A Woman Is A Bitch Who Needs To Be Trained

Here is what happened in an Indian TV show recently –


The male participants flaunting their muscles came forward to the girls sitting around the swimming pool in their bikinis. Each woman looking ravishingly beautiful while the secrets of the boys were being shared by the hosts.

When this particular secret was revealed it read – “A woman is a bitch who needs training“.

The male host while reading the secret aloud said “well, this one is interesting”… and read the statement.

All guys cheered in the chorus as if their minds were spoken too. All of them wore mischievous smiles on their faces. The female host cheered too.

A female participant while discussing this said “every female participant was astonished. If it was said that a man is a *** and needs to be trained it would have created a huge uproar in patriarchal India”. (This was aired on the Television show but deleted in YT upload).

Later the guy whose secret was this, said that he had to say this when he came to know that a woman participant was using vulgar language against the boys.

Both hosts were enraged by hearing this. They wanted to know which woman participant dared to use vulgar language against boys? Both hosts were enraged by the unforeseen audacity of the girls. Girls were in denial mode as this behavior could expel them from the show.

Another male participant openly said that in fact he too had heard that woman participant talking absolute nonsense about guys and given a chance he would slap that person.

When no woman came forward to take up responsibility, the man openly challenged the woman to be a woman and own up.

Later when another woman came forward and revealed the vulgarity spoken by the female participant about other males, a brawl started among the women.

A female host of the show later said – “We need to take such things with a pinch of salt” and moved on……


…Don’t believe this to be true? Do you think it is a punishable offense or extremely generalized sexist comment by the guy to call any woman a “bitch” on a national TV show? Well, that is because I just reversed the genders.

MTV Splitsvilla episode 2 shown on 18th June had a woman comment that said: “A Man is a dog who needs to be trained”.

Now reverse the gender and read the above article again to see what exactly happened in the show.



  1. I would say most women are creatures that need to be left alone in this beautiful earth…. WHY ??? Because they are so full of themselves and their gifts, one of which is HYPOCRISY manifested in huge proportion by the name of FEMINISM, which is their deity that needs to defended strongly, even by women who claim to be anti-feminist…..


  2. I don’t know why any self respecting men would participate in such reality shows where they get publicly get humiliated on National Television.


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