India Is Creating A Generation of Malnourished and Weak Males

Structural Bias Against Boys

Sitting in our Universities, with their fat paychecks some of our professors are out to destroy Indian society in the name of gender bias and inequality. They are running courses related to ‘Gender Studies. You visit any of these so-called classes run by these feminists, you will hear theories of how the Structural Discrimination and Implicit Bias is haunting women for ages. One of their popular theories is discrimination in food distribution and lower nutrition of girls. Their complaint is that the implicit bias in parents gives less food (or less nutrition) to girl children simply for their gender. Hence, they demand and create awareness in their classes that boys and girls should be given an equal amount of food. This was one of the basis that in Food Security Bill in 2013 where food supply became women-centric. Not only that, the National Policy for Women, 2016 ensured that food supply under Food Security Act, be monitored and controlled by women and women NGOs and during national emergencies, nutritional food will be ensured to women and not men.

Based on this premise, there is also another campaign of Ministry of Women and Child Development, which is govt’s flagship program today, called ‘Beti Bachao, Bati Padhao.  The concept of Beti Bachao (save the girl child) includes not only trying to stop killing the female fetus but also to ensure that female infanticide is reduced. With this overwhelming focus on female children and their nutrition, India is creating a new generation malnourished and weak boys.

National Nutrition Survey, 2017

A 2017, study on National Nutrition Survey was done by Hyderabad based National Institute of Nutrition shows alarming levels of malnourishment in boys which will lead to a weak generation of boys while creating a generation of obese and overweight women. This is an example of what can happen if we provide the same amount of food or nutrition to both genders. Both genders suffer from lifestyle diseases.

Per the survey, Indian boys have become thinner (underweight/malnourished) compared to girls. This survey revealed that in 5-9 years of age, 24% boys compared to 19% girls suffer from ‘Thinness’, in 9-14 years age group, it is 27% and 19.5% respectively while for the age group 14-17 years, this is 26 and 14.1% respectively.

This survey also revealed that more Indian women are overweight. 44% women suffer from obesity compared to 34% men.

In terms of three parameters of malnourishment, viz. Underweight (weight against age), Stunted (low growth compared to age) and Wasted (low weight against height), it is found more boys in India are malnourished than girls.

Malnourished Children of India

So, we understand that by demanding mindless equality in the name of food security, feminists are trying to destroy a generation by creating malnourished boys and hence weak males; and overweight women. Both dangerous for progeny and can’t produce healthy offspring.

This Daily Mail article says, children born out of obese mothers risk heart attack, diabetes, and asthma in later life.

This article in New Scientist says obese mothers give birth to biologically older babies. This is dangerous because this can lead to chronic diseases later in those babies’ life and shorten their life expectancy.

This research paper by American Gynecologists and Psychologists show that mother’s obesity can lead to life-threatening diseases both for the mother and the child.


So, we see that the feminist theory of structural injustice in the form of giving more food to boys and less to girls is not only baseless but also dangerous for the existence of civilization. This creates weak males with weak sperm and will also create a generation of obese girls who will give birth to a new generation of weak and unhealthy kids with life-threatening diseases.

So, next time you hear anyone complaining about structural bias in giving more food to boys and less to the girls’, you know that she is not only uneducated in these matters, but also may have very cruel and criminal agenda behind.



  1. Not only India is doing that in fact I think the whole western civilization is doing the same to their men. Endocrine disruptors in almost all products, soy, xenoestrogens, the list is practically endless.


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