The Male Factor is a blog on ‘Gender Equality’ and to show Citizens Responsibilities. Today, in the name of gender equality we see extreme hatred against men and boys is created. This blog is a successful attempt to counter that effort by a large section of media.

The Male Factor is a blog about everything that bothers a man to ensure ‘gender equality’. Some of my readers commented malefactor means a scoundrel, criminal and bears a negative connotation. That is how men are treated today. So the URL makes it apt to describe the condition of men and how they are perceived by the society today. One mere allegation and they are treated like criminals and I am no exception.

This blog is unique attempt of gender equality; all articles published here including movie / book / product reviews or articles on travel, short stories, poems etc. are based on the theme of ‘gender equality’.

The author is a human rights activist. He believes and wants to tell the world that Human Rights is not only women rights.

Comments made by the readers are their personal and the author of the blog should not be held responsible for any of the readers comments. People posting comments on this blog are completely responsible for their own comments.  

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  1. dear Author ,this is very right to an extent .. none can deny some women are misusing laws and rights with the help of law makers and sufferers many !! Media behaves sympathetic to women as that sells ..
    Having said that .. I would still insist the percentage is still very less compared to what women in general are going through.. still .. a problem is a problem.. and I understand its a bold step , blogging against feminism…because those who are literate are blogging !
    The weaker is rising its a viscous cycle .. caste wise .. religion wise .. sex wise .. and when the weak gets power he/she may not be just .. because he /she strong now .. 🙂 its cycle !!
    The only medication is spiritual healing understanding that these are powers that we get in computer games … they dont exist in reality and had these powers been so real one would have discovered immortality !!
    Mortals waste time being destructive .. being revengeful .. being .. greedy !! Fighting inner self is mandatory to see a change in outer world .. 🙂


    • Percentage does not matter. Remember every one has only one life. Injustice to the women some where, should not be justification to do crimes on men. It is not fair.


    • In a few words you have explained how spiritual healing is so important. The children now spend less time communicating with friends and parents and more time on academics, video games and activities without much to discuss and learn about these life skills that are so needed. Subjects like Sanskrit and moral science should be a part of curriculum. Related discussions to be encouraged among children and teenagers and encourage them to continue through out their lives. We prepare ourselves so much going through schools, colleges to get jobs but not much preparation at all when it comes to marriages.
      Yes the cycle will repeat unless the sense of righteousness is not encouraged and practiced through childhood. To teach kids not to just be inncocent and do the right thing but also on how to face life when dealt with manipulative, egoistic people in life and how to react and not to lose their true self in the process. Very well said that whoever is strong is misusing and taking advantage of it and only way to correct this is through spiritual healing.
      The desire to have a upper hand, selfishness need to be replaced and encouraged with determination to do what is right at all times.


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  3. Hi,
    My marriage date was 25/2/2011 at it was a simple marriage where around 20 persons from my side (Including driver, movie man, pandit) and around 50 members from girl side. In my marriage my parents in law hide the mental condition of my wife & which was highlight within few days of marriage from her behavior & her conversation & written diary of showing her relations with many persons in past. I and my parents talked with her parents about this and they reply that some times she feel tense and they talked with girl but after few days all things start going again. When I can’t understand her talking with me I record the conversation of my wife and me on mobile which in which she talk about her relations with different people and she wasn’t want to marry and her parents forcely marry her. She again and again insisted to left at her parents house and according to her wishes I left her at her parents house on 24/4/2011 (around 2 months after marriage) on that time her parents threaten me and my relatives that one of there relative is seesion judge and we will take you in false cases and spoil your life. Then I complaint about all this to SSP Sangrur on next day 25/4/2011. From where whole matter transfer to women cell sangrur and they called me and my wife around 4 to 5 time at women cell. I went there every time but she never came on calling them. Then I bring the whole matter in the notice of DIG Patiala and he refer the whole matter for investigation to SSP Sangrur. SSP sangrur send whole matter to DSP malerkotla and then SHO where they call both of us 4-5 times. I go there every time but she came only one time with a bundle of false allegation. When I didn’t got any solutions from this I file a case for divorce at ludiana. Here around more than 15 months are gone. When I go to court for divorce the court penalize me Rs.3000/- pm from my salary for maintaine her from my total salary of Rs.7000/- in keeping view my rented house & responsibility of my parents live with me. In my marriage total members from my side is 20 and from there side is around 50 but they reply in court that barat of 150 person and from there side only 50. I have movie and albumb of marriage in which total persons from both sides are around 70-75. I have enough evidence & they submitted in court like hand written dairy copy, audio conversion of us on cd & typed script of that which I submitted in court. I have also reports of SHO, DSP, Women cell and SSP and compies of summons send to her by women cell time to time and her family members received those summons but girl never come to women cell (I got all these document by RTI) but all these thing are watching by court at the time of evidence & I have not got justice till that because all these things a time of around 2 years & 4 months spoil & how long is it, GOD know.


  4. everything is good and related to realistic of current position of the husbands in india but i have one question that can you help the innocent husbands in the legal matter that which are going on in the court currelyly.


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  6. Partha, great blog.

    Please also do a story on how festivals, like Rakhi, Holi, Diwali, Karwa Chauth are socially sanctioned events for transfer of wealth from males to females, under the mask of ‘shagun’. This creates a level of sexist expectation from men and a social pressure for them to conform to.

    Also, consider how the Devi-worship of goddesses in festivals and temples, like Durga, Kali, Saraswati etc. fixates the Hindu male mind to be subservient to the females around him. The feminazis and rad-fems never seem to object to the above, because these are the underpinning of a matriarchal and womb-renting economy.

    These are the mechanisms and frameworks by which the Indian male is kept as an unquestioning serf, oblivious to his inferior status in the eyes of his family. And yet, he has to selflessly save this family? Even at the cost of his own self? Why???


  7. Hi,

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    Thank You. Waiting to hear from you. 🙂

    Arindam Barman


    • Thanks misandry means hatred against men. It is opposite of misogyny. If you wonder how it is being discussed in India’s context, well explore this blog and find out. I hope you find this interesting.


  8. Very interesting blog. Being a woman, I can state that, yes laws are misused. but then that is applicable both ways.
    laws are there to protect and help us. It is human tendency to exploit resorces and laws are one of them.
    While keeping the male right in perspective, do understand that woman folks have been undergoing centuries of subjugation and atrocities.
    While I support Woman Empowerment, keeping in mind that every coin has two sides.


        • Law is not meant to favor people. It is meant to favor the right against the wrong. Take an example of the fact that women are allowed bail even for non-bailable offenses. This is so because women are inherently tortured, raped, and abused by the police. To answer your next argument which will quite possibly be that men are also tortured, raped and abused, I will tell you that firstly, the magnitude is far lesser, and secondly, women much further lack the physical strength to defend themselves as opposed to men when fighting against other men. It is first grade biology.


        • Haha..another flawed logic. Men have physical strength does not mean they should not have legal strength. Use of our physical strength is anyways a criminal offence while use of your legal strength (read filing false cases) is not. It is like I sleep well so I don’t need healthy food to be healthy. Haha..

          Also please tell me when men can’t even file cases of cruelty against women how do you know they are tortured less?? Interesting.

          Women are inherently tortured. Yeah I know when they can create stories of mass molestation out of nothing they will always feel the same. For once start identifying the bullshit you will know the difference.


  9. While commendable, I think your blog lacks a sense of the real world. I’m sure you feel very frustrated by women pleading for their independence, for their rights but this is not about you. Women NEED these basic human rights. Law alone does not change mindsets and propagation is equally, if not more important. They NEED to be taken seriously. So before you, an entitled grown-up, go around crying to mommy that about the poor beggar being served ice-cream beside you, take a step back to understand the actual consequences of historical facts and years of oppression which continue to this day.


    • Haha ..women are compared to beggars? No wonder why women should be denied all rights. It is we fools who thought equal rights is important. You will never be satisfied and will always want more and there is no end. Another eye opener for all those who fight for equal rights. Actually your comment made it clear that women want all benefits while crying for equal rights.


    • What basic human rights women does not have?
      Vote : Women can vote, it never stopped.
      Working : Women can work, in any field, Who stopped the women.
      Property: Women can the property from her parents on per with son (Hindu Succession Act)
      Height : Women can go for higher height man, but men should not ( Why many couples, man is higher height, woman is less height) Because women can select society accepted, but if men look same society not accepting.
      Salary: Bride can ask man’s salary, man’s property. But men should not ask.
      Paying the Bills: Most of the cases it is men who are paying the bills life long.
      House work: Even men too , do house work. Apart from this men take risk work.

      Then what rights you do not have. Please list what rights women do not have?


      • Men in India are well known for never helping there wife in daily household chores.You can even check statistics(Where in the world men do most of the housework).Men who boast off helping their wife are the ones who do hardly 10% of the housework.I am surrounded by men who prefer to live like prince they will just come back from office and sit on couch and give orders whole day and they want their wife to be on their beck and call.Men can’t even drink water on their own forget about cooking they need someone to serve food on there plate.
        In India men want wife who can serve him and his parents 24/7 follow their every command and take care of home, kids and his parents all alone.
        They can’t leave there family but they are more than happy when a women leaves there house for them.
        He want his wife to take care of his parents her whole life but weird thing is I have never seen a boy or a single man cooking cleaning and serving his own parents neither before marriage nor after it.
        Men want a fair slim beautiful educated women who either leave her job after marriage or if she wants to continue she have to do it own her own because they can create problems for her but would never give her love and support.She is supposed to eat,dress,go out and choose her career, her friends according to his husband and his family.
        Men in India doesn’t even support their wife when his parents trouble her,give her threats and cause her bodily harm for not paying dowry.His mother can verbally abuse her wife but he wouldn’t say a word to his mother and expect the same from his wife.
        Men in India are worshiped from birth till their death whether they become son or son-in-law or husband.
        Our whole culture is biased to give absolute importance to men.They are paid dowry to take a full time maid,nanny who is educated and working but still she lives her whole life on someone else’s command.

        Can a men leave his parents and live with his in laws and treat them like god cook for them dress according to them think according to them do all the housework take care of kids.

        When a man can’t bear all anything then how can he expect all of this from a woman.
        Just because she is born as a woman in India means she will never be treated like a human being,she doesn’t deserve any happiness,respect which only men are entitled to in our country.


        • As much as this is true to those women who go through this, it is also true there are equally good number of men who are doing all the household chores, working, completely doing whatever their wives says, who in turn are not contributing to the family and puts him in fear of dowry harassment cases etc throughout their marriage when they don’t get their way. On fear of facing such cases the man and the family go through a lot of torture and at the end they lose everything including their kids. One should give more important to personality traits of a person and if they cannot find someone good, better to be single.


        • Lol, so tell me how many women in india help husband to earn money. Almost all womens perfer husband who earn. So ofcourse indian husband are going to work for 24hrs for family without even thier own wish. Almost all working women who earn they Don not do housework alone. And women earn only when they find easier job like teaching, or to be managers. On the other hand if males don’t find jobs which they want to do. They still have to earn by those dirty and difficult jobs. And india doesn’t consist of jobs for every single one. Males have pressure to earn money. Females have choice. Female don’t prefer to earn if job is difficult. But for males there is no choice


  10. Having been on both sides of the coin, and innocently so, I can decisively say it’s not a battle between man and woman,it is between bad man and good woman or good man vs bad woman. It’s always been between good and evil. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clueless.


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