RTI Reveals Important Information About Dowry Harassment Cases

[In this series of “The Causal Affair” we bring RTI special for sharing important information that is not available to the general public but of immense help to them. Normally information obtained through RTI remains with the person files the same and the same is not percolated to all the people needing them.

This effort of The Male Factor is to bring such information to everyone so people can make use of these and do not need to reinvent the wheel.

If you have filed any such RTI that can help others, kindly share that with us using the Contact Me section of this website and we will be glad to share that with others.

All RTI information can be found here]

An RTI to Kolkata police reveals important information about dowry harassment (IPC 498a) and Breach of Trust (IPC 406) cases.

The questions asked in this RTI were –

RTI to Kolkata police on 498a

Reply from Jt. Commissioner of Kolkata Police reveals the following –

Kolkata police reply on 498a RTI
RTI Reply by Kolkata Police on 498a

So we come to know the following from this RTI –

  1. Wife does need to submit proof of article list submitted by her to police as a list of stridhan. The evidence differs based on the nature of the article. However, in most cases, it is found that seizure of articles belonging to the husband and his family happens without any proof and the husband is asked to proof that those articles belonged to him instead.
  2. The IO/seizure officer CAN NOT seize any item from husband’s house without any proof submitted by the wife. This is a very important information for all fighting for their dignity under such biased laws.
  3. There is no question of IO making seizure of any article even if the husband shows the proof that the article belonged to him. But this happens a lot. Such men are requested to seek punishment against the police officers violating the rule.
  4. Police are bound to accept any complaint made by anyone. If they are not doing the same, action can be taken against the officer.

Hope this information helps many of you. Please help others by sharing your RTIs with us and we will publish them to help others. Share this article with others and that may help them.


Find the complete RTI Here –

RTIPage 1, Page 2

ReplyCover Letter, Reply Pg1, Police circular

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    • Dear brother.. Thanks a lot for commenting and letting me know. We will continue to work towards enriching our knowledge base. If you have any RTI that you think can help others, please feel free to share with us. We will publish them too..


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