#HijabRow – Shows Why Feminism Is Terrorism

hijab row, hijab controversy

The recent controversy around wearing Hijab in Indian schools and colleges which eventually spread across Bharat and also to other countries, showed us clearly how feminism and terrorism are intertwined. It started with some Muslim girls in Udupi, Karnataka suddenly wishing to attend the college wearing ‘Hijab’ which turned into ‘Burqa’ in a matter of a day. When they were denied entry to their class without the college uniform, they started protesting, saying it is their ‘right’ to wear anything they liked.

As the issue became bigger and the protest started getting worse and Hindu students started opposing Islamization of Indian institutions; the protesting Muslim students went to the Karnataka High Court to establish their ‘Rights’. But immediately afterwards Muslims started pelting stones and creating hooliganism on the streets of Bharat. This created a law and order problem in Bharat. A tweet from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the General Secretary of Indian ‘National’ Congress added fuel to the whole controversy –

hijab row Priyanka Gandhi tweet

This is the age-old Congress-left narrative of equality and empowerment of women that a woman can do whatever she wants. The tweet clearly exposes Congress’ agenda on this matter. They want to destabilize the country by promoting unmindful acts by the students. In other words she promoted women wearing Bikini even in Bharat’s Parliament.

Her claim that a woman can wear whatever she wanted as a constitutional right, is another misinterpretation of Bharat’s Constitution as many legal experts have already clarified. Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed, a Supreme Court Advocate explained this well in this video –

Now what the Karnataka High Court will decide on this matter is a matter of time and we will come to know that decision soon, but the point that the Hijab Row has brought feminism and terrorism together is important to understand.

Within a few days of Hijab controversy, even when the Karnataka High Court was hearing the matter we have seen stone pelting by Muslim separatists in different parts of Bharat, we have seen Muslims coming out in large numbers in protest too. There were violence in different parts of Bharat and Muslims mobs took the nation hostage.  After Shaheen Bagh mayhem in 2020, Muslim women were in the forefront of yet another unrest. Soon, Muslim women started violating the dress code in different parts of Bharat. They even started offering Namaz in the schools.

In this whole debate, soon branded feminists also stepped in. They promoted ‘my dress, my choice’ without concerning the place and time. Like Priyanka Gandhi promoted in her tweet that a girl can wear bikini anywhere as per her wish. That is the feminism we have seen over the Congress regime of 70 years post-independence.

It was the Congress led eco-system that has created this narrative that women can do whatever they like without any restriction. That way they have ensured complete destruction of our social fabric in the name of women empowerment. Thankfully due to relentless hard work of MRAs, this eco system is collapsing now and many women have started raising questions about such mindless freedom. We have been saying all these years that #FeminismIsTerrorism and today it comes out to be very clear to even general people of India, women included.

Luckily in this whole debate the Hindu women took centerstage in protesting against the Islamization of our educational institutions. So, this time it was women against mindless feminism. Women also understood the why feminism is terrorism. Surprisingly, all these years feminism wanted to free women from the ‘clutches’ of patriarchy and get rid of all symbols of male oppression (like hijab, burqa etc.) but now feminism started advocating to go back to the same old oppressive Islamist regime. The turn of events clearly shows the attempted radicalization of our education system. Feminist hypocrisy becomes clear from this tweet from Nobel Prize Winner Pakistani woman Malala –  

Malala Yousafzai on Hijab controversy

While she quoted the lines mentioned in a news article, what is important to understand is that whether she had the full knowledge about this controversy or she was just earning some money through this tweet. To understand her hypocrisy, we need to check her own book, “I Am Malala”. This pic of her school performance shows she didn’t wear hijab herself –

Malala not wearing hijab
Malala is not wearing Hijab in her school in Pakistan (I Am Malala – Chapter 8)

There are two girls who can be seen in this picture of a play from her school days that says it all. If Hijab is really an essential part of Islam, then why weren’t they wearing it? Now she came from a Islamist country and her school was also an Islamic school. What is more worrying is that she herself mentioned this in her book –

Malala on Burqa in I Am Malala

Wearing a burqa is like walking inside big fabric shuttle-cock with only one grille to see through and on hot days it is like an oven.” (I Am Malala, Chapter 4, Pg 55)

Even though she spoke about burqa and not hijab, it is important to understand that the hijab controversy was converted to girls coming to schools in one day. But the problem didn’t end there. If we read her book, we will know more things about how Islam wants to treat girls going to schools.

Her book categorically mentions that a Mufti (Chapter 7) and Taliban wanted to close girls’ schools in her motherland. Even though the girls used to wear hijab in schools (so followed Islamic dress code), Islamists wanted to close those schools or to bomb them. So, if the Islamist demand of allowing girls with hijab in schools are met, then the demands will never stop girls’ education altogether. There is no end to this Talibani madness. When we see he advocating for violating the dress code in India, she has mentioned this in her book –

Malala on School Uniform in I Am Malala

Malala’s hypocrisy, however, doesn’t end there. In her book, she mentioned this – “My father always said that the most beautiful thing in a village in the morning is the sight of a child in a school uniform, but now we were afraid to wear them.” So, if this is what she really believed before getting the Nobel prize, then how did she start believing that not wearing school uniform and wearing hijab instead, is fine? Also, if she was not aware about the full controversy in India why did she comment on the matter?

So, we see that now feminism is peddled around covering girls’ body more. But for Hindu women, same feminists created a narrative in favour of removing clothes. Ghhoonghat or a Hindu veil is marked as oppressive by the same feminists, while the Hijab is marked as progressive and her right.  In this case a clear motive of terrorizing India was seen as the girls were not wearing hijab until recently, but suddenly they started demanding wearing hijab inside the classrooms. This demand was not peaceful and very often was violent.

Priyanka Gandhi and the Congress Party fuelled this controversy further by supporting it in all possible ways. Their members filed petitions for the Islamists. Basically, the Congress party that was creating and supporting this skewed understanding of one’s rights, went all out in support.

While this kind of unmindful rights can lead to more damages than anything good, this culture war will wipe out every set standards. For instance, if the girl students can wear hijab inside the classroom then why can’t they wear it in police force, while being a pilot or as a doctor while doing operation. The problem will complicate when they want to offer Namaz during flying a plane. Because as Dr Rizwan Ahmed had explained in the above video, Namaz is an essential part of Islam religion. Then from constitutional viewpoint once (if) this demand is fulfilled then the automatic next demand will be namaz should be compulsory in all schools. Then it will go to giving vacation during Ramzan or closing classes during Namaz timing and the demands will never end.

This is the unholy nexus of feminism with terrorism that we have been pointing at for a long time. It was very difficult for us to make Hindus understand why feminism is terrorism. But luckily today, since Muslims are demanding some awkward right, everyone understands the danger. Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, the maker of The Tashkent Files and The Kashmir Files has put it in right perspective in this tweet –

Vivek Agnihotri on Hijabrow

At this outset it is important to understand what happened in Kashmir and how slowly Hindus living there had given up on their cultural identity and religious freedom. To understand this better, you can read this book –

Kasheer on Islamist Culture War

This book is also available in Hindi –

Kasheer in Hindi. Culture war in Kashmir

This book will give you a better perspective how feminism and terrorism work in similar fashion. If you see, feminism also started with small and easily comprehendible demands and then their demands kept getting bigger. Today some feminists are fighting a legal battle to make “Marital Rape” same as any other ‘rape’. Hindus now understand how these terrorists are entering their bedrooms and now those who used to be feminists earlier are protesting against the Marital Rape PIL. So far, feminists used to get away with their demands by calling men rapists or anyone opposing such PILs as chauvinists, patriarch etc. But it is no more possible today. People are increasingly getting aware of this feminist plot.

Similarly, if you look at Islamic terrorism, that also spreads it’s tentacles slowly. An innocent demand of offering namaz on the streets can become a full-fledged civil war or making non-Muslims flee an area. We have seen countries getting radicalized this way. If we look at the history of Bangaladesh and 1971 war, we will understand this better. There the fight was between two languages and the Pakistani Muslims taking brutal revenge on Bengalis (mostly Hindus, but Muslims too). Slowly Bangaladeshi Muslims started getting radicalized and Hindu Bengalis were made to flee their motherland. Like we have seen in Kashmir. The radicalized Muslims turned to be the murders/rapists/arsonists of known Hindus. But always the news of Muslims saving Hindus are propagated so that the truth of their atrocities is hidden. Same is true for feminism as well.

Earlier in my life I used to support feminism. I was very happy when the Domestic Violence Act was passed. I thought women were really oppressed and we really needed to stand beside them. But when I myself got the same case from my wife who used to torture me, I got the real taste of my blood.

Likewise, this Hijab Controversy may be very innocent looking problem, but it is not so. We have already seen other countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan shaming Karnataka schools, we have seen how Islamist organizations have started big marches in different cities and we have also seen how the petitioners have moved to the Supreme Court while the matter is still being heard in the Karnataka High Court. The same thing happened with the Marital Rape PIL as well. While the PIL is heard in the Delhi High Court, the petitioners tried to go to the Supreme Court and got turned down there. So, you see the similarity in both the incidents and understand how terrorism and feminism works hand in hand.

Now a question may arise how is hijab row a terrorist conspiracy? Answer is clearly visible in our eyes. With multiple countries interfering in the matter, Nobel Laurette Malala Yousafzai tweeting on India’s internal matter and the Muslims groups becoming violent in places. Also, clear links have emerged between the protesters and a terrorist group PFI, and all of these suggest that the hijab controversy is a feminist-terrorist conspiracy to destabilize India. It is also clear that the anti-national forces don’t care about what The Karnataka High Court judgment as they have already tried to take the matter to the Supreme Court. They have already showed disrespect to the Karnataka High Court. Groups that create unnecessary controversy, that want to destabilize the country in any manner and that is always playing the victim card while creating massive unrest are terrorist groups for sure. Feminism works in this manner and they are exposed today.



  1. Greetings Insecure male hooman

    The only terrorism is patriacthy. Hijab is a religious debate-and hey many muslim leader agree that hijab is not part of the islam religion. It has not been mentioned in the quaran like the sikh turban is.

    The real terrorism is your ignorance. How men are fighting to keep women in check in the name of religion and braninwashing them.

    Hope all this typing was not waste but I’ll be fine even if it is.

    Thanking you A feminist

    On Sun, 13 Feb 2022, 8:58 pm The Male Factor (TMF), wrote:

    > TMF posted: ” The recent controversy around wearing Hijab in Indian > schools and colleges which eventually spread across Bharat and also to > other countries, showed us clearly how feminism and terrorism are > intertwined. It started with some Muslim girls in Udupi, Ka” >


    • Yes, Hope you have seen the video of a ‘Muslim’ advocate posted as explanation of Hijab. So, we really didn’t need your advise that ‘Many Muslim leaders say its not part of Islam’. But still feminists are coming forward in support of this as a choice. Also, if the so called ‘patriarchy’ is in display here, it is from the same people who want to fight for feminism. So, feminism is a movement of hypocrites. Coming back to the religious angle, here religion is also playing with feminism to spread terrorism. The point in this article is feminism functions the same way as terrorism does. Many effective parallel can be drawn between the two with examples. Their demands increase in small increments. Knowledge is also required on your part..


    • Hey you insecure dirty feminist,Patriarchy built great civilizations in which women also were empowered.Your vile feminism is not much different than Izlam as explained analytically in the article.


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