Vedic India

Vedic India

I am on a journey to understand the rich heritage and cultural diversity of India. In this new series, titled Vedic India, I will explore Male Dominated Vedic India and will try to understand from Vedic Gurus, and Vedic literature about the existence of certain social customs (like Child Marriage, Polygyny, Sati and other customs) that existed in India in Vedic times but are considered as sinful or as offence today.

This series is motivated by a very controversial book “Women : Mothers or Masters” written by Bhakti Vikasa Swami of Krishna Consciousness Movement.

The primary aim of this series is to understand if the male domination in Vedic India was really discrimination against women as feminists’ often portray.

Also see – Analysis of Modern Feminist theories – here

  1. Child MarriageWhy Did Vedic India Have Child Marriage?

  2. How Padman Fooled You







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