#MeToo Against Manav Singh Was False, Here’s Proof


Manav Singh, a class XII boy of a premier school in Delhi committed suicide in May 2020 following a social media complaint from a girl named Bhavleen Kaur accusing him of molesting her two years ago. The name of the girl is mentioned here because she herself wanted the world to know this and raised this matter on social media without complaining to her parents or police. It is the same reason many women like the Park Street rape victim (?) or even Nirbhaya’s parents, wanted the name of the victims to be out as it is the perpetrator of the crime (read men) should be ashamed and not the girls. As Bhavleen Kaur herself wanted her story to be discussed on social media and started the name game, we will continue to use names while we discuss the case.

Name and Shame Disclaimer

This also needs to be clarified that TMF is completely against taking names of all parties (the accused and the accuser) in sexual crimes and especially in cases involving juveniles. However, when the juvenile herself wanted the same to be discussed on social media we will continue to do the same. There is another concern here, a girl who can raise such a heinous complaint and completely fake it, the concern is whether we should consider her as a juvenile at all? Remember, in such cases, the boy’s death sentence is demanded often.


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Bhavleen posted a story of Manav’s misbehaviour with her two years ago in 2018 in the basement of her apartment. Following that complaint, her friends have trolled Manav so much that he felt that no one was listening to his side of the story and under this social media pressure he committed suicide. Post his suicide, however, many feminists claimed that simply because he committed suicide, that didn’t mean he was innocent, or her story is false. Even Bhavleen posted that if Manav couldn’t take the pressure that was his fault and simply because he committed suicide, that doesn’t mean her complaint was false.

So, today this is what I am going to show you, why Bhavleen’s story is false without considering the fact that Manav Singh has committed suicide not able to defend himself.

Before I proceed, let’s look at Bhavleen Kaur’s social media complaint –

Bhavleen Kaur original complaint
The social media complaint of Bhavleen Kaur

For better readability of everyone, let me write her complaint here so that it’s easy for you to read –

“Hey so I am probably very very late on taking my story out of myself but at that time never really had anyone to support me through it so now that people are listening and being there I really want to share something. I know I don’t have any proof to what happened to me but I am pretty sure many girls would relate to me. It’s very unsafe to go out because every minute a creepy guy is just staring at you. Every day I had to face through every guy talking about my body parts but never in a million years I thought I would get to experience such thing in my life.

Yes I‘ve never shared it before but this incident happened two years ago. So, I started talking to this guy, it had been 2-3 days he asked where I lived and all of a sudden I see a text from him saying, “I’m near your house, let’s meet.” I made so many excuses not to meet him because I did not want to, I did not know him so well to meet him. I tried every way to convince him I’m not free but in the end I told him “okay I only have 10-15 minutes.” He said, I am already on the way. I was just feeling weird that …..

(some parts missing).

Said “what are you doing”? He said, “don’t you want me to do this”? I said no and I started walking feeling unsafe. He suddenly holds my ass and pressing my boobs, ngl the way he did it, it hurt me. Then I said stop it! Just Stop! I tried running upstairs but he held me and held my hair and said, “give me a blowjob right now”. I started punching him so much he goes like, “I want you to suck my dick right now fast quick.” I said no, I pushed him so much I said let go off. I ran upstairs, he came and said, I forgot my wallet, let’s go again and get it. I said, no just no you go! Then I knew in my heart if I went again this guy would rape me.

I ran to my house and never texted this guy again blocked him from everywhere. I never told this to anyone but I was just scared because no one would have taken my side. But till this date it never leaves my head. I know it may sound like some shit to some of you because I don’t have any ‘proof’ and that I am bluffing about it but all I know is I am tired of keeping this inside me. I’m tired of being held back by this. His name is Manav Singh. – hxls

Since she has raised this complaint online and wanted the social media to take it up and decide for themselves instead of keeping it a secret and raising a direct complaint to the police or to our legal system, we will continue to take names and discuss her case.


Did you know?

Jasleen Kaur and Rohtak Sisters were also exposed first on TMF.


The #MeToo Era

Bhavleen said this incident happened two years ago or in 2018. 2018 was the year when the world was rocked with a series of #MeToo complaints and many random girls and women started levelling sexual complaints against many random guys. In the list of accused guys, we have seen mostly men who endorsed feminism. In this madness women who would have never got any attention from guys started taking random names without any proof and became famous online in no time. We have seen feminist grannies and nannies raising 50-year-old complaint as well. Since none of these complaints needed any evidence or no investigation was possible, it was a rather easy fun game for women to get quick attention. If you look at the woman (?) who started #MeToo complaint you will know.

2018 was also a year when India had a 5-year long habit of going out with candles for women’s cause. 2018 was a year, before which India has seen how two cases involving drama queens Jasleen Kaur and Rohtak Sisters went unpunished despite levelling baseless allegations. In both the cases despite the men had many pieces of evidence in their favour and the girls didn’t have anything in their favour, girls still went unpunished and people just blindly believed them.

So, Bhavleen’s version that she was afraid that no one would listen to her side of the story in 2018 is completely baseless. Either she was enjoying the relationship (considering it really went the way she described) or there was nothing happened two years ago, but she had a recent altercation with Manav and is taking revenge. In either of these two situations, we don’t find Manav Singh at fault at all.

Now let’s look deeply into her complaint –

The ‘No Means No’ Paradox

According to her complaint, Manav didn’t know where Bhavleen lived and came to her apartment for the first time on the day of the alleged misbehaviour. They were chatting through text message and she wanted NOT to meet him. So, when that was the case, and they were talking only on text messages and not over the phone, why didn’t she stop sending texts immediately after saying ‘no’? Many guys and many girls would have experienced this multiple time in their lives and it’s not a big deal. If she really thought Manav was being creepy that was the easiest way to keep him out. It’s even easier with someone who hardly knows you and is being creepy.

But we don’t see Bhavleen sticking to her ‘No’ and finally deciding to meet him. So, whether her ‘No’ really meant ‘no’ is the question that first comes in mind. This is mainly for the feminists who claim – ‘No means No’. I want to remind them that for girls, ‘no’ definitely does not mean ‘no’; because if it did then Bhavleen would have stopped chatting instantly or blocked Manav (either temporarily or permanently) immediately for being creepy.

The fact that she didn’t do that and not only continued chatting with Manav but ended up meeting him in the basement of her apartment proves, she really didn’t mean ‘no’ when she actually said it, and the hell breaks loose there. When her ‘No’ actually meant ‘Yes’ as is clear from her behaviour, all her subsequent ‘No’ becomes ‘yes’ and gives her consent to Manav’s advances (if true).

Similarly, all other negative pushbacks become positive.  Now let’s look at her story by changing the negative narrative to positive –


“Said “what are you doing”? He said, “don’t you want me to do this”? I said Yes and I started walking feeling safe. He suddenly holds my ass and pressing my boobs, ngl the way he did it, it didn’t hurt me. Then I said don’t stop it! Just Don’t Stop! I tried running upstairs but he held me and held my hair and said, “give me a blowjob right now”. I started punching him so much he goes like, “I want you to suck my dick right now fast quick.” I said yes, I pushed him so much I said let’s go on. I ran upstairs, he came and said, I forgot my wallet, let’s go again and get it. I said, yes just yes you go!”


The above could have been the signal in Manav’s mind as she set a weird perspective from the beginning. In this case, whether some of those ‘No’ really meant ‘No’ and some others ‘yes’ is difficult to understand.

I am sure many of you are thinking, ‘what crap’? I am also thinking the same. But that’s what is coming out of her side of the story alone and I am not talking about Manav’s side of the story yet.

I am sure many of you may take this as victim-blaming, but who was the victim here is the question. Wasn’t Manav the victim of misinformation, the confusion she created? If women start using ‘No’ sometimes meaning ‘maybe’ and sometimes meaning ‘yes’, how can their responses be understood rightly at all?

But according to her complaint, when Manav was allegedly misbehaving with her, she started running upstairs. He suddenly held her ass and started pressing her boobs, (according to her) without her consent. Even though when her ‘No’ meant ‘yes’ whether that could be taken as her consent is the big question here.

Remembering Wallet – To Pay?

But the statement that exposes her lie completely is when Manav allegedly gave up his ‘much demanded’ sexual act remembering his wallet.

According to her, when Manav was ‘forcing’ her of giving him a blowjob, pressing her boobs and holding her ass, or in other words when Manav was at the peak of his sexual ecstasy, all of a sudden, he gave up the sexual act remembering his wallet. Any boy would know what it means to be in that state. Even many girls would know what it means for the guys who are ready for their sexual wilderness.

But in this case, we find Manav remembering that he forgot his wallet and urged Bhavleen to go back to the basement again. Remember, Manav was demanding a blowjob (according to her complaint) just before remembering about his wallet.

If this is true, then this can happen under three circumstances. The most likely option is, she demanded money for a blowjob and hence Manav had to remember his wallet. Well, now feminists may say that it was Bhavleen’s choice to demand money for a blowjob, who are we to be moral police here and I want to assure them that I am not being moral police here. In case she demanded money for a blowjob then probably the transaction was settled with money and she was satisfied with the amount given and didn’t raise any complaint in 2018. But now when she got matured, she is trying to extort more money from Manav and hence the complaint.

Two, Manav had so much control over his sexual urge that he could withdraw at that peak of his sexual ecstasy. This means Manav had achieved a very high level of control over his senses that even our sacred sages couldn’t achieve throughout their great lives. We have already seen in our Puranas how apsaras (dancers from heaven) danced to break meditation of our sages who otherwise had won over their senses. And those dancers didn’t even engage in soft porn with the sages. We have seen our brhamhacharees (celibates, monks) keeping distance from the opposite sex so that they didn’t get distracted from their path of worshipping god. If Manav could do that while he was pressing her boobs and holding her ass, he was no less than a sage and should be worshipped like a sage. ..and If this was the case, he did not do any of other mischiefs (pressing her boobs, holding her ass etc) as described in her complaint and the complaint is outrightly false. He would have checked his sexual urge from the beginning.

There however could be a third possibility – that this story is an outright lie and none of this actually happened. In any case, Manav is not found to be guilty, rather it is the girl who is found to be doing mischief here.


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From the above discussion, you can easily see that in no case Manav was actually guilty even if Bhavleen’s story was true. …and we have not yet considered Manav’s side of the story.

I am not sure if this will reach to Bhavleen or even Manav’s near and dear ones. I am not sure if this will reach to all those who have threatened Manav on social media and over the phone, but the only hope is some people will try to be more rationale with their complaints in future. Please do share your comment/feedback about the incident and let us know what you think.

The reason, the case is discussed here with names is because the girl wanted the same. She came to social media for sympathy, she took names and that behaviour of hers has taken one life. We don’t believe in taking names in any case involving juveniles and we don’t want such things to continue and we demand strict punishment of her and all her sympathizers on social media or in real life (like Swati Maliwal), who without thinking through have blamed Manav, threatened him and forced him to commit suicide. Bhavleen could have gone to police without trying to be a social media sensation or seeking justice on social media. It’s time we stopped this feminist nonsense now.


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  1. I am just curious to know, why cannot that female human animal and all her friends who through SM or phone call harassed the male suicide victim and did the crime of abetting suicide and the crime of defamation (as the allegation of rape or sexual assault was not done with the authority or with good faith) because it was published online – be booked and arrested and convicted ??

    What are the parents of the male human animal doing ??

    They have lost their son and even if he has done the crime alleged by the seemingly perverted female (reminder: perversion is not reserved for male of the species, also evidenced by leaked girl’s locker room messages), he cannot be convicted and punished for that, even by a lawyer like the character AB portrayed in Pink, because in a case against an accused the complainant cannot get convicted without conducting a second set of hearing – and this case he is dead and that hearing cannot happen.

    If possible wherever (FB) or other portals can be asked to (legally) to provide evidence in court for the crime.

    Feminists like ****mists will keep on trying to increase the intensity and frequency of their pin pricks to the extent that they will hold everyone by their throat, unless they are stopped by batting on front foot and hitting few of them out of the stadium for six.

    Lathon ke Bhoot bathon se nahin maante.


  2. Nitin, this is because we live in a gynocentric society.

    The most idiotic thing is when people talk about getting poor girls married, as though poor boys have a plant in their house on which money grows. One man in Gujarat got hundreds of poor girls married. I wonder why he didn’t get any poor boy married. Getting poor girls married has become a common expression, but no one cares for poor boys.

    My male colleague took a loan to get married, which he is not able to repay until today. He is young, and suffers from hypertension and high blood pressure due to the loan.

    When boys get kidnapped and killed, no one cares. When girls get kidnapped, it makes headlines.

    When crimes are committed against men, it is brushed under the carpet. When crimes are committed against women, it is printed on the front page.


  3. This girl is wrong in this case. A 15 yr old teenage boy do all this and nobody saw it. No msg, no proof. And after so much time she raised the matter again. The girls mentality told that she is feeling anger because that guy was not taking any interest in her and to proof that guy wrong she wrote that all in anger. She want to proof herself innocent. Instead she is something else. I think why Manav had performed suicide. Why Manav family not supported him. And if he have to suicide he should had killed that bitch 1st and then committed the suicide. Atleast both of the family should have suffered loss. Because of such high classes ill mentality girls the law and regulations made for women safety not works strictly. Police got confused Is something really happening with girl or the girl is accusing and it takes time. The way Manav performed suicide it means he faced a utter social pressure that was unable for him to manage. It’s also the mistake of parents of such bitches. Definitely her mother is a I’ll mannered women who not know how to manage the matters with mutual conversations. If Manav parents and that girl’s parents had managed it with mutual understanding it would not had happened. That girl is a culture less girl born from culture less mother.


  4. This girl is wrong in this case. A 15 yr old teenage boy do all this and nobody saw it? No msg, no proof. And after so much time she raised the matter again. The girls mentality told that she is feeling anger because that guy was not taking any interest in her and to proof that guy wrong she wrote that all in anger. She want to proof herself innocent. Instead she is something else. I think why Manav had performed suicide. Why Manav family not supported him. And if he have to suicide he should had killed that bitch 1st and then committed the suicide. Atleast both of the family should have suffered loss. Because of such high classes ill mentality girls the law and regulations made for women safety not works strictly. Police got confused Is something really happening with girl or the girl is accusing? and it takes time. The way Manav performed suicide it means he faced a utter social pressure that was unable for him to manage. It’s also the mistake of parents of such bitches. Definitely her mother is a I’ll mannered women who not know how to manage the matters with mutual conversations. If Manav parents and that girl’s parents had managed it with mutual understanding it would not had happened. That girl is a culture less girl born from culture less mother.


  5. This does not qualify as proof. This ‘analysis’ is only a speculation that was made AFTER assuming that she’s lying, which, just FYI, is the opposite of how evidence is supposed to function.
    And let me just get this out of the way early on, I extend my condolences towards the Singhs, and believe that any death is a tragedy including this. May he rest in peace.
    But let’s get back to your idea of ‘no means maybe and maybe means yes’. Of course she’s being harassed and pressurised into meeting him and he’s the victim. When you were kid and your friends told you “let’s go do drugs” and you say no, but they persist until you have no option but to agree, is that also an example of your idea of ‘no means yes’ facade? When a girl who is a stranger says no to having sex, it means no (for all the misogynistic pricks out there who thinks they can use this to justify It when they rape a girl). And agreeing to meet reluctantly under pressure DOES NOT translate to consent to have sex.
    You keep saying the most likely scenario is that she lied about it. You don’t seem like the kind of writer who’s stupid enough to miss this, but you do seem like someone who’s so biased that they can choose to ignore it, but another likely option, is that the whole deal with the wallet was an excuse to get her to be alone with him again. You seem to have missed that in your little rant. And I’d really like to see you explain why, even though they had an agreement that she would suck his dick for money, she still put the effort to resist and say no (while meaning yes). Your shoddy theory makes no sense. Since you claim to know so much about what happened, are you saying that she did suck his dick and then ran away and made this up? In that case why didn’t she take the money. Or are you saying that she didn’t suck his dick even though she agreed to and ran up? In that case, why did he still want to pay her?
    And this is what you consider proof? You keep insisting that Manav Singh wanted his side to be heard, so if you were so concerned with Manav’s side of it, you would’ve found Manav’s side of the story and that would’ve counted as (circumstantial) proof. Instead you’ve used his case to propagate your own “no really means yes” bs. How pretentious.
    Again, I wish Manav’s soul rests in peace and the victim’s (whoever it may be) families find it in their hearts to forgive each other


    • Do you even understand what ‘speculation’ really means? If you knew you wouldn’t have commented like a fool. Your whole comment thus becomes invalid. Fyi..the Bhavleen’s comment is analyzed here, I didn’t speculate her comment. Rest doesn’t need a reply.


      • And do you even understand what ‘proof’ really means? If you knew, you wouldn’t have written this article “like a fool” (your words not mine)

        the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

        Just to clarify, I didn’t mean that her message is speculation. I mean your whole theory that 1) she’s lying or 2) she was taking money or 3) she actually wanted to be raped, and all the other crap you say in your ‘article’ is a conjecture
        Seems like this is exactly what you’ve done. Where is this proof you keep speaking of? Oh yes my bad; you’re a genius because your whole idea of proof is that YOU BELIEVE she’s lying because the girls you know Occasionally say yes but mean no (without any contending testimony either). Solid 👌🏼

        I like how out of everything I said, all you could respond to was one word. Lazy or just couldn’t think of anything?

        And for whoever thinks I’m her relative, I was actually surfing the internet to find Manav’s side of the story so I could inform myself about the case better. But if this is the only argument that meninists can produce, you guys are doing a terrible job of sharing Manav’s story or providing any proof to defend him. I don’t need to justify anything she did because no one here can even prove that she did anything wrong.


        • Who said we need to prove anything to you? Manav’s family or friends can best describe his side of the story and that is not required to prove this case as false. Her statement is more than enough. If you don’t understand, then you need to first know how criminal trials are conducted.

          Her own statement is not only contradicting but self-implicating. I didn’t need to respond to you at all as I don’t think you have the brain to understand these. So, not any more time waste with you.


        • I can’t seem to reply back to @TMF, so I’ll just respond here.

          Well I’d assumed that since your headline does say “HERE’S PROOF”, there would be substantiated claims but alas, I was let down by your dismal idea of evidence.
          So someone who calls a biased interpretation of the apparent subtext of a screenshot of a message evidence is telling me how criminal law is supposed to work? Damn. Well I just thought I should inform you that there is a single competent judge who will listen to your little analysis and not burst out laughing because of how ridiculous it is. This case would never hold up in any court because it would only be acceptable if they could prove that the allegations are false, and there is no proof that ANYONE can provide for that. I haven’t seen a single person who shared anything saying “this is not how it happened. Manav insisted that that truth is…” because there is no other side to it, and you know it too, which is why you still haven’t answered any of my questions or actually responded to anything I said and have just been bantering about assumptions that you made about my intellect.

          I will ask my question again, and if you don’t answer I will assume that to be an admission that your theory is false. If she was taking money for a blowjob, did she run away after or before giving him a blowjob? If it was before, why was he still thinking of his wallet and paying her even though she hadn’t given him what they had agreed to? If it was after, why didn’t she take the money and shut him out instead? If it was an agreement that they had already made, why did she put in the effort to resist and fight and punch him? (And you did admit that she did in fact resist and fight, and the only problem was that when she said ‘no’ manav heard ‘yes’, correct?)

          And I can’t believe I didn’t bring up your your whole ‘Manav was so divine for controlling his sexual arousal’. Buddy, he didn’t stop because he’s some sage, he stopped because she ran away, and idk if you can do it, but having sex with someone who’s running away from you is kinda impossible.

          And since you do seem so convinced that her statements are self-implicating, please do explain how so, because like you only said in your article, everything you’ve written is crap. (“‘What crap?’ I am also thinking the same.”)


    • It seems this reply is from Bhavleen herself, or some close relative. No one else would come here specially after so many months to write such a long comment to justify what she did… so yeah, whoever you are.. hope she lands in jail soon or worst, people recognize her wherever she goes as the pathetic piece of shit responsible for the abetment of suicide of an innocent boy.


    • well said
      i agree,
      its very important that we know both sides of the story
      maybe the girl is wrong and manav was a victim.
      but what if its the other way round?
      if the girl is honest then why are people bashing at her without even knowing the actuality of the matter. and those so called “men” who are pestered by the word “feminists” and hate them for no good reason and are spreading more and more hatred.
      seriously are you scared that your ego is being risked.
      im not a feminist ,jic, i belive that even boys have to face harassement and abuse but that doesn’t mean that we start bashing someone just like that.
      this article is batshit and totally male centred.
      i just hope you get some sense.


      • Your comment shows you have no brains. The fact that you could not give any logical explanation of why this article is ‘batshit’ as you said, shows how well your brain works. ..SK had been desperate so far to prove his point, now you came from his vicinity to support him. Smells really bad..btw..I don’t forget – I can check IP addresses…and I know where you are coming from. are you Bhavleen herself and taking different names and using different IPs (and sometimes same) to prove your nutty logic? lol


    • The fact that you got stuck in Apsaras and couldn’t go beyond that to understand the analogy given, shows you probably need to give up the weed you are currently smoking. After that, try early morning meditation daily to make your brain functioning normally.


      • Says the guy who got stuck up on the word “speculation” and then just bounced because he knows he’s only written a load of crap 😂😂


        • No wonder you didn’t understand that. because not all people and all comments are worth replying. But I didn’t expect you to understand that as well. Wish your mother knew that 90% brain development happens before 5 years of age. But no worries. Early morning meditation can still help recover to some extent.


      • You’re deluded, man. That’s what I meant. Every line of this article is shit. Who tf are you to decide if her no was a yes or not? Take the no and fuck off. Y’all are so pathetic you can’t take rejection, and you make up your own deluded shit. BTW, just because a girl replies to your texts or agrees to meet with you doesn’t mean she deserves to get abused. You say “why did she reply bro it’s her fault” and then cry your asses off saying women are mean for not replying or leaving you on seen if they’re ignoring you because of YOUR behaviour. Now does it go beyond the ApSaRa crap that you wrote? and LMAO you really told ME to stop smoking weed after the absolute crap you wrote?
        There IS no analogy to understand. There’s no logic in this. period.
        ALSO men are not like lower animals, and the few decent men on this thread will agree with me. You CAN control your sexual urges. I’m a biologist, I study this shit. It’s no surprise if he did, in fact, back off once he realized she’s putting up a fight. your excuse is “Oh but she said he stopped so it must be a lie, because it’s hard for men to stop.” bro what are YOU smoking?

        Yes, it is possible that this couldn’t have happened. but it’s more probable that it did. My point is, your arguments are nonsensical 🙂


        • You are deluded assh0le..I have not decided anything ..I just proved it..you moron didn’t have the brain to understand that as well..If her ‘No’ meant ‘no’…she should not have met him…period. Simply because you write long comments..doesn’t mean I need to give long replies you idiot…just get lost and vent your frustration somewhere else.


  6. also what’s up with you and early morning meditation? geez calm down, insulting people doesn’t magically make you right lmao. why didn’t YOUR mama teach you that?


    • @TMF bro i used to whine the way you do when i was fucking 5 years old. Your proof is not fact based kid, so stop trying to justify yourself… So plz get your head out of your ass


      • This article is based on Bhavleen’s comment kiddo and that is a fact. I have proved that Bhavleen’s complaint was not fact based. It is called logical explanation and not all proof needs to be hard evidence, but you won’t understand, because to understand you need to understand a lot of other things.


        • Aise tatti likhke logic bulata hai? Arey wah. If it was logical reasoning, you wouldn’t have 3 different alternative explanations my man; there would be one. Logic doesn’t mean “if A then it is POSSIBLE/LIKELY that B is true. Usko conjecture ya theory bolte hai.

          And excuse you proof is literally the same as evidence 😂 tf do you mean ‘proof doesn’t have to be evidence’? Looks like you need your meditation to get your muddled thoughts on track.
          I know you think you’re trying to act cool but I don’t understand why you’re so adamant on embarrassing yourself so often. Your comebacks are getting more and more pathetic as this continues. “you wouldn’t understand because to understand you need to understand a lot of things” lmao loser


      • It doesn’t matter if you are a man. you can be a female or transgender and agree with anyone you want, that doesn’t prove you have ‘brain cells’. Many men think through their penis…not surprised.


        • @TMF Bhai bata rha hoon, yeh Bhavleen ke cousins, friends etc.. You can judge her/their desperation from the amount of effort they’re putting into trying to prove that this article is not correct but failing miserably at it.. LOL… I can tell you that for the majority of us, Bhavleen is a pathetic piece of shitty human beings who deserves to spend the rest of her fake life inside a jail cell. To her well-wishers who’re wasting time here commenting on this post – nobody gives a shit about what you think, so STFU.!!!! 😀 😀


    • This guy talks about how drugs are bad and the arguments he makes could ONLY have been thought of on drugs 😂
      And for what it’s worth, he’s not worth your time. You’re right he’s deluded. He’s so deluded that his whole idea of what logic means is distorted. Drop it. I know I have. Cretins like him are not worth the effort.


  7. this case is truly heartbreaking and i extend my condolences to manav’s family. i do not know what really happened and if the girl was indeed lying, it is disgusting that she is manipulating and abusing what little leverage a woman has in our slut-shaming, patriarchal society in which numerous women (and men) are sexually harassed and then blamed when they come out with their stories. okay, now that we have that out of the way…..

    is the person who wrote this article out of their fucking mind? ‘no means yes’? bhai kuch bhi? consent is literally the most uncomplicated thing in the world, you know exactly when the person you are having sex with is not okay with it. i am sick and tired of the media’s representation of women as some unsolvable, baffling mystery. a rapist knows exactly what they have done, they are not the ‘innocent preys’ of the victim’s ‘mind game or as this article has ridiculously put it, the ‘no means no paradox’. if you have 2 brain cells to rub together, you’ll know what a ‘no’ looks like.

    NO MEANS NO. short, sweet and simple. but at the same time, the absence of a ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes’. a person saying ‘i’m not sure’ or ‘i don’t know’ should also be taken as a NO. a person showing visible signs of distress or discomfort should also be taken as a NO. in fact, this deep, intricate ‘PARADOX’ of consent can be decoded by asking the simple question ‘is this okay?’, or, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ before having sex. it is not rocket science guys please. nobody has ‘accidentally’ raped anyone.

    also, this article has formed strange, baseless ‘theories’ lmao? if i agree to meet someone, maybe (just maybe) its not because i want to give him a blowjob? poof. is that very hard to digest? also, the entire ‘worshipping him like a sage’ para? bro you on crack? so we should start worshipping all men who are not FUCKING RAPISTS for the immense sacrifices they are making for our nation? a pat on the back for all men who keep it in their pants?

    on a serious note, RAPE HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX OR SEXUAL URGES. it is about dominance, control and power. the level of ignorance in the comment section here makes me afraid for the future of our country. modiji please we seriously need sex ed, consent and boundaries to be taught in schools please.

    p.s this is not my opinion on the case at hand, but simply my word of advice for the ignorant writer of this article and the other in the comments


    • If she really meant ‘No’, she should not have come to meet. period. Criminals can try to justify in any manner possible. If she meant ‘I am not sure’ she should have said that. No one can go into her mind and read. Only criminals or those women who want to misuse laws like her will support her.


    • Such a brainless comment.
      Firstly, your irreverence to the death of the guy is easily visible when you say,”we have that out of the way”.
      Then you say consent is simple, but then make it complex.
      “I am not sure” IS NOT “No”
      Visible signs of distress and comfort are entirely subjective and ARE NOT “No”. Unless someone is gagged or he is mute, he has the responsibility to be clear.
      If you cannot even say “No”, then it is YOUR PROBLEM. It is not someone else’s responsibility to presume you mean “No” when they do not say it.
      Then you say one should ask ‘is this okay?’, or, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ before having sex. I have seen many women touching their male partners without asking these questions. I would first suggest you go to all these romantic couples and ask them to refrain.

      Your last two points are also absurd. If you want men to “keep in their pants”, you are asking them to do something based on your liking. If you think that they should deserve no praise for that, then what you are just saying is that they be your slaves and do what you want. Lol.

      And that goes with the last point. Rape is not about dominance. If it was, everyone trying to dominate would be raping the other person.
      What is trying to do is to seek dominance over men and that is how everyone who is seeking dominance acts. They all believe that they can tell someone how they should behave, or that they can accuse someone falsely.

      Your views are so ignorant and regressive that they put all human rights under jeopardy.
      But they also attack the core of rationality itself.

      The writer is doing great job exposing the likes of you and no wonder you are upset at him.


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