What Do I Do When A Woman Beats Me Up In Public?

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From the column of a male feminist

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How am I supposed to react in a situation when a woman beats me in public for no fault of mine? There are 3 ways I can think of today and all of them seem pointless:

I could lodge a formal complaint against her (if I could first prove that I didn’t intentionally fall on her or “try to molest her”) which would again make me look bad as her defence will be that she was just defending herself. (More than enough for any court to throw out the case.) Here too the media will happily drag me into a debate, with an article that will be possibly headlined, ‘Woman taken to court for merely defending herself’.

She can file an opposing case to counter my case. And can actually get me arrested without the tiniest shred of evidence. A few good people stepped up to back me in the station; guess how many of those good people will be my witnesses in court. And guess what… She doesn’t need any witnesses to back her story!

I could behave the same way as her (trash her back or shout at her) which would incidentally land me in hot water because of such actions tantamount to harassment of a woman in a public place. Besides, she could use it in a case against me and as you are well aware by now, the word of a woman carries more weight in the judicial process. Furthermore, someone in the crowd can actually film the quarrel by phone and before I know it my face will be plastered across social media as yet another example of an aggressive male chauvinist pig. Even worse, she could take my photo and post on Facebook that I tried to molest her in public. Without even inquiring into the matter the whole nation would take turns systematically destroying my life. Sound familiar?

Option 3, that I can think of today is that I could wait it out and plot revenge worthy of a Bollywood movie. But I am cutting it short right there because that is not who I am. Even if there is something I could do, it still pales in comparison with what she could legally do against me.

I chose an option 4 where I simply shut up and moved on with my life which I did… well almost. I still can’t get over this. I played the scenario over and over again in my head to see if there was a way in which this incident would have ended differently. I put myself in the woman’s shoes. I still can’t seem to justify attacking a guy just under the suspicion that he is a pervert. The worst thing I would have done is to shout at him. Imagine the scenario where a woman falling onto a guy in a crowded station, the guy is not to make a big deal even if the woman was a sex-crazed fiend (blasphemy, because an Indian woman is devoid of sexual feelings towards men, so she won’t do this, besides a woman falling onto a guy is supposedly a win for the guy!)


Note by The Male Factor – Dear Roni. I hope that you understand that the reaction by the crowd shows how much misandry men like you carry in themselves. If you were in their place even you would have behaved the same way. Did you see women behaving the same way when a woman is a criminal? Don’t just be grateful to the old lady who supported you. Men in such cases would have whacked back the man if he had done something like this in public. The very point that women did not hit back even the Rohtak Sisters or Jasleen Kaur proves that women only want to fulfil their selfish desires. They are not bothered about men and men are overly concerned about women.

The reason first three options seemed impossible to you is again misandry within you. The same is true for any male feminist. If any man reacts otherwise even you will term him as chauvinist and would want to thrash him for his barbarism. Sadly, this is the low grade of life you gave to our boys.


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  1. Partha:

    There do not seem to be any reasonable options for a man to protect himself from these violent women, short of wearing a helmet-cam and arming one’s self with a stun gun. Fact is, as long as these brazen creatures are allowed to venture off their leash and do as thou wilt – not much can be done with them.

    It has been known for ages that if a woman can do something…she will; If she cannot…she won’t. The problem is not, therefore, with the intrinsic weaknesses known to womankind, but with those who are encouraging them to conduct themselves in such a manner.

    To change the status quo…you must severe the head from the serpent. Those who are enacting this misandric legislation need to be removed from office and beaten from your shores. Then, remove the corrupt officials and corrupt police force who have been enforcing these debilitating and dehumanizing policies (often for their own benefit) and replace them with fair-minded law enforcement officials.

    Women have proven over the years that they cannot be reasoned with, therefore this is the only viable solution. Since women do not act or think independently – you must find who has been programming them and then cut the transmission.


    • Good observation. This is what I am doing in this blog. For last three years the sole objective of this blog is to expose feminists and their criminal behavior. Today many think of feminists as criminals and they don’t relate to v feminism. Even young women do not associate themselves with feminism any more. I am creating the awareness and the rest will follow..


  2. Dear Partha,

    You sir are incorrigible. You assume so many things about me. Just because I didn’t react to that radical feminazi the way I should have( trash her back/ verbally corner her or at the slightest reprimand her in some way), I am a feminist! I told you three possible solutions I could think of and why I thought it wouldn’t work. I know for a fact that all three scenarios would end badly because I know how far “vile women” can go these days. I saw it in her eyes that she was not going to back down. Had I agitated and riled her up, she would have reacted the way Jasleen Kaur and the Rothak Sisters did. These type of women know how much legal power they have attributed to their gender and are not afraid (or in this case ashamed) to use it. I foresaw the likely stages of events that I would have faced if I stood up to her and I didn’t want anything to do with it. On her mere statement I would be sent to jail and will have to face the legal and media music that comes with this shit. She would be hailed as the heroine who stood her ground against a “Pervert” and most probably will be praised by men like Arvind Kejriwal as a role model for all women. So I backed down and So I am a Feminist!

    You casually assume that had a guy did this to me that I would whip him back. You assume that if it happens to someone else that I would join the mob in beating his ass. Well, you assume wrong. I am not the beat up first and then listen kinda guy. I always try to hear both sides before I decide on something. I don’t even remember getting into fights with anyone over anything. I am not a fighter and yes, there are men like that who like peace. Just because I didn’t want to fight a woman or a man, I am a Feminist!! Just because I am like this you assume I have misandry. You somehow found an example in me – A MALE FEMINIST that you want to expose because I have letdown my brotherhood. Do you know who talks like that, Feminazis. They treat women who want live normal lives without any quarrel as weaklings who betrayed their sisterhood. Reading your statements about me, I feel you are acting like the male version of a Feminazi.
    If I had misandry why would I come to you. Reading your blog, I thought you would have an answer to what we could do in these scenarios.I asked you to tell me how you would have handled the situation. You don’t seem to want to do that. You are contend pointing fingers at me and calling me a Feminist.
    Don’t tell me you would have whipped her like a boss and be a man about it. If you say so, I will call you a fool coz that stuff only can only happen in the movies these days. She will have you thrown in jail before you know it. You will think you’re a hero but it will be only in your mind and maybe to some people who care for/know you. You will end up a footnote in history. The legal system will just chew you up and spit you out. If you think that it is worth it, you are your own man, I have a life and a job to get back to. I don’t want to go to jail.
    But again I repeat if you have an idea as to how to react in these cases that will get such ugly feminazis to pay (and of course not make a martyr of Innocent men), I am all ears.
    We men must find a way to help each other and ensure no man is left behind. Finding faults, pointing fingers and playing the blame game, that’s what women and filthy politicians do. We are better than that

    Now we can have a constructive dialogue on this topic Or you can continue calling me feminist or a mangina and keep dissing me.



    • Roni:

      As I told Partha, this is a no-win situation for men of all ages. Women are sheep being led by Pied Pipers, so you will not receive any sympathy from them. Women only fight for causes that effect them directly.

      The only real solution is to remove the head from the serpent. All societal ills trickle down from above. Therefore, Indian males must unite en masse and then speak as one; demand legislative reform and keep the pressure on until it is done. Then, run the corrupt officials, politicians, and police into the sea.

      The truth of the matter is that nothing worthwhile is going to happen unless these changes are made at the top. Talk is cheap and so is educating segments of the population that care not to listen.


    • First you need to have self respect and be ready to fight in these situations. Did you see the recent TV debate where a spiritual guru has punched the goadwoman back after being hit. It is our right to save ourselves. In such situations if anyone gang up against me I will make their lives miserable. There are many ways. Everyone who tries to gang up against me will have it last time in their life.

      The only reason you could not hit her back was your low self esteem and huge fear of consequences. Try raising your voice and have self esteem and no woman will be able to hit you like that.

      Sometimes we don’t realize the misandry within us. It is very difficult. You felt good that “she had hit you as such men are all around”. This is what you said. This itself shows your misandry. You won’t recognize that unless you throw out your misandry.


      • As one male friend told me “Whatever you tolerate from women and children you will get more of.” With such women they simply deserve a good lesson. You simply pick the time and place to do it. It could be at that moment or later. But don’t let her get away with it or you will always be her whipping boy.


  3. Partha:

    No one would ever claim that I am a misandrist or a coward, yet I did not choose to “defend” myself by striking my abusive wife in retaliation. If I had allowed “fire” to rush to my head or wanted to defend my “honor” or even felt the need to defend my masculinity or civil rights…I would have been the one arrested instead of her and I would not have won full custody of my children. It is true, therefore, that “revenge” is best served-up cold.

    In my heart I knew that my wife did not have the physical power to injure me seriously (unless she used a weapon), so I was not in serious danger. Sure, it felt demeaning, shameful and regrettable, but I allowed her to win this one battle – in order for me to win the war…which, by the grace of God…I did! Let it be known that I did not do battle with my treacherous bride on my own account, but I did fight like a man possessed for the sake of my children. I guess you could say that I delivered the greatest blow to my wayward wife by beating her in court.

    Of course, the Indian judiciary is not known to be as fair-minded as American courts and even though our police force has serious problems…it is far more corrupt and abusive in India. I say this because a man needs to know his “environment” and arm himself with this knowledge, such that, he can determine a course of action that will give him the greatest chance at victory. It’s a crazy world we live in, and strange things can suddenly happen, yet life favors the “visionary” over the “reactionary”, because he is a man with a thoughtful plan.


    • Here the discussion is about a public assault which can’t be tolerated in any manner. Also such abuse going unprotested even verbally is what shocked me the most. In this case Roni (name changed) did not even raise his voice but he felt good that she had retaliated. He said, “there are men like that everywhere in the society”. This is what misandry. If there are other men who might be a criminal, I can’t take the blame on their behalf.

      Coming to this specific case, a good blow on her face would not have created much damage to him only if he was ready to face the challenges. Too much thinking in such cases lead to unnecessary abuse.

      In a recent case in a TV debate in India, a woman slapped a man, the man whacked her back. People shamed both. I understand that the man is in greater danger but unless someone start beating up such women and giving them hard time for their behaviour, this will never stop. The society will also not realize.

      If you know the Rohtak Sisters and Jasleen Kaur cases, those men were penalized even without doing anything. If they were even violent they would have seen worse reaction and punishment. But their defensive bahaviour went against them they were abused even more. In such cases offence is the best defence.

      Even my wife and her mother was abusive to me. I warned them in the first possible incident so that they behaved themselves. Believe me they were much more powerful than me or my family. But they behaved themselves. And that is why I said, In such cases offence is the best defence.


      • Partha:

        I believe that if the average Indian female has become so brazen and emboldened – that it will take a change in public policy to make straight what has been allowed to become twisted. As long as the average female believes the “establishment” condones her violent outbursts and favors her heavily in court – the more important it becomes to target the privileged classes and their self-serving ideologies.

        Just as all rivers flow from the highest point to the lowest, while following the path of least resistance…so too, do the wishes and ideals of the social elite as they formulate public policies and legislation. This is to say that all societal ills originate with the elite and then spread down and out from there. Please keep in mind that this is the very group that sets all social policies and societal standards and then ensures the enforcement thereof.

        It is my contention, therefore, that slapping every woman (who strikes first) will not turn enough heads or change the status quo, when only legislative reform can do that. Shaming the elite before the world and proving that women are every bit as violent and abusive as men, is probably the best way to usher in gender-neutral legislation and laws.

        P.S. Partha, you said, “Believe me they (your wife and her mother) were much more powerful than me or my family.” In what way were they more “powerful”, considering that the “rule of thumb” is that women only marry “up” (hypergamy).


        • “Politically and financially. Power comes from politics and finance…” – Partha

          Does this mean that your wife’s family was a higher caste than your own?

          If this is so…I imagine it must have been an unlikely match, taking into consideration that women, the world over, pursue men of higher means.

          Studies have shown that wealthy American women will not even marry “down” in order to acquire true love. In fact, wealthy women would rather remain single than to suffer the indignity of marrying a loving and noble man of humble origins.


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