5 Clothing Fit Tricks Every Guy Should Know

5 clothing fit tricks every guy should know

Entered the store, liked the outfit and tried it – It looked good to check out in mirror but when worn in front of the friends or colleagues, they point out the minute detailing errors that you missed to notice and then that suit sits in your wardrobe for months and years because you don’t feel like wearing it anymore. Does this situation seem familiar to you? Or do you dread being a victim of such shopping slip?

One way out of such an eventuality could be that you take somebody along the next time you go shopping. But what if nobody is available and you need to go for emergency shopping or the person you took along with you is as naïve as you when it comes to shopping and styling? You won’t be able to blame anybody but yourself at the end if any slip-up will happen later!

And, if it a suit I am sure then it won’t just spoil your mood but will hurt your pocket too. After all, a business suit is not a regular thing to purchase, nor it comes in regular pricing bracket. Wouldn’t it be better if you are aware of the fitting hacks and can check by yourself if a suit is fitting you perfectly?

Yes, we understand that selecting and shopping for men’s suit is just as (maybe more) difficult as purchasing a dress for women and since they have their own hacks and tricks listed to figure out if the dress actually fits them well or not, why should the men be discriminated on fashion grounds?

Do not worry! Dear Men, we are going to disclose 5 simple fit tricks for you that you can use the next time you will go shopping alone (or somebody) to save you from any regrets or disappointments later.

  1. The Shoulder to Wall Trick

Purpose: It will prevent you from buying a suit blazer or jacket that is too big in size


  1. Put on your jacket, sports coat or blazer and lean towards a wall from the outer side of your shoulder.
  2. If the shoulder pad of your jacket meets the wall first and the fabric scrunches up before you touch it then you would know that it is too big.
  • Remember! The less the pad overhanging will be, the better it is.
  1. The Hug Test

Purpose: It will keep your seam from hanging and the torso comfortable


  1. Put on your jacket/blazer or shirt and look at yourself in the mirror.
  2. Now open your arms and move forward as if you are going to hug somebody.
  • If it will feel like your seam is going to burst then it is definitely not a good fit for you.
  1. Either you should try a different brand or a size up in the same brand.
  2. Curled Fingers Test for Jacket Length

Purpose: It will help you to figure out the perfect jacket size for your body


  1. While you have your suit blazer or jacket on, let loose your arms at the sides.
  2. Curl up your hand fingers and the jacket’s tail is supposed to rest in the crevice that your fingers have formed.
  • If the fabric is all bunched up, it is visible long and if it dangles by an inch or so then it is short.
  1. It should fit in just perfectly.
  2. The Fingers Trick for Collar Size

Purpose: It prevents strangulation


  1. Button up your shirt till the top and stick two fingers between your collar and neck at the side.
  2. Comfortably fitting up to two fingers is acceptable but if there is space for more fingers then it is too big a size for you.
  • The aim is too neither have too much gap that is noticeable, not to suffocate self.
  1. Handshake/ Armhole Test

Purpose: It helps you to get a blazer/jacket that will not fight you when you are wearing it.


  1. Put on the jacket/blazer and stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Pretend as if you are about to do a handshake with somebody.
  • If the blazer/jacket rise up from the shoulder or feels uncomfortable then you need to search for another brand having high armholes.

Now that you are ready to test your own suit’s fitting perfectly, we wish you a contented next shopping trip!


About the author

Moz is an innovative Content Writer who has years of experience in content writing and loves to write about latest fashion trends. He also works as a freelance content writer for JodhpurTailors – a stop solution for Men’s Tailored Suits. In his spare time, Moz loves to try hands-on cooking and experimenting with new looks.

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