This Is The Proof That Women Aren’t Suitable For Tech or Leadership Roles

Women in tech
Women – Tech or Leadership

Call me sexist, bigot or whatever you want because what I am going to say today will not be liked by many of you. Until some time ago, I believed (rather strongly) that some women might have the acumen to work in tech and leadership roles, until James Damore, a Google Techie created a worldwide controversy over his memo. In his memo, he had politely brought some scientific facts that made us think about gender differences and sensitized us about making tech and leadership roles more open for women.

Damore Story

Damore, a Doctorate in Biology from Harvard University, is naturally a truth-seeking person and couldn’t just follow the mass in believing some unscientific diversity logic created by feminists. But after the memo went viral and the kind of bashing Damore had to go through from all over, only proved one point – women are not suitable for tech and leadership roles, at all. I will elaborate that here.

The controversial Google memo spoke about experiments done by independent researchers who didn’t have any connection with Damore. Those research were also established in the corresponding fields of study.

When any fact is established by science through independent, cross-cultural studies, there is little to no scope of refuting those, unless one disproves them with another equally strong set of experiments by independent and established researchers. But in this case, what feminists and equality warriors have done was rather shameful. They resorted to name calling, used all derogatory words against Damore who himself was a highly-qualified person. Feminists resorted to all emotional drama to show how ‘capable’ they were for tech and leadership roles. Those knee-jerk baseless reactions became the undeniable proof that “women, are in fact, not suitable for any tech and leadership roles”.

Women And Tech Roles

To illustrate this, first I will discuss technology roles. The role of a technical person in a company like Google (technology leader), expects strong aptitude, logical reasoning and innovation capabilities from that person. It is highly unlikely, that emotional outbursts (as shown by feminists in this) can achieve anything in scientific fields or in coding. This is strictly a ‘no-no’ in leadership roles as well. Leaders need to react very cautiously and rather unemotionally to create a just and unbiased environment for their followers/organizations. Like techies, leaders too need to be very objective and result oriented. However, in this case, all the qualities the protesters (most of whom were women) of the diversity memo have shown were qualities opposite to these. This posed a serious question about women’s eligibility to work in tech and leadership roles.

It was not that some women didn’t support Damore for his excellent work but the number was rather small. Majority women opposing Damore without even reading or understanding his memo or his message therein proved only one point – women aren’t suitable for roles that needed objectivity, forthrightness, vision, logical reasoning, scientific acumen, innovation etc. Tech and Leadership roles need all of that. Damore might have had some hopes in women, that they could do well if the conditions of these jobs were changed (as he suggested some unbiased ways to equality), women themselves proved by an overwhelming majority and in no uncertain terms, that they are not suitable for such jobs. Hope this message is loud and clear to Google and other corporates now.



  1. This is (yet again) the proof that partha is just another totally male retarded antagonist who himself is an unemployed and unemployable man. He himself has written an emotionally charged article filled with baseless and feverish anti-women rage. You have been exposed. It is proved again that you want to push back women in the medieval ages when they really had no rights at all. Now, who the hell is James Damore ? Is he a Nobel laureate ? I will tell you who he is. He is just another ignored jobless retard like you after getting fired by Google CEO Pichai. Guess what, the world will still keep functioning, albeit with little difficulty if 99% of all males are killed off all at once. In fact, it might be a much better place to live in.
    By the way, I really do not care at all how you view me or name call me. I, or for that matter, other sane people do not thrive on stupid “certificates” issued by losers like you.
    Just in case you are doing this for money, you are doing it wrong.
    However, I am afraid that my comment will not be published.


    • Man do you make females look even worse! You’re overly emotional reaction is the very point of critique in this ridiculous representation. I suppose my gender is important with all the generalizing going on here, but I remain puzzled. I am currently dating a man (I have a point, I promise) that is about twice as emotional as I am. I witness him cry on, at the very least, a monthly basis. He does have a lot of emotional problems. I may have broken down twice in the year that we dated. While some generalizations may be close to accurate, but the world is never set in stone.


  2. The claims that this author is making are very broad and far from scientific, and women simply defending what they think is right is in no way any solid proof. To make executive decisions based on assumptions such as ‘women are more emotional’ or lack such and such tech or leadership skills, is very much subjective and lacking scientific acumen. Have you ever considered that it isn’t gender the determines these factors but rather growing up in an environment in which men belittle women that causes this result? The research study would need be purely biological not social to make a standing point for your claims. Until such study has been completed and verified, with clear positive correlation between biological sex, EQ or each and every claimed tech or leadership skills (which would need to be verified as well), this article is simply amplifying the social pressure towards women to take on inferior employment roles.


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