A Gender Justice Warrior Has A Solution for Zomato Delivery Boys

Kaamraaj, Hitesha Chandranee, Zomato
The game is not over yet – Kamaraj the Zomato Delivery Boy still has a chance

Ever since the Zomato delivery boy Kaamraaj’s alleged misbehavior with the social media influencer Hitesha Chandranee the social media has gone abuzz about the story and visibly divided into groups. On 10th March, 2021 the Model and makeup artist Chandranee had claimed on her Instagram post that a Zomato delivery man had hit her on the nose that had fractured her nose and she posted a video of her nose bleeding from outside. As a consequence of this attack she was not able to do her blowjob properly (I meant taking oxygen and blowing CO2 out, what did you think?).

Many social media oppressors (mainly jealous women) and many of her follower men were shocked to see her original face behind the highly touched up face they were used to seeing on her other Instagram posts. The patriarchal oppressors didn’t believe in her story and immediately caught her red-handed lying on her video. One such patriarchal oppressor was this guy (and we should name and shame such oppressors) –

This guy Partha Sadhukhan was quick to expose the lies with some ‘Shushi’ in it. He probably got the term from the beauty influencer herself.

The problems with the Bengaluru Zomato incident were twofold –

  1. The beauty influencer’s secrets were out and her followers came to know how beautiful she really looked. It was alleged that she has lost many of her followers after she uploaded the video without makeup. (we didn’t check the records though).
  2. Though the social media felt Kamaraj was not guilty and Chandranee wanted free food like a ‘Ranee’ (queen), Kaamraaj was immediately booked by the Electronic City police based on her statement.

When social media was busy looking for a permanent solution to these problems, some suggested fitting the delivery boys’ dress with cams and making the customers agree that the delivery incident will be recorded by the delivery company, some others suggested using girl only delivery for women. The world is again going back to gender division even in gender-equal era.

In this confusion, and trying to get a solution a gender justice warrior has given the right gender-just solution to this apparently gender biased problem and that solution comes as a permanent cure for all delivery boys like Kamaraj.

He suggested that the solution lies in our perception of gender that the patriarchal world created by the heterosexuals do not understand but it is a high time to recognize the same. His solution is simple, yet very effective.

He was shocked by her allegation and said, “women should know that – ‘Women and men are same’, ‘Women are equally capable of men’, they should ‘Break the glass-ceiling’ and ‘Stop internal subconscious bias’. He further added, पता नहीं लड़कों से मारपीट के समय लड़कियां हमेशा पुलिस को कियूं बुलाती है ? दो दो हात लेके बात ख़त्म क्यों नहीं करते? (not sure why girls call the police all the time. when they are equal, they should fight it out immediately like guys do).

As per the gender justice theories, gender is a fluid concept and a person’s gender is ever-evolving. So, in this situation, Kamaraj can only say that he is identifying himself as a woman from the day of that food delivery to Hitesha. All problems will be resolved immediately and he can further claim that he is being oppressed and judged by his toned skin and grown beard and moustache, which is totally unjust and is categorized as body shaming. He also suggested that Kamaraj can also demand justice under #BlackLivesMatter and claim compensation from white supremacist Hitehsha.

In the absence of any law giving men adequate protection from such free food grabber women, the gender-just solution seems to be the most modern and future proof that other men can also try.

May the world be gender-just again.


*Humour, Sarcasm

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