Guys – Please Think Through Your Brain, Not Penis

Dedicated to my friend Veerendra P of Bangalore

The Phallic architecture

If you think this is a sleazy article and is going to be overloaded with sexual content you are wrong. Because the concept I am going to discuss is more philosophical than sexual.

First time I came across this concept in a counseling session of male victims when a fellow counselor jokingly remarked to one victim that “please don’t think through your penis, use brain”. Everyone laughed, including the victim. The first level understanding of the statement was “make use of your brain properly”. But as I kept on thinking about the statement I realized that it is deep-rooted in the male behaviour of thinking which I shall explain in this article with examples.

This statement means that very often in relationship matters male decision-making ability is overshadowed by their preference for their sexual partner rather than logical reasoning. Even though both kinds of thought process is driven by and controlled by our brain, men make a lot of mistakes when their sexual innuendos interfere logical unbiased thinking.

To understand this, we need to understand how men make mistakes in several decisions with respect to their relationship. It is found that the so-called ‘stronger’ sex is actually ‘weak’ in sexual and emotional matters. Sexual matters – because they can hardly stand a few minutes in a sexual act (I am not talking about porn heroes) while most of the time the woman is still not done. Men’s urge may be sudden and quick but they lack sustenance. Whereas women are sexually stronger gender because they can satisfy multiple such men at a time and still be undone.

Men are also emotionally weak in relationship matters because they are manipulated by their partners most of the time. It starts with paying her mobile bills to buy her gifts or simply pursue her even after repeated failed attempts.

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In marital matters too men take several wrong decisions because of their preference for their partner and ignore cruelty by her as explained below –

She is not responsible for false cases against me, it’s the society/relatives/NGOs/police/court that is responsible – Very often men undergoing harsh treatment in false cases think that their wives were not guilty of filing such false cases but others were responsible. Even after undergoing jail term, losing their job due to such complaints, men think highly of their partners while their partners may be thinking of them as losers.

My child is in safe and most reliable custody when he is with his mother – Men, in general, think mothers are great and they love their mothers the most. The same thought process goes for their wives too when they see their children are with them. Even if these women had actually denied visitation of these men to their children but continued accepting child maintenance from them. These women might have thrown these men out of their own house and living with their paramour.

These men do not realize that these single mothers are the cruelest mothers in the world. They are not only poisoning little minds but also depriving them of their biological fathers. Very often these single mothers boast of playing both roles of a father and a mother without realizing that all they are doing is instilling falsehood and lies in a child’s life. So the men who feel comfortable with their children being safe in the hands of mothers is actually wrong and lack logical thinking.

My wife might have had illicit affair or has an illicit child but she still loves me – Normally men get furious when they find their wives having affair. But there are some who still believes that his wife might have gone astray a few times but she actually loves him. Some men feel that their wife is not their property so she is free to do whatever she wants. These men continue to trust their wives even after catching them red-handed. They continue to believe that their wives love them and will refrain from immoral behaviour in future. In one case I have seen that even after finding out that his wife gave birth to an illicit child and was cheating him for years, the man still felt bad for his wife and continued to disbelief that she was, in fact, cruel to him.

If we look deep in all the above examples we find that men very often take such decisions whenever they put their preference for their sexual partner before their own interests. This happens mostly due to the provider and protector roles assumed by men. Protectors feel ashamed to admit that they can’t protect themselves from the women they are supposed to protect, providers get a feeling of failure in their assumed role when their wives are dissatisfied with them. In both situations, a man loses his respectful identity.

So all men need to shun their provider and protector roles and be respectful of their own life and liberty first. Very often the threat is from within their lives but men do not realize that. If they have a clear logical thinking they can identify such cruelties early in life.


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  1. Interesting article. I read some interesting things about sex. But I am not sure if men are sexually weaker. One can try kegel, kapalbhati, nauli kriya, agnisara, etc, or simply sexual chi Kung to last forever. Check the net. Men too can have multiple dry whole body orgasms and most women need good health to have orgasm(s). Men are physically weak because of lifestyle and wage slave sedentary jobs. How do you think the kings were managing so many wives?

    And emotionally anglicised men are weak in the modern age because of our upbringing. I have concluded that the anglicised Indian men can become psychologically strong, but with efforts. I am learning martial arts to shed my nice guy thinking.

    Partha, your articles are generally good, but I disagree with most things here. I consider the modern anglicised Indian to be weak. So, I wouldn’t consider him to be an example of biological determinism. Besides biological determinism is intellectual laziness in my opinion.

    With Regards
    Non red pill non blue pill man


      • Men can’t last longer because of their past habits, primarily “masturbation” , masturbation reduces your length of intercourse. And it’s a wrong notion that women can satisfy more than 1 man..that’s true for only a small popupation. A big chunk of women can’t even satisfy one man, that estimates up to 30-32% of women’s population in any race. They rarely feel the urge for sex in their lives. Now…coming to the bigger population of 40-45% other women These women are average…they do get sexual urges occasionally( like once in a month) sometimes in years… The urge frequency differs from one woman to another. But even they can’t satisfy more than 2 men because that requires energy…a lot of energy to have sex for women…just letting someone fuck because they have a hole doesn’t mean they are capable of performing. Performing requires energy…and most even have energy for only one man whether average women or the asexual ones( who don’t feel the urge at all) …and the rest 15-20% of women are highly sexual and it takes a big foreplay to satisfy them and any man can satisfy them as long as he is healthy. Today..wrong habits result in premature ejaculation. For I, easily last 13 minutes…but foreplay is necessary to get the woman aroused.

        Men also have two types…but all men can improve their sexual performance by a lot of measures. Today…the introduction of porn has made men crazy. A child attains puberty and starts masturbating thus leading to a fall in his quality of sperm and stamina ( in terms of length). And later on in adulthood he finds himself sexually weak.

        But anyway, any man, unless not an enuxh can improve his sexual stamina and strength to great levels.


    • Anglicization of Men changes the “thought process” thereby affecting the “natural” disposition and behaviour of men result being men conducting themselves in an “excessively controlled” and “overly restrictive” fashion.

      Anglicization makes Men “overly critical” of themselves.
      Men get “overwhelmed with guilt” constantly over their minute mistakes.


  2. Is 498a used as much against Christian men and Muslim men in India for financial gain? There isn’t much to be gained by wife if the man is Muslim or Christian. I look at the facts I see how isolated we(I) are. Laws are made different for all religions. Looking at facts doesn’t make one a communalist. This is funny, you may think that you are with all Indians, but many Indians don’t need us. I will be specific here. It is only the city bred Hindu men who mostly are at the receiving end here. I saw a Video of a Muslim victim too. But then, he too was an educated guy and the number of non hindu men are comparatively low. Our plight is not shared by others here. Besides we are getting attacked from multiple angles. I respect all religions, atheists and ideas as long as they respect me.

    As Indians we are being attacked and demoralised. As Hindus we are being attacked and demoralized. As men we are being attacked and demoralized.
    And the Indian MRAs are appearing on news media, the same entity that attacks men left and right. Indian MRAs are seeking justice from the government, courts, etc. The same institutions that are harassing men.

    And I won’t generalise women anymore. I have been more intimate with women than most men. I am not bragging here. I have understood that women are not the problem. They never were a problem and never will be. Women’s misuse of laws is a symptom of a much much deeper problem.

    You told me to comment on the blog and not Facebook. I did comment. I am deleting my Facebook account. Hopefully we will meet one day. People are so tamasik nowadays. It was refreshing to see a blog with selfless purpose.

    ‘Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.’
    Malcolm X


  3. Well i dont completely agree with examples given to illustrate men making wrong decisions. In all the examples cited…it is very clear tht whosoever instigated the wife to act in a certain way the burden of respnsbility and facing cobsequences solely lies with her. No second thughts abt it. If any male thnks like d way given in examples then i dont see bigger fools than them on earth


  4. -[The “Genesis of feminism” still remains a mystery to quite a few.
    Did it result with a substantial “pre-planning” before manifesting itself into the main stream culture or did it just simply happen “spontaneously” catching fire along its way.
    The manner in which it was and is being backed by the governments worldwide and the effect it had on the “legislature” and the systematic functioning of the governments and upon the individuals is noteworthy.

    Feminism started as an ideology but it is no more an ideology.
    It is apparently a cult which has “enduring” effects upon its adherents and the effects are mostly ‘ irreversible’.

    It is no less than a religion probably relying on a “living or a dead” deity.

    Existence of a “ritualistic cult”
    within the circles of feminism is a possibility that cannot be brushed away without proper speculation. ]


  5. Orginators who scripted down ‘feminist movements’ across the globe must have had deep understanding of the “female brain” and its working who were specialists in the field of “neural sciences”.
    ‘Feminism’ transformed into a global phenomena which could not have been possible without deep seated “power bases” shared across the countries where it exerted its “catastrophic” influence.


  6. The article is thought provoking, our family lives have been ruined by gender biased laws which are promoting #fake498a,#fake Domestic Violence cases, and fake Dowry cases and ladies, her parents are extorting money from innocent husbands and his family members. Such laws must be thrown in dust bins. POTA was created during NDA rule to fight terrorism and they lost election simply due to this Act which was repealed immediately but gender biased laws are legally terrorising the nation, spoiling families, youths and no one is ready to listen our voice. Go on writing and also write books for the guidance of youths. we are with you to assist you in this great work for the welfare of humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. A ‘freedom struggle’ by the ‘citizens of India’ seems to be “necessary” to “free India from feminism” so that the ‘Feminist’ Legislations and Feminist Organisations are done away with.

    No change manifests until the voice of each and every victim of feminism “percolates” deep within every soul on the surface of Earth.
    A ‘Feminist Free India’ has to be the dream of every ‘thoughtful’ Indian.

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  8. Simple laws with an effective system to
    implement them with smart policing and good governance are enough to minimise the occurence of crimes be they be against men or women.
    Legislations which benefit a few as to many have to be “annulled” by the establishment.
    Readers of the blog must notice that whatever is being written here is not for entertainment or a time pass but is written to bring to the notice the injustices and atrocities committed against especially Indian Men in the name of Women Empowerment.
    Many of those on this side were once on your side and the issues which are brought on this forum cannot be simply dismissed as mere rants by some misogynists or male chauvinists who are trying to get even with women.

    Many of those who associate with the “Mens Movement” are degree holders and are educated from good institutes whose future was utterly “ruined” by the loud and proud feminists.

    Whatever the “selfless” Work being done by them is being done by them with the the noblest of intentions to educate the fellow Indians to shed away their blankets of ignorance and expose them to the impending reality.

    Please try to contribute to the blog and share your ideas regarding how to raise the decibels of the neglected voices.

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    • Well said. In fact to have this understanding and realization one needs to undergo a lot of changes in oneself. Not every one can do that unless one has undergone the same situation or can think through a clear mind. Hope more Indian men take note of this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The biggest win for us would be to cut down the water being nurtured to the trees. Look at it this way: There is a constant push by feminazis, a constant energy of women’s crowds at work but to gather these crowds ..a huge planning, team and networks are required… That means there is a huge of flow of money at the core of this.

        Women are turning sluts in this generation because they are not taught those old values of Indianism, of those TV shows telecasting ramayan and Mahabharata… They used to be a great source of Indian values just. A decade or more ago. Where have those shows gone? Why has the media changed? There is a big power at work: money…. It is money making everything westernised. Why are western serial’s are catered to our children like ice cream? It promotes promiscuousness. A craving for sex at an early age and what not? Look at the youths of Delhi who have grown up watching them. These things are being subtly inducted into the minds of the young children. Bollywood itself is promoting all this idiocy. Bollywood must be destroyed first. Too much of sex and illicit stuff being served in Bollywood movies. Look at the new ones. Media is also to be blamed.

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  9. Men are already refraining from marriages and relationships with women in fear of being thrown in jail except the ignorant few.

    Government is preferring to be tongue tied fearing a reprisal from the feminist media and the feminists alike.A sense of direction seems lacking on the part of the government in taking down the battalions of feminists who seem everready to pounce on those who dare to even question them.
    Majority of women stay silent refusing to atleast acknowledge the dangers of rampant misandry.
    Mostly Men and only Men are left to defend themselves.
    Building bridges may not be easy as writing but in the matters of threat to justice which is taken as a joke by many who laugh,delay must not be made in the slightest.

    Politicians use the political clout to secure themselves from the feminist onslaughts and nowadays even they seem to be vulnerable.

    Structures of Feminism are built with not only money but also through “intelligent” planning.
    Government has been more or less successful in containing the Feminist Non Governmental Organisations which have been mushrooming at one point of time out of seemingly no where.

    Any Political Organisation which promises to address most of the Mens issues must be preferred to be voted to power by the Mens Rights Activists and the Men alike as most of the women would “instantly” be showing ‘The Finger’ to any Organisation which comes forward to take up the cause of “Men and their Rights”.

    Bureaucrats of the country must also need to change their outlook and perspective on the Rights of Men.
    They, even they, are not safe from the dangers of feminism.

    It is highly unfortunate that even the bureaucrats of the nation who are the Bed Rocks of the governance had to be falsely implicated under the gynocentric laws and quite a few such instances eventualised which have safely escaped the eyes of many.

    A master plan was planned from outside of India to weaken India and the Government and the Constitutional institutions and a few bureaucrats had to fall prey to the plan.
    A segment of the media seems to be affliated in carrying out the plan to demoralise India at the time.

    Our appeal for ” justice and empathy” cuts across professions, gender, caste and religious differences.

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