The Womanazis

The Womanazis is a series where men speak out about violence against them by women. These stories are shared with The Male Factor by its readers and followers. Stories in this series are –

  1. From the column of a male feminist – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
  2. Wife wanted to come out naked at midnight, shouting for help
  3. Adulterous wife’s transferred SMSs proved damaging for the husband
  4. Husband caught adulterous wife red handed with paramour, beaten up
  5. Adultery – when the choice is between suicide or murder
  6. Adultery – when you suddenly discover the child is not yours
  7. I Was Stripped By Police In Front of My Daughter
  8. This Woman Used Her Lover to Kill Her Husband, What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind
  9. Bangalore Woman Created Molestation Drama, Exposed
  10. Hidden Camera Reveals DIL Beating Her MIL Mercilessly
  11. Rohtak Sisters – They Are Not Bravehearts But Criminals
  12. Dowry Death – With A Difference
  13. Four Girls in Lucknow University Sexually Exploit Another Student