This is Why Same-Sex Relationship Was Sinful in Vedic India

Same Sex relations
Same-Sex Relations – Only Recreation, Not Natural


Time was never so ripe than now to understand why gay/lesbian and other forms of sexual relations (other than the straight male-female relation) was considered sinful. This is because this is the time when Indian Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage and ‘Gender Neutral NZ’ (an organization in New Zealand wants to promote equality and conducted a gender attitude survey in the country) shames some New Zealanders for still believing in normal binary gender relations.

This is also because we the men’s rights activists (MRAs) around the world are asked why MRAs don’t fight for gay rights (or any other forms of weird sexual fantasies that some males may have; say for instance sex with animals, bricks, stones etc.). Under present-day situation and with the influence of some creatures in the form of humans (we will still call them humans) who can stretch their imagination to any extent possible to justify any act as their right and then start spreading the venom across so that others get affected as well, it is probably the best time to clear some feminist farts around this topic.

The Order of Nature

This is also pertinent to mention that if the Indian Supreme Court observation that ‘order of nature’ can change over time (while trying to strike down IPC 377 and legalizing gay relations) acted as a trigger for this article, a flurry of activities including making of a short film on a woman wanting to become Sunny Leone and showing how ‘oppressive’ the society is to stop her from being a ‘slut’ acted as a catalyst to clarify some basic facts of being humans who are distinctly different from other animals. This is also noteworthy to mention that the majority of men’s channels/blogs/sites promote such feminist videos and try to mould men’s thoughts in a feminist way. So, it is pertinent to reiterate some of the values that separate us from the animals.

If we look at any traditional society including the Vedic society indiscriminate sex was always prohibited. But the question that feminists often ask that if sex is the natural urge that the ‘god’ has created, then why it is a taboo to talk about sex or use one’s sexuality openly. They even go to the extent asking why sexual acts can’t be performed in the open when even Hindu temples carved sexual figures on them? Then, what is the problem in having sex in the open – say on the streets, in public transport etc.?

How Sex is Different in Humans and Animals

In traditional societies and especially in the Vedic Society, sex was considered as an act to serve the god where a man and a woman met in order to procreate and keep the human race going. What differentiated sex in humans and in animals was the very purpose of having it. However, sex can also be considered as recreational part of life, like the way feminists think today.

The very fact that humans can think and they can reach higher philosophical ground makes them unique and distinct from other animals. Animals do not have this philosophical thinking or they don’t need to create a culture or a society. Some animals may be close to the human intellect but they still don’t think of achieving higher values in life. For them, living daily life, hunting for food and roaming around is what life is all about. They may live together in families (like a society) to protect themselves from bigger animals, but they certainly don’t think about making progress in intellectual values or creating a culture. They don’t create history, humans do.

Even then, animals also don’t have indiscriminate sex. If we study animal behavior, we will see that most of them have a mating season where the males need to woo the female to have sex. The idea even in animals is to procreate and spread the genes. In lions and in monkeys as well, we find that after capturing a new group, the captor leader kills all children of the previous leader and mates with the wife of the previous leader. The idea here is to procreate and spread the stronger and winner genes. So, the ‘order of nature’ has always been and will always be to have sex for procreation and sustenance rather than recreation that feminists or our Supreme Court thinks.

The Natural and Unnatural Sex

So, contrary to what Courts are observing now, sex in any relationship other than the heterosexual one is not ‘natural’ as it is not procreational and hence it can’t be the ‘order of nature’. This is even sub-animal level thinking because even animals don’t have sex for ‘fun’. The problem with this thinking is that this promotes the recreational value of sex than the procreational value and goes against nature. This is even worst standards than animals. So, is it that the Supreme Court does not understand the values of Indian culture and is thus working against it?

When procreation (and not recreation) becomes the key to have a sexual relation, (in the Vedic era, even indiscriminate sex between legally wedded husband and the wife was prohibited, sex was allowed only when necessary); all forms of sexual relationship other than straight ones becomes against nature. Here the question of individual rights doesn’t come because a society needs to be based on responsibilities rather than on rights.

The Conflict Between Rights and Social Order

A pertinent question here is however what is the problem if two adult males (or females) engage in any type of sexual interaction (with males, females, both, animals, woods, rocks and what not) based on their choice and how can the society thrust its wish on such individuals? Even if in reality, if restricted sex can be considered as pro-nature and serving the god; what if these individuals do not want to serve the god? What if they don’t have any intention to reach spiritual high grounds and an elevated state of humanity? What moral grounds does the society have to ‘restrict’ such humans to live their lives?

To understand this, we need to understand the most important Vedic philosophy that talks about making a society based on individual responsibilities rather than rights. Since we all are a part of the society and we take resources from this society, our primary responsibility is to be ‘responsible’ to nature and to the society. In this aspect, the Vedic gurus say, individuals should not have ‘any’ rights and have only ‘responsibilities’. We exist for nature and hence the ‘nature’ comes first. Unless we all follow our responsibilities we can’t sustain our society. When everyone bothers about their individual rights, that interferes with others’ rights and creates a ‘hell’ of a society. A society based on ‘rights’, is the society of pigs, where everyone is free to roam around and do whatever they want, except when a bigger and stronger animal comes to discipline them.

Humans exhibiting their sexual fantasies like gay/lesbian sex openly promotes an unnatural and unhealthy form of living in the society. To do this, very often gay/lesbians and other non-binary genders go to the extent of shaming the normal straight relations and straight people. Very often heterosexual males become the target. Heterosexual women are also targeted by this group by shaming them as patriarchal slaves. As a result, we see masculinity in today’s females and femininity in today’s males. So, both genders are losing their own sexual characteristics and normal sexual behavior because this kind of social conditioning also brings hormonal changes. Women not able to conceive or having complications during pregnancy is a common phenomenon in India today. Where even a few decades ago, all child deliveries used to be normal deliveries, nowadays almost no child delivery is a normal delivery.  To ensure rights of an insignificant section of the society, we are today paying the price of destabilizing the very fabric of the society.

Why Non-Binary is Becoming A ‘Cool’ Gender Type

In today’s society, the non-binary genders are becoming ‘cool’. Those who openly exhibit their sexuality in any form and boasts about being a non-binary and demands to be accepted by everyone the way they are is also increasing. The reason majorly is the social conditioning by feminists, media and a large section of paid NGOs.

In this aspect, we need to understand the concepts of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ as sociologists perceive them. Unlike what we were taught in our childhood that both the terms mean the same, they are not. ‘Sex’ of an individual is determined by one’s sexual organ and ‘gender’ is determined by one’s social construct. So, a person with a male sex organ may identify oneself as a ‘female’ gender and may want to identify oneself as ‘she’, ‘her’ etc. In this aspect, gender is a complex combination of our chromosomes and hormones and social conditioning.

Since ‘gender’ is a social parameter, the social campaigns and promotion of non-binary gender and shaming of heterosexual people and relations play a major role in our psychology. These changes can change the sexual orientation of a person. (detailed psychological study – here).

The reason, non-binary gender is becoming more common with every passing day is this social conditioning of young people. Young minds are very susceptible to weird ideas and they are easy to mislead. So, there is no surprise why non-binary and fluidity of gender is becoming common in society today.


The Vedic society didn’t approve any of the animalistic characteristics of humans. Gay/lesbian and other forms of sexual relations were a strict prohibition in that society. Because they believed in serving the god even in sexual relations. Sex was meant to be strict to serve the ‘Order of Nature’ which is always procreation and can never be recreation.

Even if gays/lesbians might have existed in the Vedic era too and they did not (probably) express their desires openly due to social restrictions. Every human was required to follow the path of dharma and their responsibilities based on their position in the society. The social structure was set accordingly so that every individual in the society could perform their duties and reach self-realization goals as individuals and as a society. A society that ensures the development of everyone (only humans can do that, animals can’t) is a better society compared to the one that sucks humans to the level of the animals stuck in their sexual fantasies.


This article is part of Vedic India series. All articles in this series can be found – Here

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  1. Amazing article. And this is actually quite sensible too. Debunking the nonsense started by feminists and foreign NGOs is very important.


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