20 Man-Made Innovations Women Can’t Live Without

No matter how much feminists shout about science being sexist, these 20 innovations made by men that women can’t live without proving that men have always tried to take care of women and were bothered about inclusive growth –

  1. Baby Carriage
Baby Carriage

In 1733, William Kent who was a renowned English landscape garden designer designed a toy for babies where babies could sit, play and that could be pulled by a pony, goat or a dog. He designed it after the Duke of Devonshire instructed him to do so.

This design impressed parents so much that in the 1840s even Queen Victoria ordered three such carriages. Today baby carriage is an essential part of a family’s life. With traditional gender roles, this innovation was made to ease the burden on women along with making it entertainment for the babies.

2. Birth Control Pill

Birth Control Pill

Gregory Pincus invented the birth control pill in 1952 while he was working as a Biologist at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology.

This pill has freed women from the fear of unnecessary pregnancy and liberated them from the need of being indoors. With this innovation, women got a choice of their sexual freedom, freedom of bodily choice and freedom of reproductive choice. After this invention we see a new wave of feminism starting.

Still, feminists say science is gender biased and inventions were only made for men or for their benefit.

3. Blender


Preparation of smoothie or milkshakes were made an easy affair after the invention of the Blender by Stephen Poplawski in 1922.

In the 1920s both milkshakes and malted milk drinks were popular but these used to come in lumps. Blender gave them a smooth texture. That made the preparation of milkshakes much easier. Women received the maximum benefit as preparation of a healthy drink was just a few minutes matter after this invention. A man once again tried to free women from their duties.

4. Breast Implant

Breast Impants

They use this technique to enhance their beauty. Many women suffer from low self-esteem if they have small breasts. If globally women are using any artificial methods to attract men, the breast implant is one. Many actresses could make their career after such artificial implants. And Austrian Surgeon Dr. Vincenz Czerny was the first doctor to have done a successful breast implant operation in 1895.

5. Color Television

Color Television

Ever since Color TV, women have been its biggest consumers. If feminists found it easier to promote their hatred against men it was through daily soaps and use of television media. Even today soaps make housewives glue to their television sets. The invention of color television in 1928 by John L Baird only made the experience more colorful for women.

Yes, women, it was a man’s gift to you so that you do not get bored in the safe haven of your homes. When they continued to slog through boring and tiring work outside homes, they wanted to make your life beautiful. It is the feminists who used it as a medium to spread their venom.

6. Condom


In 1564, Italian anatomist Gabriele Falloppio designed a condom from a linen sheath that protected women from getting pregnant. Later in 1844, Charles Goodyear patented a process that transformed a rubber into a strong elastic material that was later made into condoms.

Falloppio used pink ribbons to attract ladies to use it. This shows that our scientists as early as 1564, did think about liberating women and ensuring their sexual freedom.

7. Economic Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads

Arunachalam Murugunatham of Coimbatore developed low-cost sanitary pads for women. This innovation not only changed the life of his wife but changed lives of many other rural girls who used to leave education on attaining puberty.

His story tells us how much he had suffered in the process of this innovation. None of his women relatives stood by his side. But this innovation has created doors of education for many girls. A man yet again showed concern for women and dedicated his life to change the lives of millions of other women worldwide.

8. Electric Vacuum Cleaner

Electric Vacuum Cleaner

If women today blame men for closing them up in homes and keeping them busy with household work, it was the men who came forward time and again in history to ease things up for women. The invention of the electrical vacuum cleaner was one such invention.

In 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth designed the first ever electrical powered vacuum cleaner which was later made portable and handy for household use.

9. Food Processor

Food Processor

The modern-day item that is available in almost all kitchen today is Food Processor that continues to make cooking easier and less time consuming for women. A French catering services salesman Pierre Verdun invented food processor in 1971 when he saw his clients (women) wasting a lot of time in the kitchen.

If feminists say men wanted to keep women confined in the kitchen and enjoy all good things of the world, you know that is not true at all.

10. Food Mixer

Hamilton Beach - Food Mixer

Chester Beach and L H Hamilton invented food mixer in 1908. This device ran on both AC and DC power and revolutionized home cooking in 1908. They had developed a host of other electrical products for household cooking.

You understand that how much concerned patriarchal inventors were to free up women from their domestic duties, but will feminists listen?

11. Frozen Food

Birdseye frozen food

If innovations in electrical equipment to make household work easier were not enough, men have also invented a mechanism to keep food items healthy for a longer time and prepared ready-to-eat food. This was one more step closer to women’s liberation as this invention by Clarence Birdseye in 1924 freed up women from cooking daily.

A reality in many homes today, this invention was surely one step closer to liberating women from the kitchen.

12. In-Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the technology of artificial insemination that gave many infertile couples the joy of having babies. Chinese Doctor Dr. Chueh Chang worked with the pioneer of oral contraceptive Gregory Pincus and developed this method and demonstrated this for rabbits. Later this was successfully tested in humans and first test tube baby was born in 1978.

IVF is a technology that can give the happiness of being mothers to many women in the world and there were two men who were behind this invention. Feminists like it or not it was the oppressive men in history who worked for women’s reproductive rights and also for their reproductive freedom.

13. Liposuction


The fat acceptance advocates or ugly #fatkini feminists may not like this but the reason many women look attractive today and can easily fight life-threatening diseases is a method developed by Italian Gynecologist Dr. Giorgio Fischerin 1974.

Even though being fat is predominantly a male problem worldwide, fat women get into additional problems like issues with the conception that complicate their life. This invention ensures them a good life and stays healthy and attractive. Well, feminists may hate this body shaming, but many film stars are sustaining in the industry due to this innovation.

14. Mirror (glass)

Mirror in 1835

“Mirror, mirror tell me who is the most beautiful?”

Mirror, one of the main source of many jealousy and fantasies of the world would have been observed by even primitive men on the still surface of the water. But the modern technology of coating a glass surface with silver or mercury to transform it into the mirror was developed by Justus Von Liebig.

So you know it was a man who showed women how beautiful they are. Also, it was a man who is the reason behind ugly #Fatkini loving feminists to hate other beautiful men and women around.

15. Modern Safety Bicycle

Modern Safety bicycle

“Women need men as fish need bicycle”

This male hating feminist propaganda wouldn’t be created if in 1885 John Kemp Starley didn’t make the first ladies’ friendly bicycle. Really science and scientists were so sexist that they were concerned about women’s freedom and invented something to give them freedom of movement.

One more male invention that was the first step of feminists’ freedom.

16. Refrigerator


If making household work easier for women through different scientific inventions were not enough, it was two men who invented the refrigerator to keep cooked food and vegetables fresh for a longer time, giving women the freedom of choice from the kitchen.

Feminists should keep their idea of gender-biased science in cold storage now.

17. Safety Pin &

18. Sewing Machine

Safety Pin Sewing Machine

Other two important inventions for women’s safety and making their household work easy was the invention of a safety pin and the sewing machine. The Sewing machine later provided for self-employment opportunities to many women as well.

Safety pin not only helped save women from many embarrassing situations by holding their clothes in place, it helped women from saving themselves at times. Husbands who got pricked by wife’s safety pin can still blame a man for inventing it. That may not stop feminists from bad-mouthing men as oppressive though.

19. Telephone


The telephone was one more invention by a man that brought long distance relations closer. Even though in the era of mobile phones it is dated now, but the invention of telephones kept housewives in touch with others including their parents.

This was an important device followed by mobile phones that brought the women chatterboxes together while the oppressor husbands continued to pay the bills.

20. Washing Machine

Washing Machine

American Alva J Fisher developed washing machine to ‘solve the hardest problem of American household’. A big necessity in every household today, this invention was yet another that was aimed at liberating women from household work.

We saw how all through the history of mankind, men have shown concern for women and tried to liberate them from traditional roles. The above 20 are just a few examples that science was not sexist and patriarchy was not oppressive to women. Women, on the other hand, will not be able to show similar contribution by them in the field of science and technology. Feminists will still say – ‘Science is sexist and gender biased against women’.

Really ‘Women need men as Fish need bicycle’



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