Now Ranchi Husband Files Dowry Case Against Wife

In a new twist in dowry cases a husband from Ranchi, India has filed a dowry harassment complaint against his wife.

Husband files dowry case against wife
Husband filed 498a on wife

This is a new twist in Indian dowry cases where it is normally seen that wife files dowry case against the husband. Even though in this case the wife has filed another dowry case against the husband in retaliation.

Recently a trend is observed in Indian marriages that wives take undue advantage of biased dowry laws and demand money from their husbands for their personal use or for their parental home. Wife asking money for her brother’s education or business or for her father’s operation is not new. Another common phenomenon is asking the husband to buy house or flat in her name. If husband already owns a flat in his name, wife pressurizes him to buy another bigger flat in her name. Those who budge under pressure and buy flat in their wife’s name mostly get divorce papers after the property is bought.

In many other cases, it is found that the wife tries to bring her parents to live with them in their matrimonial home. Since nowadays most urban couples live in flats and not in joint families like the earlier days, the husband in these cases brings wife’s parents in their home without realizing that it is also another kind of dowry harassment because the husband is forced to maintain her parents after marriage. However, Indian Dowry Act does not recognize these as dowry offense.

In none of these cases, husband claims dowry harassment by the wife. Even if one tries to do that police do not register such a complaint.

In this case, what Rakesh has done will surely create a new example for all husbands and will motivate them to file dowry cases against their wives when the wives demand unwanted money for her family.



    • Hope he wins! Good step….once you see issues in marriage, start recording too…. even if it isn’t accepted in court, it will help in other ways…..


  1. मेरी बीवी मुझसे 8000 रूपये मांगती हे घर में दीवार बनवाने के लिए मेरे पास इतने पैसे नहीं ये खर्चा बीवी ने अपनी मर्जी से किया
    क्या में कोई कम्प्लेंट कर सकता हूँ


  2. thankYou. BTW my brother won the rcr and maintenance case yesterday. the judge told her to return the extra money that my brother deposited in her bank long back and told brother to pay only the maintenance for the months since the case has begun. also told her to return to husband with child in 2 months, else go to high court whatever. judge was pretty strict – was told to me.


  3. It is a delusion to think that a woman’s vagina will bring you happiness. Rediscover what it means to be a real brahmacary.


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