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Now it is time for men to celebrate freedom and pamper themselves in a new style with Van Heusen. This is to remain confident and stay high in their self-esteem and project their winner image. So today’s post is about Van Heusen innovation for men that will encourage men to pamper themselves.

We need to create our style statements to create our own brand. Yes, I am talking about our individual brand image. The individual brand image is bolstered with the latest style and with the correct presentation of our image to others.

Myfit Shirt Options

In today’s corporate world, a strong personal brand is even more important as we need to manage global relations. In these relations, the portrayal of self-image is very important and thus a solution like ‘MyFit’ from apparel brand Van Heusen offers us unique advantages.

How Myfit Shirts are designed
How the same size fits all

MyFit delivers fitting apparel according to our size and comfort (that are readily available) without being a tailor-made solution itself. When I was offered to try this solution by the apparel major, I had no clue what they meant by providing a ready-made customized solution for me.

The main Van Heusen outlets across India have this solution on display. I went to their outlet in Phoenix Market City mall in Bangalore. This outlet had a nice display of MyFit apparels and the executives there explained the concept nicely to me.

We have different body types and different sizes that fit us. Traditionally the solution was to make tailor-made suits so that we get the comfort that we look for in our dresses. However, in the present era of ready-made garments, the flavour of tailored garments is gone and we are often left out to be happy with the available options. And many times we return empty-handed.

For example, at times when we get our size from one brand and like a particular fabric, we may not like the design of the collar or style of the cuffs. If we like the design of the cuff it is not guaranteed that the length of the sleeve will be apt for us, at times our desired design is available in the half sleeve but not in full sleeves. Also, our body type influences our choices a lot. For example, two persons of different height may require the same shirt size since this is determined by the shoulder length but the shirt length required may be different. Similar differences in our choice and market availability are also possible in trousers.

Vane Heusen MyFit gives us the option to get our fitting size for our shirts with the right choice of the fabric, length, collar and cuff type and design. For each size of shirt, MyFit offers variations in length, collar, cuff and sleeve lengths and help us tailor-make our own shirt and get them delivered at our doorstep. Similarly, trousers also can be made to fit us using this solution.

I have got my correct size information from the Van Heusen outlet in Phoenix Hyper City Mall in Bangalore and then ordered the product of my choice online from The ordering process for shirts and trousers are also simple.

To order a shirt, one has to just choose the appropriate option and then continue following the onsite instructions to get his tailor-made solution that he will surely adore.  –

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What I liked about the MyFit customization options was the body type selection. One who is having a lean body type can go for ‘Slim’ type shirt, whereas one with a little paunch can select ‘plus’ or ‘healthy’ type shirts. It is very much possible that the traditional shirt size of two people may be same (say 42 or medium) but based on the difference in their body type one person will need one particular type of shirts and another person will need to a different size. Without going for complete customization, this new solution is a unique way of providing a customized solution for men.

In a similar way, trousers are also made to fit a person. MyFit offers five different body types from which one can choose the trouser type. It depends on how one’s body is shaped and by choosing the correct body type one can select the best possible fit for oneself. As of now, I found only one style (flat front) of trousers while ordering online. But overall I felt that the application developed by Van Heusen is really an amazing innovation that will help everyone.

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I would like to mention about a common feature for creating your MyFit shirt or trouser and that is a selection of fabric. Doing this online is a big challenge that Van Heusen has achieved to a great extent.

The Trendin site gives us the choice of placing our cursor on any fabric while the fabric texture becomes visible. This unique way of showing the texture of each fabric coupled with their price information gives the buyer an option of selecting the best possible fabric of his choice. Once we complete placing the order we get order confirmation on the site and also through an email –

MyFit online order confirmation
Myfit online order confirmation
MyFit email order confirmation
MyFit order confirmation by email with order details

Selecting this site I have ordered my own MyFit shirt and trousers. The order was tracked online and was delivered within 7-9 days.

From the brand’s own promotion material of MyFit we see –

“Though the brand is in its initial stages of introduction of MYFIT, this innovation has received an overwhelming response already. The brand is getting 100 orders per day under MYFIT within 2 months of its launch. Interestingly, 45% of the orders are in non-standard fits and 40% of the orders are in non-standard sizes – which are not available in the stores otherwise. Additionally, almost 85% of the orders are with some level of customization like with a French Cuff, or a Chinese collar among others.”

I am delighted to see such an offer for Indian men. Now men can pamper themselves with Van Heusen MyFit. (see my orders below)

Overall I found that this solution is unique and really helps the customers to have their choice and fit delivered at their doorstep without any hassle. However, I will still ask men to be careful about the following details –

  1. When you go to a Van Heusen outlet to find out your size and fit, please take your time and note down each detail carefully before selecting any particular option. Same size shirt and trouser for different body type people may be drastically different.
  2. Be especially careful about the fabric and size – body type combination. Some fabric may look better if the shirt is a tight fit, however, some other fabric may not look that awesome when they are tightly fit. hence be careful.

  3. Once your order is shipped to you, you will get an email notification regarding the same. Please keep the email carefully as it contains a link to their return policy. Read their return policy carefully so that you don’t end us being unsatisfied if the chosen solution does not fulfil your requirements.

I am thankful to Van Heusen for giving me the opportunity to try this innovation before their other customers and supporting men’s cause in the country. Yes, such innovation designed only for men will surely support men in emotional well being.

For more information on a MyFit solution please refer to the company website.


All image source – except the images of my orders

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