Why is LGBTQ Acceptance Reducing in American Adults?

Gay Pride or Shame

Image – a 2015 LGBTQ rally in Amsterdam. Source – Flickr

A 2019 survey conducted by The Harris Poll, on behalf of Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) found that the average acceptance level of PGBTQ community people in Americans between the age 18-34 years is dropping.

Contrary to the popular belief that LGBTQ people are increasingly accepted in general public life, the recent survey conducted in the USA certainly made the social justice warriors guessing about the possible reasons.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation or GLAAD, in short, was formed in 1985 in reaction to New York Post’s defamatory article on HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ community. Their survey in 2019 showed that even though majority Americans still wanted equal rights for LGBTQ people, they didn’t want to be around LGBTQ people.

In the GLAAD survey, about 80% Americans said, they wanted equal rights for LGBTQ people, but the allies of LGBTQ community from the non-LGBTQ community has shown a decrease. For instance, only 52% females and 35% males presented themselves as allies to LGBTQ. In 2016 and ’17 this was higher.

Acceptance of a family member as LGBTQ person or accepting a doctor or a teacher as LGBTQ has decreased among the non-alies (who were not ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’) comfortable with LGBT people around. Questions included in the survey wanted to understand people’s comfort level at each of these areas –

  1. Having LGBT member in places of worship
  2. Seeing LGBT co-worker’s wedding pic
  3. Learning a family member as LGBT
  4. A child having an LGBT teacher
  5. Learning own doctor being LGBT
  6. Seeing same-sex couple holding hands
  7. Learning own child learning LGBT history

It is important to note that 80% of all Americans still wanted equal rights for these people but only felt uncomfortable with LGBT people around.

Now while LGBTQ media and NGOs will introspect and already GLAAD has sprung into action to reverse this trend, it is important to understand why LGBTQ people are taken negatively. And we all who are non-LGBTQ people derive these choices from our experience.

If you see any LGBTQ rally, anywhere in the world, you will observe that vulgarity, displaying obscene and loud physical traits and portraying vicious characteristics is part and parcel of these programs. You can see someone carrying a big penis in the rally, or same-sex people openly displaying sexual overtures in the rallies. You will always see feminists supporting such LGBTQ rallies and taking part and promoting these rallies very often. But you will mostly see MRAs avoiding such rallies. Why?

There is no doubt that a majority of people including MRAs support equal rights for LGBTQ people but the acceptance level maybe low. Even GLAAD survey shows the same. Acceptance among females is more than that among males. Why?

As I mentioned earlier, most often these LGBTQ rallies display gross makeup, sexual overtones, carry sexual symbols etc. In short, they display themselves as vulgar creatures. Feminists often end up supporting such rallies as feminists also do carry out such vulgar protests. Displaying, nudity in public is feminists’ right. But you will not see MRAs doing the same.

No matter what our subject of the protest is we need to understand that as a society we don’t like sexual overtures and gross and violent behaviour. Even beasts don’t display such behaviour that we see in some of these feminist or LGBT rallies. They are just disgusting to watch. Now, who will feel comfortable around such a person who can’t behave properly in the public domain?

We have many celebrities who openly proclaim to belonging from this community and they don’t display such behaviour. We have many representatives in parliament or in local assemblies who identify themselves as LGBTQ and that didn’t prohibit their personal growth. But still, in general, the community is not accepted in personal lives, it couldn’t garner support so that people accept them in their lives.

The reason is nothing else but their aggressive and sexually pervert rallies and advertisements, overly done makeup and extreme behaviour. In India too, we see these coming. They openly display their sex organ in public places and exhibit abusive, obscene behaviour. These people have characterized the whole LGBTQ community like themselves over all these years of ‘hard work’. If they really want to gain a place in people’s hearts, they need to become normal people- decent, non-abusive, non-vulgar, non-violent. These are basic human characteristics. Unless they portray themselves as humans first, how can they even imagine to be accepted in human society? And yes, some people from LGBT community who do not display such characteristics are just overlooked/ignored. It’s a general perception that matters, and that can only change by their sustained and disciplined activism.



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