This Is How A Husband Caught His Cheating Wife

After the SMS saga, Saikat continued to tell me yet another heartbreaking story of what happened to him when he caught his cheating wife red-handed in his home –

“I normally used to come back home around midnight, because of work pressure in my office. Even though my normal timing was until 6 pm, that was the usual extension for me, every day. It had become a habit for us to extend daily.

As you know once the trust is broken between me and my wife, I never trusted her again. Always I was skeptical but I didn’t know what was to be done next. I was not able to tell anyone about her affair, that was going on even before marriage and the marriage was only for my money and my own status in the society.

That day I got a call from my wife around 5 pm, showing love and asking me what time I would return. That sounded so much unusual for her or maybe I was too skeptical. I told her I would be late and that was the first time I lied to her. Normally I don’t.

She called me again around 6:40pm to confirm when I was returning and that sounded the alarm bell for me. Why she was asking so many times when I would return? I didn’t have any answer, I just thought everything would be ok. I told her a lie again that I would be late. This time showing anger and irritation for disturbing me time and again.

I came home around 7pm that evening. Lights were on, so she was inside. I rang the doorbell. No replies. I did it again no reply again. It was pin drop silence in that locality in Kolkata.

I started banging the door and calling her by name and I was sure something fishy was happening inside. I was not strong enough to break open the door or call neighbors.

I kept on banging the door and that pin drop silence was breaking me from inside. My heart was racing against time.

Then after 15 minutes, she opened the door. She was in her nightie. Immediately I entered the house she asked me to go to a room, while she locks the room from outside as she had to something related to her periods. I was surprised again. Not because why she didn’t respond to my door knocks for fifteen minutes but because of this excuse. In this small 550 SFT house if one shouts from any corner person standing outside would be able to listen. I was not sure why my wife is shying away from me. And yes, the answer was loud and clear to me. SHE WAS LYING…DAMN LIAR SHE WAS.

I started searching the kitchen, then toilet, then the room other the one she wanted me to go. She tried to prevent me in all possible ways but I was determined, I could smell the rat. The other room had an attached verandah which was (lucky for me) grilled throughout. Only Cats and Rats could escape. But I was looking for a bigger rat.

That day she washed a lot of clothes and all were hanging in there. So the visibility was poor. Luckily for me, I had a light there. And when I searched, he was visible clearly hiding among the hanging clothes with his shoes. Trying to hide but in vain.

When I started asking questions, he tried to flee but I prevented hard. My wife and he became irate and started beating me. My wife was more than 90 kilo that time and I was 68. Added to that her paramour, that bastard hiding in the clothes has beaten me. Both have beaten me so much that I started bleeding on the face. I immediately called up my FIL and asked him to come to my home and see what his daughter was doing alone in our home.

Both my FIL and MIL came after 15 minutes. They lived nearby and they had a car so it was not a big deal for them. Along with them came one of my FIL’s friend, I used to call him Moni Kaku. His real name was different.

What happened after they came home and saw everything in their eyes was another shocker for me. They straightway blamed me for being cruel to their daughter. I thought with direct evidence they would be convinced and rebuke their daughter, but instead, they started blaming me for harassing their daughter’s guest, beating them up and restricting her privacy.

When I said, it is my home and I will not allow these things. They, in turn, blamed me and said it is their daughter’s home too and she can do anything in her home she likes. I am no one to prevent her. In fact, by preventing her I was doing cruelty to her. Her mom went on saying that even other men come to their house when she is alone and no one else is there. What is the big deal?

I didn’t have anything else to say. I didn’t know how will I come out of this hell. Who would help me out?

While I was bleeding profusely, my in-laws offered to take me to police if I wanted to register a complaint. They also said they needed to tell police that I was torturing their daughter for dowry and beaten up her and her paramour in my house, too.

I couldn’t seek the help of my family members as they were living in a separate distant village and they are weak, frail people. On the other hand, we didn’t have any connection with higher-ups. There was absolutely no one to help me. I had only two chances, to commit a murder or to commit suicide. But then…..”

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How Saikat Caught His Cheating Wife



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  1. He should have simply recorded all that was going on. I m really astonished that why don’t people use their brains in these situations? He could easily hire a detective and they are experts at not just catching but also “creating evidences”. Yes…they create up scenes to compel the wife into doing that without her knowing. Or he could have himself used a hidden camera.


  2. The best way to avoid a psychological breakdown after experiencing or having to deal with infidelity is to make sure you are not just assuming your partner is cheating, as a policy , don’t say they are cheating until you have gathered proof of their act, confrontation without evidence is just unacceptable, i contacted when i was in the eye of the storm with my now Ex wife, i saw all her mails, whatsapp messages, kik and even pictures she exchanged with her lover, but it was easier at the end really, having proof helps alot.


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