Top 15 Reasons Not To Date A Single Mom That You Need To Know

I came across this article favoring dating single mothers –

15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom

Single Mom

Here’s what the article states as reasons for a man to date a single mom but those points, in turn, reveal that a man should never date a single woman mother? Here’s why-

  1. Tough and Independent – So she likes to be like that and DO NOT need any partner. In fact, she should be let independent, else if anyone marries her, he will end up in divorce and paying her alimony.
  2. Great Mom – If she was, then she wouldn’t have separated the child from his father.I mean biological one..
  3. Incredibly patient but no tolerance for bad behavior – Only her husband knows whose behavior was bad in reality. She could have been the more violent partner. Conduct some tests to check if she is really patient. Details of the tests given in my article mentioned below.
  4. Takes relationship seriously – The biggest joke for a woman who decided to join single moms club and deprived a child and a father from their natural relation.
  5. Yes, all she bothers is about her and her child – A strong point to avoid all such mothers because if she really bothered, she would have first allowed joint custody of the child.
  6. Easy to pamper – So you can be charged with rape easily on this SOFT target principle…beware.
  7. Fiercely protective of her little brood – Another reason NOT too mingle with single moms. She may not accept your child and will want you to do everything for them. Careful..
  8. She can articulate what she wants – and the problem is.. this will keep on increasing day by day..
  9. Practical and fun – Practical when she took away the child from his father. huh. Fun – maybe she had fun sex around, got caught and then divorced…too much fun may not be good for your relationship.
  10. No party girl, only fun night out – I said it in an earlier point… a child is a fun for her, it happens in a night out, you know…
  11. Selfless – Contradictory to points #1, 4, 5, 6, 8,. Shows this is written by a hypocrite.
  12. Not sure..even if they are – do you marry for these?
  13. You can travel to zoo etc. even with a non-mother. Play with toys if you fact, board games are better for family bonding. But do you know if your child from a previous marriage will get some attention from her?
  14. She’s adaptable – So she is a single mom (could not adapt to the previous husband) to show that trait and you need to marry her for that ..the biggest joke of the century..
  15. Single moms are super appreciative of a helping hand – BULLSHIT. This point does not go well with point #5. If she is independent she will not like anyone help her or even if someone is helping her, she will not like to give the credit to the person..A single mother will always take credit for all the good things in her life. Because she is INDEPENDENT.
5 Reasons to avoid single moms


Read real-life experiences of people who married single mothers –

What Happens When You Marry a Single Mom

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  1. Marrying a willfully so-called ‘single-mother’,
    is a life sentence metered by the second,
    for the impulsive man, who falls for it.


    You have a great life ahead of you.
    Don’t waste it on a narcissist,
    who slaughters her husband and children,
    shreds family and community bonds,
    in the vainglorious machinations of
    ‘Having it all’.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think there is confusion around dating and marriage. Dating is casual and burdenless. Both are aware that they can quit anytime. However, in India, some women file rape, in the event that the women will not find another sexual partner, even though they have had consensual sex for extended periods. The concept of dating has not matured and is not well understood by both sexes in India.


    • True! Dating is to know each other and be sure that you are compatible. If one cannot handle breakup and can’t move on, it’s better to go for a arranged marriage and not have a physical relationship before marriage. Women cannot file cases because she was fooled by the man who promised to marry.The girl needs to be educated by parents that this can happen and so better not be in a physics relationship before marriage. There are women too who promise men and then break it and marry some other guy who they feel is financially better than the one whom they are dating. So men and women both can be fooled.


      • Today feminists only promote sex in all possible ways. Not agreeing with them, amounts to be shamed as mentally retards, chauvinist, moral guardian etc. Media, foreign paid NGOs and politicians promote that every day. Hence, we should not expect good relations in days to come because everything is sex oriented and women who are not so good looking, average in education etc. should not expect to get married while good looking women continue to have multiple ‘open’ relations and extort men through those. Men are also responsible for their action in that way because these men also support feminism.


  3. I thought this article was a joke but you were so serious. I don’t leave comment on other opinion very often because I respect people. I just want to say this, you have your point but It was so disrespectful. People will look at you as a cheap ass. How many single mom that you have known in your life? You should step outside and meet more people around instead of “ making more trash”… plus, if you don’t know what you are talking about, you should quiet. Do not hurt others because your selfishness. Unbelievable….so Stupid and selfish.


      • Partha,
        So unfair? That woman might not be a frustrated single woman but a woman who feels it is so unfair. I feel it’s very unfair to generalize single dads or single moms
        It feels like you want the women who got divorced to be punished for being divorced.
        Are you saying that women who are all getting divorced for valid reasons should not have the right to be respected and move on with their lives…..
        A friend of mine told me about his cousin who recently got divorced the second time. Please don’t tell me these are long back stories. This happened recently. The first person was physically abusive and the second turned to be a gay. She has a child and she decided to move out and decided never to get married. How do I know so many stories? Through friends, cousins relatives and parents Who helped others in ways possible for them.


        • hehe…how do we know that a woman is getting divorced for a valid reason or not. When we make everyone the same and there is no way to punish errant women, no matter what no woman (divorced) can be trusted. Because we don’t have any magic formula to know what went behind the divorce. We only know a woman is never punished for her gender no matter what her behavior was. This is good enough reason to boycott all divorced woman.


        • Punished for what? For getting divorced? Those who have filed false dowry cases to be punished…..otherwise why would anyone be punished for getting divorced….the lady I talked about hasn’t filed any cases or asked for any maintainence ….


        • And from the fact that one has got divorced, how do we know that she has not filed false dowry case? Is there any mechanism to know that she is not telling lies? When all laws blindly support women, and there is no fairness, there is no trust as well.


  4. this whole thing is bullshit. i know a few single mothers. they are not any of theses things. in fact, most guys leave the mother because they cant grow the fuck up. they can’t be held down by a child. too much responsibility. So the mother has to raise this child alone. they learn to take care of two people. theyre strong women.


  5. I really thought this was a joke too. who would create something so stupid. do you know any single mothers? Do you have any children? Do you even have a relationship. i really doubt you do. This is retarded. How do you make a website if you don’t, or haven’t met a single mom. Women are put down for the stupidest shit. Mothers, in fact SINGLE mothers are strong especially. If they left there husband or man, because he was endangering the child. I know a mother that left her boyfriend after she found out she was pregnant, because he wanted to get into a gang, did hard drugs. Stuff a child should not be in the middle of. Then they’re are men like y’all that put women down. the mother held that child in her body for 9 months. Which is crazy by the way, in pain. Might I add. Then raises a child alone. she turns into a hard working person. What Man wants a lazy women, or one that not responsible, or that depends on everyone. Y’all probably live in your parents basement. Not getting any pussy. Y’all are not men, but children yourselves.


    • Looks like a very frustrated single mom talking..sorry yelling. btw..if they are so strong, isn’t it better to leave them that way…STRONG!!!….because they don’t need men men can be happy without them.


  6. Wow…I can’t believe someone would write something like this. This article is so disgusting and disrespectful. You must of been burned pretty bad little boy


    • Looks like a single mom just got triggered. Lol.. oh yes..someone who can wish someone else to get burned. Shows why single moms should be avoided at all costs. Another point I missed, they may burn the man who marries them.


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