Top 15 Reasons Not To Date A Single Mom That You Need To Know

I came across this article favoring dating single mothers –

15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom

Single MomHere’s what the article states as reasons for a man to date a single mom but those points in turn reveal that a man should never date a single woman mother? Here’s why-

  1. Tough and Independent – So she likes to be like that and DO NOT need any partner. In fact she should be let independent else if anyone marries her he will end up in divorce and paying her alimony.
  2. Great Mom – If she was, then she wouldn’t have separated the child from his father..I mean biological one..
  3. Incredibly patient but no tolerance for bad behaviour – Only her husband knows whose behaviour was bad in reality. She could have been the more violent partner. Conduct some tests to check if she is really patient. Details of the tests given in my article mentioned below.
  4. Takes relationship seriously – The biggest joke for a woman who decided to join single moms club and deprived a child and a father from their natural relation.
  5. Yes all she bothers is about her and her child – A strong point to avoid all such mothers because if she really bothered, she would have first allowed joint custody of the child.
  6. Easy to pamper – So you can be charged with rape easily on this SOFT target principle…beware.
  7. Fiercely protective of her little brood – Another reason NOT too mingle with single moms. She may not accept your child and will want you to do everything for them. Careful..
  8. She can articulate what she wants – and the problem is.. this will keep on increasing day by day..
  9. Practical and fun – Practical when she took away the child from his father. huh. Fun – may be she had fun sex around, got caught and then divorced…too much fun may not be good for your relation..
  10. No party girl, only fun night out – I said it in earlier point…child is a fun for her
  11. Selfless – Contradictory to points #1, 4, 5, 6, 8,. Shows this is written by a hypocrite.
  12. Not sure..even if they are – do you marry for these?
  13. You can travel to zoos etc even with a non mother. Play with toys if you fact board games is better for family bonding. But do you know if your child from previous marriage will get same attention from her?
  14. She’s adaptable – So she is a single mom (could not adapt with previous husband) to show that trait and you need to marry her for that ..the biggest joke of century..
  15. Single moms are super appreciative of a helping hand – BULLSHIT. This point does not go well with point #5. If she is independent she will not like anyone help her or even if someone is, to give the credit to the other person..A single parent will always take credit for all the good things in her life. Because she is INDEPENDENT.

5 Reasons to avoid single moms


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  1. Marrying a willfully so-called ‘single-mother’,
    is a life sentence metered by the second,
    for the impulsive man, who falls for it.


    You have a great life ahead of you.
    Don’t waste it on a narcissist,
    who slaughters her husband and children,
    shreds family and community bonds,
    in the vainglorious machinations of
    ‘Having it all’.


  2. I think there is confusion around dating and marriage. Dating is casual and burdenless. Both are aware that they can quit anytime. However, in India, some women file rape, in the event that the women will not find another sexual partner, even though they have had consensual sex for extended periods. The concept of dating has not matured and is not well understood by both sexes in India.


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