This Is The Best Example of What Not To Do With SMSes Of Your Cheating Wife

Earlier I told you how a man has suffered at the hands of his adulterous wife when he caught her adultery. I also told that he transferred some of her sexually explicit messages from her mobile to his. Now, I wanted to know what he did with those transferred SMSs and his story goes on like this –

Saikat managed the situation for that night hoping to take revenge with the transferred SMS later and in a view to teaching his wife a lesson he went to his in-law’s house (who lived nearby) along with his wife (without telling her about the reason beforehand) after three / four days. Everything was seemingly normal between them and he didn’t give any hint to her that he was fuming from inside.

That evening when her father came back from office, Saikat and Seema were present in their house. Saikat still didn’t know how to break the news or start a conversation regarding that night’s matter. His anger was much settled by then, and at times he felt he should not raise the matter again. He just wanted to give it a try. He checked all of them once, before starting the conversation.

As his Father – In – Law (FIL) heard this from him, he took some time to react. Saikat thought he would get some support from him. But Seema denied everything. She clearly stated that Saikat is trying to implicate her falsely and damage her image. She also challenged Saikat to prove that she had received those SMSs and given her mobile to Saikat. Needless to say, she has deleted all the SMSs in the night of the ordeal and hence there was no chance of those still being there in the mobile.

So as a last try, Saikat sent some of the transferred SMS to her father’s mobile and asked him to read. He also told that he has transferred those SMSs in that night before the drama started in his house.

Her parents became extremely irate after this. They wanted to see the original SMS from his mobile and he gave his mobile to them and they immediately deleted all his SMS and then they vehemently denied the existence of any such message.

Extremely shocked to see their immediate change in colors and having lost all his proofs he couldn’t argue with all three of them. He was not only termed as a lier but immediately termed as a mentally sick person who needed immediate attention of a psychiatrist. They also repented marrying off their daughter with him as they said they were only attracted by his high qualification and never thought that he would subject their daughter to so much of cruelty.

Devasted from inside, Saikat didn’t know what to do in that situation. His all hope of getting a reprieve from her parents vanished into thin air. Instead, they threatened him for being cruel to them and further threatened him to file the police complaint if he continued behaving in that manner. They also strictly warned him against checking their daughter’s mobile again.

He was completely helpless by then and didn’t know what was to be done. He came to know for sure that her parents were party to this and he had no clue how he could overcome that barrier.

He came to his home that night alone. Seema’s parents refused to send their daughter with him as they suspected he would kill her in her sleep. He had no choice but to keep mum until the time he was shocked again by another incident….


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