s SBI Student Loan Scheme –Like other banks, SBI also has a lower rate of interest for girl students at 0.5%

20. Allahabad Bank’s education loan – Rebate of 1% allowed under all slabs for girl students.

There may be other banks offering other facilities only to women that are not captured here.

Buying flat in joint name?

If you are an Indian man looking for some tax benefit and lower interest liability by buying a flat in your wife’s name (or in joint name) while you keep paying the EMI solely, remember DV case still allows her to throw you out of that house while you keep paying the EMI and maintenance to her. Let her pay the EMI and get all benefits of the loans, while you enjoy the life without owning any property.



Exclusive: Yes, I have seen molestation in Bangalore


Today, I read your article where you showed that one of the molestation complainants has changed her story. Initially she told that she was in MG Road, Bangalore  but later claimed she was molested in Indira Nagar. It wouldn’t have made any sense to me if I hadn’t attended a Cubbon Park meeting of a group organizing a campaign called #IWillGoOut. I chanced upon their meeting on 7th January when I went to the park to meet a friend of mine.

The meeting was protest of mass molestation in Bangalore, we read in newspapers. The news enraged me the most as I was really scared of women’s safety in the city. Everyone in the meeting was talking about mass molestation but none of them seemed to have seen anything other than utter chaos. They all believed in media reports.

I found a few guys who were there as martial arts trainers and they were training women how to crush the balls of guys next to them. In fact, I found the trainer himself was molesting the woman in guise of training and she was very happy about it. I have some photos for you taken from their video –

Molestation in Bangalore

Cubbon Park meeting of #IWillGoOut campaigners

His hands were going all over her body and she was happy, something I felt very weird about. I thought they were there against molestation. Other guys around seemed to be enjoying the scene. One girl was repeatedly talking about “crushing the balls’ and everyone including guys were applauding. I didn’t feel good about it.

In the meeting they spoke about women being molested in masses and how the photos depicting policewomen carrying those women showed molestation. Later when I read police version I came to know that police were only rescuing drunk women.

There was a lawyer from an NGO called Vimochana. She was telling everyone how to file molestation case. She told everyone that it is very easy to file such cases and a girl just needs to prove that she was present there when the incident happened. The lawyer also told the women present to convince passers-by that molestation happened and her job will be done. I was little confused that if getting legal recourse was so easy then why they were making a big fuss about it. Why training, talking about crushing men’s balls or a separate march on January 21st.

I was not very sure if I understood their agenda properly and as they were talking about a second meeting on 11th at Bangalore, Town Hall, I decided to go there.

Their Town Hall meeting was attended by several hundreds of people, both men and women. Many media houses and police personnel were also present. The same discussion was happening. I tried to speak with a few journalists and policemen there. Surprisingly, most of them were speaking about K’halli incident as mass molestation. I was little confused as I thought mass molestation happened in MG Road. They said women go through these every day, so the march was organized.

I was more confused after attending their meetings than ever before. Then I chanced upon your article and came to know that Chaitali Wasnik has changed her story and is claiming that she was molested in Indira Nagar Area. It reminded me of what the Vimochana lawyer told in Cubbon Park. “A woman just needs to prove she was present in the location of crime”.

Believe me, I was contemplating joining the #IWillGoOut march for women safety on 21st January, but now feel something is not quite right. When we men are going out for women’s safety, women are actually planning to kill us; when we are concerned about safety of our mothers, daughters and sisters; women lawyers are teaching them how to file cases just like that. This is really dangerous. I have seen real molesters gathering up with #IWillGoOut and openly molesting; somehow I am feeling that we are emotionally blackmailed into saving drunk and immoral women. My perspective about them has changed. This is really scary.

  • Name withheld on request



Indian mother’s powerful reply to celebrities’ will blow your mind

jyoti-tiwari-fitting-replyAfter the media created hysteria of mass molestation in Bangalore, celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Virat Kohli slammed Bangaloreans. Akshay Kumar in his message slammed Bangalore men for their outrageous dance and also said that he was ashamed of being a human. He said, that a society that can’t respect their women can’t be deemed as a society for humans. He also said that some men even dare to justify harassment of women. In his address he admonished them by saying they should correct their behavior without any delay.

India’s Cricket team captain Virat Kohli also joined the bandwagon of male bashers by saying that women should now boycott Indian men.

An Indian mother of a boy, Jyoti Tiwari has given them a fitting reply to both.

In her message Jyoti said that it felt very strange to her that an actor like Akshay Kumar had the audacity to give this message when the films he endorse shows high end sexism and objectification of women. These don’t have any respect woman notification in the beginning of the movie either. Telling Akshay that his remark was solely based on one isolated video, couple of eyewitness’ statements and blurred images, Jyoti reminded that the same happened after Badaun rape case or during Jat protests as well but no celebrity tendered any apology when those cases turned out to be false.

Bangalore molestation – primary victim changed her story

Jyoti slammed Akshay and other celebrities for their selective humanity and for no reaction when videos of male bashing by women come to the light. She reminded celebrities that none of them ever felt ashamed when men were subjected to violence by women.

Jyoti stated that the focus of celebrities like Akshay and Virat is for selling products, be it a movie or other brands they endorse. Their ads also objectify women or show how men can get women by using those products. So she felt very strange that they spoke about respecting women when they themselves don’t.

Challenging the celebrities for their mindless messages without verification of facts, Jyoti Tiwari expressed her grave concerns as a mother of a boy. She reminded them that they had created a society where boys don’t get justice or share their problems and are shamed without any reason. She expressed her grave concern that if this mindless male bashing continues, then boys will be depressed and eventually succumb to this enormous social pressure.

Ladies’ gang uses molest trap for cash

She also reminded the higher suicide rate of males compared to women and strongly criticized both for making their views without any knowledge or understanding of current social situation. She asked these celebrities to think why they didn’t get angry when a man is cut in 19 pieces by a woman (16 Dec 2012, Mumbai) and why no celebrity felt ashamed to be a human then.

This message given in Hindi clearly showed the fear of a concerned mother of a son and is going viral in social media ever since it got published -.

It is pertinent to mention that ever since the media allegation of mass molestation in Bangalore there is no evidence of the crime happening en-masse. One isolated video, some statements and blurred pictures were circulated to convince people about molestation happening in masses. In spite of the fact police checking 70 CCTV footages police did not find any evidence of mass molestation.


Bengaluru mass molestation: primary victim changed her story

Earlier in this article I have shown how media could not provide any credible evidence of alleged mass molestation in Bangalore. The first person who claimed molestation in her FB post had natural tendency to blow things out-of-proportion as she would “punch a man’s face with a bat” on mere receiving a friend request.

In that article I used this picture from Bangalore Mirror –


After publishing the article I received this comment on The Male Factor (TMF) from Chaitali Wasnik –


Around the same time she has posted on her FB wall about TMF article.

The reason we did not publish this comment earlier was because we did not believe in her story told here for following reasons –

  • The face of the girl in the picture did not match that of Chaitali Wasnik
  • Chaitali mentioned in her FB post that she was returning from office when the ordeal happened with her. There was no mention of MG Road / Brigade road area which was very natural.
  • She claimed in this comment that the guys circled (by me) were trying to hold her back while she was hitting the molester. This argument seemed vague as the circled guys are not even close to the girl. And –


We found Barkha Dutt being her idol.

So we knew what was cooking.

In another comment she tried to justify her abusive nature towards men –


I have never seen any other woman being so abusive on FB or blowing things out of proportion –


Obviously she didn’t seem normal to me and I left it to police to investigate the matter and waste their time because they didn’t have a choice anyways.

The reason I am forced to write this article today is because contrary to what she wrote on 3rd Januray, now she is claiming that the incident with her happened in Indira Nagar area which is approximately 5 Km away–


So the question is, why does she have to change the place of the incident now? Possibly because she realized that she wouldn’t be able to prove her presence in MG Road / Brigade Road area where the Mirror journalist was present and her molestation claim will fall flat easily.

Women may be able to claim molestation easily and everyone will be forced to believe that unless it is found that she was not even present in the location of the perceived crime.

If her claim was right and Mirror journo took her photo then the Mirror Journo’s version that he took the images in MG Road / Brigade Road area falls flat.

There was also a possibility that what she told us was a lie. After all, she didn’t have to tell us the truth anyways. But if that was the case, then it would prove that she can tell lies about molestation.

There is also another possibility that the comment was made by someone else and NOT by Chaitali? Then it confirms feminists’ desperation to prove Bangalore molestation. But this can be ruled out as I found the email id to be hers but the email ID is used to maintain a different FB account with another name.

Even though this photo does not prove anything, the changing storyline of Chaitali’s claim raises many questions that we need answer. I will share the IP address and email ID used to write the comments to Bengaluru Police if needed.

Today, claiming molestation is very easy, no evidence needed and if police can’t nab the culprits that becomes police’ fault. If someone raises question about the authenticity of the claim, he is attacked as a patriarch doing victim shaming. But why should we cower when we see discrepancies? After all, how long do we need to undergo this emotional blackmail in the name of safety of our mothers, sisters and daughters?



  1. Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories